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« Saturday November 24, 2012 »
Start: 12:00 pm
End: 1:00 pm
Saturday November 24th at Noon - Dori Hillestad Butler signs The Buddy Files Series Dori Hillestad Butler is the author of the Edgar-winning kid’s book, The Buddy Files:The Case of the Lost Boy. She’s turned it into a great series about a golden retriever who is trying to find his old family after he was abandoned at the pound. Buddy is conflicted, since his new family is wonderful as well and the longer he stays with them the more he likes them….all the while solving mysteries he finds along the way!
Start: 2:00 pm
End: 3:00 pm
Saturday November 24th at 2pm - Derek Haas signs The Right Hand - Canceled due to illness Derek sends his apologies, but he is to sick to come in and meet his fans and sign books. But if you reserved a copy, never fear, we are working out a way to get thoose copies signed! However there will not be any extras signed for the sorry. We are sorry for any problems this has caused.  Derek is taking a break from his new TV series to come see us!  In any intelligence apparatus, there are agents who are so covert that few know of their existence. They can’t. Deniability must be absolute. Austin Clay is the right hand that the left doesn’t know about. He’s sent into Russia to find a missing agent. What he will find is just the tip of a mess. What is below the surface points toward a traitor in the highest offices of US Intelligence. In paper, Dark Men (Nov., Pegasus, 14.95). Fran and Janine recommend this author.
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