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The Sasquatch Escape (Hardcover)

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The Sasquatch Escape Cover Image
By Suzanne Selfors, Dan Santat (Illustrator)
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Staff Reviews

Ben Silverstein’s parents are having problems, serious problems. Rather than have him living in a home filled with tension and fighting, they have sent Ben to live with his grandfather in Buttonville for the summer. Ben is sure this is going to be the most boring summer on record. With the button factory being closed down, most of everything around town is closed as well and most of the families left as well to find work, leaving behind an empty factory, retired factory workers (like his grandfather) and a very small main street.

Boredom gives way when his Grandfather’s mouser comes back to the house with an unexpected surprise/victim in her mouth, a baby dragon. Unfortunately the baby dragon is hurt, and the only vet in town is the mysterious Dr. Woo, who has just taken over the old button factory, and claims only to treat worms.

Enlisting the town’s troublemaker, Pearl, for assistance, Ben seeks out Dr. Woo to help with their hurt dragon. Things take an unexpected turn when they discover the worm hospital is a cover for their real veterinary clientele, imaginary creatures, like dragons. However things go even more awry (and possibly disastrous) when Ben leaves the front door of the worm hospital unlocked and a Sasquatch escapes into Buttonville. Now it is up to our dynamic duo to lure him back to where he belongs, before he is seen…..

This was a fast paced, clever adventure filled with great people and funny situations. It never dragged or felt over the top (as some fantasy-ish books can feel). There are wonderful illustrations which add a whole new level to this story. The book is split into smallish chapters, which help give it a bite-size feel. If you have a kid who is hesitant to read a bigger book, this feature will help them overcome this fear.

This is just a well written and fun book, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I would recommend this without hesitation to any boy (or open minded girl since Pearl is a great character) between 7 and 12 years.

— Amber


When Ben Silverstein is sent to the rundown town of Buttonville to spend the summer with his grandfather, he's certain it will be the most boring vacation ever. That is, until his grandfather's cat brings home what looks like . . . a baby dragon?
Amazed, Ben enlists the help of Pearl Petal, a local girl with an eye for adventure. They take the wounded dragon to the only veterinarian's office in town -- Dr. Woo's Worm Hospital. But as Ben and Pearl discover once they are inside, Dr. Woo's isn't a worm hospital at all -- it's actually a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.
After Ben accidentally leaves the hospital's front door unlocked, a rather large, rather stinky, andvery hairy beast escapes into Buttonville. Ben and Pearl are tasked with retrieving the runaway creature, and what started out as an ordinary summer becomes the story of a lifetime.
Suzanne Selfors delivers a wild journey filled with mythical creatures and zany adventures that are anything but imaginary.
This book includes bonus writing, art, and science activities that will help readers discover more about the mythological creatures featured in The Sasquatch Escape. These activities are designed for the home and the classroom. Enjoy doing them on your own or with friends

About the Author

Suzanne Selfors is the author of the Imaginary Veterinary series, the Smells Like Dog series, "Fortune's Magic Farm," "To Catch a Mermaid," and many other books. She lives very close to the misty, sasquatch-infested rain forest of the Pacific Northwest. When she's not sweeping sasquatch fur from her driveway, she's busy writing books, which is her very favorite thing to do.

Dan Santat is a children's book writer and illustrator. He graduated from Art Center College of Design and lives in Southern California with his family, a rabbit, a bird, and one cat.

Praise For…

"The best books are those in which imaginary
creatures leap off the page and into our world -- just one of the reasons why this
book is a ton of fun. I can't wait for more adventures!"— Wendy Mass, New York Times bestselling author of The Candymakers

"An entertaining story that will pique readers' interest from the first dragon sighting....Santat's characteristically dynamic illustrations complement a story that will have readers eager for the next book in the Imaginary Veterinary series."—Publishers Weekly

"A solid, entertaining opener. Ben and Pearl are Everykids that readers will relate to, and the adults of Buttonville are often delightfully weird and clueless....More hijinks-filled adventure than mystery, this is sure to win an audience."—Kirkus Reviews

"Funny, touching, and sure to please, this title is full of charm. Kids will relate to Ben and his troubles, root for the amazing animals, and enjoy Santat's zany illustrations."—School Library Journal

* "From the first dragon sighting, readers will be thoroughly entertained with this hijinks-filled adventure story. Ben and Pearl are fun-seeking characters, while Santat's illustrations perfectly complement a story that mixes reality with the imaginary. Young readers will be anxious for future adventures in the Imaginary Veterinary series."—Library Media Connection, starred review

Product Details
ISBN: 9780316209342
ISBN-10: 0316209341
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2013
Pages: 211
Language: English
Series: Imaginary Veterinary