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Crowned and Dangerous (Mass Market Paperbound)

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When we last left Georgie and Darcy, they were winging their way to Gretna Green (if you are unfamiliar with it, this is the much earlier, English & elegant version of Las Vegas’s quickie marriage spots) to get married. A blizzard however puts a crimp in their plans – dumping enough snow to make them rearrange their plans. In the middle of their travel adjustments, Darcy spies a headline in a newspaper – an Irish peer (his father) has been accused of murder.

Never one to let family face their misfourtunes alone, Darcy heads back to Ireland to support his father, but when he gets there he discovers his father had ample motives to wish the victim dead. So in a fit of chivalry he calls Georgie and breaks off their engagment – thinking it is the best thing for her….But Georgie has her own plans.

This is a great installment in this series! I was really pleased when I finished it! You learn much more about Darcy and his eccentric family and his childhood home – which is nice – making him seem less like a rake and more man of mystery (as his employment is still largly undefined). What was even better is Bowen concentrated on the mystery – without adding any mysterious elements – like ghosts.

Bowen also did a great job of setting up some of the problems which still face the couple and possible solutions to them, leaving you satisfied with the ending of this book but wondering what will become of them – and I cannot wait to see what happens! Plus the specter of looming WWII which is slowly creeping up on the characters, the death of the King and abdication of his heir – all makes you wonder what will happen next!

I highly recommend reading this installment – you won’t be disappointed.

— Amber


Lady Georgiana Rannoch knows nothing is simple when you're thirty-fifth in line for the British crown, but her upcoming marriage proves to be the ultimate complication in the tenth mystery in the New York Times bestselling Royal Spyness series.

As Lady Georgiana's beloved Darcy drives her out of London, she soon discovers that he isn't planning to introduce her to the pleasures of sinning in secret--as she had hoped--but to make her his wife

Of course, she'll need special permission from the king to marry a Roman Catholic. Though he will inherit a title, Darcy is as broke as Georgie. Even his family's Irish castle has been sold to a rich American who now employs his father.

Nothing will deter them from their mission--except perhaps the news that Georgie's future father-in-law has just been arrested for murdering the rich American. With the elopement postponed, they head for Ireland, where the suspect insists he's innocent, and it's up to them to prove it--for better or worse.

About the Author

Rhys Bowen, a New York Times bestselling author, has been nominated for every major award in mystery writing, including the Edgar(R), and has won many, including both the Agatha and Anthony awards. She is the author of the Royal Spyness Mysteries, set in 1930s London, the Molly Murphy Mysteries, set in turn-of-the-century New York, and the Constable Evans Mysteries, set in Wales. She was born in England and now divides her time between Northern California and Arizona.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780425283493
ISBN-10: 0425283496
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Royal Spyness Mystery