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Fall Newslatter


Fall 2012

117 Cherry St. Seattle, WA 98104

OPEN 10-5 Mon – Sat, 12-5 Sun

Bill Farley, Founder / JB Dickey, Owner / Fran Fuller, Manager

Janine Wilson / Adele Avant 206-587-5737

cops—private eyes—courtroom--thrillers—suspense—espionage—true crime—reference

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Northwest Authors

Pamela Beason - Bear Bait- 2nd with National Park Service biologist Summer Westin. Volunteering as a firewatcher, one night Westin sees an explosion near a lake and calls it in. When the resulting fire is stopped the burned body of a woman is found and she’s barely alive. Will she live to give any clues? Fires in the backwoods are expected – explosions are not. Signing.

Nancy Bush - Nowhere to Hide- Det. September Rafferty receives something shocking and personal in the mail. It’s a piece of artwork she created back in the second grade. Someone has written across it in what looks like blood.

April Kristofferson - Trapped- Backcountry ranger Will McCarroll is a national hero due to his aggressive defense of endangered wildlife. But his methods have outraged his superiors and he’s transferred from Yellowstone to Glacier National Park. He’ll find trouble in no time, both ecological and political. Signing.

Waverly Curtis - Dial C for Chihuahua- Geri Sullivan not only has a new job with a Seattle PI, she also has a new dog – Pepe, a small dog with a big attitude. He’ll come in handy as a cohort as he can talk (at least Geri can understand him. He’ll make a great undercover sleuth, especially with their first case, the murder of a local millionaire. “Waverly Curtis” is Waverly Fitzgerald and Curt Colbert! Signing.

Karen Dionne - The Killing: Novel #1- An original novel set in the world of the hit AMC series, “The Killing”, with the same cops, streets and rain of Seattle – because, as we know from the show, it rains every minute of every day and Seattle looks just like Vancouver, BC. In this novel, Det. Sarah Linden investigates a new case.

M.C. Grant - Angel with a Bullet- 1st in a new series by a BC author. Dixie Flynn is a smart-alec reporter for a San Francisco weekly. Her ex-lover, an artist, has been found dead and the cops are satisfied he killed himself. Dixie ain’t buyin’ it. She’ll use the knowledge of the local art scene that she gathered during her time with him to ask around. Signing.

Jane Isenberg - The Bones and the Book- In the Seattle Underground in 1965 human bones are unearthed, along with a very old book written in Yiddish. The bones are found to have belonged to Aliza Rudinsky, a young Orthodox Jew from the Ukraine. She came to Seattle to find a better life but disappeared. Now, in ’65, Rachel Mazursky volunteers to translate the book. She’s drawn into the story left by the dead woman and wonders if there might be clues to her murder in the book. Signing.

Kate Kingsbury – see Holiday Books

Neil Low, Deadly Attraction- More 1940s Seattle noir based on actual crimes from a SPD captain: A young starlet (niece of a former cop/now a county commissioner) is found murdered near Green Lake, the scene staged to appear as a sex crime. PIs Stewart and Deward to probe the case, not trusting the ‘objectivity’ of his former colleagues. Politics muddies the water. Signing. Two actual historic murders are used in this book: One is the 1926 murder of Sylvia Gaines, which Capt. Low moves to 1940 for his fictional purposes. The other is the 1938 Crescent Lake “Lady of the Lake” murder.

Cricket McRae - Deadly Row to Hoe- In her 6th book, crafting maven Sophie Mae has joined a small agricultural community in order to share in the organic and tasty goods. While that’s all well and good, finding a body in the compost heap adds a bad taste on the whole thing.

Ann Rule - Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors- 16th in her Crime Files series. One of the cases profiled is the tragic Josh & Susan Powell case. Signing.

Mark Russinovich - Trojan Horse- Cyber security analysts Jeff Aiken and Daryl Haugen are apprehensive about a new virus created by the CIA and Mossad to attack Iranian projects. The pair get wind of a Chinese plot to hijack the virus and turn it back against the West. In paper, Zero Day

William L. Sullivan - The Case of D.B. Cooper’s Parachute- Portland Det. Neil Ferguson is handed a strange case by his new captain. A anonymous call told the cops to be in a library parking lot if they wanted to crack a case of stolen art. The caller added one great tease: the art theft was tied to DB Cooper. As Ferguson investigates and gets closer to the identity that has eluded the authorities for so many decades, he begins to suspect something stranger than anyone has ever guessed. There were two Coopers? The advanced reader copies came with a warning plea – anyone reading the book had to promise to not give up the ending where he reveals the answer to what happened to D.B Cooper. Signing.

Shirley Tallman - Death on Telegraph Hill- Walking home from a performance by Oscar Wilde, young attorney Sarah Woolson and her brother Samuel hear a gunshot somewhere ahead in the fog just seconds before the bullet hit Samuel. Surely, no one had reason to shoot Samuel. Who was the target? 5th in this series set in 1880s San Francisco.

Jayne Castle, Yasmine Galenorn: see Urban Fantasy


Now in Paperback

Carola Dunn - Manna from Hades- 1st of her Eleanor Trewynn series from 2009

Conrad Haynes, Breaking Points

Dana Stabenow, Restless in the Grave


Reissues of Note

Dana Stabenow - Dead in the Water- 1st hardcover release of this, the 3rd Kate Shugak, a paperback original in 1993.


Mysterious Youth


Elizabeth George - The Edge of Nowhere- A book aimed at young adults, the first of four to be set on Whidbey Island. Becca King can hear ‘whispers’, the quiet thoughts of others. Due to that, she’d learned of her father’s criminal activities and gone on the run. Landing on Whidbey, she soon is befriended by an unlikely set of people who try to help her hide from the trouble that is heading her way.

Gregg Olsen - Betrayal- The second installment in the Empty Coffin series, Gregg’s young-adult novels. In this action-packed thriller sequel to Envy, foreign exchange student Olivia Grant is stabbed to death after a party--and the prime suspect is her best friend. As twins Hayley and Taylor Ryan get pulled into the aftermath of this Amanda Knox-like crime, they realize nothing is what it seems. Could it be betrayal of the ultimate kind? Signing.


Coming This Winter

Mary Daheim - The Alpine Xanadu

Carola Dunn - Valley of the Shadow

Aaron Elkins - Dying On The Vine

Roger Hobbs - Ghostman

J.A. Jance - Deadly Stakes

Amanda Lee - Thread On Arrival

Keith McCafferty - The Gray Ghost Murders

Barbara Corrado Pope, The Missing Italian Girl

Dana Stabenow - Bad Blood


New from the Rest


Susan Wittig Albert - The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose- 3rd with the 1930s garden club in Darling, AL. In paper, The Tale of Castle Cottage, 8th Beatrix Potter.

Jeffrey Allen - Popped Off - 2nd with stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters. The Big Man in the local kids’ sports league has vanished. So has $73,000 in parents’ money. Did he abscond with it or did someone take it from him?

David Baldacci - The Forgotten- John Puller’s new case is as personal as it can get: his aunt in Florida has been found drowned in her apartment’s pool. At some point before she died, she’d sent John’s father a letter saying that she was afraid of something, but not what it was that scared her. In paper, The Innocent

Linwood Barclay - Trust Your Eyes- Thomas Kilbride is a map-obsessed schizophrenic who rarely leaves the confines of his bedroom, but through snazzy a computer program he can travel the world. One day, ‘traveling’ over NYC he thinks he sees a murder through a window. All in his head? Signing.

David Bell, The Hiding Place- The 25th anniversary of her brother’s disappearance has Janet on edge. It is dredging up lots of ugly memories. This is compounded by the reporter and the cop who are nosing around and disturbing the demons who have been resting.

Jennie Bentley, Wall to Wall Dead- 6th in the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ series. Working to fix up a house so they can flip it to pay for their wedding, Avery and Derek’s plans are screwed up when the neighborhood busybody is murdered.

Melissa Bourbon, Deadly Pattern- 3rd in this custom dressmaking shop series.

Jacklyn Brady, Arsenic and Old Cake- 3rd with New Orleans pastry chef Rita Lucero.

Michael Brandman, Robert B. Parker’s Fool Me Twice-The police department in Paradise goes on red alert when the lead actress of a movie being filmed is threatened by her ex. Jesse Stone leads the security. In paper, Killing the Blues,Brandman’s 1st ‘Parker’.

Allison Brennan, Stalked- FBI trainee Lucy Kincaid has already experienced more murder and mayhem than most rookies. That continues when her mentor, SSA Tony Presidio, is murdered.

Duffy Brown, Iced Chiffon- 1st in a new series set in a Savannah, GA consignment shop, The Prissy Fox.

Rita Mae Brown, Fox Tracks-8th set in the world of tobacco farms, fox hunts, competitions and the illusion of gentility.

Don Bruns, Hot Stuff- Private eyes James Lessor and Skip Moore are hired by the head chef at a famous restaurant to find out who killed the sous chef. The cops’ investigation is slow; half of the staff is suspected and the work and revenues have dropped. The PIs find the cops are right – half of the staff had good reason to kill him. 6th in the ‘Stuff’ series.

Lucy Burdette, Death in Four Courses- 2nd with Key West food critic Haley Snow. A literary seminar about culinary writing has drawn folks from all over. Some of whom do not get along.


Return of the Masters


James M. Cain, The Cocktail Waitress- Never-before published novel by the noir master: Joan Medford is a young widow forced to make a living serving drinks. One night, two men flatter her with attention: the young guy is obviously a schemer while the older one is ill. When they leave, the older one leaves a $50,000 tip for her. This being a Cain story, it cannot end well.

Dashiell Hammett, Return of the Thin Man- In 1934, after the success of the original Thin Man movie, Hammett was commissioned to write two novellas featuring Nick and Nora Charles that could be adapted into movies – After the Thin Man and Another Thin Man. Presented here, for the first time in their entirety, are those two novellas. Mix a martini, get the dog on the couch, put on your smoking jacket and get comfy! Great – now can someone please find some new Chandler?

JoAnna Carl, The Chocolate Moose Motive- 12th in the chocoholic series. The first trouble is when Forsythia’s husband is shot. Though she’s the prime suspect, she’s not charged. That doesn’t stop the tongues from wagging – until the chief wagger is murdered and Sissy is on the scene… bad news. In paper, The Chocolate Castle Clue.

David Carnoy, The Big Exit - Ex-con Richie Forman is trying to make a living as a Sinatra impersonator when he becomes the prime suspect in a murder. The man found dead in his garage is the guy who stole his ex-wife while Richie was in prison. It’s a great motive so Richie must prove his innocence.

Grace Carroll, Died with a Bow- 2nd in this ‘Accessories’ series. Rita’s new salesgirl is beautiful, confident and completely obnoxious. Rita at times would like to beat her to death. Unfortunately, someone else gets that pleasure. So Rita better find out who it was before she takes the rap.

Richard Castle, Frozen Heat- NYPD homicide cop Nikki Heat works a case that strikes close to home: the body of a woman found in a suitcase is linked to the unsolved murder of Nikki’s own mother.

Joelle Charbonneau, Skating on The Edge-Indian Falls is celebrating Native American Summer Days and Rebecca is forced to give up her slot in the dunk tank. Her replacement, a roller derby girl, is electrocuted in her first dip. Was it an accident? If it wasn’t, was Rebecca the target?

Lee Child, A Wanted Man- The action picks up just moments after Worth Dying For ended. Remember? Reacher got out of a car at an isolated interstate cloverleaf, stuck out his thumb to get a ride and tried to look friendly… Aiming for Virginia, he’s picked up by two men and a woman driving to Chicago. At a rest stop, one of the men is stabbed to death professionally and, in minutes, the local cops arrive. Then come the Feds and no one will say who the victim was – but they all want to blame Reacher. Signed Copies Available. Janine Highly recommends

Lee Child, Jack Reacher’s Rules- A definitive guide to all things Reacher: his wisdom, his training and even his wit, gathered by his creator, with quotes from the novels, and with tips and tricks from their plots.

Laura Childs, Postcards from the Dead- 10th in the scrapbooking series. Shop owner Carmela Bertrand is supposed to be highlighted by a local TV reporter but the woman is murdered before the profile can take place. In paper, Skeleton Letters.

Margaret Coel, Buffalo Bill’s Dead Now- 15th in the Wind River Reservation series. Regalia worn by Arapaho Chief Black Heart in Cody’s Wild West Show 120 years ago have vanished en route to the Arapaho Museum. At least that’s what the collector who had shipped them said. In paper, The Perfect Suspect with journalist Catherine McLeod.

Reed Farrel Coleman, Gun Church (by special order) - Kip Weiler, a flamed-out literary phenom, now teaches at a dispiriting school in a small, dispirited mining town. Fate puts him in the spotlight when he helps save his students from a potential massacre. The book that Kip has been struggling to finish for years may now have an ending but he finds himself drawn into a local group that worships firearms and vaults him into trouble.

Kate Collins, Nightshade on Elm Street- 13th with flower shop owner Abby Knight.

Michael Connelly, The Black Box- Back in ’92, Harry Bosch investigated the death of a young photographer during the riots that swept LA. The case was taken away from the Riot Crimes Task Force and never solved. Now a bullet from a new crime matches that from the old, cold case. Bosch looks for the one piece of evidence, like the black box from a plane crash, that solves both cases.

Patricia Cornwell, The Bone Bed- Scarpetta is faced with a variety of cases – a body found in Boston Harbor, a famous paleontologist who disappears from a dig in Canada – that a cryptic message says are related. In paper, Red Mist.

Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul, Mirage- 9th in the Oregon Files series. In 1943, a navy experiment in Philadephia resulted in a US destroyer vanishing. Rumors swirled about a super weapon and ties to Tesla. The Oregon operation reopens the investigation. In paper, with Graham Brown, Devil’s Gate

Janet Dawson, What You Wish For- San Francisco history professor Lindsey Page juggles a number of issues: her daughter, with whom she has a rocky relationship, has moved home; she learns that friends from college, all of whom witnessed the Hearst kidnapping, have been hiding secrets all this time; and a woman she’s been interviewing for a project asks for her help in finding her kidnapped son.

Laura DiSilverio, Swift Run- In their 3rd book, Swift Investigations is in a tough spot. Not only is Charlie Swift still healing from a gunshot wound, but their new client is the woman who stole Gigi Goldman’s husband.

Nelson DeMille, The Panther- Investigative team – FBI agent Kate Mayfield and husband, anti-terrorism agent John Corey – are posted to Yemen to hunt the mastermind behind the bombing of the USS Cole. There are plots and schemes and plans aplenty and it will be difficult for the pair to discover the truth and the loyalties of those around them.

James E. Doss, The Old Gray Wolf- 17th with Colorado rancher and sometime tribal investigator Charlie Moon. The death of a purse-snatcher was unfortunate but he really caused it himself. Had he not fled, the accident that killed him would have been avoided. His mother doesn’t see it that way and that’s dangerous. She’s the widow of a noted mobster and she sends someone to exact revenge.

Janet Evanovich, Notorious Nineteen- No plot provided but do you really need one?

Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain, Murder She Wrote: Domestic Malice- 38th in this redoubtable series. In paper, MSW: The Fine Art of Murder (

Vince Flynn, The Last Man- Four guards are killed and the man they were protecting is missing. Mitch Rapp is sent to find him: the agent had spent the last 8 years undercover in Afghanistan and was in contact with nearly every bad guy in the region. Signed Copies Available.

Shelley Freydont, Foul Play at the Fair- 1st in a new series in upstate NY. Event planner Liv Montgomery is tired of the rat race and relocates to Celebration Bay. The annual harvest festival is Liv’s debut and it doesn’t go well. A juggler is found dead, stuffed into an antique apple press.

Rick Gavin, Beluga- A few months after they ‘freed’ some money from a meth dealer, Nick and Desmond have been trying to quietly turn the money into something they can use publicly. But their quiet efforts have drawn unwanted attention and potential ‘investment partners’ who want in on the fund. In paper, Ranchero , 1st in the series.

John Grisham, The Racketeer- In the history of the US judicial system, only four federal judges have ever been murdered. Judge Raymond Fogletree just became number five.

Derek Haas, The Right Hand- In any intelligence apparatus, there are agents who are so covert that few know of their existence. They can’t. Deniability must be absolute. Austin Clay is the right hand that the left doesn’t know about. He’s sent into Russia to find a missing agent. What he will find is just the tip of a mess. What is below the surface points toward a traitor in the highest offices of US Intelligence. In paper, Dark Men. Fran and Janine recommend this author.




Ellery Adams, Written in Stone- 4th in the Books by the Bay series. An old crone tells Olivia that her death is near. Instead, it is the hag who dies – murdered!

Greg Bardsley, Cash Out- 1st novel by a Silicon Valley speechwriter, reporter and columnist. In 3 days, tech company speechwriter Dan Jordan will be rich. It is 2008, his company’s stock is about to be vested and he can cash out a millionaire, leaving the job he detests. With just 72 hours to go, all hell breaks loose: he’s kidnapped by a gang of radical nerds, hunted by a security thug and discovers his marriage is, well, endangered. Oh, and his neighbor Larry is a psychopath. Just 72 hours…

Ali Brandon, A Novel Way to Die- 2nd in the Black Cat Bookshop series. Darla is getting more comfortable with her late aunt’s bookstore and Hamlet, its big black cat. Hamlet roams the neighborhood at night and, when a local businessman is murdered, Darla thinks it possible that Hamlet witnessed the killing. Amber recommends this series.

Sandra Brown, Low Pressure- 18-year-old Bellamy has written a novel about the murder of her older sister six years earlier. She was traumatized by the crime and the tornado that scoured the crime scene. No one was ever arrested. She’s used a pseudonym to protect her family but a sleazy reporter exposes her once the book storms the bestseller lists. This puts her in the path of another storm: the original killer.

Jasper Fforde, The Woman Who Died A Lot- Back home to convalesce after an assassination attempt, Thursday Next can get no rest. Her children are tasking her inventiveness and Goliath is working to substitute her with synthetic agents. How can she possibly rest? 7th in this highly creative biblioseries highly recommended by Fran and Amber. Signed Copies Avalible

Tracy Kiely, Murder Most Austen- In her 4th adventure fact-checker and Austen expert Elizabeth Parker heads to an Austen conference with her aunt Winnie. On the flight to England, they meet a professor who claims to know what kill Austen but promises it will outrage those at the convention. Before he can present his work, someone stabs him at the costume ball.

Mary Lou Kirwin, Killer Librarian- A jilted Minnesota librarian sees her ex boarding a flight they were supposed to take together to London with someone new. Once in England, a casual conversation becomes something else when her wishes to kill her ex come to life in the next morning’s paper. Did the stranger in the pub take it upon himself to carry out her anger? She better find him before the bobbies find her. Debut. Amber Recommends

Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore- Downsized out of his computer work, San Francisco drone Clay Jannon works the night shift for Mr. Penumbra. There aren’t many customers during the early hours of the morning but the ones who do come in all seem to go to the same books in a back corner of the place. He suspects something menacing is afoot and takes his analysis to the owner. Mr. Penumbra’s explanation is even more unsettling.

John Connolly and Declan Burke, Books to Die For- If you're new to the field of mystery and crime fiction, where do you start? Worried you may've missed something great in the last couple of decades? This is the book for you, or for someone you want to introduce to this wonderful world of mysteries. 120 authors from 20 countries write about the books they view as the best of the best.

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores, Jen Campbell, ed.- We can’t wait to see this! The author gathered these in London. We wanna see if they differ greatly from what WE hear people say.

Rebecca M. Hale, How to Tail a Cat- 4th in the ‘Cats & Curios’ series. An albino alligator is loose in San Francisco. You’d think it’d be easy to find. The media circus becomes deadly.

Timothy Hallinan, Crashed- Junior Bender is quite happy being a burglar. He aspires to be nothing else, nothing ‘higher’ or more noble. But there are certain people, people on his side of the law, who need help now and then – and they can’t go to the cops, right? - and one of them decides Bender would make a great private investigator for the crooks of Hollywood. What surprises Bender is that he is very good at it. 1st in a new comic series. The next two follow within the next six months.

Karen Harper, Finding Mercy- End of the trilogy set in the Amish community of Home Valley. Ella Lantz’s quiet life growing lavender is disrupted when a stranger comes to the area. The elders insist he is a "Pennsylvania cousin", and that may be, but he's also a Wall Street whistleblower in the Witness Protection Program.

Carolyn Hart, What the Cat Saw- Nela Farley doesn’t really want to believe that she can actually understand the thoughts of a cat when she gazes into its eyes. But then she meets the cat who belonged to a dead woman, and the cat was a witness. Who is going to believe her?

Ellen Hart, Rest for the Wicked- In her 20th case, Minneapolis PI Jane Lawless is called by the nephew of her partner. Unfortunately, she doesn’t receive the message until after he is fatally knifed outside an exclusive club.

Sam Hawken, The Dead Women of Juarez- Since 1993, hundreds of women have been abducted and murdered just across the river from El Paso. Officially, the number could be over 700. Unofficially, the locals say 3,000. In this novel, two men – a washed-up American boxer and a Mexican detective - are drawn into a recent murder and find themselves down the rabbit hole into underground crime and corruption and, if they live, toward answers to the decade of femicide.

Betty Hechtman, If Hooks Could Kill- 7th in this crochet series. The Tarzana Hookers latest member is a busy woman. Still, what could she have been into that would drive someone to shoot her? In paper, Behind the Seams.

Sara J. Henry, A Cold and Lonely Place- Taking pictures of the Saranac Lake ice palace, Troy finds the body of her roommate’s boyfriend frozen in a block of ice. The deceased was from a wealthy family but he’d lived a blue-collar life. How’d a rich kid from Greenwich, CT, end up incased in ice in upstate NY?

Kay Hooper, The First Prophet- A team of psychics work secretly deep inside the FBI, trying to stop major crimes before they can happen. At the same time, a cabal of villains works to shield themselves from them. 1st in a new series.

Wendy Hornsby, The Hanging- 10th with Maggie MacGowen, whose TV show has been cancelled. She signs up to teach film production at a local community college and finds the institution is in an uproar over budget cuts and staff in-fighting.

Linda Howard, Shadow Woman- Lizette wakes one morning, looks in the mirror, and sees a stranger. She has also lost two years of memories. What’s going on?

Andrew Hunt, City of Saints- Based on a real crime that occurred less than a decade ago but has already been forgotten: Salt Lake City gives the appearance of being squeaky clean but looks are always deceiving. When a beautiful socialite is found dead, two city cops work to solve the crime. But the local sheriff, who is running for re-election, is an obstruction, as are various prominent citizens who have their own secrets to keep. The cops get a quick education in the morass of corruption, skeletons and rumors that flow just beneath the placid surface of the city. Debut novel by a Canadian professor who grew up in SLC.

Elise Hyatt, A Fatal Stain- 3rd in this craft series. While refinishing a table, Dyce Dare uncovers stains that may be blood.

David James, A Not So Model Home- Palm Springs realtor Amanda Thorne works to sell a Spanish-style mansion that is currently serving as the backdrop for a reality TV series. Clients dry up when one of the show’s contestants dies from poison.

Steven James, Opening Moves- 5th in the Patrick Bowers series, but a prequel to the earlier books. Back when he was a young homicide detective, his city his still reeled from the horrors of Jeffrey Dahmer. A new string of horrific murders rock the city. His fellow detectives believe a Dahmer copycat is at work. Bowers thinks it is something worse.

Grant Jerkins, The Ninth Step- As part of her 12-step recovery program, Helen is supposed to make amends to all she harmed. She intends to tell local teacher Edgar Woolrich that she was the hit and run driver who killed his wife. Instead of confessing, lies spill out and soon they’ve formed a relationship based on love and her lies. Then come the anonymous notes.

G.B. Joyce, The Code- Brad Shade hung up his journeyman hockey skates and stayed near the game as a low-level scout. After an old-timer’s game one night, he stumbles upon the corpse of legendary coach Red Hanratty. Shade’s familiar with the locals and the hockey scene and his knowledge makes him a perfect fit for the uniform of ‘sleuth’.

Iris Johansen, Sleep No More- Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan gets involved when a woman vanishes from a mental institution. She’s let in on a family secret that requires her to help. In paper, What Doesn’t Kill You.

Michael Kardos, The Three-Day Affair- Friends since college, three guys have varied lives: Will is a session drummer, Nolan is happily unmarried, while Jeffrey has become wealthy and is about to become a father. Hanging out one night, they stop to get cigs. Nolan and Will wait in the car. In minutes, Jeffrey bursts out of the shop, dragging a young woman and screaming for the guys to get them out of there. Kidnapping and robbery? In the next three days, the quartet will find out what they are really made of. Debut.

Julia Keller, A Killing in the Hills- Debut. One morning in Acker’s Gap, WV three elderly men are shot to death at the local diner. Nearly everyone in town was there or nearby but no one seems to have seen anything or can help the investigation. Why?

L.A. Kornetsky, Collared- Private concierge Ginny offers to help a gentleman who she

overhears talking about lost documents. When she offers to find them, he asks instead that she find his missing uncle. For help, she turns to her buddy Teddy, a bartender. What they don't realize when they begin this investigation is their pets will be helpful allies in the search. (The author writes fantasy under the name Laura Anne Gilman.)

Michael Koryta, The Prophet- Years before, when they were teenagers, their sister was murdered. It drove them apart. Now one is a beloved high school football coach while the other scrapes by as a bail bondsman. A new murder occurs and is linked to them both – and to their sister’s murder. In paper, The Ridge

Dennis Lehane, Live by Night- Prohibition has swept the county, as has an astonishing rise in organized crime. Joe Coughlin, the youngest sibling in the family of Boston cops (The Given Day) has swerved away from the family business to the other side, moving up the chain from petty crimes to harder stuff. He’s quite happy being well known, having lots of cash and enjoys the thrills and risks of crime. But there is always a toll and it is usually a violent and early death. Can Joe dodge the danger? Signed Copies Available. JB recommends

Joyce and Jim Lavene, Treacherous Toys- 5th in their Renaissance Faire series. An apprentice to a toy maker shows up for work only to find his mentor played out – fatally.

Laura Levine, Death of a Neighborhood Witch- In the mean streets of Beverly Hills, there is one house no one wants to visit – Cryptessa Muldoon is a crochety old bat and guess who lives nearby? Right, freelance jingle writer Jaine Austin. They’ve been in a dispute over pets and now Cryptessa has died (at last) but it was murder and on Halloween yet. Amber adores this funny series.

Clayton Lindemuth, Cold Quiet Country- A young farmhand is being hunted for the murder of a farmer. He’s armed and knows that he may never be able to defend himself in court. A blizzard is heading toward the area, and the boy is nearly frozen after falling through some ice. Either he’ll freeze to death or the thoroughly corrupt sheriff will shoot him down with no intention of taking him to court. Debut.

Attica Locke, The Cutting Season- Belle Vie is a large antebellum plantation that means different things to different people. To some, it is a shining symbol of genteel beauty. For others, it is a constant reminder of the evil of slavery. Now it will mean something else, not of the past, but of the present, when a young woman is found in a shallow grave with her throat cut.

Meg London, Murder Unmentionable- 1st in a new series set at a lingerie boutique in Paris, TN.

Eric Van Lustbader, Father Night- 4th with ATF agent and Presidential friend Jack McClure.

Leo J. Maloney, Termination Orders- Debut thriller by a former black ops op. Dan Morgan has retired and has managed to find a peaceful world. It’s not easy to stop being a trained CIA killer. But when he receives a message from his former partner, a man thought to be dead, Morgan flies to his aid and into an ambush.

Margaret Maron, The Buzzard Table- Judge Knott and Deputy Bryant are back home

from their honeymoon and new friends from NYC have come along. Sigrid Harald and her mother Anne have come to visit Anne’s mother. While there, they meet Martin Crawford, an Englishman who says he’s researching a book on Southern vultures. Really? In paper, Three-Day Town

Casey Mayes, A Grid for Murder- 3rd with puzzle-creator Savannah Stone. Mayes is the pseudonym of Edward Marston (we count 5 names under which he writes: Mayes, Elizabeth Bright, Chris Cavender and Melissa Glazer!)

Archer Mayor, Paradise City- Across Vermont, houses are being burglarized of electronics, antiques and jewels. In Boston, a woman walks in on a burglary and is murdered. What is taken is the same kind of stuff as in Vermont. Joe Gunther travels south to compare notes. 23rd in this lauded series.

Rick Mofina, They Disappear- Jeff and Sarah are struggling to save their marriage. They

take their son Cole to NYC for a vacation. Jeff steps into a camera shop to buy batteries and, when he gets back outside, Sarah and Cole are gone. The cops aren't much help - seems like family trouble to them, nothing criminal. Jeff begins to fear that it is.

Marcia Muller, Looking for Yesterday- Three years ago, Caro was acquitted in the murder of her best friend. Rumors and doubts have followed her, making her life miserable. She hires Sharon McCone to clear her name by finding the murderer. In paper, City of Whispers. Adele loves this series.

Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Cat Bearing Gifts- One would think that December would be quiet for a feline PI but Joe Grey finds himself caught up in a mish-mash of missing treasure, a car wreck, a dead thief and an alluring blonde divorcee.

Tim O’Mara, Sacrifice Fly- Bad knees forced Ray Donne from his dream job of a street cop in Brooklyn. But whaddyagonnadu? So he became a teacher in the same neighborhood. One of his students, a young baseball phenom, has vanished. The boy’s father has been murdered, and Ray can’t believe the boy is a killer. Can he find the boy and clear him?

Rhonda Pollero, Bargain Hunting- Bargain-hunting paralegal Finley Anderson Tanner has finally gotten what she wants – actually working on criminal cases.

Spencer Quinn, A Fistful of Collars- 5th with PI Bernie and his dog Chet. The guys are hired by the mayor to babysit a bad boy movie star who’s in the area to shoot a film. As they read up on his background, they find he has ties to the area and not all of them are, well, nice.

From the factory of James Patterson: Free Alex Cross- A plastic surgeon whom Cross sent to prison is out, has given himself a new face and is out for revenge; with Michael Ledwidge, Zoo. Publisher says “Once in a lifetime, a writer puts it all together. This is James Patterson’s best book ever.”; with Mark Pearson, Private London. Hannah Shapiro was saved years ago by Jack Morgan, owner of Private, Earth’s most exclusive detective agency. She’s now in London and in danger again, so it is up to the head of the London office, Dan Carter, to save her. In paper, with David Ellis, Guilty Wives. See Holiday Books.

J.D. Robb, Delusion in Death- A happy-hour downtown bar turns into a nightmare and 80 people are dead. Survivors talk about seeing very strange things and forensics confirms all were exposed to a ‘cocktail’ of chemicals and illegal drugs that brought on the madness. Eve Dallas investigates to find out who would do such a thing. 35th in this series adored by all the women affiliated with SMB.

Stephen Romano, Resurrection Express- Elroy Coffin is the best that there is when it comes to breaking codes, cracking safes and hacking his way where he wants to. But he’s been in prison after a Texas mobster ratted him out and he’s nearly crazy with grief from the death of his wife. Then, one day, someone comes to visit with news that his wife is not dead and, if he’ll do this one thing for certain powerful people, they’ll get him out of the clink. And, we all know, nothing about such a deal is simple, safe or easy. Debut.

Hank Phillippi Ryan, The Other Woman- In the days before a Senatorial campaign, reporter Jane Ryland works on a story about a candidate’s rumored mistress. At the same time, a Boston cop works a number of murders that may be by the same killer. Their investigations are about to merge.

John Sandford, Mad River-Three young people initiate a crime spree that has them imagining themselves as the new Bonnie and Clyde. Virgil Flowers joins the manhunt but no one can imagine the bend in the road ahead of them all. In paper, Shock Wave

Michael Sears, Black Fridays- Debut thriller by someone who worked in corner office on Wall Street for 20 years. After two years in prison, former hot-shot money manager Jason Stafford is looking for some way to use what he knows and to make a living. He’s banned from actually working for Wall Street, but an opportunity arises for him to stay near the game. A company asks him to look into what a junior trader was doing before he was murdered. They fear he was into something illegal. They’re right.

Paige Shelton, If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance- 2nd in the paranormal culinary series at the Country Cooking School.

Nancy Springer, Dark Lie -Adult thriller by a winner of 2 Edgars for her YA books. Dorrie has been secretly following Juliet, the teen she gave up for adoption 16 years ago. One day, outside their midwestern mall, she sees Juliet kidnapped.

Mark Sullivan, Rogue- Robin Monarch was the top black-bag agent in the CIA when he walked away from the work in the middle of a big operation. Since then, he’s been working for himself as a jewel thief on the Riviera. His former colleagues have laid a trap for him and the price of escape is to finish the job he abandoned. Mission: Impossible meets To Catch a Thief.

Denise Swanson, Murder of the Cat’s Meow- 15th in the popular Scumble River series. An on-line dating scheme draws crowds to the town bowling alley for the speed dating and cat show competitions. One of the feline fetes grows fatal.

Larry D. Thompson, Dead Peasants- Retired Texas attorney is drawn back into practice by an elderly widow whose late husband’s life insurance policy is found to be made out to the man’s former employer. Smells bad to Jack Bryant and he brings suit to straighten it out. Mayhem erupts. Debut.

Margaret Truman and Donald Bain, Experiment in Murder- 25th in the DC monument series. The death of a psychiatric patient leads back to CIA mind control experiments.

Andrew Vachss, A Bomb Built in Hell- Originally written in 1973, this story has never been published, in its entirety, as a book. Parts were ‘cannibalized’ for other works (Flood) and parts were published as short works. At the time it was written, it was viewed as being too violent and unrealistic – who ever heard of Chinese youth gangs or someone going into a high school to kill as many students as possible? Time has finally caught up with Bomb: while in prison, Wesley meets a mob boss who recognizes Wesley as someone he can use on the outside. When he’s released, Wesley follows instructions to meet someone who works for the gangster. They work together and, in doing the mobster’s bidding, Wesley becomes a feared hitman. Quiet and efficient, Wesley aims to leave a far bigger and more public mark on the world.

Elaine Viets, Murder Is a Piece of Cake- 8th with Josie Marcus, mystery shopper.

Livia J. Washburn, Wedding Cake Killer- 7th in the ‘Fresh-Baked’ series. When the groom is murdered just after the honeymoon, the bride is the prime suspect. And she’s baker Phyllis’ best friend.

C.M. Wendelboe, Death Where the Bad Rocks Live- FBI agent Manny Tanno is faced with a crime scene of horrific proportions. The US Army Air Corps used the land the Lakotas called “The Stronghold” for target practice and a bombing range. The Sioux are trying to clean it up but before they get far an arm is found near an unexploded bomb.

Randy Wayne White, Gone- Start of a new series. Hannah Smith is the newest in a long line of rugged, honest, resourceful and determined Florida women. She makes her living as a fishing guide but sometimes, over the years, when her friends and neighbors have been in a fix they’ve turned to her for help. Her approach to trouble has always been, well, unorthodox, but she gets results. Doc Ford makes an appearance, but this is Hannah’s story. Adele recommends. Signed Copies Available.

Inger Ash Wolfe, A Door in the River- Deaths from bee stings are not unheard of around Westmuir County in the Summertime. Still, there’s something odd about this death and Det. Hazel Micallef is not sure this is just a case of natural causes. 3rd in this Canadian series, written by a well-known ‘literary’ writer under this pseudonym.

Tom Wolfe, Back to Blood- The catalog says “A big, panoramic story of the new America, as told by our master chronicler of the way we live now.” Set in Miami, it furthermore lists a cast of a Cuban mayor, a black police chief, an sex-crazed Anglo psychiatrist and his Latin nurse, shady Russians, the annual regatta, crack dealers and a billionaire porn addict, a light-skinned young Haitian woman and her Creole-rapping little brother, conceptual artists and ‘yenta-heavy ex-New Yorkers’… Weighing in at 608 pages, it promises to be a riot of color and lunacy.

Stuart Woods, Severe Clear- His 24th Stone Barrington. In paper, D.C. Dead and Unnatural Acts


Now in Paperback

Douglas Alan, Circle of Lies

Nevada Barr, The Rope- Adele recommends.

Lawrence Block, Getting Off

Edna Buchanan, A Dark & Lonely Place

Stephen J. Cannell, Vigilante

Tom Clancy,

Dead or Alive and Locked On

Ed Gorman, Bad Moon Rising

Sue Grafton, V is for Vengeance

Jane Haddam, Blood in the Water

James W. Hall, Dead Last- Adele recommends.

Jim Harrison, The Great Leader

Tami Hoag, Down the Darkest Road

Joshilyn Jackson, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty- Fran recommends.

Jonathan Kellerman, Victims

Owen Laukkanen, The Professionals -JB recommends this debut.

Will Lavender, Dominance

Elmore Leonard, Raylan

Archer Mayor, Tag Man

Charlie Newton, Start Shooting- JB recommends.

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Gideon’s Corpse

David Rosenfelt, Heart of a Killer

Olen Steinhauer, An American Spy- Janine recommends.

Paul Theroux, Murder in Mount Holly

Aimée & David Thurlo, Black Thunder

Don Winslow, The Gentlemen's Hour- Bill, Adele and JB recommend.

Daniel Woodrell, The Outlaw Album- JB recommends.

Dave Zeltserman, A Killer’s Essence


Coming This Winter

Dave Barry, Insane City

Alex Berenson, Night Ranger

Lawrence Block, Hit Me

Alan Bradley, Speaking From Among The Bones

John Connolly, The Wrath of Angels, Signed copies avalible

Robert Crais, Suspect

Tim Dorsey, Riptide Ultra-Glide

J.T. Ellison

& Samantha Owens

Monica Ferris, And The You Dye

Earlene Fowler, The Road to Cardinal Valley

Lisa Gardner, Touch & Go

Maddy Hunter, Bonnie of Evidence

Stephen Hunter, The Third Bullet - Signed Copies Available

Jenn McKinlay, Book Line and Sinker

Brad Meltzer, The Fifth Assassin

J.D. Robb, Calculated In Death

James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell, The Blood Gospels

David Rosenfelt, Airtight



Loren D. Estleman, The Perils of Sherlock Holmes- Revised and expanded essays about Holmes, previously published short stories plus one new one written for this collection – all gathered together for the first time. If that isn’t sufficient, the book will also include a list of Holmes-oriented publications recommended by Estleman.

Steve Hayes and David Whitehead, Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds-Thomas Howard traveled to London from Missouri in search of his missing brother. While there he saved the Countess Elaina Montague from an attack. In gratitude, she offers to introduce him to a detective she knows, someone who might help him.

Laurie R. King, Garment of Shadows- Mary Russell awakens in unfamiliar surroundings. Worse still, she doesn’t remember who she is. She’ll learn that she’s in Morocco, but is she a guest or a prisoner? Meanwhile, Holmes works the back channels of politics to try to defuse the tensions leading Europe toward war. He finds an ally in one T.E. Lawrence. But what he desperately needs is Mary and she’s nowhere to be found.

June Thomson, The Secret Documents of Sherlock Holmes- A set of new stories, penned by Watson, previously unpublished! Back in print, The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes, from ’04, and Holmes and Watson, her fictional joint biography of the duo, from ’95.

The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany, Roger Johnson and Jean Upton- 192 pages of facts, trivia and quotes from the Canon as well as adaptation on the big and small screen.


Now in Paper

Anthony Horowitz, The House of Silk

Ted Riccardi, Between the Thames and the Tiber: the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes



Tasha Alexander, Death in the Floating City- Lady Emily is surprised to feel some sympathy for her childhood enemy Emma Callum. The poor woman is in desperate straits: her husband has disappeared and her father-in-law has been murdered in Venice. Emily travels to Italy with her husband Colin to investigate and finds that the current crimes are connected to a centuries-old conundrum. 7th in this series recommended by Janine

James R. Benn, Death's Door- In his 7th wartime adventure, Billy Boyle goes undercover into Nazi-occupied Rome to do two things: investigate the murder of an American priest found dead in the Vatican; and locate his girlfriend, British spy Diana Seaton, who vanished while on assignment. Are the two things related? In paper, Mortal Terror

Robert Olin Butler, The Hot Country- In 1914, reporter ‘Kit’ Cobb travels into Mexico during the civil war. It is a time of blood, betrayal and heat: the country is run by the ruthless Victoriano Huerta, who is called El Chacal (The Jackal); political and military strife between Mexico and the US is charged; and intrigue, tied to war in Europe, is rife. Cobb fancies himself to be a swashbuckler but he’ll find himself out of his depth. First crime novel by this Pulitzer-winner novelist. Signed Copies Available.

Max Allan Collins, Target Lancer- In early Nov., 1963, Chicago PI Nate Heller does a favor for a mobster he knows. Soon afterward, the man is murdered. Questioned by both the Mob and by the Attorney General, Heller gets the scent of something big in the works and the sickening feeling that he’s the only one who sees it. Favorite series of Bill and JB.

Jill Dawson, Lucky Bunny- Born in the Depression into a gang of female shoplifters, Queenie tells her story, from her tutelage during the Blitz and on to more lucrative heists. She's the best of the best. But she now has a daughter and knows it is time to go straight - maybe after this next big score.

Michael Ennis, The Malice of Fortune- Machiavelli and Leonardo band together with the alluring courtesan Damiata to find and expose a killer who is hiding within their strata of society. As the Borgia plots spin out, the secrets behind Machiavelli’s great work are revealed.

Charles Finch, A Death in the Small Hours- In his 6th case, Charles Lenox is quite content: his political career is in full bloom and he’s about to become a father. It’s been years since he gave any thought to solving crimes. A trip to his uncle’s Somerset estate is interrupted when a number of shops in the village are vandalized. What could possibly be the motivation to attack Plumley’s shopkeepers? In their search, they’ll be exposed to secret histories and political controversies.

C.B Hanley, The Sins of the Father- 1st in a trilogy. It is 1217, Louis has invaded England and a civil war rages. In Yorkshire, young Edwin Weaver, son of the bailiff at Conisbrough Castle, like all youth, is oblivious to current events. But his isolation is seen as a plus by the Earl who viewed Edwin as outside of the politics and intrigue, so Edwin is ordered into an odd role: murder investigator.

William Heffernan, When Johnny Came Marching Home (by special order) - Something different from this Edgar winner. Three boys, close friends from rural Vermont, head off to fight in the Civil War. Their friendships and their lives will be catastrophically altered by it. One falls in battle, one comes home physically crippled, and the last one survives the war but is warped into a cold-blooded killer. When the psychopath is himself murdered, it leaves the last survivor to investigate the crime.

Anna Lee Huber, The Anatomist’s Wife- Lady Kiera Darby is adrift after the death of her husband. His interests were viewed as unnatural in London and her assisting him with her exact drawings of his anatomical experiments brought disfavor. She takes refuge at her sister’s estate and concentrates on painting. When a guest is murdered one weekend, her brother-in-law asks her to use her knowledge to help solve the crime. Debut.

Michael Jecks, City of Fiends (UK hc) - 31st in the Knights Templar series. Amidst the royal turmoil of 1327, common murder still must be addressed. When a dead woman is found within the walls of a town whose gate was closed, it is clear that the murderer comes from within.

Maureen Jennings, Beware This Boy- 2nd with Shropshire DI Tom Tyler. It is 1940, his marriage has ended and his soldier son is dead at the hands of an enemy spy. Neighboring Birmingham has suffered an explosion at a munitions factory and he is called in to help. What he finds is intrigue and internal battles. Now in a more affordable paperback edition, Season of Darkness, the first with Tyler. Books are soon to be turned into a Canadian TV series.

Ken Follett, Winter of the World- A massive volume 2 (1008 pages) in his Century Trilogy continues the stories of the families through the rise of the Nazis and fascism to the nuclear explosions at the dawn of the Cold War. In paper, vol 1, Fall of Giants

Claude Izner, In the Shadows of Paris- Paris is turbulent during the Summer of 1893. Young bookseller Victor Legris has promised his fiancé to stop being an amateur sleuth. But a friend has died in a fire that could not have been accidental and Legris must find out who murdered the bookbinder.

D.E. Johnson, Detroit Breakdown- In his 3rd early 20th C. historical mystery, Will Anderson goes undercover in one of Michigan’s largest institutions, Kalamazoo’s vast Eloise Insane Asylum (75 buildings and 10,000 patients at one time) after the third inmate is murdered with a ’punjab lasso’, the same weapon used in The Phantom of the Opera.

Maxine Kenneth, Spy in a Little Black Dress- 2nd with Jacqueline Bouvier, CIA undercover operative. This time, her boss, Allen Dulles, sends her to Cuba.

Marek Krajewski, Death in Breslau- It’s 1933. Insp. Eberhard Mock is called to the scene of two nasty murders: in a train carriage, two young women are found dead with scorpions crawling on their bodies. A note is left in what is apparently an Oriental language. It is a perplexing case in a time when no case is easily solved with the Gestapo watching over your shoulder.

Robert Littell, Young Philby- A novelistic treatment of the early years of the notorious and damaging spy, told through the voices of nearly two-dozen real people who knew him. The author peels back the layers of the young Kim in an attempt to tell us who he was and why he took his place in Cold War history. One of Janine’s favorite authors.

Anna Loan-Wilsey, A Lack of Temperance- First in a new historical series featuring Hattie Davish, a traveling secretary who arrives in a small Ozark town in 1892 only to discover her new employer has disappeared.

Susan Elia MacNeal, Princess Elizabeth’s Spy- In her second adventure, Maggie Hope is sent to Windsor Castle to tutor the princesses. This seems to be a far distance from her MI5 training and the pressures of the War but soon she’ll be in the thick of it as a suicide (or was it?) leads toward Bletchley Park and the efforts to crack the Nazi code.

James McGee, Resurrectionist- 2nd with Bow Street Runner Matthew Hawkwood. Body-snatchers have been desecrating unearthed corpses, taking what they need to sell to the anatomists, and leaving the remains, sometimes arranged to elicit shock among the public. Hawkwood is out to stop it.

Kate Morton, The Secret Keeper- Laurel Nicolson is a respected London actress. She returns to her family estate for her mother’s 90th birthday. 50 years ago, she saw her mother speaking to a stranger and, soon afterward she’s the witness to a horrid crime. They’ve colored her life ever since, through two world wars and into the 60s. It is time for her to find out what really happened, a half-century ago, when she was 16.

Timothy L. O’Brien, The Lincoln Conspiracy- As the nation mourns the death of the President, DC detective Temple McFadden witnesses a killing at a train station. In the victim’s pockets he finds two diaries: one belongs to Mary Todd Lincoln, and the other was written by John Wilkes Booth.

Imogen Robertson, Island of Bones- It’s 1873 and reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther has so far kept his privacy and past from all, even his co-sleuth Mrs. Harriet Westerman. That will change when workers stumble onto an old tomb on his family’s estate and discover an extra body inside. Crowther and Westerman travel to his home to investigate. 3rd in this series of historical forensics. In paper, Anatomy of Murder

Judith Rock, A Plague of Lies- To soothe the royal feelings, a delegation of Jesuits is sent to the court of Louis XIV to make amends for a slight toward the Queen. Ex-soldier and teacher Charles du Luc is included. Nearly as soon as they arrive, misfortune befalls a number of people and fear grips the halls of Versailles. 3rd in the series.

Andrew Rosenheim, Fear Itself- It is before December 1941 and the US is still not at war. But there are factions within the US who wish to make sure it doesn’t become Germany’s enemy. Young FBI Special Agent Jimmy Nessheim is sent undercover into one of these pro-Nazi groups to keep an eye on their works. He discovers something far larger and ugly in the works.

Laura Joh Rowland, The Incense Game- 16th set in medieval Japan. After the country is devastated by a massive earthquake in 1703, the shogun’s court is near chaos. During the recovery, a nobleman’s daughters are poisoned with incense and the shogun dispatches Sano Ichiro to find the villain. In paper, The Ronin’s Mistress

A.D. Scott, Beneath the Abbey Wall- Things are changing fast in this small Scottish town. It’s the 50s but the staff of the town’s newspaper doesn’t see much excitement. That changes when the office manager is murdered one dreary night and a deputy editor is accused.

Frank Tallis, Death and the Maiden- 6th in this Edgar-nominated series set in Freud’s Vienna. An opera diva has been found dead and it is assumed to be accidental, an overdose of morphine. Det. Rheinhardt and psychologist Lieberman believe it was more nefarious. Their investigation will take them up the political ladder.

The Medieval Murderers, The First Murder (UK hc) - As a play is performed over the centuries, each time tragedy and murder soon follows. The Murderers are Jecks, Gregory, Knight, Morson, Gooden and Beaufort. In paper, Hill of Bones


Now in paper

Mignon F. Ballard, Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause

Clive Cussler and Justin Scott, The Race

Susanna Gregory, The Piccadilly Plot

P.D. James, Death Comes to Pemberley- Amber recommends.

Edward Marston, Blood on the Line

Carson Morton, Stealing Mona Lisa

Matthew Pearl, The Technologists

William Ryan, The Darkening Field

Charles Todd, The Confession

Jacqueline Winspear, Elegy for Eddie


Coming this Winter

Ruth Downie, Septer Fidelis

Edward Marston, An Instrument of Slaughter

Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini, The Bughouse Affair

Kelli Stanley, City of Ghosts

Charles Todd, Proof of Guilt


From a Parallel World: Urban Fantasy and Steampunk


From the Northwest


Jayne Castle, The Lost Night- Peace and quiet is something Rachel Bonner has discovered on Rainshadow Island. Her equanimity is disturbed when Harry Sebastian, a descendant of a legendary pirate, arrives. His aim is to investigate strange events in the Preserve, a privately owned forest. Rachel detects a disturbing aura to Harry, but that doesn’t stop her from becoming warm for his dangerous form. Signing.

Yasmine Galenorn, Shadow Rising- 12th book in the Otherworldly series, with Menolly as the focus. Menolly and her sisters discover that the war they’re waging spans both Earth and the Otherworld. Can they stop the annihilation in time for Mellony’s romise ceremony? Signing.


From the Rest


Kevin J. Anderson, Death Warmed Over- Meet Dan Shamble, zombie private eye.

Keri Arthur, Darkness Hunts- 4th in her Dark Angels/Guardian series.

Justin Cronin, The Twelve- Book two of the trilogy: the story unfolds in different time frames – in the present, strangers work together to find a way out of the chaos brought about by a catastrophic government experiment, while, 100 years in the future, the characters from The Passage hunt the original 12 virals unaware that the rules of the game have been changed. Fran and Janine recommend.

Casey Daniels, Supernatural Born Killers- 9th with cemetery manager Pepper Martin. She’s working on the annual party to attract sponsors but a noisy ghost is disrupting her work.

Kim Harrison, Into the Woods- A collection of short works, some new – including a new Hollows novella – and all of her previously published short stories, in one volume.

Caitlin Kittredge, Soul Trade- 5th in the Black London series.

Molly MacRae, Last Wool and Testament- 1st in a new series set in a haunted yarn shop. Kath Rutledge travels to Blue Plum, TN to settle the estate of her late aunt, only to learn she’s been left the woman’s fabric and fiber shop. She also learns that her aunt was the prime suspect in a murder. Kath sets out to prove the allegations are so much fluff.

T. Aaron Payton, The Constantine Affliction- Pembroke “Pimm” Hanover is an aristocrat who is often called upon by the authorities to assist with their investigations. He’s needed now. It is 1864 and London has been gripped by a strange malady that either kills the victim or causes them to switch sexes. He’ll need to find the origin of the Constantine Affliction and find an antidote.

Cherie Priest, The Inexplicables- In steampunk and walled-off Seattle, Rector Sherman is turning 18 and must leave the orphanage. He’ll find that life outside those protecting confines is as terrifying as he’d been told: hungry zombies, clouds of poisonous yellow gas, and that monster – that monster is real. Signing we hope!

An Apple for the Creature, Charlaine Harris and Toni P. Kelner, eds. - 13 new stories by the likes of Steve Hockensmith, Rhys Bowen and the editors.


Now in Paper

Thomas Mullen, The Revisionist

F. Paul Wilson, The Dark at the End


Coming this Winter

D.D. Barant, Undead To The World

Kim Harrison, Ever After

Jim Butcher, Cold Days


From Overseas


James Church, A Drop of Chinese Blood - North Korean Insp. O’s nephew Bing is the director of state security in a region that borders China. A young woman has vanished within his territory while Bing is working to bring a secret agent across the border. Are the things connected? Uncle O comes in to help. Janine recommends this series.

Peter Corris, Comeback- Australia’s Cliff Hardy has gotten his private investigator’s license back. It’s been a couple of years and he’s feeling a bit rusty. His first case should be easy enough; Bobby Forrest is an average, nice guy who claims he’s being stalked by a stunning redhead. Shouldn’t be much to it, right? 39th in this fine series for fans of Ross Macdonald and Stephen Greenleaf.

K.O. Dahl, Lethal Investments- 4th in this Norwegian series to be released in the US, but 1st in the series from ’93. Insps. Gunnarstranda and Frølich investigate the murder of a young beauty who worked at a software company. In ’93, Oslo is in the midst of the tech boom. Investigating her life opens up a swamp of easy sex, affairs and lies within this world and makes the case more blurred.

Didier Danickx, Murder in Memoriam- First published in France in ’85. Fictionized exposé of historic events as a history teacher, witness to the Algerian riots in Paris in 1961, is shot down. Was it a mistake or an assassination? For nearly 40 years, the French government denied that hundreds were killed in the riot and dumped into the Seine and, in the midst of it all, lurks a notorious Nazi collaborator.

Thomas Enger, Pierced- In his 2nd appearance, Oslo investigative journalist Henning Juul is still grieving from the death of his young son. He receives a cryptic message from a convicted murder: "If you find out who set me up, I'll tell you what happened the day your son died." No way Juul can stay away from that lure.

Keigo Higashino, Salvation of a Saint- In his second case, physics professor Yukawa is called in to consult on a puzzling murder. A man who was known to be leaving his wife has been murdered with poisoned coffee. His widow is the clear suspect but she was hundreds of kilometers away. Could she have done it? The previous book, The Devotion of Suspect X, was an Edgar nominee.

Arnaldur Indridason, Outrage- Det. Erlunder is away, which leaves his assistant Elinborg in charge. She faces a tough case immediately when a serial rapist begins his rampage

Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis, Invisible Murder- While her pursuits endanger her marriage, Red Cross nurse Nina Borg doesn't hesitate to volunteer to help at a camp of Roma refugees, many are children and all are ill. Such kindness should not repaid with peril. In paper, The Boy in the Suitcase

Kristobel Kent, The Dead Season- Florence is in the grips of a killer heat wave. Everyone who can leave the city has. Former cop, now PI Sandro Cellini can’t. He has a case; he’s working for a young pregnant woman whose husband disappeared.

Hans Koppel, Never Coming Back- Debut European bestseller by Swedish novelist Petter Lidbeck, using a pseudonym. One night, Ylva doesn’t come home after work; her husband doesn’t become concerned until the next morning. Soon he’s the prime suspect. What no one can know is that she’s being held captive in the basement across the street where she can see what is going on in her home via secret cameras set up. She’s the victim of a horrible revenge plan that goes back to her past.

Donna Leon, Jewels of Paradise- Venetian native Caterina Pellegrini - with a doctorate in baroque opera from Vienna - had to leave home to pursue her career. She takes the first job offer that will get her back home, even though it is a bit odd. Two trunks, locked for nearly 300 years, have been discovered and it’s thought they contain the papers of a baroque composer. The composer died childless; now two Venetians, descendants of his cousins, each claim inheritance. Caterina's job is to examine any enclosed papers to discover the "testamentary disposition' of the composer. He was known to be deeply connected in religious and political circles in his time and her research takes her in unexpected directions. She begins to wonder just what secrets these trunks actually hold. The Jewels of Paradise is Leon’s first stand-alone novel, a gripping tale of intrigue, music, history and greed. Signed Copies Available.

M.L. Longworth, Murder in the Rue Dumas- Aix-en-Provence Judge Verlaque and law professor Bonnet are stumped by a recent murder. The director of theology at the local university was supposed to announce the recipient of a prestigious fellowship but was murdered before the ceremony. Did the crime have anything to do with the announcement?

Henning Mankell, The Shadow Girls- Minor poet Jesper is stuck in mid-life going nowhere. In fact, thanks to his stockbroker, he’s sliding downhill. Traveling to Gothenberg for a reading and workshop, he discovers that he’s landed in uncharted territory: the three women who sign up for the class are from different countries, with vastly different lives and histories and stories. At first he thinks he’ll be able to use the experience for his work but he’s about to find out it is he who will be material for others.

Peter Mayle, The Marseille Caper- Gourmand and jack-of-all-trades attorney Sam Levitt returns to France with girlfriend Elena Morales to oversee a real estate deal on the South coast. His employer, the astoundingly wealthy Francis Reboul, provides the couple with a perfect reason to drink in the wine and atmosphere of the old port city. But this real estate is coveted by many and the intrigue is as thick as the bouillabaisse is rich.

Colleen McCullough, The Prodigal Son- In 1969, a single family is entangled in a crime when a lethal toxin is stolen from the Chubb University lab. Biochemist Millie Hunter immediately tells her father, the town’s medical examiner. He tells his brother, the town’s police chief. As the deaths begin, the only connection between the victims is Millie’s husband, who has become well-known and respected on his own but is black. In 1969, that is still a cause of scandal. Is someone trying to destroy him out of prejudice or is he a homicidal maniac? (McCullough worked at Yale as a medical researcher for a decade.)

M.J. McGrath, The Boy in the Snow- Greenlander Edie Kiglatuk finds herself in Alaska, helping her ex-husband during the Iditerod. Along the route, she makes a grisly discovery. The authorities want to blame a sinister religious sect for the murder and the events lead Edie into a ice-cold stew of intolerance, greed and political corruption. 2nd in the series. Fran recommends this author

Deon Meyer, Seven Days- In his 3rd case, South African homicide cop Bennie Griessel is given an impossible case: someone is shooting cops and demanding a reinvestigation of a cold case. A lawyer was stabbed to death in her swanky apartment and the case foundered with no suspects and no leads. At this same time, an American girl is murdered, and her friend kidnapped. The pressure in intense and Bennie is doing his best to not drink. In paper, Trackers

Jo Nesbø, Phantom- 9th in this hard-hitting Norwegian series. Harry has once again fled Oslo and all the memories it holds. But now in Hong Kong he receives word that the boy he helped to rear has been arrested for murder. Barred from the force and the official investigation, Harry sets out to investigate the case and prove the boy innocent. Adele and Janine recommend this series highly. Signing.

Eliot Pattison, Mandarin Gate- 7th in this Edgar-winning series. Former detective Shan is now a menial inspector of irrigation and sewage in a remote Tibetan town. He stumbles upon a murder scene that includes two men and one nun. As he looks into the circumstances, he discovers a new, secret internment camp for Tibetan dissidents and understands that he’s waded into very dangerous waters.

Michael Robotham, Say You’re Sorry- A couple are butchered in their home during a London blizzard. The young man who calls the police can’t explain whey he was in the house and becomes the prime suspect. Psychologist Joe O’Loughlin sees signs of schizophrenia in the man and doubts he could be a methodical murderer. Still, he was there, right? In paper, Bleed for Me. Signing.

Paul Sussman, The Labyrinth of Osiris -Jerusalem homicide Det. Arich Ben-Roi investigates the murder of a respected journalist. She was known for her tough and impassioned stories that garnered many powerful and ruthless enemies. The story she was working on when killed had ties to Egypt and, somehow, the mysterious death of a British Egyptologist in the ‘30s. That man was rumored to have found a massive labyrinthine gold mine mentioned by Herodotus.

Franck Thilliez, Syndrome E- A rare and violent film from the 1950s is tied to cases of spontaneous blindness and a series of murders just outside Paris. Two detectives work the case that takes them into the cutting edge of neuroscience. How could subliminal images nearly 70 years old cause the deaths of nearly everyone who comes in contact with the film? A French bestseller.

Jason Webster, A Death in Valencia- Spanish cop Max Camara is feeling blue. His Mediterranean city is planning to demolish the colorful fisherman’s quarter on the waterfront. He’s cheered to find threads of corruption going on. If he can pull them perhaps he can stop the ‘improvements’.

Timothy Williams, Another Sun- French judge Anne Marie Laveaud has recently been transferred to a post on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. She arrives in the middle of a criminal bruhaha and is appointed to rule in the case: a wealthy landowner has been murdered and the man arrested appears, from circumstantial evidence, to be guilty. What Judge Laveaud discovers is that justice is practiced very differently in the islands than in her experience on the continent.

Chris Womersley, The Low Road- First US release of the ’07 Australian thriller. Lee wakes up in a flea-trap motel with a suitcase of cash and a bullet in his side and no clear memories of how he got there. Serendipitously, he meets Wild, a doctor fleeing a malpractice rap. Soon they’re on the road together, trying to outlive and outrun their pasts. The only way to do that is to take the low road. Winner of the 2008 Ned Kelly Crime Writing Award for Best First Novel.


In paper

Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

Wessel Ebersohn, Those Who Love Night

Umberto Eco, The Prague Cemetery

Jens Lapidus, Easy Money

Juris Jurjevics, Red Flags

Liza Marklund, Last Will

Kristina Ohlsson, Unwanted

Leif GW Persson, Another Time, Another Life


Coming this Winter

Colin Cotterill, The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die

Garry Disher, Whispering Death

Leighton Gage, Perfect Hatred

Anne Holt, Blessed Are Those Who Thirst

Fuminori Nakamura, The Rule of Evil and the Mask

Peter Robinson, Watching The Dark

Yrsa Sigurdardottir & Thora Gudnundsdottir, The Day Is Dark

Helene Tursten, The Golden Calf


From Great Britain


Jenn Ashworth, Cold Light- 10 years ago, two 14-year-old girls got caught up in a swirl of lies, secrets, jealousy and perversion, and one vanished. Now their small English village is dedicating a memorial to her, the survivor watches knowing it is all more of the same.

Iain Banks, Stonemouth- The coastal town of Stonemouth is gorgeous on a sunny day but most days are not. It’s mostly dark, rainy, dreary, full of crime and suicide, and run by the Murston family. Old Man Murston is dead and Stewart Gilmour has returned to pay his respects, even though they ran him out of town years before. Gilmour mistakenly assumes there will be a truce. He finds out he’s terribly wrong.

M.C. Beaton, Hiss and Hers- 20th in this beloved series. Agatha Raisin is once again in love. This time, he’s a local gardener in this small Cotswold village. Her love is destined for disappointment.

Harry Bingham, Talking to the Dead- Rookie Welsh DC Fiona Griffiths catches a grisly multiple murder. The victims were slaughtered in a squalid apartment and it seems fairly straight forward. Except, why did investigators find a millionaire’s credit card at the scene?

Stephen Booth, The Devil’s Edge- After too long an absence, a new Stephen Booth, the 11th in his series with DC Cooper and DS Diane Fry. There have been a disturbing number of home invasions. The perpetrators have become known as The Savages and they never leave a clue as to who they are. Until now. Now there are two bodies. Cooper and Fry are doing everything they can to find the gang. But are they right to be focusing on the Savages?

Alison Bruce, The Silence- Cambridge DC Gary Goodhew is puzzled by a series of events: a man is stabbed to death in what appears to be a random act, an older woman dies of a terminal illness and soon two of her daughter’s friends commit suicide. All of this seems to orbit around the daughter – Charlotte Stone. Can Goodhew tease it out?

Lesley Cookman, Murder by Magic- 10th with Kent’s amateur sleuth Libby Sarjeant. The police appear to have lost interest in pursuing the murderer of a church member, so Libby and pal Fran go to work.

Elizabeth J. Duncan, A Small Hill to Die On- The small Welsh town of Llanelen is abuzz with news that someone has bought Ty Brith Hall. Spa owner Penny Brannigan is one of the first to meet the new owner – wealthy salon owner Mai Grimstead. Soon, however, the happiness turns ugly when Mai’s 19 year-old daughter is found murdered.

Kate Ellis, The Cadaver Game- 16th with DI Wesley Peterson. An anonymous tip leads to the decayed corpse of a murdered woman. Before he can get very far with that case, the bodies of two teenagers are found at the base of a cliff, both shot to death. As Peterson digs into both cases, they get even stranger. Janine recommends this series.

Felix Francis, Dick Francis’s Bloodline- Mark Sullivan calls the races; his twin sister, Clare, rides the horses. When she finishes 3rd in a race he believes she should’ve won, he thinks she’s thrown the race and confronts her afterward. Ugly things are said and, later that night, she falls to her death, supposedly a suicide. Engulfed by guilt, Mark is still certain there was something else going on.

Alex Gray, Glasgow Kiss- DCI William Lorimer is called to investigate the disappearance of a young woman. She’d recently accused a popular teacher of rape and the school and community split down the middle over the case. Now she’s missing. What bothers Lorimer more is that this is the second such case this week. 6th in the series from ‘09.

Penny Hancock, Kept in the Dark- Sonia appears to be perfection incarnate: beautiful, a perfect mother and homekeeper, she is what other women in her London neighborhood aspire to be. But still waters run deep: ask Jez, the 15-year-old boy who lived next door. She had to have him – so she did, and she keeps him locked in the basement at risk to everything else in her life. Cougar Noir? Debut thriller.

Oliver Harris, The Hollow Man- London copper Nick Belsey has hit rock bottom. A drunk, he’s wrecked his squad car, lost his wallet and has no memory of the night before. He’s got one last case to salvage his career: a missing persons case involving a man who hasn’t been seen in years.

Susan Hill, A Question of Identity- A series of particularly ugly murders has taken place and the distinctive sign left at the scenes ties them to murders in the north of the country. Someone was arrested and tried for those murders but not convicted. He subsequently vanished. Has he returned or was someone else behind the crimes all along. Simon Serrailler investigates. In paper, The Betrayal of Trust. Fran adores this series.

Hazel Holt, Mrs. Malory and the Necessary End- 20th in this venerable British series. Sheila Malory is filling in for a friend at the village charity shop when the tyrannical manager is murdered.

Peter James, Not Dead Yet- Brighton, England is agog at the arrival of Hollywood star Gaia. Days before she left for her trip, there was a strange event with a fan. She’s happy to be away. DS Roy Grace has been assigned to oversee her security and that event has left him unsettled. When a mutilated corpse is found in the area, at first he isn’t concerned. Then things change. In paper, Dead Man’s Grip

Simon Lelic, The Facility- It is Britain in the not-too-distant future. Anti-terrorism laws have evolved into totalitarianism. People disappear without an alert or explanation. But when a dentist vanishes, his wife and an investigative journalist start making waves.

G.M. Malliet, A Fatal Winter -Sequel to one of Amber’s favorites from last year, Wicked Autumn (. Anglican priest, retired MI5 op and village heartthrob Max Tudor’s quiet life is disrupted by his growing ardor for Awena Owen and a recent double-murder at Chedrow Castle. If that isn’t bad enough, distant relatives flock back into Nether Monkslip in hopes of a sizeable inheritance.

David Mark, The Dark Winter- DS Aector McAvoy grapples with a series of deaths. The only thing that connects these murders is that the victims were each the only survivor in a tragedy, both small scale and large. In the northern English town of Hull, such things are not common – tragedies or murders – and it is especially troubling to McAvoy that they should be connected.

Peter May, The Blackhouse- 1st in a trilogy set on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. Edinburgh Det. Fin Macleod is sent back to his native island after a gruesome murder is discovered. Events from his own past threaten to derail his investigation.

Val McDermid, The Vanishing Point- Scarlett was a reality TV star who died young due to cancer. She didn’t trust her own family, so she made her friend and ghostwriter Stephanie guardian of her son. Picking him up at the airport, Stephanie sees him being kidnapped while she’s stuck at a security checkpoint and can do nothing. As she helps the police, Stephanie begins to realize that he could have been taken by any number of people and for any number of reasons. In paper, The Retribution

Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth- It’s 1972 and the Cold War is winding down. MI5 isn’t ready to give up the game and launches an operation to find writers who mirror the government’s ‘views’ and support them. A young woman, recently graduated from Cambridge, starts working for them and is assigned to guide a young writer. First she falls for his writings, then for him. Then her cover is blown and an artistic and political scandal erupts.

Adrian McKinty, Falling Glass- Killian’s activities are somewhere between a bounty hunter and thug-for-hire. He gets results from uncooperative people and finds them when they flee. An Irish politician offers him a bucket of money to find the man’s ex-wife and children. Yah, sure, otta be easy for a guy like Killian. If, that is, the pol is telling him straight.

Alex Mitchell, The 13th Tablet-In Iraq, 2004, American-Iraqi archeologist Mina Osman, working to secure antiquities from the national museum is handed an ancient cuneiform tablet. In translating the tablet, it is found to hold secrets dating back to the Great Flood. A great and historic discovery, yes, but why does it trigger a number of dangerous and deadly events? Debut by a young British archeologist.

Frank Muir, Hand for a Hand- Second in this Scottish series, though first US release, from ’08. Great Britain is dealing with the most vicious killer anyone can remember, a serial killer who strikes only during thunderstorms and whose victims are abusers of women. The media storm has put great pressure on DI Andy Gilchrist, and his boss uses it as an excuse to suspend Gilchrist and bring in the national Crime Squad. Gilchrist won’t give up the case.

Ed O’Loughlin, Top Loader

- Promised to be a cross between Heller and Hiaasen. Double agent ‘Cobra’ is spying inside the Embargoed Zone and it is expensive and dangerous. So he demands his pay upfront. His spymaster is going through a tight spot and can only pay him with a US-made washing machine. Cobra accepts it, thinking he can somehow turn it into cash. What neither he nor his handler knows is that it is the key to peace in the occupied area, and that top loader better be returned fast. However, once Cobra traded it into the zone’s black market, no one can catch up to the damn appliance.

Stella Rimington, The Geneva Trip- Allied intelligence agencies are alarmed when one of the US satellites falls out of orbit. A Russian approaches the West, saying he can explain what happened and give them an intelligence coup. But he’ll talk only to Liz Carlyle. In paper, Rip Tide

J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy- The small English village of Pagford is all deception. It appears calm and quiet but everyone there is battling someone else: spouses fight one another, the classes clash, and adults and children are at war. When one of the town's council dies, what has been a war fought under a veneer of politeness erupts into total and all-out confrontation. Secrets, betrayals, duplicity and death - everything becomes public. First adult novel by Harry Potter's creator.

Alexander McCall Smith, The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds- 9th Isabel Dalhousie. She’s asked for help by a wealthy Scottish landowner who has had a valuable painting by Nicholas Poussin stolen. In paper, The Forgotten Affairs of Youth.

David Thomas, Blood Relative- 1st US release by this noted journalist who has also written thrillers (recommended by Fran and Janine) as Tom Cain. Architect Peter Crookham, late for dinner with his wife and brother, is confronted with a bloodbath when he walks in the door. His journalist brother has been savagely stabbed to death and wife, Mariana, is catatonic and covered in blood. Surely she could not have been the killer. But Peter soon learns that his brother had been investigating Mariana’s past and, as he travels down the rabbit hole, the answers to his questions reveal that he didn’t know much about the people closest to him.


In paper

Ken Bruen, Headstone

Elly Griffiths, The House at Sea’s End

Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker

Jack Higgins, A Devil is Waiting

Quintin Jardine, Grievous Angel

Barry Maitland, Chelsea Mansions

Stuart Neville, Stolen Souls

Ian Rankin, The Impossible Dead


Coming this Winter

Andrea Camilleri, The Dance Of The Seagull

Deborah Crombie, Sound Of Broken Glass

Chris Ewan, Safe House

John Harvey, Good Bait

Erin Kelly, The Burning Air

Gene Kerrigan, The Rage

Denise Mina, Gods And Beasts

Stuart Neville, Ratlines

Ann Purser, Found Guilty at Five

Ian Rankin, Standing in Another Man’s Grave

Zoë Sharp, Die Easy

Alexander McCall Smith, Unusual Uses For Olive Oil

Mehmet Murat Somer, The Serenity Murders

Barbara Vine, The Child’s Child


Mystery Specialty Presses


Bitter Lemon


Gianrico Carofiglio, Reasonable Doubts- Defense counselor Guido Guerrieri is not inclined to take on an appeal for a convicted drug smuggler. First of all, the guy is a neo-Fascist thug; secondly, the moron confessed. But the man’s wife is beautiful and persuasive and before he can look at her request objectively they’re in bed. Then things get really complicated.

Eva Joly & Judith Perrignon, The Eyes of Lira Kazan- A thriller that races around the world, dealing with corruption, financial ruin and Russian oligarchs. Three investigators – head of a Nigerian fraud division, a French prosecutor from Nice, and a Russian investigative journalist - pursue different cases that all intersect in London.

Zygmunt Mitoszewski, A Grain of Truth- Polish prosecutor Teodor Szacki investigates a horrendous murder; the nude body of a young woman has been found outside a former synagogue, her throat slashed in a ritualistic manner.


Crippen & Landru


Elizabeth Ferrars, The Casebook of Jonas P. Jonas and Others

- Late in her prolific career, Ferrars (published in the US as “E.X. Ferrars”) began writing short stories. Jones was her elderly detective. She was known for her erudite whodunnits.


Felony & Mayhem

Shamini Flint, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul- 2nd in this Singapore series with ‘the tubby, turbaned and temperamental Insp. Singh’. First published in ’09, this is the first paperback issue in the US.

Christobel Kent, A Fine and Private Place- 2nd with disgraced, ex-cop Sandro Cellini. When he was still on the force years before, Cellini had been involved in a background check on art foundation director Loni Meadows. An unpopular woman, she’s been found dead in the foundation, a great, crumbling castle – locked in, as well. Cellini hopes that some of what he learned about her will help him solve her murder and regain him some respect.

Ngaio Marsh, Enter a Murderer and Artists in Crime- the 2nd and 6th, from ’35 and ’38, and Death in a White Tie and Overture to Death, the 7th and 8th, from ’38 and ’39. Reissues of more of the Golden Age Classics in the Insp. Roderick Alleyn series.

Laura Wilson, An Empty Death

- 2nd with DI Ted Stratton. It is 1944 and everyone is war-weary and on edge due to the buzz bombs. Death is everywhere in London. Stratton is called to a hospital where a doctor has been found murdered. Once on the case he discovers that someone at the scene is not who they say they are. At the same time, Jenny Stratton helps out at a rest center and tries to comfort a distressed woman who swears her husband is not her husband. Could he be Ted’s murderer? First paperback edition.


Midnight Ink


Sheila Webster Boneham, Drop Dead on Recall- A star dog handler drops dead at an obedience competition. Animal photographer and fellow handler Janet MacPhail looks for developments in the case.

Kathleen Ernst, The Light Keeper’s Legacy- WWI historian Chloe Ellefson is thrilled to accept a posting at a remote lighthouse being restored. The park in which it stands has no electricity or roads and ought to be peaceful and relaxing. It isn’t.

Beth Groundwater, To Hell in a Hand basket -2nd with gift basket designer Claire Hanover who is trying to have an enjoyable ski vacation in Vail. A blood-chilling scream startles the slopes.

Jennifer Harlow, To Catch a Vampire- F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad adventure #2. Beatrice Alexander is still getting used to her role as secret special agent battling otherworldly threats. It isn’t easy when she’s partnered with the beautiful and annoying vampire Oliver. Yesh.

Sue Ann Jaffarian, Hide and Snoop- 7th with plus-sized lawyer Odelia Grey. The firm is in an uproar over a merger and escalates when the new boss, the icy-cold Lily, is murdered.

Darrell James, Sonora Crossing- In her 2nd case, investigator Del Shannon probes the murder of her ex-lover, Tucson Det. Ed Jeski. The case will involve a kidnapped 6-year-old psychic, a drug cartel and a border shoot-out.

Randy Rawls, Hot Rocks- 1st with South Florida PI Beth Bowman. Knocked unconscious in a skeezy hotel room, Bowman wakes up accused of murder. To prove her innocence, Bowman must work her way through stolen diamonds and an international ring and their thugs.

Brian Wiprud, The Clause- A pair of jewel thieves were double-crossed by the Cubans who employed them. Trudy was killed, Gill got away with $150 million in sparklers. Unfortunately for the Chinese and Serbian syndicates who were behind the Cubans, Gill is a former Naval Intelligence officer and knows his way around offensive action and he’s got the funds to come after them.


New Pulp Press


Matthew McBride, Frank Sinatra in a Blender

- PI Nick Valentine works in the underbelly of St. Louis. With every law he breaks, every drink he takes, and every Oxycontin he snorts, Valentine lurches closer to finding the truth…or floating facedown in the Missouri River. “Brutally funny, wild, this no-holds- barred crime novel reads like Elmore Leonard on meth.”


Oconee Spirit Press


Carolyn Hart – two reissues:

Brave Hearts- First published in ’87, it is the Summer of 1941 and Catherine Cavanaugh has been forced into moving to Manila with her overbearing husband, an American diplomat. British reporter Jack Maguire is there to cover the conflict in the South Pacific and he meets Catherine by chance. Their bond is immediate and dangerous for both – and made worse by their decision to secretly work for the Allied efforts.

Flee from the Past- From ’75, wife and mother Janey begins to get anonymous threats about her ties to the disappearance of a young college student in Italy six years before. Janey had hoped her past would stay buried but it appears someone has been digging.


Poisoned Pen Press

(hc by special order)

Donis Casey, The Wrong Hill to Die On- 6th in the early 20th C. series with Alafair Tucker. Her family travels by train from their Oklahoma home to Tempe so that her ill daughter can take in the dry, desert air. Once they arrive, Alafair finds trouble awaits.

Vicki Delany, More Than Sorrow- Hannah was an internationally known journalist who covered wars around the planet. She’s home now, at her sister’s farm in Ontario, trying to recover from traumatic brain injuries. She can’t read, concentrate or work and spends her time in the garden. She meets a neighbor, an Afghan woman who was similarly traumatized. When the woman disappears, Hannah is concerned but can do little. Then the visions begin of a woman coming out of the mist. Stand-alone gothic thriller.

Joanne Dobson & Beverle Graves Myers, Face of the Enemy- As the country staggers from the attack on Pearl Harbor, NYC nurse Louise Hunter deals with the war on a smaller scale: the wife of one of her patients, a Japanese national, has been taken by the FBI. Trying to help the woman will lead Hunter in a maze of murder, art, and espionage.

Ruth Dudley Edwards, Killing the Emperors- 12th with the eccentric and witty Baroness Jack Troutback and Robert Amiss. Someone is kidnapping the stars of today’s conceptual art scene. The Baroness has been on record referring to them as ‘knaves’, but she’s been kidnapped, too. 

Charlotte Hinger, Hidden Heritage- 3rd with Kansas Undersheriff Lottie Albright. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation taps her to work undercover at a large feedlot where a murder occurred.

Ed Ifkovic, Make Believe- 3rd with Edna Ferber who travels back to Hollywood to help Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra and ends up dealing with the Red Scare in LA.

Mitchell Scott Lewis, Death in the 12th -Astrologer-PI David Lowell is hired after the murder of a third, older rock star. To solve the case, he draws up the victims’ birth charts to aid his investigation. 2nd in this series.

Sandra Parshall, Bleeding Through- 5th with veterinarian Rachel Goddard.

Jane Tesh, Mixed Signals- 2nd in the Grace Street series. The Christmas season isn’t very joyful for Camden, David Randall’s psychic friend. He’s seeing frightening scenes of murder. At the same time, David’s girlfriend has joined a group of superheroes. And it gets weirder from there.


Stark House


A. S. Fleischman, The Sun Worshippers / Yellowleg

- First printing of Fleischman’s unpublished novel from the 1960’s, The Sun Worshippers. Set in a Southern California desert community, it tells a story of love and deceit as a world-weary writer tries to peel back the layers of lies surrounding the town’s founder. Yellowleg is a western tale of revenge, which Sam Peckinpah turned into his first film, The Deadly Companions. Fleischman’s son, Paul, contributes an introduction. 

Arnold Hano, 3 Steps to Hell: So I’m a Heel/Flint/The Big Out

- Hano was the editor of Lion Books when Jim Thompson was just getting started. (He also wrote what is considered the definitive baseball memoir, A Day in the Bleachers.) Here, published together for the first time under his own name, with a new introduction by the author, are three of his best novels, each a story of the tarnished hero--a blackmailer, a hired gunman and a disgraced baseball star. Hano writes hard and lean and pulls no punches.




Boston Noir 2: The Classics, Dennis Lehane, Mary Cotton and Jaime Clarke, eds.- Reprints of great Boston crime stories by the likes of Linda Barnes, Robert B. Parker, David Foster Wallace, John Updike, George V. Higgins, Andrew Dubus and Lehane.

Kansas City Noir, Steve Paul, ed.- Over a dozen new stories set in KC, home of jazz, fountains and boulevards. Oh, and mobsters. Authors include John Lutz, Nancy Pickard and Daniel Woodrell.

Staten Island Noir, Patricia Smith, ed. - 13 new stories set in NYC’s 5th borough. Authors include Bill Loehfelm, Bruce DeSilva and S.J. Rozan.

The Best American Mystery Stories of 2012, Robert Crais and Otto Penzler, eds. -Authors include Mary Gaitskill, Lou Manfredo, Thomas McGuane, T. Jefferson Parker, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (aka Kris Nelscott), Charles Todd and Daniel Woodrell.


Reissues of Note


Fredric Brown, The Freakshow Murders -From the catalog: “This mystery novella from 1943 is set in a shadowy traveling carnival, complete with freaks, waxworks and grifters.”

Ed Wood, Jr., Black Lace Drag- We’d never heard that he wrote a novel – yes, this is THAT Ed Wood. On the run from the mob and the cops, a transvestite hit man with a fur fetish buys a down-on-its-luck carnival and goes into hiding with a hooker. (Sounds like him, right?)

Len Deighton

, Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match, Close-Up, Goodbye Mickey Mouse, SS-GB, Winter and XPD - A group of his great Cold War espionage thrillers from the 70s and 80s.

Andrew Forrester, The Female Detective- In 1864, British novelist James Redding Ware, published a short story, featuring “G”, a woman who was a professional ‘consulting detective’. This book gathers a number of these stories, including the first which gives the collection its title. She uses the methods that have become standard to all investigators: searching the crime scene for clues, using disguises and subterfuge to get answers, and hiding her activities from those she suspects. All of this 20 years before the Sherlock Holmes first meets Dr. Watson.

Iceberg Slim, Death Wish- From ’76, a mafia tale set in Chicago as power mad Don Jimmy Collucci is being challenged by ‘Black Warrior’ Jessie Taylor.

Sax Rohmer, Daughter of Fu-Manchu- 4th in this series with the insidious Asian mastermind, originally published in 1931.


Special Interest


Caleb Carr, The Legend of Broken- A heady mix of medieval history and science-fantasy. A walled city in Germany faces threats from without and within. Myth meets history, cultures clash and crash, reality is unreliable and one noble soldier strives to save the world he treasures. A complex, multi-charactered and action-packed epic.

Agatha Christie, The Grand Tour: Around the World with the Queen of Mystery- In 1922, just after she’d published her 2nd mystery, the Christies spent a year on a trade mission, traveling through the British Empire. All along, she wrote voluminous letters back home, rich in description of the places and people, and recorded it all further with hundreds of photos. Here, for the first time, are some of those letters and photos. 400 pages illustrated with her photos, as well as reproductions of postcards, memorabilia and newspaper clippings that she kept. Edited and introduced by grandson Mathew Prichard. A wonderful holiday gift for a Christie reader.

W.C. Jameson, Butch Cassidy: Beyond the Grave- This biography, a well-researched story by an award-winning writer and treasure hunter, promises to answer the question left from the end of America’s outlaw Wild West: did Robert LeRoy Parker die in a hail of soldier’s bullets in Bolivia or did he make it back home, to the West, and live out his days in peace and quiet?

The Big Book of Ghost Stories, Otto Penzler, ed.- 80 spooky stories spanning 100 years of literature, from Kipling to Derleth to Westlake.

Paul Lieberman, Gangster Squad: The True Story of Two Cops, Two Hoodlums, and the Killing that Ended the Noir Era in LA- We’ve had the story told in fiction (Mulholland Falls, L.A. Confidential, ‘the Hat Squad’). Here, finally, is an authoritative account of the LAPD’s secret squad that went to war against the mob in the 50s. Expanded from an LA Times series by the long-time journalist who wrote them. 150 people interviewed from all sides of the battle, thousands of documents, police reports and court transcripts read, and an LAPD study of every mob hit from 1900 to 1951 – the City of Angels as it was.

Walter Mosley, Merge/Disciple: Two Short Novels from Crosstown to Oblivion- In Merge, nursing a broken heart, Raleigh wins $26 mil in the lotto. Soon afterward, he notices something odd in a corner of his apartment, something that will reveal itself to be non-terrestrial; in Disciple, a lonely 42-year-old man lives a simple quiet live. One night he gets a strange message through the internet and his life changes dramatically, almost as if someone or something has made big plans for him.

The Arvon Book of Crime Writing, Laurie R. King and Michelle Spring, eds - The Arvon Foundation provides professional courses on writing taught by published authors. This has been distilled into a practical handbook for use by those who have not taken the course. Authors include Lee Child, Ian Rankin and PD James.

Gene Feldman & Max Gartenberg, The Beat Generation & The Angry Young Men

- A celebration of anti-establishment literature of the 50’s including excerpts from the works of those who led the movement. Originally published by Citadel Press in ‘58, this edition offers samples from authors like Jack Kerouac, Williams Burroughs, Allen Ginsburg, Kingsley Amis, Norman Mailer, Colin Wilson and many more. New introduction by the editors’ daughters. The Beat Generation and the Angry Young Men still resonate. “A bloody cool collection.” –Playboy


Holiday Books

C.C. Benison, Eleven Pipers Piping- One of the pipers at the annual Burns dinner is found dead in a tower. As if bagpipes, haggis and scotch were not enough, add death to the party. In paper, Twelve Drummers Drumming

Rhys Bowen, The Twelve Clues of Christmas-To avoid spending a dreadful holiday season with her brother and wretched sister-in-law, Georgie hires on as the assistant to a woman throwing a huge house party in the local village. Ends up she’ll have lots of family around as her mother the actress has brought Nöel Coward with her and her grandfather, the retired detective, has decided to come along.

Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Let it Sew -6th with the Southern Sewing Circle. The circle is aghast; the founding member has died during the midst of the Holiday.

Erika Chase, Read and Buried- 2nd with the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straw Society. An award-winning author is coming to the group’s Christmas meeting. Quite exciting – but even more exciting when he’s murdered at the fete.

Cleo Coyle, Holiday Buzz- 12th in the series, a paperback original for the Holidays. Clare brews up her famous Fa-la-la-la Lattes for the Great New York Cookie Swap but the soire is spoiled by the murder of a baker's assistant. Amber loves this series.

David Handler, The Snow White Christmas Cookie- Des Mitry is getting the blast of the holidays in Mitch’s small New England town; the area has been buried in 40 inches of snow after three blizzards. That doesn’t stop the mischief. One of Mitch’s neighbors is dead from a drug overdose, someone is stealing mail and there are rumors of an organized prescription drug theft ring in the area.

Kate Kingsbury, The Clue is in the Pudding- In her annual Pennyfoot holiday book, the hotel needs a temporary housekeeper but none are to be had. Owner Cecily makes do with Beatrice, who is mean to everyone. When a famous actor keels over dead after Beatrice serves him pudding, no one wants to defend her. Now in mass market, Herald of Death.

Jess Lourey, December Dread- The jolly season is dampened by a series of murders. Mira James is especially concerned because all of the victims have looked like her: 30-something brunettes.

James Patterson with Michael Ledwidge, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross- Cross is called away from his family on Christmas Eve to deal with a thorny hostage situation.

Anne Perry, A Christmas Garland- Her 10th Christmas special follows a young Victor Narraway, the man who will one day be Thomas Pitt’s boss.

Charles Todd, The Walnut Tree- It is Christmas time 1914, and France is being over-run by the Germans. Lady Elspeth Douglas is caught up with so many other civilians in Calais, trying to leave the continent. But, unlike so many others - and unlike her class - she risks life and limb to take supplies to the front. While there, she meets Capt. Peter Gilchrist, who escorts her back to safety. Their immediate attraction is thwarted when they're separated in the madness. She decides to train as a nurse in order to return to the front, to help and to seek Peter.

Peggy Webb, Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse- When her uncle becomes the mall’s Santa, Callie Valentine signs up to be his elf. Thank god she’s there – someone is killing the holiday spirit by slaying shoppers. In paper, Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble


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Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows- Fran recommends, especially to

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