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Every Day Above Ground (Hardcover)

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Staff Reviews

Glen Erik Hamilton’s third “Van Shaw” book, Every Day Above Ground is a tornado. It is non-stop action, and you’re taken on two different journies, so you need to make sure you’ve got your coffee close at hand because you’re not going to want to stop.

        “The frieght company was a small operation. I could have tossed a baseball – without giving it heat – from one side of its property to the other. A single L-shaped building of brown cinder block squatted in the center of a fenced lot like a toad in its cage. Razor wire topped the fence in long, sagging loops.”

Van Shaw is drawn into what should be an easy heist. The gold bars have been hidden for decades.  And Van can certainly use the cash since his house is a money-pit. Besides, old Mickey O’Hasson is dying, and he wants his share to go to his daughter, Cyndra, who is twelve and in foster care while Mickey’s been in jail.

But it’s a trap. You knew it was going to be. Nothing’s ever that easy.

And then there’s the second story – Van at age 11, so we get to see more of what Dono was like, which is completely engrossing.

        “Granddad turned the key and nudged our front door open with his boot, and I swear the air rushing out made a sound like when they open mummy tombs in movies. The door hinges even creaked a little.

        “’Home,’ he said.”

Glen Erik Hamilton has written a book that incorporates boxing, a ComicCon, a motorcycle mama, a lot of sass and a couple of seriously twisted plots, and has crafted an amazing story. We learn a lot about Van and Dono, which is completely fascinating, but we also get to know Addy better, and we learn that some people can really carry a grudge!

Although Every Day Above Ground stands on its own, you’ll get so much more if you read Past Crimes (Morrow, $9.99) and then Hard Cold Winter (Morrow, $9.99). They’ll make Van’s decision at the end of this latest book even more satisfying.

— Fran


A favor for a dying ex-con turns into a violent battle against a mysterious enemy for Van Shaw in this emotionally powerful and gritty thriller from the award-winning author of Past Crimes and Hard Cold Winter.

It sounds like a thief's dream to Van Shaw: A terminally ill ex-con tells him of an easy fortune in gold, abandoned and nearly forgotten after its original owner died in prison. For the dying man, the money is a legacy to ensure his preteen daughter's future. For Van, the gold is cash he desperately needs to rebuild his destroyed family home.

The grandson of a career criminal who taught him all the tricks of his trade, Van suspects that nothing is ever that easy. Sure enough, the safe holding the fortune is a trap--set by a mysterious player armed with tremendous resources and a lifetime of hatred. Now, Shaw's partner is in the clutches of the hunters, and the former army ranger may be their next prey. But when the ex-con's innocent daughter is threatened too, Van's own hard childhood means he can't let her come to harm.

To discover who has them in the cross hairs, Shaw must seek out the hunters' real prey. His quest leads him from an underground bare-knuckle fighting ring, which may be fronting a darker purpose, to a massive pop-culture convention, where Van and his allies, Hollis and Corcoran, play a dangerous game with foes on every side. It also introduces Van to a brash and beautiful aspiring journalist who poses a whole different kind of personal risk.

For years, Van Shaw has tried to live every day above ground, on the right side of the law, even though crime is his gift . . . and in his blood. If he survives the coming storm, he'll have to decide what he wants--and whether he can live as an outlaw without sacrificing his honor.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780062567383
ISBN-10: 0062567381
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: July 25th, 2017
Pages: 384
Language: English
Series: Van Shaw Novels