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New Author Signings

Thursday August 14th at Noon - Mary Daheim signs Clam Wake

With the hectic tourist season over, cousins Judith and Renie head to one of the islands to house sit for their aunt and uncle. But all will not be relaxing on Whoopee Island. 

Tuesday August 19th at Noon - Martin Limón signs The Iron Sickle

In their 9th book, CID sergeants Bascom and Sueño are assigned to the black market duty, something that is really below their expertise. All the more puzzling because an 8th Army Claims officer has been murdered by a small man armed with a small, metal sickle. There was only one witness and she didn’t get a good look at the killer. With George and Ernie’s record and their knowledge of Koreans, it just seems odd. So, being George and Ernie, they investigate it anyway.