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The Wrong Dead Guy (Hardcover)

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I wondered how much trouble Richard Kadrey could get Charles “Coop” Cooper into after his adventures in The Everything Box (Morrow, $16.99). Silly me. Trust your authors, especially when your author is the unpredictable Richard Kadrey.

In The Wrong Dead Guy (reserved your signed copy now!) Coop is back in the middle of trouble not of his own making. Having been coerced into working for the Department of Peculiar Science in LA, Coop is tasked with retrieving a small item, nothing much, no biggie, piece of cake. He is a thief, after all – that’s why they hired him. So Coop, Giselle, Morty and Sally set off on this “easy” job to retrieve a particular mummy from a third-rate museum. And they’ve got a new companion, Dr. Lupinsky, whom I adore (although I think if I met him in person I’d be terrified at first), and I so hope we’re going to see more of the good doctor!

The job’s not the problem. The problem is that the mummy comes to life, and he’s got plans of his own. Of course, Coop’s supervisor at DOPS blames Coop absolutely. So it’s up to Coop and his crew to fix what they didn’t want to have broken in the first place!

I needed a laugh, and The Wrong Dead Guy has kept me chuckling (and laughing out loud at inappropriate moments). Richard Kadrey is smart and his off-beat sensibilities translate well. He’s snarky and cynical and did I say smart?

I know that Richard Kadrey is best known for his “Sandman Slim” series, and I love them too, but Coop, Giselle, Morty, Phil, Sally, and oh, now Dr. Lupinsky have stolen my heart. They really ARE thieves!

— Fran


In this fast paced sequel to The Everything Box--the second entry in New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey's comedic supernatural series--chaos ensues when Coop and the team at DOPS steal a not-quite-dead and very lovesick ancient Egyptian mummy wielding some terrifying magic.

Coop, a master thief sort of gone legit, saved the world from an ancient doomsday device--heroism that earned him a gig working for the Department of Peculiar Science, a fearsome top secret government agency that polices the odd and strange. Now Woolrich, Coop's boss at the DOPS, has Coop breaking into a traveling antiquities show to steal a sarcophagus containing the mummy of a powerful Egyptian wizard named Harkhuf. With the help of his pals Morty, Giselle, and a professor that's half-cat, half-robotic octopus, Coop pulls off the heist without a hitch.

It's not Coop's fault that when DOPS opened the sarcophagus they didn't find the mummy they were expecting. Well, it was the right mummy, but it wasn't exactly dead--and now it's escaped, using a type of magic the organization hasn't encountered before. Being a boss, Woolrich blames his underling for the screw up and wants Coop to find the missing Harkhuf and make it right, pronto.

Digging into Harkhuf's history, Coop thinks the mummy is hunting for an ancient magical manuscript that will help him bring his old lover back to life.

Which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't a warrior sorceress hell-bent on conquering the world with her undead armies.

Coop would very much like to run from the oncoming chaos. It's one thing to steal a mummy, but another to have to deal with head-hunting bureaucrats, down-on-their luck fortune tellers, undead mailroom clerks, and a rather unimpressed elephant. Unfortunately, there's nowhere to run. If he wants the madness to stop, he's going to have to suck it up and play hero one more time. But if Coop manages to save the world AGAIN, he's definitely going to want a lot of answers. And a raise.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780062389572
ISBN-10: 0062389572
Publisher: Voyager
Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: Another COOP Heist