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An Anne Perry Christmas: Two Holiday Novels (Paperback)

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For the first time in one cozy volume: Anne Perry's first two Christmas novels-yuletide offerings full of holiday magic . . . and murder

"One of the best books to brighten the joyous season."
-USA Today
"This brief work has an almost Jamesian subtlety. . . . A] powerful message of responsibility and redemption."
-The Wall Street Journal
In the Berkshire countryside, family and guests have gathered for a delicious weekend fete surrounded by roaring fires and candlelight. It's scarcely the setting for misfortune, and no one-not even that clever budding sleuth Lady Vespasia Cumming-Gould-anticipates the tragedy that is to darken this holiday house party.
"Satisfyingly dark and suspenseful."
-Entertainment Weekly
"Wondrous . . . a welcome entry to the seasonal thriller."
-Richmond Times-Dispatch"
At the Dreghorn family reunion, the tranquility of a snowbound English estate is shattered by what an apparently accidental death. The victim's distraught wife summons her godfather, the distinguished mathematician and inventor Henry Rathbone, to the scene. And questions about the tragic event soon turn into whispers of murder.

About the Author

Anne Perry is a New York Times bestselling author noted for her memorable characters, historical accuracy and exploration of social and ethical issues. Her two series, one featuring Inspector Thomas Pitt, and one featuring Inspector William Monk, have been published in multiple languages. Anne Perry has also published a successful series based around WWI and the Reavley family, and the recent standalone novel The Sheen On The Silk. Anne Perry was selected by The Times as one of the twentieth century's '100 Masters of Crime.' She now lives in LA.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780345497000
ISBN-10: 0345497007
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: November 7th, 2006
Pages: 295
Language: English