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Sniper's Honor (Paperback)

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Staff Reviews

Stephen Hunter’s Sniper’s Honor is another
Bob Lee Swagger blast.  In this story, the decorated and honored Viet
Nam war sniper is off to Russia to try to get a line on Ludmilla
Petrova, the Soviet Union’s most feared sniper from WWII. She has
seemingly been wiped from the historical record and that’s just not
right with a man like ‘Bob the Nailer’.

The story is told in split time, as Petrova
is sent into Ukraine in 1944 to kill a Nazi official, the uncious Dr.
Groedl. The trick is that there’s a Nazi spy high up in the Kremlin and
the Germans have dispatched a unit of Muslim soldiers to track her down
before she can complete her mission.

In the present, Bob and his friend, reporter
Kathy Reilly, run into roadblocks in their mission as well. It appears
someone doesn’t want them to find Petrova’s trail or for Reilly to write
about her. What could be so sensative about people and events from
seven decades in the past? Politics, it always comes down to politics
and power.

My one complaint about the book is not about
the characters or the story but the author himself. Twice he has
Swagger buying stacks of books from Ama – SPECTRE - and then writes in
his acknowledgements at the back of the book how “The Amazone bill was
mind-boggling.” Well, wonderful, Mr. Hunter. If you’re such a fan of
SPECTRE and want to promote them in your fiction, you tempt me to not
promote your fiction.

Still and all, Sniper’s Honor is a terrfic read. Just, please, buy it from a real bookseller…

— JB


In this tour de force--part historical thriller, part modern adventure--from the New York Times bestselling author of I, Sniper, Bob Lee Swagger uncovers why World War II's greatest sniper was erased from history...and why her disappearance still matters today.

Ludmilla "Mili" Petrova was once the most hunted woman on earth, having raised the fury of two of the most powerful leaders on either side of World War II: Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. But Kathy Reilly of The Washington Post doesn't know any of that when she encounters a brief mention of Mili in an old Russian propaganda magazine, and becomes interested in the story of a legendary, beautiful female sniper who seems to have vanished from history.

Reilly enlists former marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger to parse out the scarce details of Mili's military service. The more Swagger learns about Mili's last mission, the more he's convinced her disappearance was no accident--but why would the Russian government go to such lengths to erase the existence of one of their own decorated soldiers? And why, when Swagger joins Kathy Reilly on a research trip, is someone trying to kill them before they can find out?

As Bob Lee Swagger, "one of the finest series characters ever to grace the thriller genre, now and forever" (Providence Journal-Bulletin), races to put the pieces together, Sniper's Honor takes readers across oceans and time in an action-packed, compulsive read.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781451640236
ISBN-10: 1451640234
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: December 30th, 2014
Pages: 464
Language: English
Series: Bob Lee Swagger Novels