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Catch Me (Compact Disc)

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Catch Me Cover Image
By Lisa Gardner, Kirsten Potter (Performed by)
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Staff Reviews

Fast-paced. Twisty. Compelling. Disturbing. Excellent.

Warren returns after her leave, and she wonders if her edge has been blunted. However, the first crime scene back on the job proves to her that she’s still sharp. A man is found dead in his kitchen, double-tap to the forehead with a .22. The apartment’s a slovenly mess, but the kitchen is starkly clean.

When she leaves the scene, Warren notices a suspicious person leaving her car. She catches the woman, who tells D.D. that she, Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant, will be murdered in four days, on January 21st, and she was checking out Warren, to see if she would be able to solve the crime.

Despite initially blowing Charlene – “call me Charlie” – off, Warren discovers that Charlie has a valid reason to believe she’ll be murdered, but until it happens, there isn’t much Warren can do. And there’s still the problem of the man in the clean kitchen; it turns out he’s a pedophile, and that another man was killed under similar circumstances a few weeks earlier, and he too was a pedophile. So D.D. Warren has to be on her top game, because something’s obviously up.

In Catch Me, Lisa Gardner switches voice between D.D. and Charlie, and she does so expertly and deftly, so the story never slows down and the people grow and change, and I know I found myself staying up late at night to find out what happened. And when it all came together, I saw that Gardner had fed me the clues so I had that “A-ha!” moment that comes in the best books!



In four days, someone is going to kill me. . . . Detective D. D. Warren is hard to surprise. But a lone woman outside D.D.'s latest crime scene shocks her with a remarkable proposition: Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant believes that she will be murdered in four days. And she wants Boston's top detective to handle her death investigation. It will be up close and personal. No evidence of forced entry, no sign of struggle. Charlie tells a chilling story: Each year at 8:00 p. m. on January 21, a woman has died. The victims have been childhood best friends from a small town in New Hampshire; the motive remains unknown. Now only one friend, Charlie, remains to count down her final hours. But as D.D. quickly learns, Charlie Grant doesn t plan on going down without a fight. By her own admission, the girl can outshoot, outfight, and outrun anyone in Boston, which begs the question: Is Charlie the next victim, or the perfect perpetrator? As D.D. tracks a vigilante gunman who is killing pedophiles in Boston, she must also delve into the murders of Charlie's friends, racing to find answers before the next gruesome January 21 anniversary. Is Charlie truly in danger, or is she hiding a terrifying secret that may turn out to be the biggest threat of all? In four days, someone is going to kill me. But he's gotta catch me first.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781455847150
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Publication Date: February 1st, 2012