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The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination: The Definitive Account of the Most Controversial Crime of the Twentieth Century (Hardcover)

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The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination: The Definitive Account of the Most Controversial Crime of the Twentieth Century Cover Image
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There are a blue million books on the
Kennedy assassination but the best ones these days take into the
account the latest declassified files and what is known now that wasn’t
know to the Warren Commission or the various committees working in the
70s. Many of the best of the earlier books about the assassination now
have afterwards or have been updated, but some of the best are those by
Lamar Waldron.

His newest, The Hidden History of the
JFK Assassination is built on his previous books and provides a clear
story of the assassination, who was behind it and how it was done – and
how it was covered up. 

First, he lays out the early plots
against Castro, Nixon’s involvement as the Eisenhower administration’s
point man and his hopes to get Castro dislodged as a tool to win the
1960 election, the Mob’s involvement, the training of Cubans and the
involvement of far right figures in the CIA.

Then he describes the maneuvering of
the Kennedy brothers, their plans to both seek accomodation with Castro
and their work to stage a coup – all the while elements within the CIA
were working on their own assassination plots while denying to the White
House that they were. Waldron also sketches out the war on the Mob that
the Kennedys were continuing.

He then draws a clear picture of how those who planned and carried out the assassination did it.

There are a number of parts of the
story that are only recently known: that Dallas was just the last of
three plots to kill JFK, all within November of ’63 (Chicago, then
Tampa); that the Kennedys were developing a secret plan to deal with
potential assassination of high ranking officials within the US
government and how this plan was then utilized to help in the cover up;
that the Mob and their cohorts within the CIA (in some cases they were
both) fed enough disinformation, laced with the bits about actual plans,
to the press that the CIA covered up aspects of the crime to ensure
secrets stayed secret; that nearly every major intellegence branch of
the government was using Oswald for some purpose and how his being set
up as the patsy forced each to be part of the cover-up; and how most of
the major players did make some sort of confession (some bragged) about
their participation in the plot.

What Waldron does not do is to detail
who was looking through what rifle scope that ugly day in Dallas. He
does not dig into the minutia of the forensics. He doesn’t attempt to
explain all of the conflicting eye witness testimony or plot out Oswalds
movements minute by minute. He leaves all of that for others.

What he does is provide a clear and
logical picture of who and how and why, the means, motive and
opportunity that is critical in any investigation.  It wasn’t just “The
Mob”, or “The CIA”, or “The Government” that killed Kennedy, but it was
hard-bitten, violent elements of each, men who thought they knew best,
men who had a particular political view, men who had their livelihoods
and fortunes at stake and who were accustomed to changing the world to
match their view of it.

I would also highly recommend his earlier books: Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK AssassinationWatergate: The Hidden History – Nixon, The Mafia, and the CIAUltimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba and the Murder of JFK. Any will give you a look at, as James Ellroy called it, “the underbelly of the 1960s”.

— JB


November 22, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the tragedy that has haunted America ever since. For the first time, this concise and compelling book pierces the veil of secrecy to fully document the small, tightly-held conspiracy that killed President John F. Kennedy. It explains why he was murdered, and how it was done in a way that forced many records to remain secret for almost fifty years.

The Hidden History of JFK's Assassination draws on exclusive interviews with more than two dozen associates of John and Robert Kennedy, in addition to former FBI, Secret Service, military intelligence, and Congressional personnel, who provided critical first-hand information. The book also uses government files--including the detailed FBI confession of notorious Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello--to simply and clearly reveal exactly who killed JFK. Using information never published before, the book uses Marcello's own words to his closest associates to describe the plot. His confession is also backed up by a wealth of independent documentation.

This book builds on the work of the last Congressional committee to investigate JFK's murder, which concluded that JFK 'was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy," and that godfathers "Santo] Trafficante and Carlos] Marcello had the motive, means, and opportunity to assassinate President Kennedy." However, it also draws on exclusive files and information not available to Congress, that have only emerged in recent years, to fully explain for the first time how Marcello and Trafficante committed--and got away with--the crime of the 20th century.

Some of the book's revelations will be dramatized in the upcoming Warner Brothers film Legacy of Secrecy, produced by and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, which also stars Robert De Niro as Carlos Marcello.

The Hidden History of JFK's Assassination is the definitive account of the crime and the secrecy which has surrounded it.

About the Author

Lamar Waldron's historical research and nonfiction books have won praise from Publishers Weekly, Vanity Fair, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, and major publications in Europe. Called "the ultimate JFK historian" by Variety, his groundbreaking research has been the subject of two prime time specials on the Discovery Channel, produced by NBC News. He has been featured on CNN, the History Channel, Geraldo Rivera, Fox News, and television specials in England, Germany, Japan, and Australia.
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ISBN: 9781619022263
ISBN-10: 1619022265
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
Publication Date: November 12th, 2013
Pages: 519
Language: English