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Signing Etiquette

Signing Etiquette

There are many times when etiquette dictates our actions; what order you use silverware at a fancy restaurant, how you write a wedding invitation or how to comport yourself during High Tea. Well during a signing there is also an etiquette which you are expected to follow:


1. The first and most important rule -You are expected to purchase a copy of the book being promoted at the store hosting the event.

Why? The publisher calls us after the event inquiring about how many books we sold. If our numbers are low we may not get the author back the next time he swings thru town, or any other author assigned to the particular publisher. Plus the author appreciates knowing their efforts are worth it. You wouldn’t expect to purchase a ticket to a high school football game and expect the Seahawks to honor it. It’s the same if you purchase the book elsewhere and expect it to be signed in another shop.


2. Another nice and easy way to help out the author and the hosting bookshop; prep your book in advance.

It will make the author and the people in line behind you happy! If you are bringing in your library to sign - as well as purchasing the promoted book in our store, of course! - prep them. If they are hardbacks put the flap in at the title page so the author can turn the book quickly and easily to the page. For a paperback put a book mark in at the title page, again helping the author speed through the line. Be ready to go through the line more than once to get all your title signed, four or five at a time. People in line behind you may be on their lunch breaks and need to get in and out of our store in a hurry.

From the Office of Fair Warning: Some authors have restrictions on which of their older books they’ll sign and how many.

We may not know this in advance. Preparing for this unfortunate event will save you a headache. How? Prepare a mental list of titles you would most like to have signed. Lastly, be polite if the author refuses to sign everything (some publishers place restrictions on an author if they have previously been with another. Telling them they may not sign the other publishers books on their dime.) *Note*- Do not bring in multiple copies of the same title for resale, the author isn’t making any money on these copies and neither are we.


3. If you are unable to make the signing at the last minute:

Just give us a quick call and we can get a book signed for you. However please do not drop a box of back list books off for the author to sign without contacting us ahead of time.

If you mail us back list books to be signed, there is a five dollar charge per book and it needs to be okayed ahead of time.


4. One final note: Remember you are not the only person who wishes to interact with the author:

Take some time, however remember there are other who are hoping to speak with them as well. Don’t feel as if you have to leave after you book is signed, often authors have time after the signing to speak with fans. Please just recognize you may not be the only person there trying to speak with them.

Authors on tour travel light needing to move quickly from location to location. Bringing edibles, flowers or other gifts while appreciated, unfortunately will frequently not be taken with them.

When getting an inscription in your book, try and limit its’ length. A number of authors simply don’t have the time to write the paragraph their fan is hoping for. Keep it to a few sentences and the author will thank you!