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Spring Newsletter


Spring 2017

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New from the Northwest

Cherry Adair - Stormchaser - 4th book in Cutter Cay series. A salvager Jonah is after the lost treasure of Atlantis. However there is a spy on his ship for a rival salvager and someone else who wants the ruins to stay lost forever.

Tessa Arlen - A Death by Any Other Name - 3rd in her Edwardian series. As the days lead toward the start of what will be called The Great War, Lady Montford and her housekeeper, Mrs. Jackson, work to solve a poisoning of one of the Hyde Rose Society guests. Was one of the amateur flower breeders perhaps jealous of another’s results? Signing – Saturday March 18th at Noon.

Nancy Bush - Dangerous Behavior - A woman washes up on an Oregon beach. She’s fortunate to be alive. Wasn’t supposed to be that way. She was supposed to be the latest victim of a couple who appear to be perfect in every way – they had been…perfect killers.

R.M. Greenaway - Undertow - 2nd with RCMP investigators Dion and Leith. In their 2nd book, neither is adjusting well to their posting in Vancouver BC. A series of nasty murders is making it worse. For such a cosmopolitan city, it feels as if they’ve moved into a killing zone. Still, it’s their job to solve the cases.

Lisa Jackson - You Will Pay - 20 years ago, a prank by camp counselors went wrong. One of those counselors is a senior sheriff’s detective and remains have been found that might lead back to that horrible day.

J.A. Jance - Man Overboard - Refusing to believe her nephew committed suicide while aboard a birthday cruise, a woman asks Ali Reynolds to probe the events. 12th in the series. In paper, Downfall, Brady #17. Signing – Monday April 1st at 1pm.

Jeff Johnson - Lucky Supreme: A Novel of Many Crimes - Even Portland’s Old Town neighborhood is in the grips of mindless gentrification and Darby’s tattoo parlor is ground zero. To complicate his life further, a rare piece of flash (tattoo artwork) has been stolen from his wall. Why would a design from 1955 be valuable to anyone? When it resurfaces in Northern California, Darby heads south to find out. He’ll find himself in a strange mix of lies, betrayal, crimes and history. First in a trilogy.

Owen Laukkanen - The Forgotten Girls - 6th with Kirk Stevens and Carla Windemere. Almost inadvertently, the pair of investigators come across a series of murders that are tied to the Northern Rockies High Line train. The victims have all been runaways and no other investigative force seems to care much about stopping them.

Amanda Quick - The Girl Who Knew Too Much - In the 1930s, Hollywood hotshots like to get away from LA and find privacy in Burning Cove. Reporter Cordelia Carter goes undercover for her tabloid to follow a story. The story she’ll get is that of a murdered starlet. But since she can’t really explain who she is, she is the prime suspect. In paper, ‘Til Death Do Us Part.

Candace Robb - A Twisted Vengeance - In her second appearance, it is 1399 and York is preparing for Civil War. While the city is in an uproar, Kate Clifford’s mother returns under a cloud of suspicion. Her husband has died on the continent and criminal activity surrounds her. Against her will, Kate is pulled into her mother’s turmoil. In paper, The Service of the Dead. Signing – Wednesday May 17th at Noon.

Chevy Stevens - Never Let You Go - Her abusive ex in jail, Lindsey has taken her daughter and started a new life. All is well until she learns he’s been released. She thinks they’re safe until disturbing things begin to happen. One of Fran’s favs. Signed Copies Available.

Sam Wiebe - Invisible Dead - Dave Wakeland is your traditional private eye – talented ex-cop with a nose for trouble and cases that don’t pay for themselves. That’s a real problem now that he’s got a partner and fancy new and expensive offices. His new case will be like that but worse. He’s hired by a terminally ill woman to find her daughter who disappeared a decade ago. His one lead is from an imprisoned serial killer who directs him towards the city’s underworld of thugs. First in a new series by this award-winning Vancouver, BC, writer.

Frank Zafiro - The Last Collar - Half of the writing team – the other author is Lawrence Kelter. The demons that drive John “Mocha” Moccia to obsess, to put absolutely everyone under a microscope, and scratch away at every last clue, make him the best hardnosed detective in Brooklyn homicide. But these same demons may very well write the final chapter in his career. In his most recent case, answers are damn hard to come by. Partnered with the conscientious Detective Matt Winslow, Mocha endeavors to solve the murder of the wealthy and beautiful Jessica Shannon. Signing – Saturday April 29th at Noon.

James W. Ziskin - Cast the First Stone - In Feb. of 1962, newspaper reporter Ellie Stone is sent to LA to write about a local kid from upstate NY who is staring in a new movie. When she gets there she learns he’s disappeared. The author has recently moved to Seattle. Signing – Saturday June 7th at Noon.

Now in Paperback

Glen Erik Hamilton - Hard Cold Winter - JB and Fran Recommend.
Spencer Kope - Collecting The Dead
Martin Limon - Ping Pong Heart - JB Recommends.
Renee Patrick - Design for Dying

Northwest True Crime

Phil Stanford - Rose City Vice: Portland in the ‘70s – Dirty Cops and Dirty Robbers - The dark history of what has been branded a goofy and loveable place, Portand, OR, tracing the crime and corruption that has burbled below the surface since after the Civil War, into Prohibition, and the rise of organized crime. The center of the book is the “Great Portland Vice Scandal of 1956-57”. Includes black & white photos of the people and places.

Mysterious Youth

Kelly Garrett - The Last to Die - Harper is 16, bored and frustrated by her family. She and her friends decide to start a burglary ring. They’ll break into one another’s homes and take only things that can be easily replaced. Then one of them says they should start burglarizing the homes of classmates. That’s when the real fun, and real danger, starts. Debut by a Portland writer.

April Henry - Count All Her Bones - Sequel to Girl, Stolen. Once again she finds herself at the mercy of Roy and his henchman, but can she free herself this time without any help? Signing – Monday May 1st at Noon.

Coming This Summer

Ellie Alexander - A Crime of Passion Fruit – Jules Capshaw
Leslie Budewitz - Treble at the Jam Fest – New Series
Christine Carbo - The Weight of Night – Monty Harris - Signing
Maia Chance - Bad Housekeeping – New Series.
Glen Erik Hamilton - Every Day Above Ground - Van Shaw
Lisa Jackson - Almost Dead
Kevin O’Brien - Hide Your Fears - Signing
Spencer Quinn - The Right Side
Matthew Sullivan - Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore
Ione Whishaw - Death in a Darkening Mist – Lane Winslow

New from the Americas

Jeff Abbott - Blame - When Jane crashed the car and killed David, everyone in town was sympathetic. Then a note was found in her handwriting saying “I wish we could die together.” She’s had amnesia and doesn’t remember anything about the accident – or the note.

Susan Wittig Albert - The Last Chance Olive Ranch - 26th with herbalist China Bayles. In paper, Blood Orange.

Barbara Allan - Antiques Frame - 12th in antiques TV star Brandy Borne. In paper, Antiques Fate.

Nancy Atherton - Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse - 22nd in the series. As Easter approaches, Lori learns about a local legend – the Widow’s Curse. Amber Recommends This Series

Ace Atkins - Little White Lies - In his 6th in his continuing Robert B. Parker series, Spenser and Hawk are on the trail of a guy who fleeced investors and left a trail of financial horrors. In paper, Slow Burn.

David Baldacci - The Fix - 3rd Amos Decker. On the sidewalk outside FBI headquarters, he witnesses a murder/suicide. Nothing about it makes sense. In paper, No Man’s Land.

James Carlos Blake - Borderlands: Short Fictions - A memoir fragment previously published, a novella, and seven short stories from the master of Border noir.

Peter Blauner - Proving Ground - After a decade writing for TV, this Edgar-winner returns to a novel. Iraqi war veteran Nathaniel Dresden is having a difficult time adapting to civilian live. When his father – a controversial defense attorney despised by every cop in NYC - is murdered, things get worse. But the young Latina detective assigned to investigate is sympathetic and soon he and Lourdes Robles are allies in the search for truth.

Barbara Bourland - I’ll Eat When I’m Dead - “Murder She Wrote meets Valley of the Dolls”. Found dead in a locked conference room at her fashion magazine’s headquarters, everyone assumes Hillary Whitehead died of natural causes due to the unrelenting pressure to be thin. Two months later the NYPD discovers a note in her hand that changes the official cause of death to murder. Satire and sass, comedy and crime.

C.J. Box - Vicious Circle - Joe Pickett’s prolonged battle with the Cates family is about it heat up. In paper, Off the Grid, the 16th Pickett.

Laura Bradford - The Silence of the Flans - 2nd with the Emergency Desert Squad.

Rita Mae Brown - A Hiss Before Dying - 26th with Mrs. Murphy. In paper, Tall Tail.

Mollie Cox Bryan - No Charm Intended - Cora and her crafters team up to solve a missing person’s the police seem reluctant to solve.

Steve Burrows - A Shimmer of Hummingbirds - Canadian CI Domenic Jejeune hopes a bird watching trip will clear his mind. But his travels mates, and the rainforest, hold dark secrets.

Henry Chang - Lucky - 5th with NYC’s Chinatown detective Jack Yu. A boyhood friend of Jack’s grew up into a powerful gang leader. Shot in mid-January, Louie woke from a coma 88 days later – a number that is very lucky to the Chinese. Jack is pretty certain someone wants to cancel Louie’s luck.

Lincoln Child - Full Wolf Moon - Jeremy Logan returns to find a killer who, paradoxically, can’t exist.

Lee Child - No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories - 11 short stories gathered together for the first time, each with a new introduction by the author, in addition to a new novella that is previously unpublished. In paper, Night School.

Laura Childs - Pekoe Most Poison - 18th in her Tea Shop series. In paper, Devonshire Scream.

Mary Higgins Clark - All By Myself Alone - Gem and jewelry expert Celia Kilbride flees scandal on the eve of her wedding to a position lecturing aboard a cruise liner. Once at sea, Celia is drawn into the murder of a wealthy woman who was planning on leaving her gems to the Smithsonian. In paper, As Time Goes By.

Peg Cochran - Dead and Berried - 3rd in the Cranberry Cove series.

Kate Collins - Yews with Caution - 19th in her flower shop series.

Max Allan Collins and Mickey Spillane - The Will to Kill -The adventures of private eye Mike Hammer continue when he discovers the body of a butler on the Hudson River ice. In paper, Murder Never Knocks.

Sheila Connolly - Cruel Winter - 5th in her County Cork series.

Clive Cussler: With Graham Brown - Nighthawk - 14th in the NUMA Files series. In paper, with Boyd Morrison - The Emperor’s Revenge. The Cutthroat . 10th with Isaac Bell, Chief Investigator of the Van Dorn Detective Agency, 1911. In paper, The Gangster.

Janet Dawson - Water Signs - 12th with Oakland PI Jeri Howard. A former co-worker is found dead in the Bay. Jeri wants to know what happened.

Jeffery Deaver - The Burial Hour - An 8-year-old girl says a man was taken off the sidewalk in the middle of a bright afternoon. All that was left was a tiny noose. Rhyme and Sachs are called to investigate and nothing makes sense. Everyone begins to doubt the eyewitness. Until a similar abduction takes place in Italy.

Stephen Dobyns - Saratoga Payback - His license revoked, senior citizen Charlie Bradshaw is trying to be, well, a senior citizen. But then he finds Saratoga’s biggest annoyance dead on the sidewalk. What’s a former private eye to do? 11th in this comic series.

Vickie Fee - One Fete In The Grave - Party planner Liv McKay is planning the town’s 4th of July bash. Everything goes off splendidly until a body is found on the festival grounds.

Anthony Franze - The Outsider - Gray Hernandez has graduated from an undistinguished law school deeply in debt. The best job he can get in DC is as a messenger for the Supreme Court. But one night he stops a mugging and the grateful victim is one of the Justices. Just like that, Gray is elevated to clerk. Nothing great comes without cost and an FBI agent approaches Gray, tells him of problems on the court and asks him to report back on what he sees.

Brian Freeman - Marathon - A massive bomb along the Minneapolis marathon brings the FBI to Det. Stride’s town and he’s not happy. Things get worse when a witness sees a guy in a photo and is convinced that was the bomber. It all goes viral instantly and too late does the witness realize he’s wrong. Now Stride and the Feds have a mob mentality at large, making their investigation that much harder. Fran recommends this series.

Carol Goodman - The Widow’s House - Jess and Clare move from Brooklyn into the Hudson River Valley. They’re to be caretakers of the crumbling estate of one of their college writing professors. They hope the move will help their finances, their marriage and Jess’s writing career. But once there, they begin to experience odd things and feel as if a hum of menace surrounds the place.

Carolyn Haines - Sticks and Bones - 17th with PI Sarah Booth Delaney.

Ian Hamilton - The Princeling of Nanjing - In her 8th case, forensic accountant Ava Lee works to help the leader of a Triad escape the pressure from various governments to get back into the drug trade and make them more money. Fran recommends this series.

Steve Hamilton - Exit Strategy - Nick Mason is instructed to do the impossible by the man who holds his life in his hands – infiltrate the Witness Protection Program (never been done), locate three men who testified against him, and kill them. Nick’s got no choice but to do it. In paper, The Second Life of Nick Mason, start of the series.

Nell Hampton - Kale to the Queen - Chef Carrie Ann Cole’s dream-come-true – chef to the Royal Family at Kensington Castle – becomes a nightmare when one of her assistants is found dead in the vegetable garden and another is the prime suspect.

Sherry Harris - A Good Day to Buy - 4th in the Garage Sale series with Sarah Winston in small town Massachusetts.

B.B. Haywood - Town in a Maple Madness - 8th set on a Maine blueberry farm run by the Hollidays.

William Heffernan - The Scientology Murders - 2nd of his Dead Detective novels by this Edgar-winning writer. The murder case in which his step-father was wounded leads Harry Doyle into a murder investigation that goes into the hierarchy of the Scientology organization.

Jane Heseldine - Duplicity - Detroit reporter Julia Gooden is besieged on many fronts – a successful career but a rocky marriage and trama from losing her brother 30 years ago. Then her husband, a prosecutor with a huge case, is badly injured in a courthouse bombing. She digs into the case and the attack to find out what happened.

Sasscer Hill - Flamingo Road - Debut. While on leave for excessive use of force, Baltimore Officer Fia McKee is loaned out to Florida’s Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau. Working undercover, she’s to keep an eye out for nefarious deeds. Her work should be pretty quiet but then her niece disappears and she’s noticed odd characters paying attention to certain horses.

Anne Hillerman - Song of the Lion - In her 3rd book with her father’s characters, a car bombing is tied to a developer’s plan for a huge project at the Grand Canyon. But who was behind it and what did they hope to achieve? Tribal cops Bernadette Manuelito and Jim Chee investigate.

Stephen Hunter - G-Man - Bob Lee has finally sold the old family homestead in Arkansas. The developer digs up a metal case that contains material from his grandfather Charles who died before Bob was born and a man his own father never talked about. The items date to 1934, to the era of the tommygun. and concern a man so violent his was kicked out of the Chicago Outfit. JB recommends this series. Signing – Friday May 12th at Noon.

Greg Iles - Mississippi Blood - End of the Penn Cage trilogy. Family secrets, the Klan, a murder trial – a swirl of horrors bring Cage to feel that his world is collapsing, the family he’s treasured is a fraud, and all he’s held dear is a mirage.

Peter Kirsanow - Target Omega - Michael Garin leads a super-secret unit buried deep in the US government whose sole purpose is to locate and eliminate nuclear threats to the country. Upon returning from their latest mission, the entire group is killed –except for Garin who survives. Now the main suspect in the attack, he’s got to clear himself and find out who killed his friends.

Mike Knowles - Rocks Beat Paper - Wilson is invited into a well-planned diamond heist. Before it can come off, the required inside man is killed and the plan falls apart. Can Wilson figure out a way to still get the diamonds on his own?

Kelly Lane - Cold Pressed Murder - 2nd in the quirky Southern Olive Grove series.

Joe R. Lansdale - Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade - A new novel and a set of linked short stories provides the origins of the friendship and partnership of these very different guys.

Dennis Lehane - Since We Fell - Rachel Childs has retreated into herself after brutal reporting jobs lead to a ugly public breakdown. The neighborhood dive bars are where she’s found. Her life begins to brighten when she meets Brian, a rougish businessman who accepts her and encourages her to get back in the world. Her progress is endangered when she sees something she shouldn’t have – or thinks she did. In her condition, she’s not sure. And that’s even more dangerous.

Meg Macy - Bearly Departed - 1st in a new series set at the Silver Bear Shop and Factory in Michigan.

Becky Masterman - A Twist of the Knife - 3rd with ex-FBI agent Brigid Quinn. Now living happily in Tucson, she travels back to Florida to help her old partner prove a man soon to be executed was wrongly convicted.

Jason Matthews - The Kremlin’s Candidate - End of the Edgar-winning trilogy. Russian agent Dominika Egorova and CIA agent Nate Nash are on the trail of a scheme of blackmail and intrigue that runs from the Kremlin to the White House.

G.A. McKevett - Every Body on Deck - 22nd with plus-sized private eye Savannah Reid. In paper, Killer Reunion.

Jenn McKinlay - Caramel Crush - 9th with the crew at the Fairy Tale Cupcake bakery.

Howard Norman - My Darling Detective - Witty homage to 50’s noir. Jacob Rigolet is an assistant to a rich collector. At an evening auction with his fiancée, he’s stunned to witness his elegant mother destroy a photograph that’s up for bidding. The detective assigned to question her is his fiancée. Before he can begin to understand what’s happened, he’s fired and secrets begin to emerge about the man he’d always assumed was his father – ugly information from the end of WWII. Like good noir, Rigolet’s life will never return to “normal”.

Sara Paretsky - Fallout - The search for a missing film student and a faded Hollywood star leads Warshawski to Kansas, to Cold War relics of the past, racial strife, and murder. 19th in this enduring series.

James Patterson - The Black Book -. Bill Harney comes from a long line of Chicago cops. His father is a chief in the force, his twin sister is also a cop. He and his partner are attacked and left for dead. Somehow Harney survives but the hotshot DA is out to make a media show and thinks Harney is dirty. The problem is Harney can’t prove his innocence because he remembers nothing of what happened before the attack. In paper, Cross the Line. With Maxine Paetro, 16th Seduction.

Bill Pronzini - The Violated - In a small California town, a registered sex offender who was suspected in a string of recent attacks has been found murdered. The story is told through different voices from within the town.

Lori Rader-Day - The Day I Died - Anna Winger has the ability to judge people innately and completely from their handwriting. Her skill comes in handy in many ways. Now she’s asked to look over a ransom note and it brings back unsettling memories of her own past when she fled an abusive relationship with her son’s father. Though she’s done everything possible to give her son a peaceful and solid childhood, he’s grown into a troubled teen. Then he disappears and another note appears.

Marcie R. Rendon - Murder on the Red River - Cash is a young Indian woman whose short life has left her hardened. Sheriff Wheaton would like to see her start putting her life in order and do something serious with it. But in the meantime, they work together. Cash has the ability to see things, to get into the lives of the dead, and that’s a valuable ability. Also a dangerous one if they were murdered.

Cynthia Riggs - Trumpet of Death - 13th in her Martha’s Vineyard series.

Sara Rosett - Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder - 10th with Ellie Avery. In paper, Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder.

John Sandford - Golden Prey - Davenport has a new job – he’s a special investigator for the US Marshals. He can pick his cases and go where he wants to crack the case. He’s headed to Dallas. 27th in the venerable series. In paper, Extreme Prey.

Lisa Scottoline - One Perfect Lie - Her son is a high school baseball talent with great potential but his mother worries about the influence of a teammate and friend who, though he seems outwardly pleasant and safe, she just doesn’t trust. Then there’s the stranger in town, claiming to be a teacher, and the supposed suicide of one of the school’s teachers. She sees all of their hard work spinning out of control.

Bradley Spinelli - The Painted Gun - It’s ’97 and washed-up reporter David Crane’s information brokering biz is about to be swatted by the internet. Desperate for money, he takes $50G to look for a missing woman and that search will take him into more trouble than he can handle. Why him? The missing woman left a portrait of Crane behind even though he’s never met her.

Daniel Suarez - Change Agent - It’s 2045 and genetic crime and human trafficking are world-wide problems. Durand leads an Interpol team fighting the growing threat. Their main target is Demang Wyckes, leader of a high-tech cartel. Things are about to change for Durand. He’s been infected with a genetic agent that transforms him into a Wyckes look-alike. Now he’s on the run to stop Wyckes and to get his own DNA back.

David Swinson - Crime Song - DC PI Frank Marr has successfully kept his cocaine habit from becoming public. As far as he can tell, no one suspects. The problem is getting the stuff. The best way is to steal it from a dealer. Pretty sleazy actions for a retired decorated cop. After getting home from staking out a drug house, he finds his home burglarized. Besides some treasured LPs, his .38 is missing, too. That’s just the beginning of the trouble. In paper, The Second Girl, first in this series praised by Pelecanos.

Allan Topol - Washington Power Play - Feted for thwarting a terrorist attack on Walter Reed Hospital, young FBI agent Kelly Cameron is rewarded with an assignment to a task force trying to find a foreign mole in the US government. What she finds is a Chinese plot to make her new boss, General Cartwright, president.

Scott Turow - Testimony - Years ago, Bill ten Boom walked away from his legal life in Kindle County, as well as his wife and his country. Now he is a human rights investigator overseas. His latest assignment will be his hardest: a decade ago, a Bosnian refugee camp vanished. His job is to find out what happened. Forces working against him will be ruthless.

Lea Wait - Tightening the Threads - A brother and sister apart for decades, living in the same town, waiting for the time to announce they’ve found one another, the brother in bad health, a will that leaves a priceless artwork to his sister, jealousy from the family, and a poisoning at a lobster bake.

Randy Wayne White - Mangrove Lightning - In his 24th book, Doc Ford is asked by a charter captain to look into a number of threats he’s received due to his family’s shameful involvement in a lurid 1925 murder. The man thinks he’s inherited some kind of curse. As soon as Ford is on the case the bad things begin happening to him, too. In paper, Deep Blue.

Linda Wicken - Roux the Day - 2nd with event planner J.J. Tanner who has been hired to plan a casino night on a cruise ship.

Robin Yocum - A Welcome Murder - After 7 years in prison for selling coke, Johnny Earl just wants to go home, get the drug money he stashed and go someplace where no one knows who he is. But once home he is questioned for the murder of the guy whose testimony put him away, and then a skinhead from prison shows up aiming to steal the hidden cash. Winner of the Malice Domestic Competition for Best First Traditional Mystery

Peggy O’Neal Peden - Your Killin’ Heart - Campbell Hall seems to be about the only person in Nashville not trying to become a country music superstar. She just wants to get her young travel agency to be a success and get over a recent heartbreak. But it isn’t that she’s not a music fan. She accepts the chance to visit the mansion of a deceased star and, while looking around, discovers his widow – now recently deceased herself!

Now In Paperback

Donna Andrews - Die Like an Eagle
Linwood Barclay - The Twenty-Three
Jefferson Bass - Without Mercy
Laurien Berenson - Live and Let Growl
Caleb Carr - Surrender, New York
Michael Connelly - The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Bosch
Bruce De Silva - A Scourge of Vipers
Paul Doiron - Widowmaker
Joseph Finder - Guilty Minds
Sally Goldenbaum - Murder at Lambswool Farm
Timothy Hallinan - King Maybe
John Hart - Redemption Road
Carl Hiaasen - Razor Girl
Craig Johnson - The Highwayman - Longmire novella.
Stephen King - End of Watch - End of the trilogy.
William Kent Krueger - Manitou Canyon
Allison Leotta - The Last Good Girl
Laura Levine - Murder Has Nine Lives
Sharyn McCrumb - Prayers the Devils Answers
Walter Mosley - Charcoal Joe
Hollie Overton - Baby Doll
Daniel Palmer - Forgive Me
Michael Palmer - Mercy
Louise Penny - A Great Reckoning
Nora Roberts - The Obsession
Karin Slaughter - The Kept Woman
Robert K. Tanenbaum - Infamy
Brad Thor - Foreign Agent
Lisa Unger - Ink and Bone
Elaine Viets - The Art of Murder

Coming this Summer

Donna Andrews - Gone Gull – Meg Langslow
Ace Atkins - The Fallen – Quinn Colson
C.J. Box - Paradise Valley – Cassie Dewell
Michael Connelly - The Late Show
Robert Crais - The Wanted – Elvis
Linda Fairstein - Deadfall – Alexandra Cooper
Joseph Finder - The Switch
Meg Gardiner - Unsub
Tess Gerritsen - I Know a Secret – Rizzoli and Isles
David Handler - The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes – Stewart Hoag and Lulu!
John Hart - The Hush – sequel to The Last Child
Rob Hart - The Woman from Prague – Ash McKenna
Joshilyn Jackson - The Almost Sisters
Laurie R. King - Lockdown
Dean Koontz - The Silent Corner
Barry Lancet - The Spy Across the Table - Jim Brodie
Laura Levine - Death of a Bachelorette – Jaine Austen
Margaret Maron - Take Out – Sigrid Harald!
Keith McCafferty - Cold Hearted River – Sean Stranahan
Marcia Muller - The Color of Fear – Sharon McCone
T. Jefferson Parker - The Room of White Fire
Bill Pronzini - Endgame – Nameless
Kathy Reichs - Two Nights
David Rosenfelt - Collared – Andy Carpenter
Theresa Schwegel - The Lies We Tell
Lisa Scottoline - Exposed – Rosato & DiNunzio
Daniel Silva - House of Spies – Gabriel Allon
P.J. Tracy - Nothing Stays Buried – Monkeewrench
Don Winslow - The Force


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Josh Cassara - Mycroft Holmes: The Apocalypse Handbook - The game continues! Graphic Novel

G.S. Denning - The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles - 2nd in comic/fantasy re-imagining of Warlock Holmes. (Denning was born in Seattle.)

Lyndsay Faye - The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes - 15 stories, 10 which appeared in “The Strand” and have been expanded for this volume, and two new ones for this collection. They span the career of the Great Detective.

Lois Gresh - The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions - A secret cult has been able to construct devices that creatures from a different dimension to attack Londoners. Only bones are left. Holmes seeks the help of a doctor he used to room with.

Mark A. Latham - A Betrayal In Blood - Holmes comes into possession of fabled “The Dracula Paper” and is intrigued to find out what is myth and what is reality. This will bring him into conflict with a physician named Van Helsing.

Larry Millett - Sherlock Holmes And The Eisendorf Enigma - 66 and just diagnosed with emphysema at the Mayo Clinic, Holmes is ready to head back to England when a note from an old adversary is slipped beneath his hotel room door. Back in 1892, he’d almost captured the infamous Monster of Munich and now it seems the fiend is in America, and taunting the retired detective.

Robert Ryan - The Sign of Fear - It’s the Autumn of 1917 and London is not the city it was when Dr. John Watson lived on Baker Street. Friends are dead and now one has been kidnapped. To rescue Sir Gilbert Hardy, Watson will have to form an uneasy alliance when a former adversary offers to help.

Now in Paper

Laurie R. King - The Murder of Mary Russell

Sherlokiana Reissues

Richard Dalby - Dracula’s Brood: Neglected Vampire Classics by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, M.R. James, Aglernon Blackwood, and Others - Reissue of the 30-year-old classic made up of 23 rare vampire stories from 1867 through 1940. This edition includes Barry Pain’s “The Tree of Death”.   AND

Dracula’s Brethren - A companion collection to Dalby’s classic, selected by him, and covering lost classics from 1820 – 1910. Introduction by Brian J. Frost. Authors include Doyle, Alcott and others.


Albert A. Bell Jr. - Fortune’s Fool - 6th from the notebooks of Pliny the Younger. Workmen building an addition onto Pliny’s Lake Como house discover a skeleton.

Emily Brightwell - Mrs. Jeffries Rights A Wrong - 35th in this redoubtable Victorian series.

M.J. Carter - The Devil’s Feast - In the 3rd set in 1842 London, Cap. William Avery is asked to investigate a death at the city’s most recent and desirable club, as the club does everything it can to cover up the crime. Avery is distracted, though, by the absence of his partner-in-crime Jeremiah Blake. Where has the man gotten to? In paper, The Infidel Stain

William Christie - A Single Spy - Aleksi Smirnov was a young orphan when the Soviet secret police turned him into a spy. As a teen, he was inserted into Germany in 1936, taking the identity of the long lost son of a high-ranking Nazi. Over the next 7 years, he worked his way into the command center, becoming an agent for the Abwehr. All the time a double agent, caught between vicious secret police groups, Aleksi merely hoped to survive. Then he’s ordered by the Gestapo to travel to Tehran and figure out a way to assassinate Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin all at once.

Michael Crichton - Dragon Teeth - Recently discovered novel from the late bestselling author, his usual blend of science, fact and fiction. It’s 1876, Darwin has roiled the world, whites are taking land from native tribes, and the Wild West is getting dangerous. Into this mix travels naïve, privileged and arrogant William Johnson, a young Yale student who aims to win a bet. He’s not only going to find himself in dangerous cattle towns and cultural clashes, he becomes wedged in a personal war between famed paleontologists Othneil Charles Marsh and Edwin Drinker Cope, and the battle over historic discoveries.

David Dickinson - Death at Melrose Hall - 16th with Lord Francis Powerscourt. At the end of a birthday party in the Spring of 1914, the master of the estate discovers his assistant is missing. Powerscourt is summoned to find him.

David Downing - Lenin’s Roller Coaster - During the winter of 1917, all of Europe and Asia are in an uproar. Irish agent Jack McColl is in Russia to sabotage German maneuvers while his lover, journalist Caitlin Hanley, is reporting on the Revolution. Neither of them is safe and Jack’s attention is split.

John Farrow - Perish the Day - 6th with retired cop Emile Cinq-Mars by acclaimed Canadian novelist Trevor Ferguson under this pen name. Three people, all connected to Dowbiggin School of International Relations, but otherwise strangers, are murdered. One was a good friend of Emile’s niece. There’s a destructive storm raking the area but Emile inserts himself into the investigation to see what’s what.

Robert Goddard - The Ends of the Earth - 3rd with WWI ace and now spy James Maxted, from 2015. Now that the signed treaty has ended The Great War, Maxted travels to Tokyo, where he hopes to find the trail of his father’s murderers.

Susanna Gregory - The Executioner of St. Paul’s - 12th with Thomas Chaloner. Those who can leave London due to the plague have. Chaloner is called back when something odd is discovered in a grave. He reluctantly returns.

C.S. Harris - Where the Dead Lie - When street urchins begin to show up murdered, the authorities do nothing. Sebastian St. Cyr determines to stop the carnage. 12th in this 1813 London series. In paper, When Falcons Fall.

Gregory Harris - The Endicott Evil - 4th in Victorian London with Colin Pendragon and Ethan Pruitt. The elderly sister of a member of Parliament has fallen to her death from a high window. Accident or murder?

Tessa Harris - The Sixth Victim - London is in full grip of the Whitechapel horrors and even Scotland Yard is enthralled with people claiming to be psychics who can help catch the killer. Young flowergirl Constance Piper is as afraid as anyone else but she also has second sight though she’s too young to trust it or manage it. Still, a mother whose daughter is missing asks her to help.

Antonia Hodgson - The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins - Hawkins may indeed be a gentleman but he is set to be the first of his class to be hung. He’s made lots of bad decisions, he’s run with a master criminal, he’s told the Queen he can take the secrets he knows to the grave – and a royal pardon may be the only way to keep him from doing that early.

M.R.C. Kasasian - The Secrets of Gaslight Lane - Things are far too quiet in 1883 at private detective Sidney Grice’s London home. Grice is studying a hair and his assistant March is smoking too many cigarettes. Luckily, a case comes to them in the form a lovely young widow who claims her husband was murdered. He was found sliced up in his bed, with the door locked on the inside, no sign of a weapon or an intruder. The police have gotten nowhere. To add to the intrigue, her husband’s aunt, uncle and their servants were murdered in the same way – and those crimes were never solved either.  In paper, Death Descends on Saturn Villa, 3rd in the series.

Philip Kerr - Prussian Blue - It’s 1956. Encounters with past colleagues now with the East German Stasi send Bernie on the run, hoping to find protection in West Germany. This brings back memories of 1939 and a dangerous investigation when Bernie was still a policeman, a murder that took place at the construction site of one of der Führer’s retreats. In paper, The Other Side of Silence. JB highly recommends this series.

R.J. Korento - Alice and the Assassin - After her father becomes President, Alice Roosevelt has concerns about his safety. After McKinley’s death, she wants to know more about what killed him. Its 1902 NYC and Alice isn’t about to conform to what society, or ex-Rough Rider and her Secret Service guard Joseph St. Clair, expects her to do. With St. Clair in tow, she makes her own investigation of the crime.

Abir Mukherjee - A Rising Man - Capt. Sam Wyndham, late of Scotland Yard, has been recruited to head the new CIS division of the Calcatta police. It’s 1919 and his first experience with a tropical climate. Before he can adjust to all of the newness, the murder of a British officer hands him a politically dicey investigation. US debut of an award winner.

Ben Pastor - The Road to Ithica - In his 5th book, Wehrmacht investigator Martin Bora is sent to Crete. A Red Cross official has been murdered, a man who was a personal friend of Himmler’s.

Anne Perry - Murder on the Serpentine - In the 32nd book in the series, Queen Victoria herself assigns Superintendent Pitt to a case.

Oliver Pötzsch - The Play of Death - 6th in the Hangman’s Daughter series. Simon Fronwieser and his father-in-law, hangman Jakob Kuisl, investigate when an actor is crucified on the set of the local Passion Play.

Lucy Ribchester - The Hourglass Factory - London, 1912. Amid the drama of the suffragette movement, the disappearance of a famous trapeze artist in the middle of her act leads a young Fleet Street reporter, Frances George, to an underworld of circus performers, fetishists, and society columnists.

Penny Richards - Though This Be Madness - In 1881, two Pinkerton agents travel to New Orleans to save a young widow who has been committed to an asylum. Former Shakespearean actress Lilly Long is on her second case as a Pinkerton and has been paired with Cade McShane who is on probation for a drunken brawl while on duty. It’s their job to aid the elderly matriarch of the family by posing as married servants to discover the truth.

Sara Sheridan - London Calling - In her 2nd adventure, ex-WWII intelligence operative Mirabelle Bevan still requires the buzz of danger and intrigue. Now she’s helping a jazz musician who was the last person seen with a missing debutante.

Rosemary Simpson - What the Dead Leave Behind - Still grieving from the death of her father, heiress Prudence MacKenzie waits through the Great Blizzard of 1888 for her fiancé. The next day, many are found dead in the drifts, her fiancé among them, his head crushed by a branch. Something about it does not appear accidental. She turns to one of his friends, an attorney and former Pinkerton agent to get to the truth.

Gerard Stembridge - What She Saw - Escaping her safe and boring life in the States, Lana has booked a room in a Left Bank hotel to absorb the Parisian life. Curiosity leads her into the private elevator that serves the penthouse and when the door opens she sees a man threatening a woman. Lana tells the police who are hesitant to believe her. The man is an important figure. Soon Lana is in the middle of a firestorm of press, threats and intrigue.

Victoria Thompson - Murder in the Bowery - 20th in her Gaslight series. A search for a missing newspaper boy leads to a series of murders. In paper, Murder in Morningside Heights.

Peter Tremayne - Penance of the Damned - 27th with Sister Fidelma.

Radha Vatsal - Murder Between the Lines - Young journalist Kitty Weeks meets a gifted young student while doing a story on a school. She’s shocked when Elspeth is found dead in Central Park. Police rule it an accident due to her sleepwalking. Paying her respects to the family, Kitty finds that her father is a renowned scientist working on new batteries and that Elspeth was helping him. Kitty begins to suspect foul play. Based on true events and for fans of MacNeal, Dunn, Winspear, and Bowen. Signing – Thursday May 18th at Noon.

Jacqueline Winspear - In This Grave Hour - 13th in series sees Maisie Dobbs and her homeland engulfed in war. A group of European refuges have been found murdered and the suspicion is that Nazi killers are at work within Britain. Signing!

Now In paper

Megan Abbott - You Will Know Me
Barbara Cleverly - Diana’s Altar
Gary Corby - The Singer from Memphis
Lyndsay Faye - Jane Steele
Dan Fesperman - The Letter Writer
Alan Furst - A Hero of France
David Lagercrantz - Fall of Man in Wilmslow
John Lawton - The Unfortunate Englishman
Eliot Pattison - Blood of the Oak
Arturo Perez-Reverte - What We Become
Amy Stewart - Lady Cop Makes Trouble

Coming This Summer

Boris Akunin - The State Counselor – Erast Fandorin
Rhys Bowen - On Her Majesty’s Frightful Secret Service – Lady Georgiana! Amber Loves This Series!
Gary Corby - Death on Delos – Nico
Lindsey Davis - The Third Nero  – Flavia
Maruzio de Giovanni - Glass Souls – Commissario Ricciardi
Joseph Kanon - Defectors
Sharyn McCrumb - The Unquiet Grave
Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess - The Painted Queen – Amelia Peabody! Amber Loves It!

From Overseas

Sally Andrew - The Satanic Mechanic - 2nd with South African recipe writer and amateur sleuth Tannie Maria. Someone is threatening a local bushman and Tannie is out to protect him.

Quentin Bates - Thin Ice - Sgt. Gunnhildur Gisladottir and her crew investigate a number of strange deaths as winter threatens to shut down Iceland. 5th in the series.

Candace Fox - Eden - Sydney homicide cop Eden Archer has the uncanny ability to hunt killers. She’s comfortable being in their dark world. She has a passion for justice, just not the judicial system. It’s her partner Frank Bennett’s job to rein her in and help when needed. He’ll be needed. She’s going undercover to try to crack the case of three missing girls.

Agnete Friis - What My Body Remembers - About to lose custody of her 11-year-old son, Copenhagen single mother Ella Nygaard takes him to the small seaside town where she grew up. Her memories of “home” are grim. Her father murdered her mother and she was left in the foster care system for 20 years. Now she must cope with her terrible memories and come to grips with some demons from the past that are still active.

Philippe Georget - Crimes of Winter - The quiet French town of Perpignan is not as peaceful as it seems. Insp. Gilles Sebag knows this personally and professionally. His marriage is in turmoil; his wife has been cheating on him. He throws himself into his work, which seems to echo his own betrayal in terrible ways.

Marlin Persson Giolito - Quicksand - After 9 months in jail, Maja is now going on trial, accused of participating in a mass shooting at a Stockholm school. Always known as a good girl, how did she become the most reviled teen in the country? The question turns to what didn’t she do to stop the path she is on now.

Karo Hamalainen - Cruel Is The Night - 1st English translation of a prizewinning Finnish author. In an ritzy London suite, three cell phones ring without answer. That’s because the owners are dead. The night before, four old friends gathered, each with a grudge against another. There also happens to be a number of handy weapons within reach. Who is the survivor? A locked-room whodunnit.

Nir Hezroni - Three Envelopes - Espionage debut. The legendary Israeli agent 10483 was a perfect operative, all missions successful. It was a pity he died years ago. One day a notebook arrives at headquarters that seems to be from 10483. It contains disturbing reports of his missions, reports that detail illegal operations. Where’d this notebook come from?

Anne Holt - Odd Numbers - 9th with Oslo officer Hanne Wilhelmsen. An explosion at an Islamic center leaves the authorities wondering who could’ve been behind it. Who had the most to gain?

Pol Koutsakis - Athenian Blues - 1st in this Greek series, translated into English for the first time. Though some think of him as a hitman, Strato Gazis considers himself to be a fixer. He’s not above killing if his meticulous research proves the target deserves to die. He’s aided by three childhood friends – a cop, a hooker, and his long-time love and he’ll need their help. His latest clients can’t both be telling the truth and lies lead to trouble.

Jens Lapidus - Stockholm Delete - A burglar alarm, a savage murder, a wounded suspect, a young lawyer going against her firm’s wishes to defend him, and an ex-con wanting to stop his nephew from making the same errors as his. It will be a dangerous dance for justice.

Donna Leon - Earthly Remains - 26th with Commissario Guido Brunetti. An enforced vacation after an altercation on the job finds Brunetti on a secluded island in the Laguna. His rest is interrupted due to a storm and the disappearance of the island’s caretaker.

M.L. Longworth - The Curse of La Fontaine - 6th set in Aix-en-Provence, with chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque and law professor Marine Bonnet. Disconcerting events begin when a chef opens a new restaurant and puts tables in the public courtyard. “Come for the mystery, stay for the food!”

Jassy Mackenzie - Bad Seeds - 5th with Johannesburg PI Jade de Jong. Her new case is to trace and find an employee missing from a nuclear research center.

Kanae Minato - Penance - When they were young, four girls were maneuvered into leaving a fifth girl alone and she was kidnapped and murdered. As if the guilt wasn’t bad enough, the victim’s mother cursed them in public. Do curses come true?

Barbara Nadel - The House of Four - 19th with Instabul Insp. Cetin Ikmen.

Jo Nesbø - The Thirst - Harry Hole returns for his 11th book. Drawn back into the Oslo police by recent events, Harry works to find a killer targeting Tinder users. The case stokes Harry’s passion to capture his nemesis.

Fuminori Nakamura - The Boy in the Earth - Winner of the Akutagawa Prize. An anonymous Tokyo taxi driver’s routine has been destroyed, leaving him dreaming of suicide. His girlfriend is drowning her miscarriage’s grief with booze. By chance, the driver meets the director of the orphanage where he’d lived and memories of childhood horrors threaten his sanity further.

Nicolas Obregon - Blue Light Yokohama - Reinstated to the homicide bureau, transferred to a different area of Tokyo, working under officials who don’t want him and assigned to a partner who dislikes him, Insp. Iwata is assigned to work a grisly multiple murder. The previous investigator killed himself. Now it is Itwata’s job to solve the case. What he’ll find is a nightmare and a killer who hasn’t just debuted, but who has been at work for awhile.

Eliot Pattison - Skeleton God - 9th with Insp. Shan, who is now officially, and reluctantly, the constable in his remote Tibetan village. He investigates when a nun is reportedly attacked by ghosts. When he arrives at the scene, he discovers a murdered American nearby. In paper, Soul of Fire.

Leif GW Persson - The Dying Detective - Retired and bedridden in hospital, Martin Johansson is introduced to a cold case by his doctor who thinks it might be good for his brain. The trick is that he’s got no standing officially and is stuck in bed. So this will have to be an informal “armchair” pursuit.

Andrea Maria Schenkel - The Dark Meadow - At the end of WWII, a young woman found her way to her parents’ home on the edge of a great German forest. To their anger and shame, she was pregnant. The townspeople were harsh. Someone killed her. Now a drunk traveller has been asking questions about her death and it has brought back the anger and shame but also a determination to look back into the case. Maybe it is time.

Susan Shea - Love & Death in Burgundy - American ex-pat Katherine Goff still can’t get her neighbors in her small French village to warm to her, even after three years. The death of an elderly man in the town’s large chateau causes all of the village’s secrets and fears to be unleashed.

Fred Vargas - A Climate of Fear - 8th in the Commissaire Adamsberg series. Murders of two women are linked by an expedition to Iceland they were on a decade ago, as well as to mysterious symbols from a secret Robespierre Society.

Delphine de Vigan - Based On A True Story - A complex, award-winning novel (winner of Le Prix Renoudot 2015 and Le Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2015) that may or may not blur the line between fact and fiction. The novel: Delphine is an award-winning author who has hit a bleak wall of writer’s block. Into her life comes L., a sophisticated and alluring woman who quickly becomes a close friend. But L. works her way further and further into Delphine’s life and, as she does, she becomes both indispensible and sinister. The writer cannot understand what L. wants, nor can she rid herself of this siren.

Timothy Williams - The Second Day of the Renaissance - His 6th with Italian Commissario Trotti, the first in two decades. Someone is hunting Trotti and it has to do with a decades-old unsolved case. But which one?

Now In paper

Cara Black - Murder on the Quai
Karim Miské - Arab Jazz
Donna Leon - The Waters of Eternal Youth
Nele Neuhaus - I Am Your Judge
B.A. Paris - Behind Closed Doors
Kwei Quartey - Gold of Our Fathers
Michael Robotham - Close Your Eyes
Alexander McCall Smith - Precious and Grace
Martin Walker - Fatal Pursuit

Coming This Summer

Cara Black - Murder in Saint Germain – Aimee Luduc
Andrea Camilleri - A Nest of Vipers  – Insp. Montalbano
Colin Cotterill - The Rat Catcher’s Olympics – Dr. Siri
Pierre Lemaitre - Three Days and a Life
Mark Pryor - The Sorbonne Affair – Hugo Marsten

From Great Britain

Belinda Bauer - Finders Keepers - 2012 UK hardcover now in the US for the first time. Someone is kidnapping children and leaving notes for their parents that say they didn’t love them enough. AND The Facts of Life and Death - From 2014 and released in the US for the first time, a creepy thriller about a serial killer who forces his victims to call their mothers before he kills them.

William Brodrick - The Day of the Lie - Criminal lawyer-turned monk Father Anselm works to help a friend who was betrayed long ago in Cold War Poland. Someone is now threatening the woman and she thinks it is the person who ratted on her long ago. In paper, The Discourtesy of Death, the 5th in the series.

Ann Cleeves - Cold Earth - 7th in her Shetland Island series. The torrential rains of winter cause a mudslide that takes out an uninhabited house. But amongst the wreckage is found the body of a young woman in a red silk dress. No one seems to know who she is or why she was in that house. Jimmy Perez is hooked on the mystery. Signed Copies Available.

Daniel Cole - Ragdoll - Det. Fawkes is reinstated after a controversial assault. The case he’s assigned to is big: a “body” has been found that’s made up of parts of six different bodies sewn together. Fawkes is to identify the 6 victims and find the killer. Then his ex-wife – a reporter – receives a note from the killer listing the next 6 victims, and #6 is Fawkes.

Kate Ellis - The Mermaid’s Scream - 21st with DI Wesley Peterson. A writer who was working on a biography of a famous but reclusive writer is found murdered.

Elly Griffiths - The Chalk Pit - Norwich is riddled with underground tunnels left over from the mining of chalk. Ruth Galloway is called into one of them to examine bones. When she sees them she knows that they’ve been boiled before being left there. 9th in the series. In paper, The Woman in Blue.

Paula Hawkins - Into the Water - Within weeks, two bodies are pulled from the bottom of the river near a small town – first a woman, then a girl. The investigation will rip into the secrets and complications that this small town has held.

Christobel Kent - The Loving Husband - Leaving London for her husband’s home village, Fran Hall feels the isolation. When he’s murdered one night, she finds herself the target of suspicion. As she deals with the scrutiny, she begins to learn that this calm little village is anything but peaceful. In paper, The Crooked House.

Malcolm Mackay - Every Night I Dream of Hell - The leaders of Glasgow’s Jamieson gang have been jailed, leaving a power vacuum in the city’s crime world. A new group struggles to take over the gang while a new gang moves in on them. It’s about to become, for everyone involved, a nightmare. In paper, The Night the Rich Men Burned.

Adrian McKinty - Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly - 6th with Det. Sean Duffy who investigates when a man is found dead with a crossbow arrow in him. It’s 1988 Belfast and people are murdered all the time. But with a crossbow?

G.M. Malliet - Devil’s Breath - Though he’s now a father, Max Tudor has given up hope of leaving the world of MI5 and has gotten permission from his Bishop to be on-call to work as needed. That’s good. The murder of a movie star needs his attention.

Denise Mina - The Long Drop - It was the “trial of the Century” in 1950s Glasgow and Peter Manuel has been found guilty and is to hang. But how did the story get to this point? It starts some time before, with another man accused of murder, a man who turns to Manuel for help clearing his name. A deadly story of guilt and innocence and who gets convicted for what. [Postponed from July of 2016]

Mandy Morton - The No.2 Feline Detective Agency -. Debut featuring a world with no humans, just cats.

Stuart Prebble - The Bridge - Michael meets Alison one night and the connection is immediate and electric. She’s everything he’s always wanted in a partner. He takes her to meet his grandmother, the woman who reared him. Her mind is mostly gone but she’s lucid sometimes and when Rose meets Alison she flips out, talking about a string of recent murders. It is all very disturbing.

James Runcie - Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love - 6th in his popular Granchester mysteries. It’s Spring in the Chamgridgeshire country, 1971, and Chambers, his daughter and their aged dog are walking in the woods when they find the body of a man. Nearby is a basket of flowers, all of which are poisonous!

Alexander McCall Smith - My Italian Bulldozer - A stand-alone novel, a comic tale of travel and romance in the countryside of Italy.

Plum Sykes - Party Girls Die in Pearls - Christie meets Clueless in the decadent 80s at Oxford University. Ursula Flowerbutton is still trying to adjust to the change from English countryside to the hustle of university. Expecting many new things, she’s not expecting to find a glamorous student with her throat cut. Once her shock recedes, Ursula hopes to turn this into a major scoop for the student paper.

In Paper

Samuel Bjork - I’m Traveling Alone
Denise Mina - Blood, Salt, Water
Fuminori Nakamura - The Kingdom

Coming This Summer

Anne Cleeves - Telling Tales – Vera #2
Peter Robinson - Sleeping in the Ground – Insp. Banks
Gerald Seymour - No Mortal Thing
Zoë Sharp - Fox Hunter – Charlotte Fox

Mystery Specialty Presses

Felony & Mayhem

Matthew Head - The Devil in the Bush and The Cabinda Affair - The first and second of his Dr. Mary Finney series, from 1945 and ’47. Besides writing fine mysteries, Head was one of the first to set modern fiction in emerging Africa.

Midnight Ink

Amanda Flower - The Final Vow - It’s bad enough that her ex is having his wedding at the museum Kelsey Cambridge overseas. The wedding planner is even worse, wanting to re-do or un-do something that the museum won’t change. When she’s killed, Kelsey is the prime suspect.

Linda O. Johnston - Bad to the Bone - 3rd with Carrie Kennersly, vet tech and owner of the Barkery & Biscuits Bakery.

Tracy Kiely - A Perfect Manhattan Murder - 3rd with Nic & Nigel. The boorish husband of a friend in a new Broadway play is murdered.

Nadine Nettmann - Uncorking a Lie - 2nd with wine expert Kate Stillwell. She’s asked by a collector to investigate after his rare $19,000 bottle is determined to have been filled with non-collectable wine.

Poisoned Pen Press

Annie Hogsett - Too Lucky to Live - Allie Harper is lonely and broke. All she wants is enough money to fix her car and some hot guy to make her happy. One day she sees a blind guy nearly run over by some clod in an SUV. She rescues him and his groceries and takes him home to fix him dinner. What he also has is that night’s winning MondoMega Jackpot ticket. He’s bummed due to a bet with a student that only losers buy tickets and waste their money. Now he’s filthy rich and everyone and their uncle wants a piece of the action. Trouble is, lots of shady characters want it all. Debut comic novel.

Thomas Kies - Random Road - Reporter Geneva Chase’s life is a mess. She’s lost every major job she’s ever held, she works for a dinky paper on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, she’s nearly an alcoholic and she can’t quite stop the affair she’s having with a married man. Then a brutal and horrific crime takes place in a gated community. Six people are hacked to pieces. It’s a slaughterhouse. If she can pull herself together and capture some of her youthful magic, maybe the story can revive her career and her self-esteem. Debut.

PPen: British Library Crime Classics

John Bude - The Cheltenham Square Murder - From 1937. An archery club is investigated when someone ends up with a shaft through the head.

Martin Edwards ed. - Serpents in Eden - A collection of classic pastoral murder stories by the likes of Doyle, Chesterton and Allingham.

Anthony Rolls - Scarweather - From 1934, by a novelist highly praised by Dorothy L. Sayers. 15 years ago, cousins traveled to the north coast of England to visit a famous archaeologist. One of them was taken with the man’s much-younger wife and things turned ugly. Now the “final scene” is about to occur and put an end to the drama.  AND Family Matters (May). The Kewdinghams are known to be an odd pair. He’s an eccentric failure. She’s an embarrassed harpy. People no longer visit them. When they’re in public they are always at one another’s throats. Things turn murderous when a young bohemian man arrives in town and catches the wife’s eye. From 1933, one of ten written by C.E. Vulliamy, “biographer, soldier, and archeologist of distinction”.


Oakland Noir - Jerry Thompson & Eddie Muller, eds. - The dark side of the city across the Bay in new stories by 16 authors.

Trinidad Noir: The Classics - Earl Lovelace & Robert Antoni, eds. - Reprints of classic noir stories and poems set in paradise.

Reissues of Note

Frédéric Dard - The Executioner Weeps - On a quiet mountain road near Barcelona, a famous artist swerves to stop from hitting a woman who steps into the headlights. She can’t remember anything. As he works to help her regain her memory, he begins to fall in love. As she regains her memory, he will come to see danger in her mind. Published as Le Bourreau pleure in 1957, winner of the The Grand Prix de Littérature Policière in ’58.

Donald Hamilton - The Damagers - 27th and last of his terrific series with US agent Matt Helm.

Peter May - Blacklight Blue - His 3rd Enzo, from 2010.

Margaret Millar - Collected Millar: The Dawn of Domestic Suspense: Fire Will Freeze; Experiment in Springtime; The Cannibal Heart; Do Evil in Return; Rose’s Last Summer -  Fire is from 1944, Experiment from ’47, Heart from ’49, Evil from ’50, and Rose from ’52. Five from this Grand Master of Mystery. Rose’s Last Summer was on Bill Farley’s list of top 5 mysteries. Her forte was said to be creating “an atmosphere of uneasiness”. AND

Collected Millar: The First Detectives: The Invisible Worm; The Weak-Eyed Bat; The Devil Loves Me; Wall of Eyes; Iron Gates - Worm, Bat and Devil, from ’41 and ’42, are her three mysteries with Dr. Paul Prye. Eyes and Gates, from ’43 and ’45, are her two with Insp. Sands.

George Simenon - Madame Maigret’s Friend, the 34th, Maigret’s Memoirs, the 35th, and Maigret at Picratt’s, the 36th.

Special Interest

Monte Beauchamp - Headlight Honeys: The “Perfect Pair” in Vintage Paperbacks, Pulps, and Comics - “Headlight Honeys assembles dozens of rare, salacious cover examples and delivers the scoop on this harrowing, pre-code era in American publishing.”  With color illustrations and an intro by Steven Heller.

David Grann - Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI - The story of a string of murders among the Osage Tribe in the 1920, some of the richest people in the country due to the discovery of oil in Oklahoma. Set against the vanishing West and the corruption of the young Bureau of Investigation, Hoover hires a veteran Texas Ranger to put together a team to find the killer.

The Annotated Big Sleep - Owen Hill, Pamela Jackson and Anthony Rizzuto - For fans and scholars, the first fully annotated edition of Raymond Chandler’s American classic, with notes on the text, illustrations and comparisons to the 1946 Bogart & Bacall movie. The authors were given full access to Chandler’s archives.

Lawrence P. Jackson - Chester B. Himes: A Biography - Relying on exclusive interviews and unrestricted access to the writer’s papers, this should be the definitive biography of this ground-breaking and highly influential American master.

Murder in Plain English: From Manifestos to Memes – Looking at Murder through the Words of Killers - Michael Arntfield and Marcel Danesi - A professor of anthropology and a professor of literary criminology and forensic writing examine the use and importance of narratives to killers through their acts and writing.

Nicholas Reynolds - Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Ernest Hemingway’s Secret Adventures, 1935-1961 - Former spook and now the resident historian at the CIA Museum, Reynolds relates the story he stumbled upon: the famed writer worked for both the Russians and the Allies, and postulates that this duality may’ve lead to his psychological problems that resulted in his suicide.  Includes 32 rare black & white photos.

Stephan Talty - The Black Hand: The Epic War Between a Brilliant Detective and the Deadliest Secret Society in American History - The history of Black Hand, its birth and growth and efforts in NYC in the early years of the 20th C., and the one policeman – Joseph Petrosino, called the “Italian Sherlock Holmes” – who organized a group of cops to fight them.

Alain Silver and James Ursini - Film Noir: Light and Shadow - An anthology of essays about the famed film style by writers who have written their own works on the period – as have the editors. Some write about a single film. Some write about an aspect of the films. Lavishly illustrated with 500 images.

Urban Fantasy and Steampunk

From the PNW

Patricia Briggs - Silence Fallen - 10th Mercy Thompson. Amber & Fran Recommend This Series.

Yasmine Galenorn - Souljacker: Lily Bound - “Lily O'Connell, a succubus, has put her unique talents to work. She owns Lily Bound, an elite sex salon in the Blood Night District of Seattle. When a client turns up dead in her club, and she hears the news that the Souljacker--an old tattoo-artist friend-turned-vampire, who was institutionalized years before--has escaped to reclaim his ‘artwork,’ Lily knows she's next on his list. With one of his tattoos on her thigh and nowhere else to turn, Lily hires Archer Desmond, a chaos demon and PI, to track the vampire down before he tracks her. But she didn't expect to fall for Archer-and they say a succubus who falls in love will destroy the heart of the one she seeks to claim...”

Seanan McGuire - Magic For Nothing - Sixth Book in the InCryptid series. Annie is sent halfway around the world to spy on the Covenant. Upending her world and discovering how wrong a crytozoologist is in expecting the worst. Amber and Fran recommends this series.

From the Rest

Anne Bishop - Etched in Bone - After the uprising, the few remaining human cities are living in fear of what the Elders and the Others might do. Meg and Simon think they can maintain the peace, but then Lt. Montgomery’s brother shows up, and he’s in trouble. Fran and Amber recommend this series.

Adam Christopher - Standard Hollywood Depravity - PI Raymond Electrmatic is sent to a nightclub to retrieve a package. Once there he encounters the woman his boss always warned him about – Honey. As his optics take her in, he realizes his programming may not be up to the task. (Originally an e-novella, this is now in print for the first time – and Amber is thrilled!) Amber Recommends

Jennifer Estep - Snared - 16th book in the Elemental Assassin series. The spider gets snared in another’s web….

Steve Hockensmith and Lisa Falco - Give the Devil the Due - 3rd with reformed con artist Alanis McLachlan. If romantic turmoil wasn’t bad enough, someone from her past is trying to get her back in the world of cons. Then one of her tarot customers, whose reading foretold ominous things, is found murdered. Fran recommends this series.

Peter McLean - Damnation - Don Drake must find an old ally to keep himself from going mad and finally damning himself for good.

Carrie Patel - The Song of the Dead - 3rd book in the trilogy which reveals the lost history and fate of the buried city of Recoletta.

Now In Paper

Ramez Naam - Apex
Justin Cronin - The City of Mirrors - end of the trilogy.
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dragonmark
F. Paul Wilson - Panacea


Ellery Adams - Killer Characters - 10th in the Books by the Bay series.

Kathleen Bridge - Ghostal Living - As the inaugural Sag Harbor Antiquarian Book Fair draws close, interior designer Meg Barrett works like mad to make the Bibliophile Bed & Breakfast ready. The owner, rare book collector Franklin Hollingsworth, is said to be showing an unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscript. Then the mayhem begins.

Julia Buckley - Death in Dark Blue -  2nd with writer’s apprentice Lena London.

E.J. Copperman - Edited Out - Mystery writer Rachel Goldman still can’t quite get used to her fictional private eye being a real man. Worse yet, the distraction is affecting her writing. Now he’s trying to get her involved in a missing-person’s case. In paper Written Off.

Jill Dawson - The Crime Writer - It’s the mid-60s and noted writer Patricia Highsmith is trying to escape her fame by moving to a small cottage in Suffolk, even while carrying on an illicit affair with a married London woman. To distract her more from her writing, there’s a young reporter who wants to write about her and Highsmith’s fascination with murder. Emotions bring it all to a deadly end.

Vicki Delaney - Elementary, She Read - English transplant Gemma Doyle runs her Uncle Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium. It’s located on 222 Baker Street in West London, Cape Cod. When she finds a copy of The Strand that contains the first ever Holmes story, she and a friend (the owner of Mrs. Hudson’s Tearoom right next to the bookshop) head off to return it to the owner – but a dead body stops their work.

Alex Erickson - Death by Vanilla Latte - 4th with Death by Coffee owner Krissy Hancock. Her father, a famous mystery writer, drops into town and into hot water – as the prime suspect in a real murder.

Carolyn Hart - Walking on My Grave - 26th in her ‘Death on Demand’ series. In an odd twist on a will reading, a wealthy woman invites all those to whom she will leave money in her will to dinner. Not surprisingly since this is a murder mystery, the hostess is dead and all at the table are suspects. Then they too begin to die. Fran loves this series.

Kylie Logan - Gone with the Twins - 5th with the League of Literary Ladies. Celebrity twins are coming to the island to open a “Gone with the Wind” themed B&B, threatening the business of one of the members. She, in turn, becomes the leading suspect when a real estate broker working with the twins is found murdered. (aka Casey Daniels)

Paige Shelton - Of Books and Bagpipes - 2nd with bookseller Delaney Nichols. Her boss sends her to Castle Doune, an hour outside Edinburgh, to bring back a rare edition of a scarce old Scottish comic. Once there, she finds the body of the man who was supposed to hand over the item to her.

Now In Paper

Kate Carlisle - Books of a Feather

YA / Kids

Kelley Armstrong - Missing - All the teens leave Reeve’s End and Winter Crane is looking forward to her emancipation day. Until she finds Lennon bleeding to death in the forest, then she is struck by the thought, what if no one left the town? What if they are missing?

David Baldacci - The Width of the World - Vega Jane learned the truth of Wormwood & made it through the Quag. But nothing prepared her for what is coming next.

Jennifer Chambliss Bertam - The Unbreakable Code - 2nd book in the Book Scavangers series. MR. Quisling is trying to break an unbreakable code and our sleuths are hot on his trail.

Pseudonymous Bosch - Bad News - Final book of the trilogy. The scheming group, the Midnight Sun, lead Clay to a dragon reserve for their final puzzle and show down.

Caroline Carlson - The World’s Greatest Detective - A mystery and a contest to see who really is the world’s greatest detective.

Donna Freitas - The Body Market - Sequel to Unplugged. Skylar and her friends failed to stop the opening of the bodymarket. She now is working against the clock stop her family’s machinations.

Stuart Gibbs - Panda-monium - The FunJungle’s latest addition goes missing before she even arrives!

Michelle Gagnon - Unearthly Things - A retelling of Jayne Eyre set in San Francisco’s elite & monied.

Kerstein Gier - Just Dreaming - Final book of the Silver Trilogy. In paper, Dream On (May, Holt, 9.99).

Brandon Mull - Dragonwatch - A sequel to the Fablehaven series. It take the ancient order of the Dragonwatch to stand against the King of Dragons and his subjects who wish to return to a time when they ruled the sky and earth below. Seth and Kendra are called on to use their wits and abilities to become dragon tamers and try to stop the king and his plots.

Danielle Paige - The End of Oz - The Revolutionary order of the Wicked are trying to rebuild Oz; but they realize they’ve been betrayed by one of their own and Dorothy isn’t going quietly into the night.

Sarah Prineas - Heart Of The Land - Book 5 of Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts series. Our heroes are now fugitives!

Spencer Quinn - Bow Wow - Birdie and his dog Bowser investigate a mysterious disappearance and a shark sighting in their lttle Louisiana town of St. Roch. In paper Arf.

Rick Riordan - The Dark Prophecy - Book 2 of the Trials of Apollo.

Veronica Rossi - Seeker - Daryn now must fight to save Sebastian, whom she sealed in the dark dimension with the last surviving deamon. The problem is her visions have stopped and she must rely on herself to find a way to see her mission thru. In paper Riders (May, Tor, 9.99)

Robin Stevens - First Class Murder - 3rd book in the Wong & Wells mysteries. Murder, theft, and a train full of shady people cause their vacation plans on the Orient Express to go awry. In paper, Poison is Not Polite

Now In Paper

Cindy Anstey - Duels & Deceptions
Alison Cherry - The Classy Crooks Club - Amber Recommends
James Dashner - The Game Of Lives
Stuart Gibbs - Spaced Out
Chris Grabenstein - Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics
Richelle Mead - The Glittering Court - Amber Recommends
Brandon Mull - Death Weavers - Amber Recommends
James Ponti - Framed! - Amber Recommends
Victoria Schwab - This Savage Song
Virginia Zimmerman - The Rosemary Spell


Trenton Lee Stewart - The Mysterious Benedict Society: 10th Anniversary Edition - Author Q&A, Color-washed illustrations – in total 30 pages of bonus content.

Eve Titus - The Great Mouse Detective: Basil and the Lost Colony - Part of the Basil of Baker Street series – on which Disney based their animated feature The Great Mouse Detective.


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