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YA Mysteries!

R.C. Lewis - Stitching Snow

Seven loyal drones who work in the mines and a hard earned reputation as the best cage fighter in the Station has afforded Essie solitude. For seven years she has worked hard, and has slowly etched out her own small patch on Thanda. But like all good things….One night while walking home Essie watches a shuttle streaking from the sky and crash in the flats. An illegal visitor… Essie decides to help get him on his way, lessening the chance government officials will notice him and come sniffing around the Station. Essie wasn’t just looking for solitude on Thanda; she was hiding, and now someone has found her.

I could not put this book down. Funnily enough it is one of the most original books I have read so far this year. I say funnily, because it is based (very loosely) on the fairy tale “Snow White”. Lewis has re-imagined all the characters, politics and setting, creating a whole new concept for the story while keeping the essentials of the original fairy tale. Interestingly, knowing this book is based on “Snow White”, I could pick out the familiar elements of the story. However if you didn’t know this fact, it would read like a great suspense/action adventure novel which could stand on its own.

This book captured my attention from the start and would not let me go. I would recommend this book for any girl (or open minded boy as there is a strong male lead in it as well) twelve or older. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed reading this book! Seriously Snow White in outer space with robots sounds like the punch line to a joke, I know, but it really works!

Brandon Sanderson - Steelheart

David was eight (ish) when Calamity came, a burst in the sky which gave extraordinary powers to ordinary people. These were the powers we had only ever dreamed of in comic books, where super heroes and villains vied for power. And more often than not, the heroes won the day.

Only the heroes never came.

Instead, the government signed the Capitulation Act, basically saying no epic would ever be prosecuted for any crime they committed. And slowly over the next ten years the world was carved into small fiefdoms ruled by the smartest (or cleverest) epic, for as long as they could defend their territory. One of the strongest epics in the world is Steelheart; an epic who rules Newcago through fear and intimidation (to be fair, there is no benevolent epic ruler). Steelheart is an epic whose skin is impervious, has the strength of ten men, turn things to steel and wield energy…in other word is invincible.

The government gave up and no one ever fights back. Except the Reckoners. The Reckoners are a shadowy group which hunts down epics and assassinates them. Because all epics have a flaw, an Achilles heel so to speak. The problem, they are often simple, very esoteric and difficult to unravel. It has been ten years since the fateful day in the bank, when David’s father was murdered by Steelheart. For ten years David has been studying, planning, assessing the best way to assassinate Steelheart and his minions. David knows something that all the others who have faced him have not…he has seen Steelheart bleed, and plans to make him do so again.

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC book. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is a smart action-filled story which never drags or moralizes the situations the characters find themselves in. This is the first book in what will probably become a trilogy, and it starts off with a bang. I enjoyed following the mystery, what made Steelheart bleed? What is his weakness and how can it be exploited to maximum effect? Who exactly are the Reckoners and can they be trusted? It is a well-thought-out and plotted book; the author does a great job in resolving the mysteries in the first book while hinting and what may/will come in subsequent books. I cannot give exact details, as I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, but trust me when I say this is a great book. I would recommend it for any male reader 13+ (or open minded girl as there are several strong females, but it is told exclusively from David’s pov) looking for a different kind of hero/super power book. You cannot go wrong.