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We Only Carry Mysteries .... But We Can Order Almost Anything!


Orders: Pre, Standing, Special & Off-line


See an upcoming title you'd like to purchase? Want to make sure we have one just for you?

It's Easy!

-Call or e-mail us, with the title and author information, and we can set one aside just for you. We can ship it or have it waiting in store for pick up when it is released!

-Ordering on-line, just click the title you would like and we will send it to you (or you can pick it up) when it is released!

*NOTE: make sure to look on our signing schedule to see if the author is coming in for a signing; you may have to wait a couple of extra days for your book, but you will have it signed!

Standing Orders

Do you have a favorite author or two? Let us know and we'll automatically put aside their newest titles for you as they come in. We call this the Future File.

Having them helps us with our ordering and gets your favorites to you without you having to worry about keeping track of them. Our request to you is that, if we're providing you this service, you agree to support the service by buying the books that you have asked us to track.

And one last bit of persuasion: the reserves get the copies that arrive in the best condition.

Special Orders

While we only carry mysteries in our store, we can order almost anything!

If you order a non-mystery, no problem! However is may take us any where from one day to a week to get the title in stock! Depending entirely on which distributor is shipping us the title. We will however make sure you know when it comes in!

We also do bulk orders, however depending on the size of the order we may ask for a valid credit card number to secure the order (if you are calling the order in by phone). And again, how fast we receive the title depends entirely on what distributor is shipping to us! Taking anywhere from one day to a week; so give us as much lead time as you can for the orders.

Off-Line Ordering

If you don’t like ordering on-line? No Problem! Call, e-mail or snail mail us (we haven’t mastered smoke signals, morris code or semaphore yet):

1. A list with author, title and binding preference, you are looking for.

2. Your name, phone number and address.

3. We will comb our stock and let you know what titles we have in-stock for you. Then we can arrange to either ship the titles directly to your home or have them waiting for you to pick up in person.