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Mallory's Oracle (Mass Market Paperbound)

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Staff Reviews

One of the joys of working here are recommendations from my co-workers.  I’ve been told from day one that there was a series I needed to read, but there was always something new and shiny that distracted me. 

        Until now.

        I have finally started Carol O’Connell’s “Mallory” series.  Oh my goodness!

        One of the things JB has always said about Mallory is that she’s a cipher; you only learn about her through other people.  We’re never allowed into Mallory’s head (except for a tiny paragraph in the first one, Mallory’s Oracle and that is part of the attraction.  Mallory’s not like normal people.  She’s a functioning sociopath and she knows it.  That’s what makes her so fascinating!

        I haven’t been this drawn to a character and a series since I read Nicola Griffith’s “Aud Torvingen” series. 
And I’m going to be in Mallory’s world until I’ve read them all!

[JB adds: my spiel on Mallory is that she’s a void in the stories. She’s created by how everyone tiptoes around her and how everyone anticipates she’ll react – because you do not want to make Mallory mad. (Ever)  And I find that a unique way to construct a character, and that’s the fascination for me in the series – that and O’Connell’s wonderful writing.]



Jonathan Kellerman says Mallory's Oracle is "a joy." Nelson DeMille and other advance readers have called it "truly amazing, " "a classic" with "immense appeal." It is all of that, and more: a stunning debut novel about a web of unsolved murders in New York's Gramercy Park and the singular woman who makes them her obsession.
At its center is Kathleen Mallory, an extraordinary wild child turned New York City policewoman. Adopted off the streets as a little girl by a police inspector and his wife, she is still not altogether civilized now that she is a sergeant in the Special Crimes section. With her ferocious intelligence and green gunslinger eyes, Mallory (never Kathleen, never Kathy) operates by her own inner compass of right and wrong, a sense of justice that drives her in unpredictable ways. She is a thing apart.
And today, she is a thing possessed. Although more at home in the company of computers than in the company of men, Mallory is propelled onto the street when the body of her adoptive father, Louis Markowitz, is found stabbed in a tenement next to the body of a wealthy Gramercy Park woman. The murders are clearly linked to two other Gramercy Park homicides Markowitz had been investigating, and now his cases become Mallory's, his death her cause. Prowling the streets, sifting through his clues, drawing on his circle of friends and colleagues, she plunges into a netherworld of light and shadow, where people are not what they seem and truth shifts without warning. And a murderer waits who is every bit as wild and unpredictable as she....
Filled with deep, seductive atmosphere and razor-sharp prose, Mallory's Oracle is gripping, resonant suspense of tantalizing complexity--a genuinely unforgettable novel.

About the Author

Carol O'Connell is the author of eight previous Mallory novels, including the national bestseller Winter House, and of Judas Child.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780515116472
ISBN-10: 0515116475
Publisher: Jove Books
Publication Date: June 1995
Pages: 329
Language: English
Series: Kathleen Mallory Novels (Paperback)