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Orchestrated Death (Paperback)

Orchestrated Death Cover Image
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Bill Slider, a middle-aged, straight-arrow London cop, finds his life thrown into passionate disarray by the murder of a mysterious young violinist. The writing is irresistibly clever and heavily laced with the very best puns, many of which work best with an English accent. The character, for instance, who has a cat named Oedipus? To an American, that's not particularly amusing. But take a minute to remember that the Brits pronounce the name with a long ?e EE -dipus.? The cat, after all, is aptly named, because ?Ee-da-puss wot lives ?ere.?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781934609224
ISBN-10: 1934609226
Publisher: Felony & Mayhem
Publication Date: July 2009
Pages: 293
Language: English
Series: Felony & Mayhem Mysteries