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Sony eReader


What You'll Need Before Buying a Google eBook:

1. If you haven’t done so already, install the latest version of Reader™ Library Software (the update is under software) and create an Adobe ID or Sony eBook store ID (you can get there from the link above).

2.  A account (if you've ordered from us before you already have one) and a Google Account.


1. Go to Find e-books through the site search, select the eBooks tab on the search results page or use Search for Googlr eBooks link (next to Google eBooks logo at the top of the page).

2. Add Google eBooks to your cart.

3. Access a Google Account—most commonly a Google email address—or create one.

This step only needs to be done THE FIRST TIME to sync your Google Library with your Seattle Mystery account for future purchases. Please make certain you are connecting to the correct Google Account.

4. Agree to the Google Terms of Services. 

5. Purchase the book by entering billing information.

6. You’ll be given the option to save the book to your computer by clicking the “download” link. Save it somewhere you can find it. Any time you’d like to download one of your books, you can see your whole Google eBook library by clicking Read My Google eBooks (next to Google logo at the top of the page).


1. Plug your Sony eReader into your computer.

2. Open Reader™ Library Software on your computer.

3. Locate and open the .acsm file (from step 6 in the buying portion.) from your computer, and the file should open using Reader™ Library Software. If it does not, select "Import Files" from the File menu and locate the .acsm file on your computer.

4. Click and drag the Google eBook file onto the device in the left-hand pane. A green plus sign appearing as you drag the file over the device indicates that the eBook is authorized to be transferred to the device. It will transfer to your device within a few seconds.

5. On your Sony eReader, Find the book in your library and begin reading!


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