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We are no longer accepting ONLINE orders.

To order a book give the shop a call or email!




Besides carrying new and used mysteries - we carry rare and collectable books as well.

We list most through Biblio.com (a rare book site), however they are available for purchase at the store.

Here we have listed collections by author we have available, this is only a small slice of what we have to offer so make sure to visit our page on Biblio.com to see the full assortment! (the list we have on our official site will grow in the coming months and years!)

How We Get Our Books Signed:

A. Most of our copies are signed by authors in the shop for formal events. Where you are able to come and meet them in person and get your books signed. Or reserve a copy if you can't make it and we will have the author sign it for you! 

B. Occasionally, the we are unable to have an author in for a formal signing. It may be a matter of a compressed schedule or a new publicist isn’t aware that we’re here.

In such cases, we are able to set up what is called a ‘stock signing’: meaning, the author will be here only long enough to sign the stock that we have on hand. We will recommend that you reserve a book and not expect to see the author as they’re here for a very short period of time, usually only 15 minutes. In instances such as this, we may not accept older books for signature as our attention must be on our new copies.

C. In some cases, we send copies away to the author to be signed, or to another shop that is hosting the author. In these instances, we may be able to get personalized or dated copies. But this is an expensive way to get copies signed and we add $1 to the price of the book to somewhat defray those shipping costs, and that is denoted as a red dot on the back of the book with that higher price marked. We will pack the books as well as we can to withstand the shipping and ask that they be repacked the same way for their return to us.

D. Sometimes Author's just stop by, without any notice, and sign our books.