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« Tuesday January 29, 2013 »
Start: 11:00 pm
Tuesday January 29th - Ian Rankin signs Standing In Another Man's Grave Two detectives work the case of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared along a scenic Scotland highway. Other than a photo sent from her phone, there’s been no trace of her. The case becomes more complicated by three factors: the investigators learn that there have been many disappearances along this rural stretch, some going back a decade; for some reason, Internal Affairs is sniffing around the case; and the teen’s stepfather is a gangster and has his own people looking for her. One of the cops? John Rebus. Because this will be a quick hit-n-run stock signing and we are uncertain of the time frame, we strongly suggest that you reserve a copy to be picked up later or mailed. We cannot guarantee that an entire collection of his books left here to be signed will get signed, either. Sorry. We wish this was a formal signing and all that one allows, and that the shop could be full of fans waiting to meet him like the last time he was here, but it isn’t. There will be no time to chat or ask questions or pose for photos. Quantities will be limited. RESERVE NOW.
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