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Silent in the Sanctuary: A Lady Julia Grey Mystery (Paperback)

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Silent in the Sanctuary: A Lady Julia Grey Mystery Cover Image
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Staff Reviews

Taking a break from my usual reading of young adult books, I happened to pick up Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn simply because I liked the cover. Shallow I know, but in this rare case of judging a book by its cover I was rewarded! This historical mystery with a bit of romantic tension has the feel of a Jane Austen novel, if slightly less wordy. This is a four book series (so far) about Lady Julia Grey. In Silent in the Sanctuary Julia is summoned home, along with her brothers, for Christmas from their travels in Italy. When Julia arrives she finds a house full of people, including Nicholas Brisbane, the inquiry agent who she last saw after he caught her husband's murderer. Now he is engaged to a woman who is totally unsuitable for him..... but this isn't the biggest mystery in the family home, there is a ghost wandering the corridors at night, the legendary Grey Pearls go missing and one of the guests gets murdered! And it is up to Brisbane and Lady Julia to find the culprits.

I really enjoyed reading this book! It had a nice easy flow which suckered me into reading much later into the night than I had anticipated doing. There are a number of twists and turns, some you can guess at others will surprise you, which is always a fun feature in a book I find. In any case I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a nice easy read! I am looking for to the next installment in this series, The Dark Enquiry due out on June 21, 2011.

— Amber


fresh from a six-month sojourn in Italy, Lady Julia returns home to Sussex to find her father's estate crowded with family and friends but dark deeds are afoot at the deconsecrated abbey, and a murderer roams the ancient cloisters.
Much to her surprise, the one man she had hoped to forgetthe enigmatic and compelling Nicholas Brisbaneis among her father's houseguests and he is not alone. Not to be outdone, Julia shows him that two can play at flirtation and promptly introduces him to her devoted, younger, titled Italian count.
But the homecoming celebrations quickly take a ghastly turn when one of the guests is found brutally murdered in the chapel, and a member of Lady Julia's own family confesses to the crime. Certain of her cousin's innocence, Lady Julia resumes her unlikely and deliciously intriguing partnership with Nicholas Brisbane, setting out to unravel a tangle of deceit before the killer can strike again. When a sudden snowstorm blankets the abbey like a shroud, it falls to Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane to answer the shriek of murder most foul.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780778324928
ISBN-10: 0778324923
Publisher: Mira Books
Publication Date: January 2008
Pages: 552
Language: English