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Vanishing Games (Hardcover)

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“From the moment I first saw her, Angela looked like she could talk her way out of the rain.”

Angela is the woman who taught Ghostman Jack to do what he does and to do it as well as he does. They were so close they could be thought of as family. Certainly, they felt like family. But six years ago, as that job in Kuala Lumpur went south, they split up and though he’s searched for signs of her around the planet he’s not known what happened to her. Well, after all – that’s what people like Jack and Angela do: they vanish – they’re ghosts.          

After 40 tense pages of Roger Hobbs’ second book, Vanishing Games, he receives a message from her.

And we’re off.

Macau, sapphires, nameless assassins, schemes, plots, scams, fast boats, smugglers and Triad dragons. As with his debut, Hobbs provides a walking tour through crime and cons. Did you know that wet, shredded newspaper in an empty quart pop bottle can make a handy, improvised silencer for your handgun? Learn something new every day.

The action is non-stop as various actors maneuver to get the load of stolen sapphires, unaware until they have them that there is a second treasure that comes with them, one that ups the danger and rewards considerably. There’s plenty of blood and gunsmoke. There’s plenty of desperation and destruction, as well as gamesmanship and guile. Who’s got the stones? Who is who working for or with, whom?  Who knows what? Who is going to get away with it? Will anyone get out alive?

Vanishing Games is a worthy addition to his debut, Ghostman and proves that his first book was no fluke. Roger Hobbs is the real deal, spinning a tight and thrilling story that seems both seasoned and fresh.

— JB


The gritty, riveting, highly anticipated sequel to the national (and international) best seller Ghostman, by the critically acclaimed and award-winning Roger Hobbs

It's just before dawn on the South China Sea when three experienced pirates open fire on a small smuggling yacht. Their target: a bag of uncut sapphires worth millions. But when one of them stumbles across an enormous treasure that wasn't on the manifest, everything goes sideways. Within minutes two of them are dead, leaving the third, a coldblooded psychopath, to claim both the sapphires and the mysterious windfall for himself. If he disappears, he won't just be wealthy. He'll have the power to change the course of history.

His boss, Angela, isn't about to let that happen. She calls in a favor from her onetime protege a fixer sometimes known as Jack, or more often as simply the Ghostman. Within hours he's flying halfway around the world to find her in the glimmering neon slums of Macau. Jack has no real name, no address and no fingerprints--but given the right motivation, he can make serious problems vanish. Though the two haven't talked since they botched a job six years ago, as soon as Jack's off the plane they're back together again, facing down a crime boss, a hit man and a conspiracy bigger than anything they've ever encountered and more dangerous than they could've imagined.

Their partnership--between people with no lasting relationships whatsoever--is at the very heart of a novel that will cement Roger Hobbs's status as one of our most talented crime writers.

About the Author

Born in 1988, ROGER HOBBS graduated from Reed College in Portland. He lives in Seattle. www.rogerhobbs.com
Product Details
ISBN: 9780385352642
ISBN-10: 0385352646
Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
Publication Date: July 7th, 2015
Pages: 304
Language: English