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New Author Signings

Saturday June 27th at Noon - Carola Dunn signs Superfluous Women

Daisy travels to the country for lunch with three friends. They’re her age but have been left without the prospect of marriage due to the high number of men killed in the Great War. They’ve bought a house together. The house has a locked wine cellar that they’ve not yet opened. The friends decide to open it – finding no wine but a dead body. 22nd in this series set in late 1920's England by this Englishwoman who lives in Eugene.

Thursday July 30th at Noon - Jenny Milchman signs As Night Falls

Sandy has done her best to remove herself from her parents who ignored her while doting on her brother – a jerk now in prison for life. But one night two convicts invade their home – and one is her brother. Fran recommends this young writer.

Saturday August 1st at Noon - Kevin O’Brien signs No One Needs to Know

Back in the summer of 1970, an actress renting a Seattle mansion was slain along with her husband and their son’s nanny. The child was found buried in a shallow grave near a commune. When the police entered the compound they found all of the residents dead. It was assumed someone among the dead was the killer. Now a film about the murders is being shot on location and, once again, people begin to die amongst the horrible rumors of hauntings and curses.

Tuesday April 28th at Noon - Greg Iles signs The Bone Tree

5th novel with Penn Cage. Lawyer Cage learns that his battles with the evil men who control the racial evil in Mississiippi did not end when he defeated Brody Royal [Natchez Burning]. FBI Special Agent John Kaiser informs him that someone else has been pulling the strings from the shadows and is now is after Cage.

Tuesday May 12th at Noon - Steve Martini signs The Enemy Inside

Paul Madriani comes to the defense of a young man accused of vehicular homicide. The guy is a friend of Paul’s daughter, swears he had only one drink but can’t remember anything about the accident. To make it worse, the victim was a nationally known attorney whose clients were the most powerful people in the country. To say she knew where the bodies are buried is an understatement. Madriani is suspicious about the simplest details of the accident.

Tuesday May 19th at Noon - Allison Leotta signs A Good Killing

Prosecutor Anna Curtis returns to her Michigan hometown after her sister is accused of killing their high school coach, a man who was a hometown hero. Curtis will have to switch sides, from prosecution to defense and finds that everyone in town thinks her sister is guilty and that they have no allies.