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Spring 2015 Newsletter


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New From The Northwest

Steve Anderson - The Other Oregon - An idealist from Portland is asked by the FBI to infiltrate a far-right militia group in a rural part of the state. He understands why they’ve asked him; one of his oldest friends is part of it. But he and this friend have had no contact in years and, friend-to-friend, he thinks he can get his old pal out of whatever danger he is in without the help of the feds. That way he can assure that the secret they share will stay secret.

Leslie Budewitz - Assault and Pepper - Start of new series set in the Pike Place Market. After a divorce and being downsized, Pepper Reece makes a leap by opening a tea and spice shop. Her concoctions are a hit with customers and fellow merchants – then a homeless man is found dead on her doorstep one morning with a cup from her shop in his hand.  To save her shop and her dreams she probes the death. Signing – Tuesday March 10th at Noon.

Mary Daheim - The Alpine Zen - In the final installment of the Emma Lord series, the town of Alpine is beset by odd occurrences. A young woman named Ren comes to look for the mother who abandoned her and promptly collapses. There’s someone stalking various residents. Other strange things begin to happen and this young woman seems to be at the center of them all. The FINAL Alpine?!?!?!?! Come in and ask her! In paper, Clam Wake. Signing – Saturday April 11th at Noon.

William Deverell - Sing a Worried Song - 6th with BC attorney Arthur Beauchamp. Retired now and living a quiet life on an island in the Salish Sea, Beauchamp’s peace is crashed by a piece of his past returning to haunt him. Once, when he was young, he acted as a prosecutor in the case of a murdered clown. He knew the case was thin but he was confident in the man’s guilt. Then it all fell apart.

Kate Dyer-Seeley - Slayed on the Slopes - 2nd with extreme-sport journalist Meg Reed. She’s on Mt. Hood, covering the training of the hardcore and high-altitude rescue squad, The Ridge Rangers. When one is found murdered, Meg wonders who among the small group did it. Signing – Saturday April 18th at Noon.

Christy Fifield - Murder Ties the Knot - 4th by this Oregon author with her Haunted Souvenir Shop in Keyhole Bay, FL.

Seán Haldane - The Devil’s Making - 1st US publication of book originally published by a small Irish press that went on to win the Arthur Ellis Award in Canada. In 1869, Victoria is the humble capital of British Columbia. The whites try to make it a model of Victorian modernity but the natives vastly outnumber the whites. Policeman Chad Hobbes, a new immigrant from England, is faced with a difficult case. American Dr. McCrory was an alienist, a phrenologist, a Mesmerist, and practiced “sexual-mystical magnetation”. And someone slaughtered him. The locals are sure a Tsimashian medicine man is the killer. Hobbes is not convinced.

Glen Erik Hamilton - Past Crimes - Van Shaw broke with his training as a professional thief when he was 18 and became an Army Ranger. He hadn’t had any contact with his grandfather – his teacher – for a decade. Now he’s received a message in Gaelic from his grandfather asking him to come back to Seattle. When Van arrives, he finds his grandfather mortally wounded. Though he vowed to stay away from that lawless world, he recognizes that he’ll have to use the skills he learned as a child – and in the military – to find justice. Debut by a man who grew up on the waterfronts of the Pacific Northwest. Signing – Tuesday March 3rd at Noon. JB and Fran Recommend.

J.A. Jance - Cold Betrayal - Now happily married, Ali Reynolds is faced with two crises: her new daughter-in-law’s grandmother is being stalked and threatened by someone whose actions are increasingly dangerous; and her friend Sister Anselm is guarding a young runaway from a cult that refuses to allow members to leave. In paper, Remains of Innocence. Signing – Friday March 27th at Noon.

L.A. Kornetsky - Clawed - 4th in the comic Gin & Tonic series. Their regular work takes Ginny and Teddy to Portland where their sideline as sleuths comes in handy. Though they don’t have licenses and the cops tell them to butt out, the amateur sleuths find themselves up to their collars in identity theft and forgery – yeah, yeah, a little bit of murder, too.

K.J. Larsen - Bye, Bye Love - The 3 sisters are back with their 4th Cat DeLuca mystery, owner of the Chicago’s Pants on Fire Detective Agency. Out for a run, Cat trips over the body of Bernie Love, financial wizard for the top Mob family. Before she can get her phone out to call the cops, she’s attacked and by the time the cops do arrive, her attacker and the body are gone.

Owen Laukkanen - The Stolen Ones - In their 4th case, joint-task force investigators Stevens and Windermere follow the trail of a global kidnapping and prostitution operation. They’ll come face to face with the most vicious person either has ever met.

Amanda Lee - Wicked Stitch - 8th with Oregon coast embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer.

Steve Martini - The Enemy Inside - Paul Madriani comes to the defense of a young man accused of vehicular homicide. The guy is a friend of Paul’s daughter, swears he had only one drink but can’t remember anything about the accident. To make it worse, the victim was a nationally known attorney whose clients were the most powerful people in the country. To say she knew where the bodies are buried is an understatement. Madriani is suspicious about the simplest details of the accident. Signing – Tuesday May 12th at Noon.

R.J. McMillen - Black Tide Rising - Retired BC cop Dan Connor is drawn into another mystery when he stops to visit the lighthouse keepers on Nootka Island. There he finds a decimated totem pole and a pool of blood. 2nd with Connor and his unlikely ally, ex-con Walker.

Amanda Quick - Garden of Lies - Anne Clifton was one of the ablest employees of Kern Secretarial Agency. Ursula is saddened by her early death and wants to probe the circumstances. One client, archaeologist and adventurer Slater Roxton, thinks she’s being reckless and is determined to help her. She is, after all, a friend, and a beautiful widow and out of her depth going it alone. In paper, Otherwise Engaged.

Shya Scanlon - The Guild of St. Cooper - An author is engaged by a mysterious group – the Guild of St. Cooper – to write Seattle’s history which is dying as a city. As he does he unwittingly begins to alter what did happen and what will happen in the past. The result is an alternate view of Seattle, one of giant rhododendrons, aliens, and a certain FBI agent from “Twin Peaks”.


Now in Paperback

Chelsea Cain - One Kick - Adele Recommends.
Carola Dunn - Heirs of the Body
Lee Goodman - Indefensible
Patrick McManus - The Tamarack Murders
Jennifer Murphy - I Love You More - Adele Highly Recommends
Ridley Pearson - The Red Room
Greg Rucka - Bravo
Chevy Stevens - That Night


Special Interests

Erik Larson - Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania - With new access to archives, the Seattle writer provides us with the story of the doomed liner from both sides – the political, social, intelligence, and people involved – and shows what really took place and why what the world thinks it knows about the tragedy is not the full story. Signed Copies Available.

See Otherworldly – Patricia Briggs


Coming This Summer

Ellie Alexander (Kate Dyer-Seeley) - A Batter of Life and Death
Leslie Ann Budewitz - Butter Off Dead
Waverly Curtis - The Silence Of The Chihuahuas
Mary Daheim - Here Comes The Bribe
Carola Dunn - Superfluous Women
Roger Hobbs - Vanishing Games
J.A. Jance - Dance Of The Bones
Mike Lawson - House Rivals
Kevin O’Brien - No One Needs to Know
Chevy Stevens - Those Girls
Jon Talton - High Country Nocturne
Ingrid Thoft - Brutality


New from the Rest

Ellery Adams - Lemon Pies and Little White Lies - 4th in the Charmed Pie Shoppe series.

Susan Wittig Albert - Bittersweet - 23rd novel in the China Bayles series. In paper, Death Comes Quickly.

Barbara Allan - Antiques Swap - 8th comic mystery with Brandy Borne and her ‘drama-queen’ mother Vivian. In paper, Antiques Con.

Nancy Atherton - Aunt Dimity & the Summer King - 20th in this cozy series. The village’s troubles are overshadowed for Lori by her own: a new infant, an upcoming wedding in the family, and she’s turning 40. There’s no room in her mind for a developer’s threat to the community. In paper, Aunt Dimity & the Wishing Well . Amber Highly Recommends This Author.

Ace Atkins - Kickback - Spenser is hired to look into a judge’s harsh sentencing of teens. He and Hawk follow the trail that appears to lead into corruption within the for-profit prison system. 4th in the continued series. Cheap Shot. Spenser. Signing – Wednesday May 27th at 12:30.

David Baldacci - Memory Man - Amos Decker’s career in the NFL was brief. Injured in the first play, he was left with a strange side effect: his memory since the collision is complete and total. He went on to be a cop until the night he returned from work to find his family murdered. Unable to forget a detail, he hit bottom and wound up on the streets, sometimes finding work as a PI. But now his hometown has suffered another horrific crime and Decker is called back to the force to help, as solving this new crime may solve his family’s murder. His infallible memory will be both a gift and a curse. In paper, The Escape.

Steve Berry - The Patriot Threat - In this 10th outing, though retired, Cotton Malone is asked by his old boss in the secret Treasury division to track a North Korean who has stolen top secret files that could bring down the US economy.

James Carlos Blake - The House of Wolfe - A small-time Mexican crime boss kidnaps an entire wedding party and holds them for ransom. His hope is that the act will be noticed by the cartel boss and gains him promotion. Unfortunately for this pissant thug, one of the maids of honor is Jessica Juliet Wolfe, and the Wolfe clan – notorious for taking care of their own – moves into action. 3rd in this gritty series.

Gail Bowen - 12 Rose Street - 15th with Joanne Kilbourn. With her husband locked in a heated race for Regina mayor, a series of threats and incidents threaten his campaign. Everything seems to tie to an event that happened a long time ago at 12 Rose Street.

Peter Bowen - Bitter Creek - First with Montana cattle inspector and some-time lawman Gabriel Du Pré in 9 years, the 14th in the series. Helping to find his girlfriend’s son so that the man can receive the Navy Cross, Du Pré ends up in the middle of a historical mystery: in 1910 a band of Métis were seen fleeing from General Pershing’s troops and they were never seen again.

C.J. Box - Endangered - This time it is personal. Picket’s ward April, all of 18, has disappeared, running off with a rodeo champ Joe already disliked. Things get uglier when April is found in a roadside ditch, beaten nearly to death. The guy denies any connection, swearing she ran away from him, too. Adele Highly Recommends. In paper: Shots Fired and Stone Cold.

Laura Bradford - Suspended Sentence - Now Detective Jakob Fisher, once a member of the Amish community himself--is determined to solve the young woman's murder. With Claire's help, he must dig into the past and bring to light long-buried secrets--secrets that someone is willing to kill to protect.

Duffy Brown - Demise in Denim - 4th in this Consignment Shop series. When Reagan Summerside turned the first floor of her old Victorian home into a consignment shop, she never imagined she'd be harboring a fugitive in her attic. But after a dead man is found in a bathtub and local lawyer Walker Boone is accused of doing the dirty deed, she suddenly has a new houseguest. Having the lawyer who took her to the cleaners in her divorce settlement--and who has been getting under her skin ever since--in close proximity is enough to drive Reagan to distraction. For the sake of her sanity--and Walker's freedom--they need to put their heads together to find out who is trying to get the lawyer out of the picture .

Rita Mae Brown - Tail Gait - 23rd mystery with Mrs. Murphy. In paper, Nine Lives to Die.

Anne Canadeo - The Postman Always Purls Twice - 7th in the Black Sheep Mystery Knitting series.

Lincoln Child - The Forgotten Room - Enigmalogist Jeremy Logan is hired by a venerable think tank to find out what is causing the odd events at its headquarters on the Rhode Island coast. He’ll find a room that houses odd artifacts and old scientific instruments linked to a rumored experiment, all traces of which were believed destroyed – “Project S”.

Laura Childs - Ming Tea Murder - 16th in the Indigo Tea Shop series. In paper, Steeped in Evil.

Richard A. Clarke - Pinnacle Event - The former Apartheid regime avowed that they’d destroyed their nuclear weapons while in power. Now it seems they didn’t. Hidden by a white power group, they’ve been sold. To whom?

Harlan Coben - The Stranger - A husband learns shocking secrets about his wife that causes him to doubt everything they’ve built. All it took to destroy their perfect life was her single lie.

Josh Cook - An Exaggerated Murder - From the publisher’s catalog: “Debut from a longtime bookseller at Porter Square Books in Mass. Brainy spoof on the classic detective novel - smart, literary mystery with lots of pulpy, pithy banter between characters. Sherlock meets Thomas Pynchon - a detective who is very smart but can't get out of his own way.”

Amanda Cooper - Shadow of a Spout - 2nd in the Tempest in a Tea Pot series. Pseudonym of Victoria Hamilton.

M.P. Cooley - Ice Shear - Newly widowed, retired FBI agent June Lyons returns to her upstate NY hometown and joins the local police. Gotta be more peaceful that what she was used to, right? Nope – biker gang, drug epidemic, and a body found frozen in the river, all overlaid with the pain of local politics. Debut thriller.

Isis Crawford - A Catered Mother’s Day - 11th with catering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons.

Susan Crawford - The Pocket Wife - As a result of her bipolar disorder, Dana has developed a deteriorating mania that has left holes in her memory. Horrible at any time, it has become a critical element when her neighbor Celia is murdered and Dana was the last person to see her. Could she have missing knowledge about what happened or could she have herself been somehow involved? Debut novel by an award-winning writer.

Clive Cussler & Justin Scott - The Assassin - 7th historical adventure with private enquiry agent Isaac Bell. In paper, The Bootlegger and Ghost Ship.

Clive Cussler & Boyd Morrison - Piranha - Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon work to find a ship that sunk in 1902 near Martinique. On board was a German scientist who was near completing work on a weapon of astonishing power. As they near their goal, they’re attacked by someone who got there first. (Boyd Morrison is a local novelist.)

Janet Dawson - Cold Trail - 11th with Oakland PI Jeri Howard. Jeri’s brother is missing and no one told her for four days. The trail is cold. As she investigates, she finds that her brother’s comfy life was falling apart around him.

Jeffery Deaver - Solitude Creek - Kathryn Dance investigates when cries of “FIRE!” cause deaths at a Monterey concert. There was no fire so she’s treating it as a homicide investigation. In paper, The Skin Collector.

Jeannette de Beauvoir - Asylum - As director of PR for the Montreal mayor, Martine LeDuc is tasked to work with the police after a string of murders becomes a media nightmare. Over the last few months, four women who are otherwise unconnected are found murdered and posed in the exact same way on city benches. As she works with a young detective, they find links pointing back to events from the 1950s and the treatment of orphans.

Nelson DeMille - A Quiet End - Former FBI agent John Corey’s taken a job with NYC-based Diplomatic Surveillance Group, watching Russians. While the job is viewed as being a ‘quiet end’ to a career, Corey begins to see that the Russians are up to something.

Bruce DeSilva - A Scourge of Vipers - Reporter Liam Mulligan looks into the swamp of money, influence and corruption when the governor moves to legalize gambling in Rhode Island. In paper, Providence Rag.

Catie Disabato - The Ghost Network - From the publisher’s catalog: “A debut that's perfect for literary readers with a taste for suspense: two women hunt for a missing pop star and become ensnared in her secret society, following clues through the dark belly of the train lines underneath Chicago.”

Claire Donally - Hiss and Tell - 4th in the cozy series with Sunny and her cat Shadow.

Hallie Ephron - Night Night, Sleep Tight - The death of a woman’s father in his dilapidated bungalow takes his daughter back to Hollywood. It is 1986. There she encounters her childhood friend who had confessed to murdering her actress mother’s boyfriend in 1958. Now questions about both deaths confront her.

From the Factory of Janet Evanovich: With Phoef Sutton - Wicked Charm - 3rd with Lizzy and Diesel.

John Farrow - The Storm Murders - 1st in a trilogy from this bestselling Canadian writer (pen name of Trevor Ferguson). Police are sent to an isolated farmhouse that is in the middle of a snow-covered field. No tracks are seen. Inside are two bodies. Emile Cinq-Mars is assigned to investigate.

Anne Flett-Giordano - Marry, Kiss, Kill - Two Santa Barbara cops try to untangle a trio of murders that happen as all of Hollywood seems to be up the coast for the annual film festival. Debut comic mystery by a multiple, award-winning TV writer.  

Brian Freeman - A Season of Fear - A cop in Naples, FL, is assigned to investigate a threat made to a gubernatorial campaign. A decade ago, the candidate’s husband was murdered. Now the assassin says he’s back and the campaign wants help. In paper, The Cold Nowhere. Fran Recommends This Author.

P.L. Gaus - Whiskers of the Lion - 9th set in Amish country. Sheriff Bruce Robertson is asked to find a young Amish woman in order for her to testify against a drug ring. To do so may send some heavies to prison but it also may get her killed. His duty pulls him in opposite directions.

John Gilstrap - No Mercy - 7th with wealthy freelance hostage rescue specialist Jonathan Grave.

Robert Glinski - The Friendship of Criminals - Debut by a former defense attorney. The Italian mob of Philadelphia makes a move against the Polish mob bosses’ territory. Push comes to shove – it is a deadly tit for tat. The Feds are watching it all and the question is should they intervene or wait for the smoke to clear and have fewer wiseguys to worry about?

Sally Goldenbaum - A Finely Knit Murder - 9th in the Seaside Knitter’s series. In paper, Murder in Merino.

Margaret Grace - Manhattan in Miniature - A Christmas visit to NYC for a big craft show is anything but fun for Gerry and her granddaughter. Murder spoils the show and the trip. 8th by this author who also writes as Ada Madison and Camille Minichino.

Andrew Gross - One Mile Under - River guides and small town law officials come under pressure from Big Oil companies in this Rockies thriller. They seem to be over their heads until Ty Hauck learns that one of the people under pressure is his daughter.

Carolyn Haines - Bone to be Wild - 15th in her Southern series with Sarah Booth Delaney.

Rebecca M. Hale - How to Catch a Cat -  The key to catching a killer of city hall interns may lie in San Francisco’s maritime history. 6th in the series.

Ellen Hart - Taken by the Wind - In her 23rd case, Jane Lawless tracks two run-away boys. The question then starts to become did they run away or were they abducted?

Sam Hawken - Missing - Widower Jack Searle is doing his best to rear his stepdaughters but life along the Nuevo Laredo border is worrisome. They need to learn to be independent but their world is so dangerous. On a trip south to visit relatives, his worst fears are realized; the girls go to a concert and don’t come home. 3rd crime thriller to be set in this arena.

Joan Hess - Pride v. Prejudice - After being humiliated by the DA during jury selection and dismissed to wide publicity, Claire Malloy goes to the accused in the case and offers to help her defense. Claire figures the best way to get back at the prosecutor is to prove him wrong – in the court of law.

Anne Hillerman - Rock with Wings - Their vacation interrupted by different cases, Navajo Tribal cops Jim Chee and Bernadette Manuelito head in opposite directions, he to probe strange mounds of earth and rock and she to investigate a drug bust that went horribly wrong.

Naomi Hirahara - Grave on Grand Avenue - LAPD bike cop Ellie rush faces two odd cases: a gardener at a concert hall is dead, supposedly after trying to steal a priceless cello; and her own 1969 Pontiac Skylark is missing.

William Hjortsberg - Manana - It’s the Winter of 67-68, and Tod and Linda cozy up to a group of hard-cases hiding out in Mexico after a jewelry robbery in LA. One morning after an intense party he can’t remember, Tod wakes up next to a dead hooker, his bloody knife nearby. The toughs are gone, as is his wife. What happened? Did he kill the woman or is he being framed, and was his wife abducted to keep him quiet?

Greg Iles - The Bone Tree - 5th novel with Penn Cage. Lawyer Cage learns that his battles with the evil men who control the racial evil in Mississippi did not end when he defeated Brody Royal Natchez Burning. FBI Special Agent John Kaiser informs him that someone else has been pulling the strings from the shadows and is now is after Cage. Signing – Tueday April 28th at Noon. Adele recommends this author.

Iris Johansen - Your Next Breath - The CIA’s deadliest op, Catherine Ling deals with personal trouble and someone who knows too much about her past.  In paper, The Perfect Witness.

Craig Johnson - Dry Bones - Walt doesn’t think the big news about the discovery of a complete T Rex fossil has anything to do with him. And it doesn’t. But the murder of the farmer who discovered it on his land does. What erupts is a nasty fight over ownership of the incredible find. We say give it to Dog… In paper, Any Other Name.

David Joy - Where All Light Tends to Go - Debut of an author being compared to Woodrell. Jacob pretty much dropped out of the world to work for his father, a cruel boss of a highly organized meth ring in North Carolina. But two things are about to push him to make changes: his first love is back in town and their connection has been re-established – but she’s destined to leave for better things and he’d like to go with her; he recently botched a murder, infuriated his father, and touched off a series of retaliatory attacks. He’s doomed whether he stays or goes, so why not try to leave?

Jonathan Kellerman - The Murderer’s Daughter - A respected psychologist leads a double-life; regimented and safe during business hours but one of risk and randomness when she sheds her professional self. These two are about to collide.

Mary Louise Kelly - The Bullet - French literature professor Caroline Cashion is shocked to learn that a routine medical exam has discovered that she has a bullet lodged in the back of her head. Her parents are at first as bewildered as is she but they soon confess to the truth: she was adopted when she was three, the only survivor of a massacre that killed her real mother and left her with that silent reminder. Armed with the truth, Cashion returns to her birthplace to look for answers, unaware that the killer is still around. 2nd novel by the NPR reporter.

Nathan Larson - The Immune System - End of his Dewey Decimal trilogy. We finally learn what it was that caused the cataclysm that wrecked NYC.

Allison Leotta - A Good Killing - Prosecutor Anna Curtis returns to her Michigan hometown after her sister is accused of killing their high school coach, a man who was a hometown hero. Curtis will have to switch sides, from prosecution to defense and finds that everyone in town thinks her sister is guilty and that they have no allies. Signing – Tuesday May 19th at Noon.

John Lescroart - The Fall - Rebecca Hardy, now an associate with her father’s law firm, is drawn into a murky case when a 17-year-old foster girl dies in a fall from above the Stockton tunnel. It is unclear if it was accidental. However, the last man to see her – a middle school teacher and a Special Advocate for foster children – tells a story that does not hold up. In paper, The Keeper.

David Levien - Signature Kill - Private investigator Frank Behr is so desperate for work that he agrees to help a woman whom he knows can’t pay much. A single mother, her wayward daughter is missing, probably a runaway, but there’s something about it that makes Behr take the case, a fearful feeling it may be connected to a gruesome murder that’s been in the news.

James Lilliefors - The Tempest - A murder in a Chesapeake Bay resort puts homicide detective Amy Hunter into the midst of a complicated case that will involve international art theft, ruthless criminals and collectors, and a curse said to surround the missing Rembrandt masterpiece.

Attica Locke - Pleasantville - Disappointed and disgruntled since he won the big case against Cole Oil fifteen years ago (Black Water Rising, Harper, 14.99), environmental lawyer Jay Porter is ready to quit his practice. He’s never seen a dime of the decision and nothing has changed and his case having to do with a chemical fire is dragging on and on. It’s now 1996, election night, and the same forces that have run Houston all along have not straightened up. But that night a campaign worker vanishes and when one of the mayoral candidate’s nephews is charged with murder, Porter reluctantly agrees to defend him. Adele Recommends.

Jason Matthews - Palace of Treason - Sequel to his Edgar-winning debut, Red Sparrow, by a retired CIA veteran. Dominika Egorova of Russian Intelligence Service faces many threats, most of the worst come from her secretly working for the US. Others come from her being the lover of her CIA handler, Nate Nash.

Terrence McCauley - Sympathy for the Devil - For nearly 25 years, James Hicks has run a secret agency that virtually no one knows exists. He has the skill to make even the most powerful people on the planet do what he wants. Now he and his organization are under attack from a renegade asset who has access to the most deadly biological weapons on the planet. Who is it and what is his plan?

G.A. McKevett - Killer Gourmet - 19th with plus-sized PI Savannah Reid.

Jenn McKinlay - Dark Chocolate Demise - 7th in the cupcake bakery series.

Adam Mitzner - Losing Faith - Treachery, coercion, terrorist funding, scandal, courtroom intrigue, suspense and fear.

Laura Morrigan - Horse of a Different Killer - 3rd in the Call of the Wild series with psychic and animal behaviorist Grace Wilde.

Walter Mosley - And Sometimes I Wonder About You - While his own personal life is a shambles, PI Leonid McGill is drawn into a case he refused to take. A man asked McGill to track down his cousin who was set to inherit millions. Now that man is dead and the family’s money is causing headaches and danger. 4th in the series.

Carlene O’Neil - One Foot in the Grape - Just after she’s fired as a photojournalist, Penny Lively inherits a winery from an aunt. No sooner has she begun to learn her way around when a neighboring vineyard is the scene of a murder. Debut.

Diana Orgain - A First Date with Death - After being left at the altar, Georgia’s pal gets her on a reality TV dating show. Her bad luck with men continues; the first of ten men she’s supposed to date dies on the premiere episode.

Daniel Palmer - Constant Fear - A group of students at a prep school have been taken hostage. They’ve been hacking into the accounts of the obscenely wealthy and transferring money to charities. One of the accounts hacked belonged to a drug cartel and they want their money back. Thank goodness one of the boys’ father is the janitor and a survivalist who has stashed a supply of weapons deep under the school. In paper, Desperate.

From the Factory of James Patterson: With Marshall Karp - NYPD Red 3; With Maxine Paetro - 14th Deadly Sin. In paper, with Michael White - Private Down Under; with Michael Ledwidge - Burn; with Maxine Paetro - Confessions: The Private School Murders.

Penny Pike - Death of a Chocolate Cheater - Debut in a new series by Penny Warner. One of the judges at a San Francisco chocolate competition is murdered. Contestants Darcy Burnett and her Aunt Abby had entered Abby’s chocolate raspberry whoopee pies.

Nora Roberts - The Liar - A new widow, Shelby opens her late husband’s safety deposit box to find multiple IDs. She comes to realize that everything she thought she knew about the man was a lie. The life he lead was a fabrication but his secrets haven’t died with him. In paper, as J.D. Robb - Festive in Death.

James Rollins and Grant Blackwood - War Hawk - 2nd and last with former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his Army dog Kane. A former army colleague ask for help when unknown assassins target her and her son. In paper, The 6th Extinction, Sigma Force.

Sofie Ryan - Buy a Whisker - 2nd with North Harbor, ME, shop-owner Sarah and her rescue cat, Elvis – a loveable furball and an accurate lie detector. The author also writes as Sofie Kelly.

John Sandford - Gathering Prey - In the 25th book in the series, someone is attacking a peaceful group of panhandlers who move around the country. Every so often, a couple of them disappear, never to be seen again. Lucas Davenport’s adopted daughter knows one of the women from San Francisco and the woman asks for advice and help. In paper, Field of Prey.

Emily Schultz - The Blondes - Satirical and smart thriller in which a rabies-like disease is turning certain women into crazed killers of anyone around them. What certain women? Blondes. Suddenly, blondes must do everything they can to hide their natural coloring.

Paige Shelton - Bushel Full of Murder - 6th with Bailey’s Farmer’s Market. Food trucks crowd in on her with deadly results.

Lisa Scottoline - Every Fifteen Minutes - Psychiatrist Tom Fortez becomes the target of anger and scorn when one of his patients disappears after killing a co-worker he’d been obsessed with. To save his own sanity and career, Fortez looks into the murder and thinks his patient is innocent. In paper, Keep Quiet.

Lachlan Smith - Fox is Framed - In his 3rd book, Leo Maxwell’s childhood comes back into play. 21 years ago, his father was convicted of killing his mother. Unfortunately, that verdict has been tossed out due to prosecutorial misconduct. Now he’s going to have to relive it again, in public again. This time, though, he’ll be his father’s defense attorney.

Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins - Mike Hammer: Kill Me Darling - A unpublished and unfinished manuscript, edited and completed by Collins.

Olen Steinhauer - All the Old Knives - 9 years ago, a jetliner hijacking in Vienna turned catastrophic when everyone on the plane died. The CIA station had an agent on the plane and no one has ever been able to find out exactly what went wrong. One of the agents retired, emotionally scarred from the events. Now, her lover at the time comes to her, asking for help. He thinks he may have a line on the who and what of the tragedy.

Fran Stewart - A Wee Murder in My Shop - 1st in a new series set in a Vermont Scottish shop that includes a friendly ghost.

Denise Swanson - Dying for a Cupcake - 4th in the Dimestore series.

Sterling Watson - Suitcase City - A Hitchcockian thriller set in 1980s Tampa in which a retired football player is drawn into a world of criminal activities he’s unable to escape.

Randy Wayne White - Cuba Straits - 22nd with Doc Ford. One of his old friends has disappeared. General Juan Garcia was making money selling the odd Cuban artifact to American collectors for a good profit. His latest prize was a packet of letters Fidel wrote to a mistress between ’60 and ’62. Not only is Garcia missing, but so is the man to whom he sold the letters. Is there something in the letters that someone wants to keep secret? It was a turbulent and violent period.


Now in Paperback

Megan Abbott - The Fever
Corban Addison - The Garden of Burning Sand - Adele and Janine Recommend.
Donna Andrews - The Good, the Bad, and the Emus
Laurien Berenson - Death of a Dog Whisperer
James Lee Burke - Wayfaring Stranger
Stephen L. Carter - Back Channel
Henry Chang - Death Money
Lee Child - Personal
Marcia Clark - The Competition
Mary Higgins Clark - I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Michael Connelly - The Burning Room
Joseph Finder - Suspicion
Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain - Murder, She Wrote: Aloha Betrayed
Timothy Hallinan - Herbie’s Game - Adele Recommends.
Faye Kellerman - Murder 101
Philip Kerr, Prayer (April, Penguin, 16.00). Stand-alone set in the US.
William Krueger, Windigo Island
Shane Kuhn, The Intern’s Handbook
Margaret Maron, Designated Daughters
Keith McCafferty, Dead Man’s Fancy
Jenny Milchman, Ruin Falls - Fran Recommends.
Marcia Muller - The Night Searchers
Preston & Child - The Lost Island
Annelise Ryan, Stiff Penalty
Daniel Silva, The Heist
Robert K. Tanenbaum - Fatal Conceit
Elaine Viets - Catnapped


Coming this Summer

Donna Andrews - Lord Of The Wings
Ace Atkins - The Redeemers - Signing
C.J. Box - Badlands
Victor Gischler - Stay
Terry Hayes - The Year of the Locust
Alex Kava - Silent Creed
Stephen King - Finders Keepers
Michael Koryta - Last Words
Barry Lancet - Pacific Burn
Laura Levine - Death By Tiara - Amber Recommends
Elizabeth Lowell - Perfect Touch
Gayle Lynds - The Assassins
Margaret Maron - Long Upon The Land
Keith McCafferty - Crazy Mountain Kiss
Jenny Milchman - As Night Falls - Signing
Marcia Muller - Someone Always Knows
Louise Penny - The Nature Of The Beast - Adele Recommends
Bill Pronzini - Vixen
Spencer Quinn - Scent And Sensibility
James Rollins - War Hawk - Fran Recommends
David Rosenfelt - Who Let The Dog Out
Daniel Silva - The English Spy
Karin Slaughter - Pretty Girls
Taylor Stevens - The Mask
Robert K. Tanenbaum - Trap
Brad Thor - Code Of Conduct
Andrew Vachss - Signwave
Don Winslow - The Cartel - Adele Recommends



Stuart Douglas - The Albino’s Treasure - Holmes and Watson battle a master criminal who has targeted the new Prime Minister. Not only do they not know how to find the villain, they run across clues to a long lost but exceedingly valuable treasure at the heart of a centuries-old conundrum.

Vaughn Entwistle - The Dead Assassin: The Paranormal Casebook of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Scotland Yard calls in Doyle when a senior government official is murdered, his assassin’s body nearby, riddled with bullets. The Yard’s finest are baffled as the killer simply couldn’t be the killer – he was hanged a week ago. Doyle requests the help of good friend Oscar Wilde.

Vasudev Murthy - Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Japan - It is 1893 and Watson begins to see patterns in the international problems detailed in the papers. Could it be that their evil nemesis survived the fall at Reichenbach? If so, the world is in trouble…unless both survived the plunge?

Dan Simmons - The Fifth Heart - It is during the Great Hiatus – the three-year period during which the world believes him dead – and Sherlock Holmes travels to America with Henry James to investigate the death of Henry Adams’ wife. It is 1885 and they suspect something sinister, possibly involving someone powerful and evil, someone else who did not die at the Reichenbach Falls.


Special Item

A Novel Journal: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -. A blank lined journal whose lines are the text of 12 Doyle stories in tiny print!



Rhys Bowen - The Edge of Dreams -  Molly’s husband Daniel, a captain in the NYPD, has been receiving cryptic notes just before each murder that have nothing in common other than the notes.     

Conor Brady - A June of Ordinary Murders - Debut novel from a former editor of The Irish Times. It is June, 1887, and Dublin swelters under heat and political turmoil; a nasty double murder threatens to makes things worse. DS Joe Swallow is a veteran investigator whose cynicism is due a victory. He hopes he can solve this crime quickly for all concerned. The Queen’s Golden Jubilee is soon. The pressure is on.

Vito Bruschini - The Prince - Set between1920 and 43, and “based on a true story”, this tells the story of Prince Licata, father of the Mafia. An elegant man with ruthless ambition, Licata formed La Cosa Nostra by force of will, fist and fear.

Gary Corby - Death Ex Machina - Athens’ largest arts festival, The Great Dionysia, is in danger of disruption. The grand theatre seems to have become haunted. Nicolaos and his new bride, Diotima, are hired to find out what is going on. 5th in this series recommended by Fran.  In paper, The Marathon Conspiracy. Fran Recommends This Series.

Maurizio de Giovanni - Viper - Spring, just before Easter, 1932. The most famous courtesan in Naples has been found dead, suffocated with a pillow. Commissario Ricciardi steps into this case and is soon up to his ankles in greed, jealousy and vengeance. Adele Highly Recommends This Series.

Loren D. Estleman - Detroit is Our Beat: Tales of the Four Horsemen - While most of the Detroit police force fights in WWII, the four man Racket Squad try to keep a lid on the city filled with “draft dodging troublemakers, black market gangsters, enemy saboteurs, and a mixed bag of racial and ethnic groups working uneasily side-by-side in defense plants run by the automobile industry.” Ten hard-bitten and hardboiled stories.

Lyndsay Faye - The Fatal Flame - NYC copper Timothy Wilde finds himself in a predicament: an arsonist is targeting buildings within the district of Tammany Alderman Robert Symmes. Wilde is doing everything to catch the fire bug. But the fires are helping his brother Valentine’s campaign to unseat Symmes and the brothers are gaining political enemies.

Alex Grecian - The Harvest Man - Not only is The Ripper back but someone else is terrorizing London’s streets, someone who harvests the faces of those he kills. The two men who have the most experience chasing such madmen have been sidelined – Insp. Walter Day by a leg injury and Sgt. Nevil Hammersmith has been thrown off the force. In paper, The Devil’s Workshop.

Susanna Gregory - The Cheapside Corpse - 17th with 17th Century spy Thomas Chaloner. There’s plague in the city, word is the Dutch are preparing to invade, and a banking crisis leaves London on edge, and Chaloner overwhelmed.

C.S. Harris - Who Buries the Dead - 10th Regency thriller. The murder of a West Indies slave owner and the reappearance of an enemy from his past has St. Cyr on his guard. In paper, Why Kings Confess. Signing – Saturday March 7th at Noon.

Stephen Hunter - I, Ripper - A departure from his contemporary thrillers of ballistics and bullets – into the hunt for, and mind of, Jack the Ripper. As the search for the madman goes nowhere, an Irish journalist, frustrated with the official efforts, strikes out in a new direction, one that will bring him closer to the warped mind and murderous intentions of the Whitechapel killer. And Jack is watching him.

Joseph Kanon - Leaving Berlin - It is the early days of the Cold War and the rising ugliness of McCarthyism. Alex Meier is a young Jewish writer who fled the Nazis and now finds himself the target of the Red Scare. Facing deportation, he makes a Faustian bargain with the nascent CIA – return to his native Berlin and spy for the US and earn the right to remain in the US. From the moment he agrees, things begin to go badly. Janine recommends this author and this book.

Stephen Kelly - The Language of the Dead - Even as Nazi bombs rain on London, much of England is left undisturbed. Some, though, have their own horrors. DI Thomas Land is sent to one Hampshire village where a string of murders – all with occult overtones – have left the citizens on edge.

Philip Kerr - The Lady from Zagreb - Bernie Gunther finds himself at the beck and call of the powerful and dangerous Propaganda Minister. Herr Goebbels has a personal favor to ask, one that will require Gunther traveling into fascist-controlled Croatia, where the Ustashe rule with a terror that rivals the Nazis.  

Mary Lawrence - The Alchemist’s Daughter - 1st in a new series set at the end of Henry VIII’s reign. Bianca Goddard has learned the family trade well. Her knowledge of herbs and plants, their benefits as well as their dangers, is superb. When a sick friend comes to her for help, her potion kills the woman. Bianca suspects her friend was poisoned in a way that was guaranteed to kill her no matter what potion Bianca brewed.

Laura Lebow - The Figaro Murders - Librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte is pressed for time. He has one week to finish the libretto for Mozart’s new opera, The Marriage of Figaro. But an agreement to help a friend has landed him in the midst of trouble, scandal and murder. Debut mystery.

Dennis Lehane - World Gone By - The end of his Boston Trilogy continues with Joe Coughlin older and wiser, a single father, and officially out of the rackets. Not to say he’s out of the world of crime. He’s become a trusted member of The Commission, the governing body of the national organized crime world, working with Lansky, Luciano and those who run Florida. But life is not peaceful and relaxing. There are always those jockeying for power, to move up, to become the boss. Some are reasonable men, business men, and some are just killers. A melancholy and literary slice of noir. JB Recommends.

Francine Mathews - Too Bad to Die - Royal Naval Intelligence officer Ian Fleming longs for adventure, something to rival the stories he spins in his head to fill his down time. His wishes are fulfilled when a tip comes that a Nazi assassin will strike the Tehran Conference when Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet. Fleming is sent to stop the plot. It will be a more deadly adventure than he dreamed of. Mathews, who also writes as Stephanie Barron, is a retired CIA analyst.

Alyssa Maxwell - Murder At Beechwood - 3rd set in the old-money and highest-society of the Gilded Age in Newport, RI.

David Morrell - Inspector of the Dead - Thomas De Quincey returns. The Crimean War is going so badly in 1855 that it threatens to topple the government, if not the entire British Empire. At this crucial time, someone is targeting members of the ruling class, both inside and outside government – and the rumor on the street is that the ultimate target is the Queen herself. All of this adds to the sense of doom and horror.

Terry Mort - The Monet Murders - Riley Fitzgerald is a young private eye with good contacts within Hollywood’s film industry. They keep him busy. He has two new cases – find the girlfriend of a major producer who has vanished, and find and recover a stolen painting. Two straight-forward cases in post-Prohibition LA, and Riley will soon be up to his ankles in blood.

Anne Perry - The Angel Court Affair - Pitt thinks his new assignment to guard a young evangelist during her return to England is a waste of time – until the group is attacked and two of her companions are murdered, and the young woman is abducted. In paper, Death on Blackheath.

Will Thomas - Anatomy of Evil - Private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker takes on his biggest case: the Whitechapel murders. He’s to be the Royal Family’s representative detailed to Scotland Yard’s investigation. In paper, Fatal Enquiry.

Victoria Thompson - Murder on Amsterdam Avenue - 17th in the Gaslight series. Death from a mysterious disease interrupts wedding plans. In paper, Murder on Murray Hill.

Christine Trent - The Mourning Bells - 4th with Violet Harper, the only female undertaker in 1860s London. She volunteers to accompany a number of bodies being transported north to a doctor conducting forensic experiments. En route, one of the bodies is shown to be alive.

Jacqueline Winspear - A Dangerous Place - Masie hasn’t been back to England in 4 years. It is 1937 and she’s summoned home to see her ill father. En route, Maisie realizes she cannot go home yet, and gets off the ship at Gibraltar, a rock teaming with danger, refugees and intrigue. Signing – Tuesday March 24th at Noon.


Now in paper

Charles Finch - The Last Enchantments
Michael McGarrity - Backlands
Scott Phillips - Hop Alley
F.R. Tallis - The Sleep Room
Charles Todd - An Unwilling Accomplice


Coming This Summer

Benjamin Black - Even The Dead
Rhys Bowen - Malice At The Palace
Lindsey Davis - Deadly Election
Robert Goddard - The Ways of the World
Charles Todd - Pattern Of Lies
Peter Tremayne - Devil's Seal


From Overseas

Bernhard Aichner - Woman of the Dead - An outspoken woman in a man’s profession, Blum uses her innate strength and a sharp wit to shrug off those who think she doesn’t belong. These abilities also help her to keep buried her own ugly childhood and its secrets. She’s happily married to a policeman and they have two children. All is well – until Mark is killed in a hit-and-run accident. To her trained eye, nothing about her husband’s death makes sense and she sets out to discover the truth. 1st of a trilogy by this Austrian author.

Jean-Pierre Alaux and Noël Balen - Mayhem in Margaux - 6th in this French wine series. A fatal car accident in Bordeaux causes the tension to be raised higher. There’s a summer heat wave that is harming the vineyards and everyone is on edge. Winemaker/detective Benjamin Cooker is entertaining his visiting daughter but the fun must be put aside. Amber recommends this series.

Cara Black - Murder on the Champ de Mars - In her 15th case, Parisian Aimée Leduc is a sleep-deprived single mom. But a young gypsy boy asks her for help. His mother was very ill, too sick to move, but she’s vanished. She told her son to find Leduc as she had important information about the death of Aimée’s father. Signing – Monday March 2nd at Noon.

Andrea Camilleri - Game of Mirrors - 18th in this Sicilian series. Insp. Montalbano is stumped when two empty warehouses are bombed. He’s even more nonplussed when he becomes the target of amorous advances by lovely Liliana.

Peter Corris - Silent Kill - #42 in the series. (See Reissues of Note for the first of many earlier novels that will be re-released soon.)

Colin Cotterill - Six and a Half Deadly Sins - In his 10th book, Dr. Siri receives a traditional women’s skirt from the North in the mail. It’s very nice. But who sent it and why is there a severed finger included?

Pascal Garnier - The A26 - Bernard is old and near the end of a terminal illness. Since there is little to stop him, he gives into his dark and murderous fantasies. The nearby construction of the A26 means lots of wet cement to hide his crimes.

Arnaldur Indridason - Reykjavik Nights - The latest with Insp. Erlendur takes him and us back to when he was a beat cop, a younger man, someone not yet dulled to the inhumanity of mankind. A tramp he’d come to know while patrolling his beat has been found drowned in a ditch. No one but Erlander seems to care much, and he is compelled to find out what happened.

S.J. Gazan - The Arc of the Swallow - When her mentor kills himself on the same day her mother dies, biology PhD candidate Marie Skov is doubly devastated. Professor Storm had been facing a raft of problems but she believes his research on a vaccine being used in Africa was accurate. This will pit her against many powerful people, most in the pharmaceutical world. 2nd European bestseller by this Danish writer.

Mona Kallentoft - Spring Remains - Investigator Malin Fors must put the grief of her own mother’s death aside when a bombing in town kills a woman, the mother of two small children.

Pierre Lemaitre - Camille - End of the trilogy. Police Commandant Camille Verhoven is surprised to find romance so soon after the death of his wife. When the woman is attacked, he knows he must keep their personal relationship private if he’s to work to find whoever did it. Adele Highly Recommends This Trilogy.

Donna Leon - Falling in Love - Years ago, Brunetti proved opera great Flavia Petrelli was innocent of murder (Death at La Fenice). She’s back in Venice but with a new problem that she explains to Brunetti; someone is showering her with flowers and she’s afraid she has a stalker, a maniacal fan. When another singer is attacked, Brunetti accepts the diva’s fears. Signed Copies Available.

Torquil MacLeod - Meet Me in Malmö - 1st with Swedish Inspector Anita Sundström, first published in 2010. There are three in the series by this Scottish writer.

Mallock - The Faces of God - A metaphysical, theological and crime story. Parisian Police Commissioner Mallock is so used to human ugliness that he is certain God has abandoned mankind. But a new killer, dubbed by the press “The Makeup Artist” due to the astonishing tableau he creates with his victims, leads Mallock to think perhaps, at least, the Devil does exist. Pseudonym of Jean-Denis Bruet-Ferreol.

Antonio Manzini - Black Run - Debut by an Italian actor, screenwriter and director, a bestseller in Europe. After he rubbed the wrong people the wrong way, Rome policeman Rocco Schiavone is exiled to a small, touristy, alpine town. He hates the mountains, the local rubes and his new bosses. But he’s a dedicated detective. His first case – a butchered body found on a piste above Champoluc – puts him in the thick of the unknown.

Liza Marklund - Borderline - 9th with Swedish journalist Annika Bengtzon. Back in Stockholm after three years working in DC, Annika is torn between the personal and the professional: her colleagues think a serial killer is haunting the city after a 4th woman is found dead consistent with other murders; yet her husband has been kidnapped while with a group at a conference in Kenya.

Jakob Melander - The House that Jack Built - Copenhagen Insp. Lars Winkler may be a brilliant detective but he’s living in a crummy flat with his teenage daughter after his wife deserted them for his boss. Speed and rock n’ roll are all that keep him going. Then a string of murders takes place – preserved bodies, eyes surgically removed – and the city loses its mind.

Jo Nesbø - Blood On Snow - Back in the ‘70s, Olav was a feared cold-blooded assassin. Working for Oslo’s crime kingpin, he “fixed” problems. But he’s become aware of two things about himself: he’s suddenly developed the capacity for love – love for his boss’s wife; he, himself, may be a target for fixing. Stand-alone thriller.

Peter Riva - Murder on Safari - Debut novel by the noted literary agent and video producer. While filming in East Africa for a documentary, TV producer Pero Baltazar, his guide Mbuno, and the daughter of a big-time TV evangelist discover a planned al-Shabaab terrorist attack on a gathering of hundreds of thousands of Christians set for Nairobi.

Michael Robotham - Life Or Death - After a decade in prison for a robbery in which the $7 million was never found, Audie Palmer has endured the worst of the Texas prison system – beatings by inmates and guards, but anyone who thinks they can hammer out of him the answer to Big Question: where is the money? On the day before he’s to be released, Palmer vanishes.

Angela Savage - The Dying Beach - 3rd with Australian PI Jayne Keeney. On holiday with her new boyfriend/partner Rajiv in Thailand, their fledgling relationship is tested when their tour guide is murdered and their trust is threatened.

Vidar Sundstøl - The Ravens - End of this Norwegian crime writer’s award-winning Minnesota Trilogy. Recent times have been tough for US Forest Service ranger Lance Hansen. Somehow, the recent murder that has caused him to go on the run may be tied to murder of an Ojibwe medicine man a century ago. The mysteries multiply on him as he searches for answers, a search that will take him from the grit of the Twin Cities to the tiny tourist towns that dot the North Shore – and into the wilds where the outposts of history are kept.

Paul Thomas - Fallout - 5th with Maori cop Tito Ihaka. Demoted for insubordination, Tito is investigating the cold case of a 17-year-old girl who died at an election night party. In the course of it, he runs across information that sheds light on his own father’s death. This new info raises questions about whether it was due to natural causes.

Fred Vargas - Dog Will Have His Day - Second in the trilogy with the Three Evangelists. Adele recommends this author.

Robert Wilson - You Will Never Find Me - The daughter of two detectives disappears, leaving a taunting note – “you will never find me.” The trail leads to the Madrid underground. One of Janine’s favorite authors.


In Paper

Kjell Eriksson - Black Lies, Red Blood
Karin Fossum - I Can See in the Dark
Mo Hayder - Wolf
Mai Jia - Decoded
Kristina Ohlsson - The Disappeared
Jan Merete Weiss - A Few Drops of Blood


Coming This Summer

Massimo Carlotto - The Gang of Lovers
Kjell Eriksson - Open Grave
Karin Fossum - The Drowned Boy
Qui Xiaolong - Loyal Character Dancer


From Great Britain

Kate Atkinson - A God in Ruins - Sequel to Life After Life. The story follows Ursula Todd’s brother Teddy – a fighter pilot in WWII who deals with a life in the middle of the 20th C. that he never expected to live to see.

M.C. Beaton - Death of a Liar - 29th with Sgt. Hamish Macbeth who is feeling guilty about the woman who reported that she couldn’t remember the night before. He knew she’d been drinking so he told her to not worry much. Now she’s dead. Coming this fall Dishing The Dirt.

Sharon (S.J.) Bolton - Little Black Lies - The people who live on the Falkland Islands are a tight bunch. When one child goes missing, there’s clear concern and outrage. When others do, it turns into paranoia and hysteria. In paper, A Dark and Twisted Tide.

William Brodrick - The Discourtesy of Death - Brother Anselm investigates when an academic celebrity is anonymously accused of murdering his disabled partner two years ago when everyone was told she died of a quick course of cancer. It is a touchy case, fraught with politics and moral ambiguities.

Christopher Brookmyre - Dead Girl Walking - Seeking redemption from the trials of his life, journalist Jack Parlabane jumps into a soup of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Successful and adored, musician Heike Gunn had it all – and then simply vanished. Parlabane thinks that if he can find her, he’ll get back the respect he craves. His search will take him across Europe and into the center of her band, a group on the verge of disintegrating. In paper, Bred in the Bone.

Anne Cleeland - Murder in Hindsight - The Yard’s Kathleen Doyle tracks a killer who seems to be affecting his own justice – on those the courts set free. In paper, Murder in Retribution.

Ann Cleeves - Thin Air - 6th with Det. Jimmy Perez. A group of friends come to the Shetland Islands to celebrate a wedding. One of the women disappears, as if into the mist. She’d said she’d seen the ghost of a girl dead for 90 years. Did she wander off somewhere after the spirit? Adele Recommends This Series.

Sabine Durrant - Remember Me This Way - A year to the day after her husband’s death in a car wreck, Lizzie hopes to end her crushing grief by visiting the spot, laying flowers as a memorial, and trying to move on. When she gets there, she finds someone else has left flowers for him, someone she does not know.

Kate Ellis - The Death Season - 19th with DI Wesley Peterson. A man murdered in a motel isn’t carrying valid ID. So who is he?

Elizabeth George - A Banquet of Consequences - In their 20th case, Lynley and Havers investigate the murder of a feminist writer and speaker. As they dig into the case, the complexities of it expand.

Elly Griffiths - The Ghost Fields - 7th in this archeological series. When a WWII plane – with pilot still inside – is found, the authorities call in Ruch Galloway for assistance.

Mari Hannah - Fatal Games - With the help of a forensic anthropologist, DCI Kate Daniels investigates skeletal remains found under the fortified walls of an ancient Northumberland castle.

Samantha Hayes - What You Left Behind - Some time off to decompress at her sister’s in Warwickshire leads DI Lorraine Fisher into a nerve-wracking investigation tied to her nephew. A string of teen suicides has rocked the area and now her nephew is missing. Is there something worse than sympathetic suicides going on?

Elizabeth Haynes - Behind Closed Doors - Two recent crimes and one ten-years old, are investigated by one team of cops, a five-day story told in flashbacks by means of police reports, transcripts, graphs and charts, from the points of view of those involved. Can you solve it by following the reports? 2nd in the series.

Stuart MacBride - A Song for the Dying - In the 8 years since the last murder, DI Ash Henderson’s life and career have imploded and a crime boss has made it his job to put Ash in prison for life. But the killer known as “The Inside Man”, who stopped his murders as suddenly as he started them, appears to be back and Ash is the man needed for the investigation. A grisly path to redemption awaits him.

Malcolm Mackay: The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter - How a Gunman Says Goodbye - The Sudden Arrival of Violence - An award-winning and bestselling trilogy set in Glasgow finally comes to the US. The story of two hitmen, one growing too old to do the job and another just starting out but already wanting out of the work.

Adrian McKinty - Gun Street Girl - 4th with Det. Sean Duffy. It is 1985 and Duffy is dealing with a thick case of burn-out, but events will not allow any rest. He’s assigned to a case of a man who appears to have killed his parents then jumped off a cliff. As he investigates, he finds out the man was at a party where a cabinet minister’s daughter died of an overdose. The case spirals from there.


In Paper

Matthew Dunn - Dark Spies
Philip Kerr - Prayer
Peter May - The Lewis Man
Denise Mina - The Red Road
Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch - Adele Recommends.


Coming this Summer

Belinda Bauer - Rubbernecker
Mark Billingham - Time Of Death
Ken Bruen - Green Hell
R.J. Ellory - Ghostheart
Sophie Hannah - Woman with a Secret
Peter Lovesey - Down Among The Bones
Stuart MacBride - The Missing And The Dead
Peter May - Entry Island
Ian Rankin - The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories
Peter Robinson - In Dark Places


Mystery Specialty Presses

Altus Press

Theodore Roscoe - Four Corners, Volume 1 - Mystery runs rampant in the quiet, upstate New York town of Four Corners.... Easily one of Roscoe's best-written series, Volume 1 collects the first half of this lost masterpiece of the pulps. Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

Lester Dent - Genius Jones - The gold-dusted saga of a red-bearded young giant, raised in the Arctic on seal-meat and encyclopedias, who descends on civilization with a loud and solid crash in his search for wisdom and adventure. Never before reprinted, it's the longest novel Dent ever published, and one of the most famous. Part of The Argosy Library of classics. Introduction by Will Murray

J. Allan Dunn - In the Grip of the Griffin: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning & The Griffin, Volume 3 - The end of the saga! Running for 31 installments, this is one of the classic sagas from the pages of “Detective Fiction Weekly” featuring master criminal The Griffin and his war on America. Written by one of the most colorful authors of pulpdom, Volume 3 contains the final 10 stories of the series, uncut, and with all the original images.

H. Bedford-Jones - The King Makers: The Adventures of Vincent Connor - House of Missing Men: Vincent Connor—to all simply a wealthy playboy—but his “play” was matching wits in tight places against wily Oriental intriguers and the theft of the priceless Han jades.  Collects the entire series. Part of The H. Bedford-Jones Uniform Library.

H. Bedford-Jones - The Sphinx Strikes - Spy Against Europe: In this most dangerous game, The Sphinx, iron-nerved spy, was instructed—“Suspect everybody! And remember, murder is nothing in this business.” Collecting—for the first time—the entire series. Part of The H. Bedford-Jones Uniform Library.

H. Bedford-Jones - Treasure Seekers - Carson's Folly: Carson’s contraption failed as a mine-detector, but it could locate something buried much deeper: treasure. Thus spurred one of H. Bedford-Jones’ most exciting series (ten parts in all); one that has never before been reprinted. Part of The H. Bedford-Jones Uniform Library.

George F. Worts - The Masked Master Mind - One of Argosy's most popular authors pens this never-before reprinted novel of a trail of crime that ran from sleepy Maple Hollow to Steel City. Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

G.T. Fleming-Roberts - Secret Agent "X": The Complete Series, Volume 7 - For 41 issues from 1934 to 1939, Secret Agent "X" battled the forces of evil in the pages of his own pulp magazine. Now, for the first time, the complete pulp series is being reprinted in nine deluxe omnibus editions! The text has been reset and all the original interior illustrations have been remastered. This volume contains the next five stories, by G.T Fleming-Roberts: "The Doom Director," "Horror's Handclasp," "City of Madness," "Death's Frozen Formula" and "The Murder Brain." This is the Secret Agent "X" reprint series to own! Introduction by Tom Johnson

Emile C. Tepperman - Secret 6 Classics: The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile - The final volume collecting the saga of The Suicide Squad! Contains "The Suicide Squad's Last Mile," "Shells for The Suicide Squad," "Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins," "The Suicide Squad’s Private War," and "—For Tomorrow We Die!"

Felony & Mayhem

Ngaio Marsh: False Scent, Hand in Glove, Dead Water, Killer Dolphin - The 21st – 24th in her Insp. Alleyn series (’60, ’62, ’64 and ’66 releases).

New Pulp Press

Tim L. Williams - Skull Fragments: Noir Stories - Creepy, dark and beautifully written stories of madness and perversion in the hills of western Kentucky by this Thriller Award-winning and Edgar Award-nominated author.

Lynn Kostoff - Words to Die For -  An ‘unputdownable’ tale of about a PR "fixer" trying to cover up a corporate screw-up that puts a ten-year old girl in a coma. This fascinating noir novel received a starred review in Booklist.

Poisoned Pen Press

Kate Charles - False Tongues - 4th with Reverend Callie Anson. A reunion at her theological college at Cambridge is nerve-wracking on many fronts.

Steven F. Havill - Blood Sweep - 19th in his Posadas County series. Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman has two things to worry about: her gifted 15 –year-old-son is playing piano on a concert tour through a dangerous section of Mexico; and an uncle she didn’t know about has come to the area, seemingly trailing trouble everywhere he goes.

Stark House

W.R. Burnett - Little Men, Big World/Vanity Row - From 1951 & ’52, two stories about political corruption in a big Midwestern city, where the important deals are always made behind closed doors, and the real power is wielded behind the throne. Burnett, a 20th C. master, is the author of High Sierra, Little Caesar and The Asphalt Jungle.

Frank Kane - Liz/Syndicate Girl - Most famous as the creator of ‘50s and ‘60s paperback PI Johnny Liddell, these two novels offer a different side of Kane. Liz is the story of a woman whose road to success is paved with murder. Girl is a hard-hitting thriller about a corrupt city and the man who stakes his life to clean it up. These are both from 1958.

Douglas Sanderson - Night of the Horns/Cry Wolfram - Sanderson isn’t well known but he should be. He wrote a series of white-hot thrillers in the 1950s that were published under his two pseudonyms, Martin Brett and Malcolm Douglas. But he also published a good many novels under his own name. Horns (1958) tells the seedy tale of a Southern California lawyer whose life is ripped apart when he agrees to do a job for a racketeer.  Cry (1959) is the story of a cross-and-double-cross affair that takes place on the coast of Spain.



Lawrence Block, ed. - Dark City Lights: New York Stories - 23 suspense and noir stories that highlight all of the different moods of the city that never sleeps. Authors include Silverberg, Fusilli, and Rozan – and the editor, we hope.

The Cozy Cookbook: More than 100 Recipies from Today’s Bestselling Mystery Writers - Entrées, appetizers and desserts, accompanied by selections from the authors’ fiction – authors such as Hyzy, Childs, Coyle, McKinlay, Haywood, Aames, Shelton, Adams and the NW’s Leslie Budewitz.

The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook: Wickedly Good Meals and Desserts to Die For - Kate White, ed. - Over 80 new recipes from members of the writers organization such as Mary Higgins, Clark, Harlan Coben, Nelson DeMille, Laura Lippman, Charlaine Harris and Gillian Flynn. All meals, all types, food and drinks.

Marseille Noir - Cédric Fabre, ed. - 14 new stories, translated from the original French by David Ball and Nicole Ball.


Reissues of Note

John Bude - The Sussex Downs Murder - First published in 1936, the 3rd Golden Age whodunnit with Superintendent Meredith. A pair of brothers own and run a farm. One vanishes, his car found abandoned. Can there be a murder without a victim?

Thomas H. Cook - The City When it Rains - Stand-alone thriller from ’91.

Peter Corris - Make Me Rich, O’Fear, Wet Graves, Aftershock, Beware of the Dog, Burn, and Other Stories, Matrimonial Causes, Casino. More to come this Summer!

David Downing - The Red Eagles - His 2nd novel, from 1987, deals with the question of how the Soviets got the atomic bomb technology so quickly and deals with spies, both foreign and domestic. A critically acclaimed bestseller when first published.

Joanne Fluke - Fatal Identity - From ’93, a revised edition that tells the story of an identical twin who must become her murdered sister in order to finish a big Hollywood movie.

Donald Hamilton - The Intimidators - 15th Matt Helm, from 1974.

Stuart M. Kaminsky - Black Knight in Red Square - 2nd in his Insp. Rostnikov series, from ’83.

Charles Kingston - Murder in Piccadilly - From 1936, Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Wake investigates a murder tangled within love, hope, and the schemes of those after a large inheritance.

Ted Lewis - GBH - Last book by the Iconic British crime writer, never before published in the US. George Fowler’s criminal life is told in two tracks – while he is the king of London porn and later after his fall from power and riches. To give you some idea of the tone of the book, the title stands for Grievous Bodily Harm.

Sax Rohmer - The Shadow of Fu-Manchu - 11th in the series from 1948.

George Simenon: The Two-Penny Bar and The Shadow Puppet

Gore Vidal - Thieves Fall Out - First published as a Gold Medal paperback original in ’53 as by “Cameron Kay”, this is a story about a rag-tag American hired to smuggle an ancient artifact out of Cairo. It’s full of political and sexual tension and intrigue, and has never been published under his own name until now.

June Wright - So Bad a Death - From 1949, the second in this bestselling Australian series with Maggie Byrnes, now married and a mother. She investigates when the town loudmouth is murdered. The man may’ve been unpleasant but he was, after all, her landlord. The book includes a revealing interview with the author from 1993. AND, postponed from Dec, Duck Season Death (Dark Passage tpo, 12.95). Never before published Wright novel written in the 50s. An homage to the manor house mysteries as well as a spoof of them, the story concerns the murder of publisher Athol Sefton at his remote hunting lodge. There’s no shortage of suspects as everyone detested the man. His nephew, a reviewer of mystery novels, thinks he has the experience to solve the crime. Amber Recommends This Series.


Coming This Summer

Erle Stanley Gardner - The Case Of The Velvet Claws, The Case Of The Sulky Girl, The Case Of The Lucky Legs, The Case Of The Howling Dog, The Case Of The Curious Bride


Special Interest

Bruce Robinson - The Name of the Ripper: One Man’s Obsessive Quest to Discover the Identity of History’s Most Notorious Murderer - From the catalog: “Bruce Robinson, the legendary writer and director behind Withnail & I, returns to London in a re-examination of the most provocative murder investigation in British history: the slayings of prostitutes by the mysterious figure known as "Jack the Ripper Robinson reveals a theory much more nuanced than the usual "whodunit" of Ripper texts. He is less interested in the "who" than the "why"-a question he answers in such a way that the "who" doesn't much matter.”

James Ellroy - LAPD ’53 - In association with the LA Police Museum, a selection of 85 crime scene photos from 1953, accompanied by 25,000 words from Ellroy to put them in context of LA of that time and era.

Henry Hill and Daniel Simone - The Lufthansa Heist - The insider’s view by one of the organizers (in Goodfellas, Hill was portrayed by Ray Liotta), “Behind the Six-MillionDollar Cash Haul That Shook the World”. Hill was working on this book when he died in 2012.

Stephen Kurkjian - Master Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art Heist - The history of the Gardner Museum robbery by a Boston reporter who has tracked the case since it happened in March of 1990. He gives the details of the heist, the red herrings and theories, the Feds and the goombas and, finally, what he thinks happened. It’s a great whodunnit but one that, so far, has no solution. JB recommends.

Lisa Lutz - How to Start a Fire - There’s no mystery in this story about the friendship between these women, but there are secrets and lies and a lot of quirky humans. If you’re a Lutz fan, you won’t want to miss this one! Fran Recommends.

Val McDermid - Forensics - The respected Scottish author and publisher turns her skill to the history of forensics – how the science started, what it is capable of, who were the founders of the science, who were the superstars, where it is now and where it may be going.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much - Michael Wood - Compact 144 pg. biography and critique of the man and his movies by a versatile and innovative film critic.


Urban Fantasy & Steampunk

Kelly Armstrong - Empire Of Night - 2nd book in the Age of Legends series. Ashyn and Moria must overcome deadly enemies--not all of them human--as they attempt to help avert a war for the empire. In Paper: Sea Of Shadows

Anne Bishop - Vision in Silver - 3rd in the series. The Others freed the "cassandra sangue" to protect the blood prophets from exploitation, not realizing their actions would have dire consequences. Now the fragile seers are in greater danger than ever before--both from their own weaknesses and from those who seek to control their divinations for wicked purposes. In desperate need of answers, Simon Wolfgard, a shape-shifter leader among the Others, has no choice but to enlist blood prophet Meg Corbyn's help, regardless of the risks she faces by aiding him. Meg is still deep in the throes of her addiction to the euphoria she feels when she cuts and speaks prophecy. She knows each slice of her blade tempts death. But Others and humans alike need answers, and her visions may be Simon's only hope of ending the conflict. Amber and Fran Recommend.

Heather Blake - Some Like It Witchy - 5th in the Enchanted Village witchcraft mystery series.

Patricia Briggs - Dead Heat - What starts out as a short holiday to Arizona so that Charles can buy Anna a horse for her birthday turns into a nightmare. 4th in her Alpha and Omega series. Fran and Amber recommend this series.

Gail Carriger - Prudence - When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama ("Rue" to her friends) is bequeathed an unexpected dirigible, she does what any sensible female under similar circumstances would do -- she christens it the "Spotted Custard" and floats off to India. Soon, she stumbles upon a plot involving local dissidents, a kidnapped brigadier's wife, and some awfully familiar Scottish werewolves. Faced with a dire crisis (and an embarrassing lack of bloomers), Rue must rely on her good breeding -- and her metanatural abilities -- to get to the bottom of it all. Set after the 5th book of the Parasol Protectorate series. Amber Recommends Carriger's other series (I am sure I will like this one as well!).

Dawn Eastman - A Fright to the Death - From the catalog: “Everyone’s favorite family of psychics is snowbound in a creepy castle with a cold-blooded killer.”

Chris Marie Green - Every Breath You Take - I never accomplished much when I was alive. As an average eighties California beach bum, I, Jensen Murphy, didn't have any direction. But since I've joined Boo World, I've found a calling. Now, I'm a supernatural investigator, using my ghostly skills to spook confessions out of bad guys. But being a paranormal PI is taking its toll. Spirits are hounding me for justice day and night, and, now, a ghost hunting TV show is digging up dirt on my unsavory demise that I'd rather keep buried. Worst of all, a seriously evil specter is making my afterlife hell by hurting the people and ghosts I care about. To stop him, I'll need assistance from a higher power--only the price I'll have to pay for that help could be my very soul...

Charlaine Harris - Day Shift - 2nd set in Midnight, TX, where the residents dislike publicity or strangers – and murder is a close 3rd. In paper, Midnight Crossroad.

Barbara Hambly - The Kindred Of Darkness - When James Asher and his wife Lydia's baby daughter Miranda is kidnapped by the Master Vampire of London, the stakes are high: blindly follow the Master Vampire's instructions, keep out of the way of the human networks that serves the vampires, destroy the interloper who seeks to seize control of the London Nest, and find the key to the Nest's tortuous inner workings: The Book of the Kindred of Darkness. Even with the vampire Don Simon Ysidro on their side, there's no guarantee that anything - or anyone - is who or what they appear to be. Nor is there any certainty that they'll see their child again - or survive the experience themselves.

Naomi Novik - Uprooted - Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted Wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life.
Her people rely on the cold, driven wizard known only as the Dragon to keep its powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as falling to the Wood. The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid. She knows--"everyone" knows--that the Dragon will take Kasia: beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia, all the things Agnieszka isn't, and her dearest friend in the world. And there is no way to save her. But Agnieszka fears the wrong things. For when the Dragon comes, it is not Kasia he will choose. Amber Highly Recommends!

Nicole Peeler - Jinn and Juice - Meet Lyla: Jinn, belly dancer, and the hottest new urban fantasy heroine in town.To escape an arranged marriage, a jinni granted Lyla her wish: to live a thousand years as a jinni herself. Now, her servitude is ending, but there are a few obstacles in Lyla's path to freedom. Fran enjoyed this book.

Benjamin Percy - The Dead Lands - A few humans carry on, living in outposts such as the Sanctuary-the remains of St. Louis-a shielded community that owes its survival to its militant defense and fear-mongering leaders. Then a rider comes from the wasteland beyond its walls. She reports on the outside world: west of the Cascades, rain falls, crops grow, civilization thrives. But there is danger too: the rising power of an army that pillages and enslaves every community they happen upon. Against the wishes of the Sanctuary, a small group sets out in secrecy. Led by Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark, they hope to expand their infant nation, and to reunite the States. But the Sanctuary will not allow them to escape without a fight.


Diane Rowland - Vengeance Of The Demon - 7th novel in the Kara Gilligan novels.

Simon Kurt Unsworth - The Devil’s Detective - Investigator Thomas Fool works the desk in Hell over which all reports of violence and horror in the Underworld flow. There’s no glory or satisfaction because, well, it’s Hell and there’s no justice or ‘right’. But someone is committing murders in a particularly new and brutal fashion and it is Fool’s errand to catch the fiend.


Now in paperback

Jim Butcher - Skin Game
Deborah Harkness - The Book of Life - Fran recommends this trilogy.
Kim Harrison - The Witch with No Name


Coming this Summer

Ernest Cline - Armada

Simon R. Green - Property Of A Lady Faire

Richard Kadrey - Killing Pretty

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Saves The World



Laurie Cass - Borrowed Crime - 1st in a new series with Michigan librarian Minnie Hamilton. She travels the area in a bookmobile with her rescue cat, Eddie, but her boss is threatening to cut the service due to budget concerns. When a volunteer on the route dies mysteriously, Minnie has to double her efforts.

Ellen Crosby - Ghost Image - Photojournalist Sophie Medina discovers her friend, Brother Kevin, dead in the garden of the DC monastery. A vocal environmentalist, there are any number of suspects who might have gone so far as to murder a man of the cloth. An early clue is a link to a priceless 17th C. encyclopedia of plants. In paper, Multiple Exposures.

Laura Di Silverio - The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco - 1st in a new series. When a murder happens inside a bookclub, the members find that solving a mystery is much harder than it seems from the books they read.

Peter Doyle - The Big Whatever - First in an Australian series that has won Ned Kelly Awards for each book. Back in the late 60s, Bill Glasheen was into everything heavy – sex, drugs, rock, and crime. But a heist went bad, his partner died and the money was burned up. He’s now older and quieter, with kids, and driving a cab. One day he finds a scrungy paperback that was left in the backseat. Looking it over, it appears to be about him and his past – which is impossible as the only person who could tell those stories is dead. At least he’s thought to be dead.

Alex Erickson - Death by Coffee - Two friends open a combination bookshop and coffee shop called Death by Coffee – the name comes from a bestselling mystery written by one of their fathers. Life imitates art too closely when one of their first customers dies after a few sips. Seems he was deathly allergic to the peanuts that somehow got into his java. Debut.

Carolyn Hart - Don’t Go Home - In her 25th novel, bookseller Annie Darling is putting on a fete for a Southern literary bigshot who grew up in her town. He’s announced that he’ll be revealing what his real-life inspirations were. Some in town would prefer those be kept quiet. In paper, Death at the Door. Fran Recommends This Series.

Ashton Lee - The Wedding Circle - 3rd with the Cherry Cola Book Club in Cherico, MS.

Matthew Pearl - The Last Bookaneer - This is fact: publishing is the days of Twain and Dickens was fraught with publishing pirates as there were no laws to protect the authors. The writers gained fame but no riches from these stolen works, printed by scoundrels called ‘bookaneers’. New international laws put an end to it. This novel takes place as the laws are being drafted but before they’re enacted. Two bookaneers head to Samoa where a dying Robert Louis Stevenson labors to finish his final manuscript. The thieves plan to steal it and make a fortune before the new laws are enacted.

Bryon Quertermous - Murder Boy - Dominick Prince is ready to move on with his life, hoping to use the poverty and crime of his youth feed his desire to write commercial crime fiction and make a mint at it. His thesis advisor refuses to pass him, insisting Prince aim for higher literary heights. If the professor won’t pass him willingly, Prince decides to force him after kidnapping him. But Prince is far better at writing crime than executing it and things go from bad to comically worse. How can you become a rich and famous writer when you’re digging your own grave?

Elaine Viets - Checked Out - 14th in the Dead-End Job series, this one set in a library where a masterpiece is missing.


Now in paper

Lorna Barrett - Book Clubbed
Kate Carlisle - The Book Stops Here
Martha Grimes - Vertigo 42


Special Interest

Alexander McCall Smith - Emma - Latest in a series of retelling of Jane Austin’s books by contemporary authors. Finishing her university time, Emma Woodhouse goes home to Highbury, planning to open an interior design business. She’s quickly reabsorbed into her group of friends. Mini-Coopers and espressos may’ve replaced carriages and tea but the sense and sensibility of the characters and story remain the same. In paper, Val McDermid, Northanger Abbey. Amber enjoys these reimagined stories.


Kids & Young Adult

Elizabeth George - The Edge Of Shadows - Book Three in in the Whidbey Island Series. The first fire may have been an accident, but what about the second? And the third--the one that killed someone. Becca King and her friends wonder if one of the newcomers to the island is to blame. Perhaps it's Isis Martin's brother, Aidan, just home from a school for troubled teens. Or Parker Natalia, a talented musician fired by his bandmates for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Becca's education in the paranormal continues, as fellow psychic Diana Kinsale encourages her to explore her growing extrasensory abilities.

Rachel Hawkins - Miss Mayhem - Life is "almost "back to normal for Harper Price. The Ephors have been silent after their deadly attack at Cotillion months ago, and best friend Bee has returned after a mysterious disappearance. Now Harper can return her focus to the important things in life: school, canoodling with David, her nemesis-turned-ward-slash-boyfie, and even competing in the Miss Pine Grove pageant. Unfortunately, supernatural chores are never done. The Ephors have decided they'd rather train David than kill him. The catch: Harper has to come along for the ride, but she can't stay David's Paladin unless she undergoes an an ancient trial that will either kill her or make her more powerful than ever.

Jennifer Latham - Scarlett Undercover - When Scarlett agrees to investigate a local boy's suicide, she figures she's in for an easy case and a quick buck. But it doesn't take long for suicide to start looking a lot like murder. As Scarlett finds herself deep in a world of cults, curses, and the seemingly supernatural, she discovers that her own family secrets may have more to do with the situation than she thinks...and that cracking the case could lead to solving her father's murder.

Mary Lu - Spirit Animals: The Evertree - 7th book in the series. Together, the team has journeyed across Erdas, racing to stop a merciless foe. They have laughed and fought together. They've won challenges and lost friends. Some have even lost themselves. Now that journey is about to end. They must reach a place forgotten by time and face off against an ancient enemy breaking free from his prison. They have just one chance to stop him or the whole world will shatter.

Brandon Mull - Crystal Keepers - Book 3 in the Five Kingdoms Series. Cole Randolph ventures to a new kingdom as he continues his search for his friends—and also pursues his quest to mend what has gone awry with the magic in The Outskirts. Can he overcome the challenges ahead, or will he be stranded forever in a world between reality and imagination? Amber Enjoys This Series.

Danielle Paige - The Wicked Will Rise - My name is Amy Gumm and I'm the other girl from Kansas. After a tornado swept through my trailer park, I ended up in Oz. Dorothy had returned, but she was now a ruthless dictator. Glinda could no longer be called the Good Witch. And the Wicked Witches who were left? They'd joined forces as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, and they wanted to recruit me. To kill Dorothy. Except my job as assassin didn't work out as planned. Dorothy is still alive. And the home I couldn't wait to leave behind might be in danger. I have to find the Order, protect the true ruler of Oz, take Dorothy and her henchmen down--and try to figure out what I'm really doing here.

Cherie Priest - I Am Princess X - Once upon a time, two best friends created a princess together. Libby drew the pictures, May wrote the tales, and their heroine, Princess X, slayed all the dragons and scaled all the mountains their imaginations could conjure.Then Libby died, and Princess X died with her. Now May is sixteen and lonely, when she sees a sticker slapped in a corner window. Princess X? The more May explores the new Princess X art, the more she sees disturbing similarities between Libby's story and Princess X online. And that means that only one person could have started this phenomenon---her best friend, Libby, who lives.

Spencer Quinn - Woof - There is trouble brewing in the Louisiana swamp -- Bowser can smell it. Bowser is a very handsome and only slightly slobbery dog, and he can smell lots of things. Like bacon. And rawhide chews And the sweat on humans when they're lying. Birdie Gaux, the girl Bowser lives with, also knows something is wrong. It's not just that her grammy's stuffed prize marlin has been stolen. It's the weird rumor that the marlin is linked to a missing treasure. It's the truck that seems to be following Birdie and the bad feeling on the back of her neck. When Birdie and Bowser start digging into the mystery, not even Bowser's powerful sniffer can smell just how menacing the threat is. And when the danger comes straight for Birdie, Bowser knows it up to him to sic 'em.

Octavia Spencer - The Sweetest Heist In History - The 2nd book in this series. Life in sleepy Deer Creek has begun to feel…a bit boring. There are no crimes to investigate! But a trip to New York City to visit Randi’s aunt changes that! While the ninja detective trio explores Randi’s old neighborhood in Brooklyn, they uncover an art heist. Except no one will believe them. So they’ll just have to catch the criminals in the act... Amber Enjoyed The First Book In This Series.

Paula Stokes - Liars, Inc. - Max Cantrell has never been a big fan of the truth, so when the opportunity arises to sell forged permission slips and cover stories to his classmates, it sounds like a good way to make a little money. So with the help of his friend Preston and his girlfriend, Parvati, Max starts Liars, Inc. Suddenly everybody needs something, and the cash starts pouring in. Who knew lying could be so lucrative?

Maryrose Wood - The Unmapped Sea - Lord Fredrick Ashton may not feel ready to be a father, but with a little Ashton on the way, he's sure about one thing: The wolfish curse on his family must end soon, before the child is born. Penelope willingly takes on the challenge; when Lady Constance's doctor prescribes a seaside holiday, Penelope jumps at the chance to take the three Incorrigible children to Brighton, where she hopes to persuade the old sailor Pudge to reveal what he knows about the Ashton curse. But the Ashtons are not the only ones at the beach in January. The passionately temperamental Babushkinov family is also taking the winter waters. The Incorrigible children may have been raised by wolves, but the Babushkinov children are the wildest creatures they've ever seen. Is it more than mere coincidence that these untamed children have turned up in Brighton just as Penelope and the Incorrigibles arrive? Amber Enjoyes This Series.

Michelle Zink - Lies I Told - Grace Fontaine has everything: beauty, money, confidence, and the perfect family. But it’s all a lie. Grace has been adopted into a family of thieves who con affluent people out of money, jewelry, art, and anything else of value. Grace has never had any difficulty pulling off a job, but when things start to go wrong on the Fontaines' biggest heist yet, Grace finds herself breaking more and more of the rules designed to keep her from getting caught...including the most important one of all: never fall for your mark.


Now In Paper

Patrick Carman - Floors: 3 Below, Floors: Field Of Wacky Inventions

Rachel Hawkins - Rebel Belle

Danielle Page - Dorothy Must Die



Maryrose Wood - The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling, The Hidden Gallery, The Unseen Guest, The Interrupted Tale

Holly Black - Dolly Bones


Coming This Summer

Garth Nix - To Hold The Bridge - Amber Cannot Wait For This Book To Come Out!


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