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Online Parking Guide

Next time you come to Seattle Mystery Bookshop, check out DowntownSeattleParking.com from home or your phone to find nearby parking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -



Parking Garages & Lots Near The Shop

Butler Garage

2nd and James Street

Address: 114 James Street

Low Rate Parking

1st and Columbia Garage

Address: 721 1st Avenue

Low Rate Garage

Just on the otherside of 7-11 on 1st and Cherry

Street parking in front of the shop!

5-Star Parking

1st & Columbia St.

Address: 714 1st Ave.


Diamond Parking

1st and Cherry

Address: 615 1st Avenue


Sinking Ship Garage

2nd and Yesler

Address: 515 2nd Avenue