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Drawing Dead (Kobo eBook)

Drawing Dead Cover Image
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?Jake Morgan just can&rsqou;t seem to win. In Drawing Dead , the Las Vegas poker dealer and ex-cop is dealt a hand by his casino boss and forced to play. A beautiful high roller, sick of her husband, takes a prescription of gambling and gamboling in Vegas to cure herself. She finds her medicine - Morgan. He reluctantly plays hotel gigolo, and ends up in her suite. He&rsqou;s just beginning some of his best "under-the-cover" moves when an assassin enters with a cure-all for the woman by popping two lead pills into her head. Just as Morgan is cleared in her death, another femme fatale falls for him. Laura Bulloch is on the Vice squad. While Morgan appreciates her bar-brawling and martial arts skills, he has a difficult time warming to her S&M fetishes. Then, she gets him caught in the crossfire between two groups of dirty cops out to kill each other, as he tries to help her stay alive. The attempts on his life seem to multiply as he gets closer to what he prays is not the ugly truth. Could he be on the wrong side? When he tries to walk away from Laura, Jake Morgan is placed in the crosshairs of an adversary who will not be denied.
Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781554902736
Publisher: ECW Press
Publication Date: October 4th, 2006