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Spring Newsletter


Spring 2013

117 Cherry St. Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: 12-5 Sun, Mon 10-5, Tues – Sat 10-6

Bill Farley, Founder / JB Dickey, Owner/ Fran Fuller, Manager / Janine Wilson / Adele Avant 206-587-5737

Cops—Private Eyes—Courtroom--Thrillers—Suspense—Espionage—True Crime—Reference

For Mystery Lovers Who Know What They Want and For Those Who Haven’t A Clue!

New from the Northwest

Cherry Adair, Relentless - Latest in her paranormal romance series with the agents of Lodestone. A revolutionary archeological discovery in Egypt may be lost due to intrigue and a flood plan.

Pamela Beason, Undercurrents - 3rd with wildlife biologist and writer Summer Westin. She’s on assignment, covering a marine survey of the Galápagos Islands. Once there, a diver’s air supply is tampered with and Westin begins to see signs of sabotage. [Signing – Sat., April 6, noon.] Adele recommends this series.

Marc Cameron, State of Emergency - Both Russia and the US are being attacked – simultaneously. The warning that comes is simple: the next will be nuclear. Air Force OSI agent Jericho Quinn is sent to find the mastermind behind the terror. The trail leads to the Dakar Rally motorcycle race.

Waverly Curtis, Chihuahua Confidential - 2nd with private eyes Geri Sullivan and her talking detective/dog Pepe. They get sidetracked on their way to appear on the show ‘Dancing with Dogs’ when a despised judge is done in. “Waverly Curtis” is the dynamic dup of Waverly Fitzgerald and Curt Colbert. [Signing – Sat., April 27, noon]

Judy Dailey, Animal, Vegetable, Murder - her comic debut in which Seattle Urban Farmer Sunny Burnett runs afoul of the law when one of her neighbors in their well-to-do enclave is found dead in her chard with a lurid picture of her late husband wearing only a feather boa and stilettos. He’d died a few months ago in a car accident and now Sunny doesn’t know what to think about him or how he died. [Signing – Sat., May 18, noon]

William Dietrich, The Barbed Crown - Though he once worked for Napoleon, the dictator has created an enemy by attacking Ethan Gage’s family. Now Gage is out for revenge, secretly entering Europe to do what he can to sabotage the Emperor’s plans. Before his efforts are over he’ll find himself involved in one of the greatest sea battles in history. [Signing – Wed., May 15, noon.]

Ann Garrison Greenleaf and Stephen Howell Greenleaf, R & R - "It was supposed to be romantic…a vacation from the war…a second honeymoon for soldiers and their wives in Honolulu courtesy of the US Army. But for Carol, Brenda and Jill, many things have changed since their husbands went to Vietnam and the changes have come to Hawaii, too. Aspirations and ideals are colliding; nothing is going as smoothly as they'd hoped. As the women struggle to repair their marriages, one of the men sets out on a mission of revenge that has nothing to do with romance, or even rest and recuperation, and their R&R becomes much like the war itself - a matter of life and death." Ann and Steve met in college and were married one month before Steve was sent to Vietnam. Book not known about in time for our Winter newsletter.

Dana Haynes, Ice Cold Kill - Former Israeli agent Daria Gibron has been living in the US under the protection of the FBI. The quiet life of an exile is not her style and she itches for action. When a former contact from her active career asks to meet her, she jumps at the chance to do something. En route, she gets word that she’s been invited into an ambush. She slips her overseers and vanishes into the crowd. Someone wants her dead? Won’t be easy. She’s resourceful, dangerous and nobody’s fool.

Marcel Jolley, The Following Sea - Skagway Police Chief Joseph Merickel asks for little - he simply wants quiet, predictable order. When a lifelong friend is murdered and her boyfriend goes missing, Merickel is forced out of his comfortable routine to face the very aspects of his profession that he had hoped to avoid by returning home to rural Alaska. This won’t be a simple or straight-line affair. The circumstances have all the hallmarks of a good, old-fashioned locked-room crime. His investigation takes him through this landlocked region. Heavy October rain makes fleeing hard and pursuit even harder. But despite familiar terrain, the lawman soon finds himself face-to-face with old acquaintances and personal history that--until now--Joseph Merickel thought he knew. [Signing Sat., April 20, noon.]

K.J. Larsen, Some Like It Hot - In her 3rd case, PI Cat DeLuca is relaxing in a pub after getting a photo of a cheating husband. It’s the week before Thanksgiving and it isn’t that odd to see a guy dressed as Santa waltz in and enters a door for employees only. Immediately, there’s a commotion and Santa comes tearing out and, as he buzzes by Cat, he shows himself to be a guy she knew in high school. He signals her to call him.

Phillip Margolin, Sleight of Hand - Charles Benedict is a charismatic defense attorney, amateur magician and professional killer. His latest trick is the framing an older millionaire husband for the murder of his young wife. The accused hires PI Dana Cutler to help clear his name. Cutler will find Benedict to be a frightening adversary. [Signing - Mon., April 15, noon]

Patrick McManus, The Tamarack Murders - His 6th Bo Tully. Tracking a bank robber into the woods, Sheriff Tully and his deputy see a murder committed. Now on the trail of two felons, Tully will find himself faced with an odd assortment of people, including an attractive and tough FBI agent whose first name is Angie.

Bernadette Pajer, Capacity for Murder - In his 3rd investigation, University of Washington Professor Bradshaw is summoned to probe a death at a health resort on the Washington peninsula. Dr. Hornsby’s electrotherapeutics had a good reputation but a patient has died and answers are required. [Signing – Sat., May 18, noon.]

Sheila Simonson, Beyond Confusion - 3rd in her Latouch County librarian series set in the Columbia Gorge. Librarian Meg is relieved that the bond measure passed even though the economy is so tough. Klalos tribal Chief Madeline Thomas invites her to open up a branch in an inherited house on the rez with some of the new money. But Meg’s rival in the election is making trouble and when the rival is found murdered, Meg is suspected.

Robin Spano, Death's Last Run - The child of a US senator is found dead on Blackcomb Glacier. The BC police are calling it accidental. At the lawmaker's request - through the FBI - undercover agent Clare Vengel is sent into Whistler undercover to see if there was something nefarious about Sacha's death.

Jon Talton, The Night Detectives - Now off the force, David Mapstone has set up a private detective agency with his friend and old boss, Sheriff Mike Peralta. Their first case begins badly. A man hires them to prove that his sister’s death in San Diego was not suicide. Soon after they’re on the case, the brother is himself murdered and the police find a number of false identities in his possession. So who was he and was he connected to the woman’s death? [Signing – Thurs., May 23, noon.]

Urban Waite, The Carrion Birds - For the last decade, Ray Lamar has been an enforcer, using his calm, iciness and reliability in a tight spot to carry out his boss’s wishes. Now he’s done with it, he badly wants to head back to Coronado, NM, to his 12 year-old son, a boy who may not remember him. But to make this work, he’s going to need to steal some money stashed by his boss’s rival and it won’t be simple. And when it turns bloody, and violent people are looking for payback, Ray will need to stay cool and think fast. [Signing Tues., April 16, noon]. Adele Highly Recommends.

Now in Paperback

Mary Daheim, The Wurst is Yet To Come

Robert Dugoni, The Conviction - Fran Recommends.

Bruce Holbert, Lonesome Animals - JB Recommends.

Lisa Jackson, You Don’t Want to Know

J.A. Jance, Judgment Call - Brady

Ridley Pearson, The Risk Agent - Adele Recommends.

Jess Walter, Beautiful Ruins - One of the most glorious reads of 2012!

Special Interest

Nancy Bartley, The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff: The Redemption of Herbert Niccolls Jr. - In 1931, a 12-year-old boy killed the sheriff of Asotin, WA. The town was stunned and a mob threatened to hang him. Both the crime and Niccolls' eventual sentence of life imprisonment at the State prison drew national attention, only to be buried later in local archives. Local journalist Bartley has conducted extensive research to construct a compelling narrative of the events and characters in this unique episode in US criminal justice history. The boy became a cause for Father Flanagan of Boys Town, who took to the airwaves, imploring listeners to write Governor Hartley on the boy's behalf. The bitter campaign put Hartley in such a negative light that he lost his bid for reelection. Under a new and progressive warden, Niccolls thrived in prison with the help of protective inmates (who sheltered him during the 1934 riot) and people outside the prison. Released in his early twenties, Niccolls went to work at 20th Century Fox in Hollywood, where he kept his secret for the rest of his long life.

Aaron Chapman, Liquor, Lust and The Law: The Story of Vancouver’s Legendary Penthouse Nightclub - Opened in ’47, this BC hotel and nightspot became the place to see and be seen in the 50's and 60's, it was one of the few mixed-race hotels and entertainment venues and all of North America’s biggest stars played and stayed there. The 70's saw it turn lurid, between its ‘exotic’ dancers and the underworld clientele who took it over and the politicians who continued to be customers. In ’83, the murder of one of the co-owners in his office seemed to spell the end of it, but the Penthouse endures today.

Coming This Summer

Chelsea Cain - Let Me Go - Signed Copies Available

Mary Daheim - Gone With The Win

Vicki Delany - A Cold White Sun

Lisa Jackson - Tell Me

J.A. Jance - Second Watch - Beaumont

Mike Lawson - House Odds - Signing on July 5th at Noon

Jeanne Matthews - Her Boyfriend’s Bones - Signing - June 15th at Noon

Kevin O’Brien,  Unspeakable - Signing June4th at Noon

Ridley Pearson, Choke Point

Chevy Stevens, Always Watching

New from the Rest

Ellery Adams, Peach Pies and Alibis - 2nd in the Charmed Pie Shoppe series.

Susan Wittig Albert, Widow’s Tears - 21st with herbalist China Bayles. China is pulled in two directions: her friend Ruby is investigating a supposedly haunted bed and breakfast, and her bank is robbed, and a teller is shot dead, just minutes before she arrives to make her daily deposit. In paper, Cat’s Claw.

Laura Alden, Curse of the PTA - 4th with PTA president Beth Kennedy.

Barbara Allan, Antiques Chop - 7th in this funny ‘Trash & Treasures’ series. A reality TV series with Brandy and her ditzy mother is about to start filming and the producers want to use a creepy old house as the setting, a house that was the site of an axe murder 60 years ago. In paper, Antiques Disposal.

Nancy Atherton, Aunt Dimity and the Lost Prince - 18th in this delightful cozy series. Lori notices an object in a local thrift shop that she’d recently seen at a museum. She tells the director of the Jacobean mansion but he is oddly unconcerned. In paper, Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch. One of Amber’s very favorite series.

Ace Atkins, Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland - For years, Spenser has known Henry, a boxing trainer who is a Boston institution. Henry’s never asked for nothin’. Now he has. Henry and his neighbors are being pressured to leave their condo building so a sleazy developer can put up a casino. Henry’s not scared by the thugs who have been around, but his neighbors are. In paper, Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby, Spenser.

David Baldacci, The Hit - A government hitman has turned on the rest of his unit. Will Robie is tasked with stopping him. But as Robie investigates the assassin, he begins to think the guy is not wrong – until the guy comes after Robie’s family. In paper, The Innocent and The Forgotten. One of Janine’s favorite authors.

Linda Barnes, The Perfect Ghost - Em and Teddy were a fabulously successful team of biography writers. Teddy did the legwork, doing the interviews and publicity while Em, timid and shy, stayed home to write. Their new project is a book on a former child star and Teddy had gotten great material but died in a car accident. Em decides the only way to honor Teddy’s work is to complete the book, forcing herself out into the world. Reworking the ground Teddy had covered, she begins to see secrets and skeletons in the man’s closet and begins to wonder if the secrets were worth killing over. Adele recommends this author.

Steve Berry, The King’s Deception - Cotton Malone’s son Gary is taken hostage by a menacing figure who is playing a role in subtle and covert political strife that has begun between Great Britain and the US. While trying to get his son freed, Malone confronts a shocking historical question: was the reign of Elizabeth I legitimate?

Claudia Bishop, A Fete Worse than Death - 18th in the venerable Hemlock Falls series with sisters Meg and Sarah Quilliam.

C.J. Box, Breaking Point - Joe thinks the story is just tragic: a man whose daughter goes to school with Joe’s girl has disappeared and is accused of killing two EPA workers. Lyle was always a hard worker and a good guy but things went bad when the government declared his retirement parcel a wetland and denied him the permission to build on it. The fight left Lyle exhausted, bitter and bankrupt. But did it turn him into a killer? Signed Copies Available. In paper, Force of Nature. Adele highly recommends this author.

Laura Bradford, Assaulted Pretzel - 2nd with gift shop owner Claire Weatherly in Amish country.

Duffy Brown, Killer in Crinolines - 2nd in the Savannah, GA, consignment shop series.

Lucy Burdette, Topped Chef - 3rd with Key West food critic Hayley Snow. She once again turns to sleuthing when a fellow judge at the Top Chef contest is murdered.

Alyse Carlson, The Begonia Bribe - 2nd in the Garden Society series. A beauty contest for kids creates catastrophe.

Steph Cha, Follow Her Home - Debut by a young LA writer. Juniper Song has been enthralled by Marlowe and the ethos of the 30’s PIs for years so when a friend asks her to conduct a simple investigation she jumps as the opportunity. But the fun turns serious when she’s knocked out and finds a body hidden in her trunk. From PI to patsy in a blink. Can she get herself out of the mess? WWMD (What would Marlowe Do?) [Signing – Fri., May 24, noon]

Joelle Charbonneau, End Me a Tenor - 2nd in this Glee Club series, set during the Holiday season.

Laura Childs, Sweet Tea Revenge - Bridesmaid to a dear old friend, teashop owner Theodosia Browning brews up trouble when the groom gets cold feet – fatally cold feet. In paper, Agony of the Leaves.

Mary Higgins Clark, Daddy’s Gone A Hunting - Katie barely escapes death when her family’s furniture company goes up in flames. She a bigwig accountant for a national firm, so the questions begin to pile up immediately – why was she even there when the fire started? In paper, The Lost Years.

Harlan Coben, Six Years - For six years, Prof. Jake Sanders has kept his promise and stayed away from the woman he loved after she married another man. One day, he sees the man’s obit and his hope is rekindled. He goes to the funeral, hoping to see his lost love and is astonished to see the man’s widow is not the woman he knew. In fact, no one seems to know anything about Natalie, the love of Jake’s life. Signed Copies Available.

Thomas H. Cook, Fatherhood - A collection of this Edgar winner’s short stories.

From the Factory of Clive Cussler: with

Justin Scott, The Striker - There is much unrest in 1902. Radical unionists, anarchists and strikebreakers are at work. Isaac Bell, a newly minted operative of the Van Dorn Detective Agency, is sent to make sure the coal mines are safe and continue to work. But what he sees unsettles the young man and makes him believe that something far larger than labor unrest is afoot. In paper, The Thief.

Claire Donally, Cat Nap - 2nd with reporter Sunny Coolidge and her nosy cat, Shadow. They find themselves caught up in a nasty financial dispute between once-married veterinarians.

Loren D. Estleman, Alive - In his 3rd adventure, film archivist Valentino gets a tip on a fabled lost bit of film: Lugosi’s test shots to play the monster before the lead in Frankenstein went to Karloff. Long known to have existed, it hasn’t been seen in 80 years. But every time he gets close to finding it, someone thwarts his efforts.

Dan Fante, Point Doom - Ex-PI J.D. Fiorella has finally bottomed out in LA. Reduced to living with his mother, he attends meetings and looks for something to do. At one of his AA meetings, he befriends Woody, who helps him get a job selling used cars. Finally, things are looking up. Then Woody is murdered and Forella undertakes a mission of revenge.

Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain, Murder She Wrote: Prescription for Murder - 39th in this redoubtable series.

Vince Flynn and Brian Haig, Untitled - The info provided is that this is the first in a new series by these two bestselling thriller writers, about a NYC anti-terrorist operation.

Sara Hoskinson Frommer, Her Brother’s Keeper - 7th with musician Joan Spencer, after an 8-year absence. Putting on a wedding is always a source of stress but between her mother-in-law’s deteriorating mind and her ex-con brother showing up out of nowhere, Joan finds the days before the wedding to be a trial.

Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo’s Calling - PI Cormoran Strike is nearly broke, living in his office with bill collectors calling. He’s got just one client and that one isn’t paying him much. Just when things look the worst, in comes a new case. John Landry’s sister was a famous model who fell to her death a few months ago. Landry doesn’t accept that it was suicide or an accident and asks Strike to investigate. The case will take this one-legged vet into her world of glitz, glamour, and wealth where appearances are never to be believed. You might think Strike would be out of his depth, but he’ll do just fine. Debut in a new series.

Gregory Gibson, The Old Turk’s Load - Debut novel by a noted writer and antiquarian book dealer. It’s 1967 and crime lord Angelo DiNoto is outraged that a load of pure heroin is missing. While he’s tearing up the scenery to find it, a handful of characters have their own designs on the white gold, seeing it as their ticket out of the mess of their everyday lives. Not all of them can ‘win’, especially when DiNoto has the power, and thugs are growing closer.

Sally Goldenbaum, Angora Alibi - 7th in the Seaside Knitters series. Yarn shop owner Izzy is newly married and now pregnant. A man who did odd jobs for the shop has died in a scuba ‘accident’. Izzy sees patterns that say murder. In paper, A Fatal Fleece.

John Goldbach, The Devil and the Detective - Farcical tale told by PI Robert James, a sleuth seemingly more interested in philosophising about life and death than figuring out whodunit. A client hires him to find out who stabbed her husband and the case drags him into the expected web of corruption and intrigue but can James stop ruminating, smoking and drinking long enough to do his job?

Chris Grabenstein, Free Fall - Not all is fun and games on the Jersey shore. John Cheepek is now chief of detectives in Sea Haven and a friend has been accused of assault. He can’t believe she was capable of it and lets her go. Soon afterward, one of her patients is dead and she – a nurse – is suspected. Cheepek is left to wonder if he allowed the murder to happen by not locking her up. In paper, Fun House.

Austin Grossman, You - 20 years ago, when the virtual world was just taking off, something happened to tear two friends apart and change the path of gaming history. Over the years – through the high school camps and basements and boardrooms - this glitch has been there, a software bug, dormant and unknown. Russell has just joined Black Arts Games, the hottest studio going. He and his new colleagues are about to run into it.

Jane Haddam, Hearts of Sand - Years ago, Alwych, CT, an old-moneyed town on the shore, was shaken when a debutant disappeared. Suddenly, she’s back in town and then found murdered in her family’s old house, long empty. Everyone is baffled – where was she, why did she vanish and why return now, let alone who would want to kill her? Gregor Demarkian is asked to investigate. His 28th case.

Victoria Hamilton, Bowled Over - 2nd with vintage-kitchenware and cookbook-collector Jaymie Leighton.

Michael Harvey, The Innocence Game - Students at Northwestern’s elite journalism school have been given the project of investigating wrongfully convicted people. As they match up, one of them brings up a different kind of case – a cold case of murder where the convicted killer was himself murdered in prison years before. He’s recently been sent evidence that the dead man was innocent. The three who undertake the investigation will discover they’ve taken on far more than they are able to handle. [Signing – Thurs., May 16, noon.]

Carl Hiaasen, Bad Monkey - Well, as usual, there really is no way to succinctly note a Hiaasen plot and this one is no different: a cop on Health Inspector duties who is hoping to get hired by the Key West department, a kinky medical examiner, a human arm in the freezer and the ‘twitchy’ widow of the owner, a vivacious voodoo witch, an idiotic and greedy developer and - oh yeah - a devious, talented and troublesome monkey. Sounds like the expected and standard Hiaasenian lunacy!

Naomi Hirahara, Strawberry Yellow - 5th in this Edgar-winning series. Mas Arai returns to the strawberry territory of Watsonville, CA, for the funeral of a cousin in this farming community which is where Mas lived when he first came to the US. While there, a young woman involved with a new variety of berry is murdered and Mas becomes involved.

Iris Johansen, Taking Eve - Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is known to get great results from her work. Jim Doane’s son has been missing and he wants Eve’s help. But Doane is not a man who can or will go through proper channels – so he kidnaps Eve and demands her help. In paper, Sleep No More.

Craig Johnson, A Serpent’s Tooth - A Mormon boy wanders into the home- coming festivities asking for help in finding his mother. Sheriff Longmire begins to look for answers and stumbles onto an interstate polygamy group that is armed to the teeth and planning something ugly. Signed Copies Available. In paper, As the Crow Flies.

William Kent Krueger, Ordinary Grace - A stand-alone novel about a young boy who loses his innocence far too early. Frank is 13 in the Summer of 1961. He has a new baseball team to root for as the Twins have their first season, and there’s a new, young president. His father is a Methodist minister, his mother an artist and his older sister is bound for Julliard. All is perfect. Until the perfection is destroyed by murder. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Trickster’s Point. Fran and Adele highly recommend this writer.

Richard Lange, Angel Baby - Luz cannot stand her life anymore but leaving it will be dangerous. Her husband is violent and controlling, and a major cartel figure. She’s taking off with just the clothes she’s wearing, the money in his safe and a .45. Before she even gets out of the house there are dead bodies.

Owen Laukkanen, Criminal Enterprise - Carter Tomlinson’s life appears perfect from the outside but it is secretly a financial wreck. In desperation, he robs a bank. Then another – and Carter realizes that he enjoys robbing banks. Two cops are after him: MN state investigator Kirk Stevens and the FBI’s Carla Windermere. They haven’t talked in a couple of years. Events push them together. Signed Copies Available.

John Lescroart, The Ophelia Cut - Dismas Hardy faces professional ruin. His niece has been raped, the suspected attacker is dead and his old friend, his brother-in-law, is the prime suspect. The case contains elements that threaten not only Hardy but also Lt. Abe Glitsky.

Elizabeth Lowell, Dangerous Refuge - Big city cop Tanner’s back to settle his uncle’s estate, part of which is the historic Davis Ranch. Environmental preservationist Shay is hoping to meet him and convince him to preserve the land from developers. As he deals with the estate, he begins to see problems with the official cause of his uncle’s death. He’ll need Shay’s help to get to the truth.

Becky Masterman, Rage Against the Dying - Debut. Retired FBI Agent Brigid Quinn was one of the best there was but hunting sexual predators took its toll. She’s been trying to forget all she experienced as she lives with her new husband in the SW. One of her unsolved cases, one that involved the murder of her own protégé, may now be closed due to a recent confession. Brigid’s successor doesn’t believe the man’s confession and Brigid is asked to return to look over the new evidence.

G.A. McKevett, Killer Honeymoon - While on Santa Tesla Island for their honeymoon, PI Savannah and her groom are witnesses to a cold-blooded murder on a sunny-hot beach. In paper, Buried in Buttercream.

Jenn McKinlay, Going, Going, Ganache - 5th with Fairy Tale Cupcakes shop owners Melanie and Angie, by the author of the Library Lovers series.

Adam Mitzner, A Case of Redemption - A defense attorney is drawn back to work from a leave of absence to take a case that is already a media circus; a popular rap singer has been charged with the murder of his pop-star girlfriend.

Walter Mosley, Little Green - Easy Rawlins returns! It is the mid 60's and the streets of LA are teeming with hippies and beautiful people. Easy is looking for a young black man who vanished and, in a world where everyone is changing who they are and what they look like, it isn’t an easy task. 12th in this enduring series, and the first since ’07. AND Stepping Stones/The Machine - Two more novellas that explore the cosmic questions with which we all grapple. No specific plot information given. In paper, The Gift of Fire/On the Head of a Pin. [Signing – Mon., May 20, noon.]

Liz Mugavero, Kneading to Die - The storybook New England where gourmet pet food chef Kristan Connor now lives is anything but tranquil.

Dan O’Shea, Penance - Chicago cop John Lynch doesn’t know what to make of a new murder. A woman was killed by what had to have been a sniper as she stepped out of a confessional. It was an incredible shot. Why was she the target of what was so obviously a pro? And then the guys from Langley show up.

Kathryn O’Sullivan, Foal Play - Winner of the Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel Competition. Virginia coast Fire Chief Colleen McCabe loves her work but recognizes that trouble has arrived in the community when a body washes up on the shore. She wants to help investigate but her buddy, Sheriff Bill Dorman, tells her to stay out of it. As more terrible things happen, she won’t be able to. The author is an award-winning playwright.

Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Piazza - In her 21st book, to celebrate a notable wedding anniversary, the Fairchilds head to Italy – the food, wine, sights and shoes! – but the murder of a British travel writer at their hotel puts a hex on the trip.

Daniel Palmer, Stolen -The only way John can get the medical treatment his wife needs is to steal someone else’s identity, someone with great insurance. It works in that the treatment saves her but the owner is now demanding payment – John must perform small crimes that are laid out for him; if he doesn’t, people will die. And people begin to… [Signing – Sat., May 4, noon.]

T. Jefferson Parker, The Famous and the Dead - In this, the last book about LA County Deputy Charlie Hood, Charlie will end his dance with Mike Finnegan, the elusive figure who seems to be involved in every facet of the death and destruction along the border. In paper, The Jaguar. Adele recommends this series.

Brad Parks, The Good Cop - Newark reporter Carter Ross is undisciplined and works by his own clock but he always gets the story in by deadline. He’s surprised, then, to get rousted out of bed by his editor and ordered to interview the new widow of a dead cop. Job done, he’s surprised to get called again and told to forget about it, the cop is now said to have been a suicide. Ross doesn’t believe it. Everything he’s learned says the guy was a good cop who loved his job. Ross is on the story.

Nancy J. Parra, Gluten for Punishment - 1st in a new series. Toni Ryder is a baker of allergy-safe and gluten free baked goods. She sells them online from the middle of the Kansas wheat fields. When a local wheat farmer is murdered on her doorstep, she takes the majority of the blame and suspicion.

From the Factory of James Patterson: with

Maxine Paetro, 12th of Never. In paper with Michael Ledwidge, Now You See Her & I, & Zoo.

Thomas Perry, The Boyfriend - Retired LAPD homicide cop Jack Till works as a PI doing routine, low-key work. That's about to change. The parents of a murdered young woman want him to pick up a case that the police have stalled on. Their daughter, who was working as a high-end call girl, was shot in her home. As Till probes, he finds that there have been a string of such murders - all strawberry-blonde hookers shot with the same caliber handgun, all in their own homes. Doesn't appear to be a client. Maybe someone they knew personally? [Signing – Wed, Mar 13, noon]. Bill recommends.

Sidney Poitier, Montaro Caine - Decades before, as a student at MIT, Montaro tested a strange coin that a doctor found clutched in the hand of a baby. The results were that the coin was not made from anything found on Earth. After that he was kept out of the story. Now, as CEO of a corporation facing a hostile takeover, Montaro is visited by a couple who have the coin. What they want and what the coin is will start off a global web of intrigue and suspense. And then a second coin is found…

Christopher Reich, The Prince of Risk - Bobby Astor is a young, influential and brash hedge fund manager who is just about to make his biggest financial splash when his father – head of the NY Stock Exchange – is killed in a bizarre attack on the White House lawn. His father was on his way to tell the President something critical and terrifying. Why and what was he going to say?

James Renner, The Man from Primrose Lane - Successful true crime writer David Neff needs a distraction from his wife’s shattering suicide. An old friend tells him about a strange case, a hermit who always wore mittens and who was murdered 4 years before. As he looks into the story, Neff begins to suspect that somehow his own obsessions are tied to the man’s death as well as his wife’s.

Nora Roberts, Whiskey Beach - Boston attorney Eli Landon has had a terrible year. The cops have been investigating him, and the media crucifying him, for the murder of his late wife. He’s finally gotten out of town and to the family retreat, Bluff House, on the coast. The house is centuries old and as he tries to put his life back together, he’ll find the house interfering. In paper, Delusion in Death, and The Witness.

Rob Roberge, The Cost of Living - Punk guitarist Bud Barrett has gained some fame for his music and his vivid lifestyle but he’s never been able to put behind him the murder he witnessed as a kid, a murder that happened around the time his own mother disappeared. He’s decided it is time to find out what happened back then.

Gary Ruffin, The Cherry Pages - Gulf Front, FL, Police Chief Sam Cooper is fine with the quiet of his little beach town. He’s actually the only cop in town. He’s approached to take a private job. Not a big deal, he certainly has the time. The job is to bodyguard the hottest young movie star in the country, Cherry Page. What Coop thinks will be easy money won’t be. Good thing he has a healthy sense of humor.

John Sandford, Silken Prey - Lucas Davenport is working one case that then intersects with the disappearance of a political fixer, and then with the Minneapolis Police itself. Worse yet, it is all connected somehow to a woman feared for her Machiavellian plots. In paper, Stolen Prey.

Lisa Scottoline, Don’t Go - While serving in Afghanistan, Dr. Mike Scanlon’s life back home disintegrates: his wife – a new mother – dies in a strange household accident, his medical partners downsize the practice, and he’s left alone with a baby girl he barely knows. He now makes a series of decisions that will expose secrets and threaten what little he has left. In paper, Come Home


Victoria Abbott, The Christie Curse - Jordan Kelly is a book scout for one collector with deep pockets. Her new task is to find a play by Dame Agatha that has never been published. She thinks it sounds like fun until she learns that the last person to hunt for it died on the chase. 1st in a new series by Mary Jane Maffini under a pen name; each book will focus on a writer from the Golden Age of Mysteries.

Dan Brown, Inferno - Symbologist Robert Langdon returns! Dante’s epic poem Inferno draws the Harvard professor into a devious riddle and down a rabbit hole of classical art, the secret architecture of Rome, and cutting-edge science.

Carolyn Hart, Dead, White and Blue -Tourists are flooding onto the island as the 4th of July approaches, which means good sales at Annie Darling’s mystery bookshop. But something more sinister has arrived – a killer, whose victims are exposing a sick trail of betrayal, adultery and blackmail. In paper, Death Comes Silently. 23rd in this series Recommended by Fran.

Erin Hart, The Book of Killowen - After a year away from the field, archaeologist Cormac Maguire and pathologist Nora Gavin are called to a bog where a car has been unearthed. In the trunk is a 9th C. body. Beneath that is a much more recent corpse, that of philosopher Benedict Davanagh, a TV personality popular for skewering his rivals. What may tie the bodies together is an ancient tomb, and a volume of philosophical heresy. 4th in this series set in Ireland.

Nicola Upson, Fear in the Sunlight - To celebrate her 40th birthday, mystery author Josephine Tey joins friends in Wales. Alfred and Alma Hitchcock are there to sign contracts for his film adaptation of A Shilling for Candles. Hitch plans a couple of surprises to keep the party entertained but it all goes flat when a Hollywood actress is murdered in their midst. 4th in this series.

In paper

Jesse Kellerman, Potboiler

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Prisoner of Heaven

Special Interest

David Mason, The Pope’s Bookbinder - A memoir for fans of the Beats and books, as Mason tells of his life and career as a bookseller since ’67, from crashing with Burroughs to working for the Vatican. Mason continues to sell books in Toronto today.

Dorothy St. James, Oak and Dagger - 3rd in the popular series with White House gardener Casey Calhoun. When some important documents vanish from the curator’s office, the trail of clues leads to head gardener, Gordon Sims. Casey acts to clear the mud from his name.

Denise Swanson, Nickled-and-Dimedto Death - 2nd with Devereaux Sinclair, dime store owner and some-time sleuth.

Leann Sweeney, The Cat, the Mill and the Murder - 5th with amateur sleuth and South Carolina cat-quilter Jillian Hart. When volunteers move in to clear an abandoned mill of a gang of feral cats, they find a woman living with them, and then a body hidden in the dark and dank space.

Beverly Swerling, Bristol House - A dual-period story. In the present, British architectural historian Annie Kendall is working for the Shalom Foundation, trying to track down some long-missing pieces of ancient Judaica. In the past, in 1535, Carthusian monk Dom Justin works amongst the intrigue and danger of Henry VIII’s court. He works with a metalsmith known as the Jew of Holbrun to secure treasures, items that in five hundred years will be the subjects of new intrigue.

Duane Swierczynski, Point & Shoot - End of the trilogy. Charlie Hardie is locked in steel a box, wired to controls and parked in an orbit 500 miles up. He’s got supplies to last a year and, if he doesn’t, his captors promise to kill his family. While he’s up there, he discovers that the vault contains the world’s greatest secrets. Can he utilize them as leverage against his unknown kidnappers? [This has been postponed twice before.]

Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins, Complex 90 - While accompanying a conservative politician on a trip to Russia, Mike Hammer is arrested by the KGB on bogus charges. He escapes but is involved in a gunfight with authorities before getting out of the country and back home. The US government isn’t happy with him and Russia wants him back. The big question is why was he invited on the trip in the first place? Smells like a set-up. In paper, Lady, Go Die.

Andrew Vachss, Mortal Lock - 18 short stories, none of them published before, as well as an unproduced screenplay. New Noir.

Elaine Viets, Board Stiff - 12th in the Dead-End Job series. A death at a parasailing and paddle-board club on the Florida coast gets attention. In paper, Final Sail.

Ronald Weber, Riverwatcher - 3rd in his fly-fishing series. Outside of Ossining, on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a fisherman has been murdered in his tent on a state campground. As far as anyone knew, everybody loved Charlie. Guess not everyone, huh? Retired journalist. Donal Fitzgerald and DNR officer Mercy Virdon investigate.

Lea Wait, Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding - Antique print dealer Maggie Summer’s trip to Cape Cod for her best friend’s wedding is anything but fun – an approaching hurricane and a couple of murders will do that. 6th in the series.

Randy Wayne White, Night Moves - Ford and Tomlinson are targeted by someone who wants to keep one of Florida’s greatest mysteries unsolved. As the attacks escalate, those in town and their fellow fishing guides face becoming collateral damage. And they don’t like it. Signed Copies Available.

Now in Paperback

Gail Bowen, Kaleidoscope

Rita Mae Brown, The Big Cat Nap

Lee Child, A Wanted Man

Carol Higgins Clark, Gypped

Marcia Clark, Guilt by Degrees - Fran Recommends

Michael Connelly, The Black Box - Bill Recommends.

Mike Cooper, Clawback

Isis Crawford, A Catered St. Patrick’s Day

Bruce DeSilva, Cliff Walk

Linda Fairstein, Night Watch

Dan Fesperman, The Double Game

Carolyn Haines, Bonefire of the Vanities

Janice Hamrack, Death Makes the Cut

Kay Hooper, Haven

Alex Kava, Fireproof

Eleanor Kuhns, A Simple Murder

Dennis Lehane, Live by Night - JB Recommends this Edgar nominee.

Lisa Lutz, Trail of the Spellmans - Fran Recommends

James Rollins, Bloodline

Annelise Ryan, Lucky Stiff

Nick Santora, Fifteen Digits

Carsten Stroud, Niceville

Robert K. Tanenbaum, Bad Faith

Brad Thor, Black List

Stuart Woods, Severe Clear

Tom Young, The Renegades

Coming this Summer

Donna Andrews - Hen Of The Baskervilles

Ace Atkins - Broken Places

James Carlos Blake - The Rules of Wolfe

C.J. Box - Highway - Signed Copies Available

Alafair Burke - If You Were Here

Marcia Clark - Killer Ambition

Thomas H. Cook - Sandrine’s Case

Jeffery Deaver - The Kill Room

P.L. Gaus - The Names Of Our Tears

Ian Hamilton - The Wild Beasts of Wuhan

Steve Hamilton - Let It Burn

David Handler - Runaway Man

Charlie Huston - Skinner

William Kent Krueger - Tamarack County

Lisa Lutz - The Last Word

Charles McCarry - The Shanghai Factor

Scott Phillips - Rake

Bill Pronzini - Nemesis

Kathy Reichs - Bones Of The Lost

James Rollins - The Eye Of God

David Rosenfelt - Unleashed

Daniel Silva - The English Girl - Signed Copies Available

Karin Slaughter - Unseen

Taylor Stevens - The Doll

Brad Thor - Hidden Order

Andrew Vachss - Aftershock

C.M. Wendelboe - Death On The Greasy Grass


Paul D. Gilbert, The Annals of Sherlock Holmes - Three new novellas from the bottomless dispatch box of Dr. John Watson, three stories of his adventures with Holmes alluded to in other stories but never before published.

Michael Robertson, The Baker Street Translation - 3rd with brothers Reggie and Nigel Heath whose law offices are located at 221 B Baker Street. They continue to open mail sent to The Great Detective and to help those who seek it. The brothers deal with three puzzles: an elderly American heiress would like to leave her fortune to Sherlock Holmes; a translator wants Holmes’ help with a nursery rhyme, and Reggie’s rival for the hand of actress Laura Rankin has gone missing.

Donald Thomas, Death on a Pale Horse: Sherlock Holmes on Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Holmes and Watson match wits with an old nemesis through a Zulu uprising, the sinking of a passenger steamer, gunrunners and assassins in the gold and diamond fields of Africa, and the death of the heir to a French empire. The man bears the mark of Satan and believes himself to be evil incarnate: Col. Hunter Moran.

Special Interest

E.W. Barton-Wright, The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence - The sub-title says it all: “The manly art of Bartitsu as used against Professor Moriarty”. After traveling in the East, Barton-Wright brought back the Oriental martial arts he’d studied in Japan in the 1890’s. He combined them with European self-defense methods and called it Bartitsu. Schools soon sprang up around the country. Now you, too, can learn to defend yourself with your overcoat, cane or umbrella. Study the drawings based on the period photos and you too can parry with a criminal genius on a high precipice and send him to his just reward!


Rhys Bowen, The Family Way - Retired from the detective agency, pregnant and deep into domesticity, Molly Murphy gets a letter from her old boss asking for help. She figures it can’t hurt to just ask around about a missing Irish servant girl but then she finds out about five other young children who have also gone missing. Is there a connection? In paper, Hush Now, Don’t You Cry.

Gyles Brandreth, Oscar Wilde and the Murders at Reading Gaol - After being released from Reading Gaol, Wilde has fled to France. While there, the warder of the prison and the priest are murdered. In a strange twist of fate, the Governor asks Wilde to return to the prison to investigate the crimes.

Emily Brightwell, Mrs. Jeffries Turns the Tide - Ellen Langston-Jones was a beautiful woman and new to town. Why would someone want to kill a new resident that no one had the time to get to know?

Susanna Calkins, A Murder at Rosemund’s Gate - Debut. Lucy is a simple chambermaid in a 17th C. magistrate’s home. One of the other servants is murdered and Lucy’s brother is charged. Lucy knows he isn’t a killer and determines to clear him before he can be hanged.

Gary Corby, Sacred Games - 3rd in this series set in ancient Athens. Everyone is excited as the Olympics are set to begin in 460 BC. Nicolaos’ friend Timodemus will represent Athens in the pankration competition. This early martial art is dangerous but Timo is confident he’ll win over Parmonos of Sparta. When Parmonos is found beaten to death, Timo is the prime suspect. Nico will work to clear him so that the games can go on. Finally in paper, Ionia Sanction the second in the series from 2011. Fran recommends this series.

David Dickinson, Death Comes to Vicenza - 12th in this Edwardian series. A varied group of visitors to Vicenza, Italy, are tied together by having attended a lecture given by an Oxford fellow. The evening after, the don was found murdered on stage. Due to the personalities involved – some of the people are Americans, don’t you know – gentleman/sleuth Lord Francis Powerscourt is asked to investigate.

David Downing, Masaryk Station - It is 1948, Berlin is not only in ruins but it is the epicenter for the new Cold War. Journalist John Russell has been caught between these forces, maneuvered to work for the East and West but doing as little as possible for both, just enough to satisfy his handlers, but continually looking for an escape. That possibility is about to get much, much less likely. People scattered by the war have been straggling back and dragging trouble along with them. In paper, Lehrter Station.

Teresa Grant, The Paris Affair - In the aftermath of Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo, France is gripped by the White Terror. Retribution, reprisals and revenge rule the state. British attaché (and spy) Malcolm Rannoch and his wife, Suzanne, work through this deadly strife to find his murdered half-sister’s child.

Alex Grecian, The Black Country - By request, Scotland Yard sends Ins. Walter Day and Sgt. Nevil Hammersmith to the Midlands when members of a prominent family in the coal center disappear. The pair will find a wasp’s nest of secrets and superstitions. Signed Copies Available. In paper, The Yard.

Susanna Gregory, Death in St. James's Park - Intelligencer Thomas Chaloner finds his attention split between searching for the scoundrel who is poisoning birds in the King's aviary and someone else who has bombed the General Letter Office in protest of their inefficiency. Then the poisoner moves to human targets. 8th in this Restoration series. AND Murder by the Book - Her 18th Cambridge mystery with Matthew Bartholomew. Intrigue and violence shadow the opening of the university's new Common Library.

C.S. Harris, What Darkness Brings - 8th in this Regency series. It is 1812 and a disreputable yet wealthy diamond merchant has been murdered. One of St. Cyr’s past lovers stands accused. The aristocratic sleuth and his new wife swing into action to clear her name. In paper, When Maidens Mourn.

John Harwood, The Asylum - Georgina Ferrars comes awake in a remote English asylum, Tregannon House. The doctor tells her she checked in the day before with the name Lucy Ashton and soon after suffered a seizure. She’s incredulous and insists he wire her uncle in London. The reply from her uncle is that Georgina is with him at home and that the woman there must be an imposter. Who is whom and what is going on?

Regina Jeffers, The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy - 2nd Pride and Prejudice mystery. The death of his father's cousin interrupts the joy of their wedding and Elizabeth and Darcy travel to Dorset to pay their respects for this eccentric relative. Strange events begin.

Philip Kerr, A Man Without Breath - It’s 1943 and the tide of war on the Eastern Front has shifted. The Russians are moving westward. Bernie Gunther is working in the Wehrmacht’s War Crimes Bureau and the focus there is now saving the reputation of the army and the hell with the party loyalists. As the army pulls back through Poland, a mass grave of Polish officers is discovered. Gunther is dispatched to investigate and prove the Russians were responsible. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Prague Fatale. JB highly recommends this series.

Marek Krajewski, The End of the World in Breslau - As Europe heads inexorably toward war in the late ‘30s, life in Poland does indeed feel as if it is coming to an end. There is still work to be done, namely preparing codes that can be used to counter the expected enemy. In paper, Death in Breslau.

James McGee, Rapscallion - 3rd with Regency troubleshooter Matthew Hawkwood. During the Napoleonic Wars, he’s dispatched by the Royal Navy to stop smugglers and traitors operating within the fearsome world of prison ships. In paper, Hawkwood.

David Morrell, Murder as a Fine Art - In 1827, Thomas De Quincey published “On Murder Considered as one of the Fine Arts”, a satirical and fictional account of an address made at a private club which addressed an aesthetic appreciation of murder. It was quite popular and influencial. That is all true. In Morrell’s new novel, De Quincey is horrified to learn that someone is committing actual murders as laid out in the essay. Despite being hindered by his opium addiction, he will undertake an investigation of the crimes, aided by his brilliant daughter and two of Scotland Yard’s finest.

Anne Perry, Midnight at Marble Arch - Two cases of rape have led to deaths – one a murder and one a suicide – that will have impacts much wider than one might expect. The young man who is put on trial for the crime, and Thomas Pitt’s quest for answers, will take him much deeper into the morass of international politics than he has thus far been willing to venture. In paper, Dorchester Terrace.

Joanna Campbell Slan, Death of a Dowager - Encountering Jane Eyre Rochester and her friend Lucy, the Dowager Lady Ingram delivers a scathing public scolding to them. Lady Ingram’s own daughter, she had hoped, would be marrying Edward Rochester. The three go to visit the old bat the next day to attempt to mend fences and she drops dead right in front of them. Of course, suspicion alights upon them.

Victoria Thompson, Murder in Chelsea - A woman who claims to be the nursemaid of the child, and working on behalf of the mother, has been asking about Catherine, the abandoned child taken in by Sarah Brandt. When Sgt. Frank Mallow begins to ask questions about the nurse’s veracity, she’s murdered. In paper, Murder on Fifth Avenue.

Christine Trent, Lady of Ashes - As her husband’s interest in his funeral business wanes, wife Violet picks up the slack. It is 1861 and she doesn’t know that he’s become involved with a political faction that is supporting the South in the Civil War. Just as she gets hired to do a service for a friend of royalty, her husband disappears.

Jacqueline Winspear, Leaving Everything Most Loved - Two months after his sister’s death, and getting no satisfaction from the authorities, a man asks Maisie Dobbs to investigate. To her astonishment, she finds a subculture of Indian women who are brought to London as domestics but who are often turned out onto the street with no means of support. As Maisie delves deeper into this culture, she becomes more taken with that world and more outraged as more women begin to die. [Signing -Wed, April 10, noon]

Felicity Young, Antidote to Murder - 2nd with physician Dody McCleland. It is a broiling summer in 1911 and the politics are just as heated as the weather. The suffragette movement is in full swing and Germany is making military moves. Autopsy surgeon McClelland has personal problems. She’s accused of killing a woman during a botched abortion.

Now in paper

Robin Blake, A Dark Anatomy

Stephen L. Carter, The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

Barbara Cleverly, Not My Blood

Lindsey Davis, Master and God

Lyndsay Faye, The Gods of Gotham - Edgar Nominee

Michael Jecks, City of Fiends

Joseph Kanon, Istanbul Passage

Steven Saylor, The Seven Wonders

Julia Stuart, The Pigeon Pie Mystery

Coming This Summer

Benjamin Black - Holy Orders

Rhys Bowen - Heirs And Graces

Lindsey Davis -The Ides Of April

Loren D. Estleman, The Confessions of Al Capone

Kerry Greenwood, Medea

Henning Mankell, A Treacherous Paradise

Eliot Pattison - Origin Of Death

Peter Tremayne - Seventh Trumpet 

From a Parallel World: Urban Fantasy & Steampunk


New from the Northwest

Patricia Briggs, Frost Burned - Mercy and her stepdaughter, Jesse, are involved in a minor auto accident, which should be no big deal. But when Mercy tries to reach Adam, he can't be found. In fact, she can't locate anyone in the pack; they've all gone missing! To figure out what's going on, Mercy may have to reach out for help from the vampires, and that could be dangerous. Signed Copies Available. Amber and Fran Recommend this series.

Amanda Quick, The Mystery Woman - Beatrice Lockwood, one of the intrepid ladies of Lantern Street, is in the middle of a case when her past comes back to haunt her. Joshua North, a former spy for the Crown, has come out of a self-imposed retirement after a disastrous case that left him injured. He hunts the villain who is blackmailing his sister. The trail leads to Beatrice, his new chief suspect. But when he realizes he’s wrong, they set out to find the real extortionist. Passion flares between them as they dodge a professional assassin. Meanwhile a mysterious scientist intent on resurrecting his dead lover using an ancient Egyptian formula for preserving the bodies of the dead is also hunting Beatrice; he requires Beatrice's paranormal talents. The two cases collide at a mysterious country-house with the mad-scientist’s laboratory. In paper, Crystal Gardens. [Signing – Tues, April 23, noon.]

J.R. Rain, Samantha Moon Rising - 5th, 6th and 7th books in his ‘Vampire for Hire’ series (“Vampire Dawn”, Vampire Games”, “Moon Island”), plus a new short story, “Teeth”.

New from the Rest

Heather Blake, The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy - 3rd with ‘wishcrafter’ Darcy Merriweather. A party for a magical florist – who has just produced the first black rose! – gets off to a bad start when one of the caterers is found dead.

Jennifer Harlow, What’s a Witch to Do? - High Priestess Mona McGregor runs a magic shop and is the leader of the local coven. One day, Adam Blue – a very attractive werewolf – visits her to warn that someone wants her dead and he’s been sent to protect her.

Charlaine Harris, Dead Ever After - The final Sookie Stackhouse book! See how it all ends. In paper, Deadlocked.

Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd - Attending the annual Eventide Arts Festival, Odd Thomas is expecting the new, the radical, the ‘outre’. He is not, however, expecting it to be a combination of Woodstock and Hades. 6th in this series recommended by Janine & Fran.

Rochelle Staab, Hex on the Ex - Psychologist Liz Cooper is reluctantly at the Dodger's game with her dad for his birthday. Her ex is pitching and the woman he had an affair with is sitting not far from them. An omen appears during the game and the woman is found dead the next day. Liz and her ex are both suspects.

Kari Lee Townsend, Trouble in the Tarot - 3rd with psychic Sunny Meadows.

Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Rocks the House - When she returns to Denver from London, Kitty learns that there is a new werewolf in town who is challenging her authority.

Now in paperback

James Swain, Dark Magic

Coming this Summer

Stella Cameron -  Darkness Bred

Yasmine Galenorn - Night Vision

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty In The Underworld

James Swain - Shadow People

From Overseas

Jussi Adler-Olsen, A Conspiracy of Faith - Years ago, a bottle was found in the sea. It contained a message, apparently written in blood, in Danish. It was left on a windowsill, forgotten. Now it’s been opened and analyzed. Is it possible to find the brothers who wrote the note asking for help? Det. Carl Morck has no idea when it was written but he’s going to try. In paper, The Absent One. Adele and Janine highly recommends this series.

Cara Black, Murder Below Montparnasse - Parisian PI Aimée Leduc has allowed her godfather, Commissaire Morbier, to insert her into a case of national importance involving intelligence hacking. Her former partner, Rene, has left for America, so she’s shouldering the load alone. While this is happening, an art heist that went bad has some bad guys who were involved believing Aimee knows something about it for some reason. [Signing - Tues, Mar 5, noon]. One of Amber’s favorite series.

Peggy Blair, The Beggar’s Opera - Havana Insp. Ricardo Ramirez arrests Canadian Det. Mike Ellis for the murder of a young beggar boy found floating off the coast. Ramirez has three days to secure an indictment, according to Cuban law, or he must see his suspect leave the island free. While he works the judicial system, Ramirez battles his own demons. He’s got the same dementia that killed his grandmother and it is causing him to see the ghosts of the victims of all of the unsolved cases in his career. Adele recommends.

Andrea Camilleri, The Dance of the Seagull - Just before he’s to leave on vacation, Insp. Montalbano sees a seagull drop from the sky. Odder still, when he checks in at the office, he finds that his assistant Fazio has disappeared while secretly working on a case of his own. 15th in this Sicilian series.

Ake Edwardson, Room No. 10 - CI Erik Winter investigates when two women are killed in the same hotel room, but twenty years apart. The first murder dates back to his early years on the force and a case that was never solved. 7th in this Swedish series.

Poppy Gee, Bay of Fire - Sarah’s reckless life has cost her everything and she’s forced back home to her parents and her small Tasmanian town. One day she finds the body of a young tourist washed up on the beach. It brings back memories to everyone about another girl who vanished years ago. Reporter Hall Flynn comes to town to write about it and make his journalistic mark. Sarah wants no part of it but how can she stay out of the story? Debut.

Wolf Haas, The Bone Man - Austrian detective Brenner meets his most recent case with his typical dark humor – someone has had the audacity to be the victim of a grisly murder in his favorite chicken restaurant.

Michael Hjorth & Hans Rosenfeldt, Dark Secrets - 1st in a bestselling Swedish series. Psychologist and profiler Sebastian Bergman is in the town of Västerås to settle his mother’s estate when a 16-year-old boy is murdered. He’a a nationally recognized expert on killers but has been retired for years. He’s drawn back into the game.

Ismail Kadare, The Successor - Mehmet Shehu was the handpicked successor to the hated and ailing Albanian dictator. Just before he was to take office, he was found dead in circumstances that were murky, at best. Was it suicide or homicide? Based on historical events.

Camilla Lackberg, The Stranger - Published in the UK in 2011 as The Gallows Bird. In her 4th book, Det. Patrik Hedstrom has two cases and one big spotlight. First, a woman dies in what at first appears to be a tragic drunk-driving accident – except she was known to rarely, if ever, drink. Then a reality show comes to town and the most disagreeable contestant is murdered. The show keeps going but is now a reality murder mystery show.

Adam LeBor, The Geneva Option - Yael Azoulay works behind the scenes for the UN, greasing the wheels on big deals between governments and corporations, the ugly stuff kept from the public. But even she isn’t shown all the dirt and, when she sees the plans a group within the UN have for Africa, she goes rogue to stop it.

Donna Leon, The Golden Egg - Her 22nd Brunetti. The Commissario is caught doing two favors that he would prefer to avoid: his boss asks him to look into a misdemeanor committed by the mayor’s future daughter-in-law; and his wife asks him to investigate the death of a man who worked at their dry-cleaners. Political cases have their dangers, as do marital ones. The marital one gets strange when he can find no official record that the worker existed. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Beastly Things.

Charlotte Link, The Other Child - The tranquility of a small seaside German town is shattered when a young student is murdered. The police investigate for months to no avail. A second murder makes everyone wonder – is it the same killer, or are there now two? Det. Valerie Almond is ambitious and wants the credit for solving the case. But her ambition will put her in danger. A European bestseller.

Jassy Mackenzie, Pale Horses - 4th in this South African series. PI Jade de Jong is hired by an extreme sportsman when his partner dies in an urban nightmare. They were to jump from a newly constructed skyscraper but something went wrong with the woman’s parachute. The man is insistent that it was no accident. Her relationship with top cop David Patel has turned rocky, so she’s glad to have a distraction. The case will lead her from the city to the country, to a farming project and to rumors of an unknown fatal disease. In paper, Fallen.

Liza Marklund, Lifetime - 7th with journalist Annika Bengtzon. A cop has been found tied to his bed and shot to death, his wife is on the floor, unconscious. When she awakens, she tells an incoherent story about a strange woman entering the house, killing her husband and stealing their son. All of the evidence points toward the wife. Annika isn’t so certain.

Derek Miller, Norwegian by Night - Sheldon Horowitz is a cranky old fart who moved with his daughter and her new husband to the ice and cold of Norway. Sheldon was a sniper in Korea and continues to be wracked by the guilt of his only son’s death in Viet Nam. One morning in Oslo, he steps into a dispute with a neighbor and protects a young boy. Violence sends them on the run and Sheldon’s grip on reality begins to crack in this, to him, alien world. Fact and fear, past and present, interweave. The publisher promises “ a literary novel, a police thriller, and the funniest book about war crimes and dementia you are likely to read anytime soon.” Debut novel by the director of The Policy Lab and a senior fellow with the UN Institute for Disarmament Research. A native Bostonian, he’s lived all over Europe for the last 15 years.

D.A. Mishani, The Missing File - Debut by an Israeli editor of international crime fiction and literary scholar, specializing in the history of detective literature. Det. Avraham Avraham rarely has to deal with serious crime in his Tel Aviv suburb. But a 16-year-old boy disappears one day on his way to school and the quiet order of Avraham’s life is destroyed. The deeper he gets into his investigation, the less he seems to recognize his world.

Tamar Myers, The Girl Who Married an Eagle - The finale to her Belgian Congo series, based on her experiences growing up there. Ohioan school teacher Julia Elaine Newton knew volunteering to teach half a world away would be a challenge, but she wasn’t considering that she’d end up in the middle of a controversy over child brides.

Jo Nesbo, The Redeemer - In sub-zero temperatures on a busy Oslo street, the Salvation Army sings to the Christmas shoppers. A shot rings out and one of their group falls to the ground. The professional disappears into the crowd, heading for the airport and his escape but the weather isn't on his side and all flights are cancelled. Being forced to stay overnight in Oslo, he is still there when the newspapers report the death and name the man - a man who was not his target. Harry and his team are called in to investigate but have little to work with - no immediate suspect, no weapon, and no motive. In the order of Nesbø books as written, The Redeemer falls between The Devil's Star and The Snowman. - Adele Recommends. In paper, Phantom.

Malla Nunn, Present Darkness - Right before a needed holiday break, a call to the Johannesburg Major Crimes squad derails everyone’s plans. A respectable white couple have been attacked in their home and their teenage daughter fingers the son of one of the cops. 4th in this Apartheid series.

Kristina Ohlsson, Silenced - 2nd with Insp. Frederika Bergman. Three crimes bedevil her and her colleagues: a man with no identification was killed in a hit-and-run and no one has been reported missing; a priest and his wife are dead in an apparent murder-suicide; and a 15 year-old rape has reasons to be reinvestigated.

Michael Stanley, Deadly Harvest - A number of girls have disappeared, never to return. Samantha, the only woman on the Botswana police force, recalls something similar happening when she was young and whispers that the girls were stolen away for ‘muti’, folk medicine that superstition says contains human elements. Det. Kubu will join her investigation.

James Thompson, Helsinki Blood - Kari Vaara needs some way to redeem himself in his own eyes and the case he accepts involves missing women – particularly a young Estonian woman with Down Syndrome. She came to Finland for promised work but quickly vanished. Her mother asks Vaara to find her. It will take him into the glittering and ugly world of trafficked women. Signed Copies Available. Adele highly recommends this series.

Qui Xiaolong, The Enigma of China - As Chief Insp. Chen Cao has risen in the department, he’s also risen in the Party. Due to the respect he’s received, the Party asks him to sign off on the death of the son of a major Party member. The man had been implicated in the recent corruption scandal and is said to have hanged himself. But once Cao looks over the case, he’s not certain it was suicide and that puts him at odds with some very powerful people within the Party. In paper, Don’t Cry, Tai Lake.

In paper

Colin Cotterill, Grandad, There’s a Head on the Beach

Conor Fitzgerald, The Namesake

Camilla Grebe & Asa Traff, Some Kind of Peace

Gerald Jay, The Paris Directive

A.J. Kazinski, The Last Good Man - Adele Recommends.

Hakan Nesser, Munster’s Case

Jan Costin Wagner, Silence

Martin Walker, The Crowded Grave

Coming This Summer

Alexander Campion - Death of a Chef

Karin Fossum - Eva’s Eye

Anne Holt - Death Of Demon

Lars Kepler - The Fire Witness

Fred Vargas - Ghost Riders Of Ordebec

Martin Walker - The Devil’s Cave

From Great Britain

Kate Atkinson, Life After Life - On a wintry night in 1910, a baby girl is born, only to die moments later – only she doesn’t die, she’s born again moments later. As she ages, she continues to die and to be reborn but she retains what she knows for the next life and it brings forward the question of whether she can use that knowledge to change what is going to happen in her new, latest life.

Lisa Ballantyne, The Guilty One - London solicitor Daniel Hunter comes to his practice of defending lost causes naturally; he came from foster care, from difficult times and places and wants to give those without hope a chance. His latest case involves an 11 year-old boy accused of killing a younger boy at a playground.

Jo Bannister, Deadly Virtues - Jerome Cardy knew he was going to be murdered even though he was in a jail cell. He left a clue when he told the guy in the next cell that he’d once had a dog named Othello. He repeated it twice – Othello.

M.C. Beaton, Death of Yesterday - 29th with Sgt. Hamish Macbeth who is feeling guilty about the woman who reported that she couldn’t remember the night before. He knew she’d been drinking so he told her to not worry much. Now she’s dead.

Christopher Brookmyre, When the Devil Drives - In her second case, actress-turned-PI Jasmine Sharp has settled into her new profession, getting comfortable with looking for missing people. Her new case takes her full circle, back into theatre. At the same time, DS Catherine McLeod is assigned to investigate a murder in the Highlands where an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream is underway. In paper, Where the Bodies are Buried.

Jane Casey, The Last Girl - In her 3rd investigation, DC Maeve Kerrigan arrives at the scene of a double murder – a mother and daughter. The father and another daughter – the surviving twin – seem evasive, claiming to have seen nothing. To Kerrigan, it is clear that this was an unhappy family and all families have their secrets but all of the evidence is contradictory and the clues lead nowhere.

Ann Cleeves, Silent Voices - Yet another of her series comes to the US, this, the 4th with Insp. Vera Stanhope, from 2011. A woman is found dead in her gym’s sauna and Stanhope hopes that for once a death she investigates will be natural. Not this one, sorry.

Lesley Cookman, Murder in the Monastery - 11th in this cozy series. Murder ancient and modern surrounds a jewel-encrusted reliquary that has suddenly appeared for sale on-line. Is it authentic or a fake? Libby Sarjeant is asked to examine it.

Luke Delaney, Cold Killing - Debut by a former Metropolitan copper and CID inspector. DI Sean Corrigan is called to the scene of a brutal murder in South London. What at first looks like a domestic murder proves to be something else when a string of murders are tied together, Corrigan realizes he’s looking for one killer who is smart enough to try to make all of his murders look random and unconnected.

Martin Edwards, Frozen Shroud - 6th in his Lake District series. Twice before on Halloweens past, a woman has been found murdered in the remote community of Ravenbank. Each was found with her battered face covered. Daniel Kind, a historian of murder, is visiting this October and he’s studied these past crimes and disbelieves those suspected were the killers. He’ll get to study up close and personal. A third murder is about to happen.

R.J. Ellory, Candlemoth - His 2003 debut, short-listed for the CWA’s Steel Dagger (Best First Thriller). With 30 days to his execution, Daniel Ford is facing certain death. No more appeals, no more legal maneuvering. So he begins to tell his story to Father John Rousseau. All of it. In paper, A Quiet Vendetta.

Nicci French, Tuesday’s Gone - The police are called when a social worker pays a house call on a client and finds the elderly woman serving tea to a decomposing corpse. (We must assume the social workers in England are as overwhelmed by their caseload as are their US counterparts if the time between visits allows for a body to decompose.) CI Karlssonn has no way to identify the body, which is nude. So he calls in Frieda Klein for assistance.

Elly Griffiths, A Dying Fall - Forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway is shocked when a colleague is killed in a house fire. Her shock turns to horror when she receives a letter from him, written just a few days before his death, that mentions a momentous archeological discovery. Something about ‘the Raven King’, the ancient name for King Arthur. In paper, A Room Full of Bones.

Mo Hayder, Poppet - A high-security mental institution lets Isaac out by mistake. Only when he is gone do they realize he was tied to a series of malicious episodes that had disturbed both the other patients and the staff. Det. Jack Caffery is assigned to track him down and return him to the institution. Isaac had left little effigies around. Some echoed known events. Some not. Do they say anything about his plans while on the outside? Latest from the recent Edgar winner. In paper, Hanging Hill.

Elizabeth Haynes, Dark Tide - Escaping the pressures of her London work, Genevieve was looking for something different, something new. Once she saw the boat in Kent, she knew it was what she wanted. Her joy turns to ashes when a body washes up to her new home during a ‘boat-warming’ party and she recognizes the dead woman. It’s someone she once worked with when she was young and making ends meet as a dancer at a private gentleman’s club.

Ewart Hutton, Good People - Investigator Glyn Capaldi has been exiled to the Welsh countryside where nothing interesting ever seems to happen. One night, though, after rugby and drinking, six men and one woman disappear into the darkness and not all come back. Capaldi is tasked with finding out what happened. Those who came back appear to have alibis and are well respected. Capaldi, being an outsider, isn’t impressed. His probe will expose a network of betrayal and secrets.

John le Carre, A Delicate Truth - In ’08, a joint taskforce implemented the hugely successful abduction of a jihadist arms-merchant. Three years later, new questions are being asked; the main one is, was it really so successful? Retired diplomat Sir Christopher Probyn is called in to divine the truth. Signed Copies Available.

Peter Lovesey, The Tooth Tattoo - When a vacation in Vienna becomes a romantic nightmare, Peter Diamond is relieved to be distracted by a murder investigation. The body of a young woman has been found in one of the city’s canals and the only clue to her identity is a musical note marked on one of her teeth. 13th in this series by an author who has won every major mystery award in Britain. In paper, Cop to Corpse. [Signing Fri May 10, noon]

David Mark, Original Skin - A new group of thugs has been taking over East Yorkshire’s drug trade and the Serious and Organized Unit of the coppers is overworked. When a player is found dead in his apartment, it is dismissed as suicide. DS Aector McAvoy thinks it is part of the gang’s rampage. In paper, The Dark Winter.

Adrian McKinty, I Hear Sirens in the Street - 2nd in his Troubles Trilogy. It's now '82 and Det. Sean Duffy finds himself once again in the middle of a thicket. The torso of a former American soldier has been discovered in a suitcase and the clues lead to the widow of a man recently killed by the IRA. Then there are the hardcases from British Intelligence and the suits from the FBI and the attractive widow would appear to be the least of his problems.

Gerald O’Donovan, Dublin Dead - His dream job turning to ashes as Ireland’s economy melts, the new head of the National Drug Unit, Mike Mulcahy, links two bits of news to find a break in his biggest case. At the same time, reporter Siobhan Fallon buries her traumas in work as a story about a suicide morphs into a strange missing-person case. Then she and Mulcahy find their work intertwining.

Ann Purser, The Sleeping Salesman Enquiry - Senior sleuth Ivy Beasley is ready to share her golden years with Roy Goodman. Though it is early May, there's a deathly chill in the air.

Robert Wilson, Capital Punishment - Charles Boxer’s specialty is the recovery of kidnap victims. The ex-soldier, ex-cop is a master at it. The daughter of Indian tycoon Frank D’Cruz has disappeared after a night of boozy partying and the rascals who have her have not asked for money. Instead they want her father to play a dangerous and lethal game. The game will take Boxer deep into London’s underworld where he runs across the trail of a terrorist plot. Are they connected? One of Janine’s favorite authors.

In paper

Benjamin Black, Vengeance

S.J. Bolton, Dead Scared

Charles Cumming, A Foreign Country

Tana French, Broken Harbor - Fran Recommends.

Alexander McCall Smith, A Conspiracy of Friends and The Limpopo & Academy of Private Detectives

Coming this Summer

S.J. Bolton - Lost

Chris Ewan - Good Thief’s Guide To Berlin

James Henry - First Frost

Mystery Specialty Presses

Bitter Lemon

Teresa Solana, The Sound of One Hand Killing - Brothers Borja and Eduard, both detectives, are ensnared in simultaneous nightmares: while investigating a new age therapist, they find the director of the Barcelona meditation center dead from a blow from a statuette of Buddha; Borja’s efforts to smuggle a priceless Assyrian figurine lands them in the middle of the death of their neighbor, a man who had been with the CIA.

Europa Editions

Massimo Carlotto, At the End of a Dull Day - After ratting out his friends years ago, Pellegrini has been living an ‘honest’ life. That is ending: his lawyer has screwed him and left him in the debt of a crime syndicate. To get free, he’s either going to have to do their bidding or revert to his earlier life as a ruthless killer. Is he too old now to do that?

Maurizio de Giovanni, Blood Curse: The Springtime of Commissario Ricciardi - It is 1931 and Ricciardi’s ability to see the last seconds of a victim’s life has made him an investigative phenomena, but it has come at a terrible price – too much drink, too little sleep and no friends. An elderly fortuneteller has been beaten to death and, while none of her neighbors are forthcoming, Ricciardi and his partner begin to see that she had some important and powerful clients and one of them may’ve been told something they didn’t like. 2nd in this Naples series.

Benjamin Tammuz, Minotaur - An Israeli spy sees the woman of his dreams on his 41st birthday. She is everything he’s ever wanted and, though they’ve not met, he’s convinced they’re an ideal match. Using the crafts could destroy him.

Felony & Mayhem

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Elizabeth Daly, The Wrong Way - 11th with author, bibliophile and forgery expert Henry Gamadge, published in ’46 (and as Shroud for a Lady in ’56).

Ngaio Marsh, Death at the Bar and Surfeit of Lampreys and Overture To Death and The Dancing Footman and Colour Scheme - 9th – 12th of the classic Roderick Allyn whodunnits, from ’40, ’41 and ’43. Surfeit of Lampreys was published in the US as Death of a Peer.

Hard Case Crime

Harlan Ellison, Web of the City - First published in 1958 as Rumble. His first novel, based on his own experiences undercover in a ‘50s NYC street gang. The street toughs are armed and they fight to win, leaving dead and wounded in their wake. Rusty Santoro wants out but it is far harder to leave a gang than to join one.

Midnight Ink

Shannon Baker, Tainted Mountain - Nora Abbot’s life is in splinters: her husband has been murdered, angry protesters have occupied her land, and the Northern Arizona drought has made her ski resort wither. If it could get worse, it has. Her mother arrives unannounced and a developer is trying to take her business away from her. What was that first thing? Oh yeah, her husband has been murdered. Debut.

Maegan Beaumont, Carved in Darkness - A cop and a victim’s brother play a deadly game when the brother attempts to use the cop as bait. She was attacked by the same lunatic that killed the man’s sister 15 years before. The cop started over after surviving the attack but the appearance of the brother threatens her new life. Debut.

Sallie Bissell, Music of Ghosts - Decades ago, the cabin, abandoned in the dense Appalachian woods, was the scene of a bloody, double murder. It has since been visited only by teens and thrill seekers. Death has returned to it when the daughter of a former governor is found slaughtered with odd symbols carved into her corpse.

Colin Campbell, Jamaica Plain - US debut of a UK bestseller. UK cop Jim Grant arrives in Boston to extradite a low-level thug. He quickly finds himself in the midst of killers, mobsters, a SWAT team, live TV coverage, and beautiful strippers. Damn!

Vicki Doudera, Final Settlement - 4th with real estate maven Darby Farr. On the island of Hurricane Harbor, ME for a wedding, she learns that the police chief’s assistant has mysteriously drowned. Darby loves to probe a good puzzle.

Robert K. Lewis, Untold Damage - Former undercover cop Mark Mallen has spent the last four years in a heroin haze on the streets of San Francisco. A former colleague has been murdered and a paper in the man’s pocket implicates Mallen. Can he pull it together enough to clear himself? Debut.

Lizbeth Lipperman, Heard it Through the Grapevine - A Texas journalist has her life and plans disrupted when her sister is murdered. Tessa was estranged from Lainey who had stayed at home and ran the family vineyard. Now, foul-mouthed and irreverent Tessa is hanging around, seemingly determined to continue making Lainey’s life miserable – but now as a ghost.

Karen MacInerney, Brush With Death - 5th set at the Gray Whale Inn. A popular artist has come to Cranberry Island but is soon erased.

Joanna Campbell Slan, Picture Perfect Corpse (May). 6th in this Agatha-Award nominated scrapbooking series.

New Pulp Press

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Les Edgerton, The Rapist - Truman Ferris Pinter is an amoral man occupying a prison cell for a heinous crime committed years earlier. Edgerton guides us on a haunting journey inside Pinter’s mind to show that no matter how depraved a person appears to be, there might still exist a spark of humanity.

Tom Piccirilli, The Fever Kill - Crease is going back to his quaint, quiet hometown of Hangtree. It's where his father, the sheriff, met ruin due to a scandal involving the death of a kidnapped little girl and her missing ransom. It's where Crease was beaten, jailed, and driven from town a decade ago. Crease has a single hope; a raw and raging fever driving him toward the truth that might just burn him up, and the town down. First published in ‘08

Poisoned Pen Press

Tammy Kaehler, Braking Points - 2nd NASCAR mystery with driver Kate Reilly.

Bruce McBain, The Bull Slayer - Newly appointed Bithynia governor Pliny the Younger finds the province to be corrupt, seething with hatred toward Rome and swayed by a duplicitous faith healer. If that isn't enough to worry about, a high Roman official is found murdered on a distant hillside. As he investigates, he'll find everyone, even those closest to him, are ready to betray him.

Clea Simon, Parrots Prove Deadly - 3rd with animal psychic Pru Marlowe, who is hired to retrain a foul-mouthed African gray parrot after the owner's death. Might the bird have some knowledge of the man's murder? Or, to put it another way, can the creature help catch a killer?

Tina Whittle, Blood, Ash, and Bone - Atlanta cop Tai Randolph and her boyfriend Trey, a corporate security specialist, head back to her hometown to escape their dark and dangerous jobs and to kick back with other Civil War re-enactors. Won't be a relaxing weekend, by any means. For many, the war never ended and still draws blood.

Prologue Books

Vin Packer, The Evil Friendship - Noir thriller from '58.

Whit Masterson, Badge of Evil - The 1956 classic adapted to the screen as Touch of Evil. "Whit Masterson" was also "Wade Miller".

Rue Morgue

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Craig Rice, The Wrong Murder - The 3rd with John J. Malone, from 1940. On list of Bill’s Top Five Mysteries of all Time.

Clyde B. Clason, The Death Angel - The 2nd with Professor Theocritus Lucius Westborough from 1936.

Frances Crane, The Cinnamon Murder - 8th with the Abbots, a travelling couple whose vacations are always ruined by murder. From 1946.

Kelley Roos, There Was a Crooked Man - 5th with Haila and Jeff Troy, married amateur sleuths in NYC from 1945. A favorite author of Bill’s.

Stuart Palmer, The Puzzle of the Red Stallion - The 6th with teacher Hildegarde Withers, from '36, also published as The Puzzle of the Briar Pipe.

Stark House

These titles must be ordered directly from us, call or e-mail.  

Dan J. Marlowe, The Name of the Game is Death / One Endless Hour - Stephen King called Marlowe “the hardest of the hard-boiled.” Here are the two books that introduce Earl Drake, a hardened thief on a mission of vengeance. He’s been shot, burned and put away in an asylum—but they can’t keep him there. Drake is a force to be reckoned with. Name is from ’62, Hour from ’69. Barry Gifford said it best: “Nobody wrote tougher prose than Dan J. Marlowe. Nobody.” This volume includes an introduction by Charles Kelly, author of Gunshots in Another Room: The Forgotten Life of Dan J. Marlowe.

Peter Rabe, Kill the Boss Good-By / Mission of Vengeance - Kill (from ’56) is the story of a manic-depressive gangland boss, and Mission (’58) tells a frightening story of a psychopath’s trail of revenge. Masterpieces of understatement, both demonstrate Rabe’s deft characterizations and dramatic intensity. As Bill Pronzini puts it, "Peter Rabe was a kind of fictional surgeon.  His novels are skillful operations performed with scalpel-like precision on the underbelly of American society.” This 7th volume of Rabe’s works features a new introduction by Rick Ollerman.

Tyrus Books

Reed Farrel Coleman, Onion Street - In his 8th book, we visit Moe Prager in 1967. His girlfriend Mindy has been attacked, beaten into a coma. Moe resolves to find out who did it. While on the hunt, he finds out someone is aiming to kill his best friend, Bobby. His investigation turns up the edges of an underground radical group.

Lydia Cooper, My Second Death - Debut thriller. Mickey's carefully regimented life is thrown off-kilter when a series of strange messages lead her to a condemned house that holds an artistically mutilated corpse. Next, a quiet art student asks her to help solve a 20-year-old murder. Mickey reigns herself in because she has always had a liquid relationship with reality. That grip is now threatened.

Todd Robinson, The Hard Bounce - Boo and Junior, friends since they met in a home for wayward boys, are the security for a Boston nightspot. Along with Junior, the bar's staff are the only family Boo really has. For some reason, someone thinks that Boo and Junior can be detectives and hires them to search for a rich girl who has vanished into the area streets. Boo barely remembers his own kid sister but the search brings back intense memories and threatens his current friends. [Jan. releases not known about in time for our Winter newsletter.]


Jim Pascoe & Tom Fassbender, By the Balls: The Complete Collection - 15th anniversary edition of their early stories with two new ones added.

Reissues of Note

Guy Boothby, A Prince of Swindlers - Originally published in 1900, between Hornung’s Raffles and LeBlanc’s Lupin, Simon Carne is a gentleman thief in London, a master of disguise, who first robs from the elite only to then pose as a detective to find the villain.

Adolfo Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo, Where There’s Love, There’s Hate - First published in 1946, this is a witty pastiche of murder mysteries, yet a gripping one itself, set in an Argentinian seaside resort and full of literary allusions.

Peter Dickinson, Death of a Unicorn - Popular romance novelist Lady Margaret answers the phone one day. What she hears alters what she thought happened thirty years before, when her young lover died under mysterious circumstances. Though she hoped that past was buried, she’s reminded that the past is always with us. First published in 1984.

Joanne Fluke, Video Kill - Her 7th novel, from ’89 (the 1st culinary was her 11th!). Someone is killing women who look like the actresses in different Hitchcock films in ways that recreate and alter those film’s endings – and then leaves a recording of his work for the cops.

Donald Hamilton, The Removers - 3rd Matt Helm from 1961. Bill & JB recommend.

Carolyn Hart, A Settling of Accounts - Her second novel, from ’76. No one knows of antique dealer Kay Emory’s past. A trip to London will put her into harm’s way and she’ll have to rely on skills from that past life to survive.

William Stephens Hayward, Revelations of a Lady Detective - First published in 1864, perhaps the first novel to feature a woman detective. A widow, Mrs. Paschal supports herself as a private enquiry agent. She employs her insight, intuition and investigative skills to solve her cases. While middle-class women of her time did not engage in ‘unladylike activities’ (such as smoking or packing a revolver) Mrs. Paschal did what few could imagine a woman doing – she worked the mean streets and murky underworld of London.

James McClure, The Song Dog - 9th and final Kramer and Zondi investigation.

Helen MacInnes,

Assignment in Brittany, North from Rome and Decision at Delphi - Assignment was her 2nd book, published in 1942, and tells the story of British intelligence op Martin Hearne who lands in occupied France on assignment. Rome is from ’58 and concerns an American playwright who is drawn to Italy by a strange phone call and finds himself quickly enmeshed in Cold War intrigue. Delphi, from ’50, follows an American architect sent to Greece to sketch the ruins. He can’t know he’s a pawn in a murderous plot.

Troy Soos,

Murder at Fenway Park & Murder at Ebbets Field & Murder at Wrigley Field - Out of print for nearly 15 years, this wonderful series set in the world of early 1900s baseball is coming back, just in time for the 2013 season! Each features Mickey Rawlings, a journeyman player who lands with the different teams of the day, playing with the actual players of the day and reveling in the myths and histories of each team. There were 6 books in the series. These are the first three.

Ross Thomas, The Seersucker Whipsaw - One of the master’s earlier books, from ’67. A Southern American, Clinton Shartelle, is hired by a British industrialist to ensure that his candidate is elected president of Albertia, a newly freed colony in Africa. Shartelle’s bigotries and biases are not suited to what he really does view as “The Dark Continent”, but a job’s a job. Everyone wants the election to go ‘their’ way; the problem is that some are willing to kill to get their wishes. A cynic’s satirical view of power in the mid-60's by a renowned reporter and two-time Edgar winner. See how much has NOT changed in 40 years!

Special Interest

Robert B. Baer, The Perfect Kill: The Rules for Modern Assassination -The retired CIA op details the ins and outs of today’s assassinations: when it works, when it doesn’t, why it should or shouldn’t be used in any given instance, what methods have worked best and the rules that should never be broken.

John Douglas (with Mark Olshaker), Law and Disorder - The legendary FBI profiler goes through cases that are a cop’s nightmare – where justice was delayed or denied.

Lisa Downing, The Subject of Murder: Gender, Exceptionality, and the Modern Killer - From the beginning of time, murderers have been viewed as somehow or somewhat ‘other’ than the rest of us, apart and different, perhaps as a way to mark them and to save our sanities. Downing argues that they’re not different and who they are and what they do says something about gender, desire and violence in our everyday world.

Carl Freedman, Versions of Hollywood Crime Cinema: Studies in Ford, Wilder, Coppola, Scorsese, and Others - Freedman uses the works of the directing masters to argue that what is viewed as criminal in society and what is not is often an arbitrary, if not hypocritical, line. He illustrates his thesis using movies from these and other film greats.

Pim Higginson, The Noir Atlantic: Chester Himes and the Birth of the Francophone African Crime Novel - An academic look at the importance and influence of this African-American author on French-speaking writers, especially those in Africa.

Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer, The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano - In the early 60’s, filmmaker Gosch was preparing a movie about the life and times of Charlie Luciano. Surprisingly enough, Luciano agreed to help and recounted his life to Gosch. The bosses back in the States were not happy about this and asked him to keep quiet. Luciano, creator of the Commission, went ahead. Charlie died of a massive heart attack at the Naples airport while waiting for Gosch to land. A natural death? The movie was never made and this book remains the account of Luciano by Luciano.

Ben Nicol, The Private Eye: Detective in Movies - An examination of the roles that PIs have made in our movies – from film noir to now – and the role they play as a cultural and social emblem.

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, Tim Federle - 65 drink recipes with irresistible names: Gin Eyre, Bridget Jones's Daiquiri and a Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose.

Francis M. Nevins, Ellery Queen: The Art of Detection - "All Things Queen" is the promise, as Nevins follows the cousins who wrote as Queen through six decades of novels, stories, magazines, and editing. Includes a completist's bibliography of all of their works, twelve pages of photos and an extensive index.

Jim Steinmeyer, Who Was Dracula: Bram’s Stoker’s Trail of Blood -Stoker conjured up the bloody Count from where? The character is so whole, so real. What were the literary and historical elements that he gathered to spin his influential tale? In a way, this is a joint biography – Stoker and his creation.

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