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Summer 2017

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New from the Northwest

Ellie Alexander - A Crime of Passion Fruit - 6th in the Bakeshop series written by Kate Dyer-Seeley. A vacation from stress, work, and sleuthing is an illusian for Jules when a body is found floating in the cruise ship’s pool.

Leslie Budewitz - Treble at the Jam Fest - Debut in a new series. As if she’s not busy enough gearing up for her Montana town’s annual jazz festival – her mercantile is the host for the first night’s concert – Erin Murphy investigates the death of a guitarist. Gerry Martin was found dead on the rocks by the river. Once an acclaimed talent, he’d fought with everyone important and become alienated. Had he pushed someone too far? Signing – Thursday June 15th at Noon.

Christine Carbo - The Weight of Night - 3rd with Glacier Park Officer Monty Harris. While digging a fire line near the park, a shallow grave is unearthed. He calls in county forensic investigator Gretchen Larsen for help. With time short as the fire races toward them, they’ve got to rescue the remains and any evidence. Then a teen goes missing from a campground. Signing - June 10th at Noon

Maia Chance - Bad Housekeeping - Dumped by her boyfriend, academician Agnes Blyth’s life in unsettled. To the rescue comes Great Aunt Effie, a cosmopolitan, glamous and eccentric. Effie wants to rehabilitate the condemned Stagecoach Inn and Agnes is ready for a challenge. Well it’ll be quite a bit more than that.

Chari Davenprt - Masquerade Party - The Cross Point district is a quiet, diverse neighborhood where people usually live together peacefully. Yet, in any community there is also conflict. For this group, chaos, frustration, and confusion will shock their once serene existence. Between the annual masquerade party and new construction on an area park, the happy balance will certainly be tested! Marshall Edmonds is once again called upon to sort through a very messy set of circumstances. When it comes to this particular party, deciding what to wear is critical! Signing - June 24th at Noon.

Glen Erik Hamilton - Every Day Above Ground - An old friend of his grandfather is a dying con who asks a favor of Van and offers a reward: there’s a hidden stash of gold from a heist decades before. Van can have it if he watches over the con’s young daughter. Van needs the money to rebuild his house. Seems simple. It isn’t – it’s a trap.

Ted Haynes - Suspects - A murder rips the top off secrets in Central Oregon. Suspects in the murder are the widow and a childhood friend with whom she’d reconnected. Then there are the illegal business dealings of the dead man, the bribes he’s now known to have given to elected officials, his early life as a drug dealer, and his first marriage that ended very badly.

Lisa Jackson - Almost Dead - The secrets of a wealthy San Francisco family are endangered by a series of murders.

Casey Karp - The Ragtime Traveler - Casey completes the Ragtime series begun by his late father, Larry Karp. Ragtime music expert, Alan Chandler, is confused. One moment he was sitting in his hotel room in Sedalia, MO, and the next moment, he’s standing inside the famous Maple Leaf Club, it’s 1899 and Scott Joplin is playing the piano. What happens next involves a duffle bag filled with some of Joplin’s missing music and a chase across the country to authenticate the music. Signing - Wednesday June 7th at Noon.

Kevin O’Brien - Hide Your Fear - A house with a chilling past, a series of missing persons, a family looking for a new start and a killer looking to end it. Signing – Saturday July 29th at Noon.

Spencer Quinn - The Right Side - A stand-alone thriller. LeAnne Hogan was badly injured in Afghanistan. Believing what happened was her fault, she’s damaged inside and out. When her hospital roommate dies, she determines to drive cross country to see the woman’s daughter. When she gets to Washington State, she’s told the girl has disappeared. Hogan sets out to find her, returning her to a mission - and to danger.

Matthew Sullivan - Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore - When one of her customers kills himself in the bookshop’s backroom, bookseller Lydia Smith’s life both implodes and explodes. His will gives all of his possessions to her, and his books are marked up in strange ways that imply there’s a hidden message in there for her. At the same time, all the ugly and violent memories from her childhood, carefully hidden away for years, come screaming out to play. The author has worked in different bookstores (including The Tattered Cover) and now teaches writing, literature and film at a Washington State college. Debut. Signed Copies Available.

Iona Whishaw - Death in a Darkening Mist - Introduced to the local hot springs, retired intelligence operative Lane Winslow is surprised to overhear Russian being spoken. It’s December 1946 and the Cold War is only warming up but, still Russian in Western Canada is rare. When one of the pair is later found murdered in the changing room, Winslow’s knowledge of the language and her background is useful to the police. Signing – Friday June 23rd at Noon.

Now In Paperback

Christina Dodd - Because I’m Watching

Mike Lawson - House Revenge

Maria Semple - Today Will Be Different - Fran Recommends.


Coming This Autumn

Ellie Alexander - Death on Tap

Maia Chance - Gin and Panic – Lola and Berta.

Mary Daheim - A Case of Bier – Bed & Breakfast.

William Deverell - Whipped – Beauchamp.

Christina Dodd - The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream

Kate Dyer-Seeley - In Cave Danger – Meg Reed.

J.A. Jance - Proof of Life – Beaumont!

Jeff Johnson - A Long Crazy Burn – Darby Holland.

Dietrich Kalteis - Zero Avenue

Kate Kingsbury - Doom With A View – Merry Ghost Inn.

Martin Limón - The Nine-Tailed Fox – George and Ernie.

New from the Rest of North America

Allyson K. Abbott - A Toast to Murder - 5th mystery set in Mack’s Bar.

Adam Abramowitz - Bosstown - Zesty is Boston’s best and fastest messenger, always one pedal away from a bad time. Now, doom of another kind is in his way. His father, now hindered by Alzheimer’s, was for decades the city’s fixer. He knew where all the bodies were buried – literally. The old man is worried that the Big Dig will unearth secrets, and then an armored truck heist threatens to bring his family’s dirty past to light.

Donna Andrews - Gone Gull - 21st comic crime story with Meg Langslow. She’s spending the summer helping her grandmother run classes at the Biscuit Mountain Craft Center. But there’s a vandal at work and Meg sets out to stop it.

Ace Atkins - The Fallen - 7th in his Quinn Colson series. The craft of a team of robbers who’ve been hitting banks around his area reminds him of raids he led in Afghanistan. Something military about the heists. In paper, The Innocents.

Kathleen Barber - Are You Sleeping - Josie has buried her history from her mate Caleb and constructed a new life where no one knows about her family’s tragic past. She’s covered it all with lies. Now a phenomenally popular podcast about her father’s murder threatens all of what she’s achieved.

J.D. Barker - The Fourth Monkey - Over 7 years ago, the Four Monkey Killer started terrorizing Chicago. One day a man is killed by a city bus. With him is evidence that seems to say he was the killer but the evidence also says there was a final victim. Where’s the body? It is up to Det. Sam Porter and his taskforce to find the last body and to prove the killings are finally over.

“Haylen Beck” - Here and Gone - Thriller by an Edgar nominee, a bestselling author using a pen name for some reason (no, we don’t know who it is). A mother runs from an abusive husband, taking her two children on a cross-country dash. She’s stopped in Arizona and the cop finds a hidden load of pot. She’s arrested, her kids taken away, and when she’s out of jail no one knows where the children are and the cops deny finding any drugs. She’s treated as if she’s imagining the entire thing.

David Bell - Bring Her Home - 18 months after his wife died, Bill Price’s teenage daughter and her best friend disappear. Days later they’re found in a park, the friend dead and his daughter, unrecognizable, nearly beaten to death. Who could and would have done this?

Laurien Berenson - Murder at the Puppy Fest - 12th in this barkful series with Melanie Travis.

Gail Bowen - The Winner’s Circle - Three weeks after the annual Thanksgiving gathering of old friends from law school a series of murders rips apart the group. Joanne Kilbourne wants to know what happened amongst the people she thought she knew so well. In paper, What’s Left Behind, 16th in the series.

C.J. Box - Paradise Valley - In her 3rd case, former Bakken County, ND, investigator Cassie Dewell, who almost caught a killer known as The Lizard King, but the fiasco of that trap cost her her job and reputation. She’s been hoping for another chance to get him. She may finally have it.

Sandra Brown - Seeing Red - Kerra is wary of a man so charming one moment and dangerous the next, and she knows Trapper is withholding evidence collected during his ATF investigation into the bombing. But having no one else to trust and enemies lurking closer than they know, Kerra and Trapper join forces and risk their very lives to expose a sinuous network of lies and conspiracy running deep through Texas--and uncover who would want a national hero dead.

Mollie Cox Bryan - Macrame Murder - 3rd with Cora Chevalier and her crafting retreat.

Elizabeth Lynn Casey - Patterned After Death - 12th with the Southern Sewing Circle.

Linda Castillo - Down a Dark Road - 9th with Police Chief Kate Burkholder. Eight years ago a “fallen” Amish man was convicted of killing his wife and child. He’s now escaped from prison and heading back to the area.

Nancy Coco - Oh, Fudge - 6th in the fudge shop series.

Ben Coes - Trap the Devil - Operative Dewey Andreas is the only man standing in the way of a power cabal that has plans to overtake the US government. To remove him from the board, they’ve assassinated the Secretary of State with Dewey’s gun. How can he stop them while he’s being hunted?

Michael Connelly - The Late Show - 1st in a new series. Renee Ballard is a nightshift LAPD detective who investigates crimes until dawn – when she hands them over to the day shift detectives. She was given the assignment as punishment for filing a sexual harassment complaint against her superior. One night she catches two cases that she doesn’t want to give up – and against her partner’s and department’s wishes investigates these crimes during daylight hours… Signed Copies Available.

Cate Conte - Cat About Town - 1st in a new series. Eager to settle down in Massachusets, Maddie James is adopted by an orange tabby who inspires her to open a new café in town. He also inspires her to solve a mystery, when her new feline friend finds the body of the town bully.

Robin Cook - Charlatans - The new Chief Resident of a famed Boston hospital is suspicious of a series of deaths due to anathesia during operations.

Isis Crawford - A Catered Costume Party - 13th (how appropriate for a Halloween mystery) in the catering series. In paper, A Catered Tea Party.

Bill Crider - Dead, to Begin With - 24th with Texas sheriff Dan Rhodes.

E.J. Copperman - Dog Dish of Doom - Debut in a new comic series with Kay Powell, talent agent for animal actors. Her new find, Bruno, is in a movie but the director has a hard time with the dog’s owner. Things get weird when the director is found face down in a water bowl with a knife in his back.

Karen Dionne - The Marsh King’s Daughter - Helena was the product of a kidnapped mother held captive in the wilds of Northern Michigan. She grew up loving the outdoors, learning skills taught to her by her often distant and sometimes violent father. 20 years have passed. She’s hidden her childhood from everyone. Not even her husband knows. Then one day her father kills two guards, escaping from prison and flees back into the marshland where she grew up. It’s a wild thicket and she knows no one will find him – except her, since he taught her well. Sales reps for this publisher all raved about this book.

Paul Doiron - Knife Creek - In his 8th adventure, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch finds an infant buried in a shallow grave. DNA ties the child to a young lady who went missing on a rafting trip four years ago. She was presumed dead. Now the investigation is reopened.

Rebecca Drake - Just Between Us - Four close friends rely on one another in suburbia. When one of the women confesses she’s being abused by her husband, they’re all shocked and outraged. When she calls them in panic that she’s killed him, they pull together to hide the crime.

Hallie Ephron - You’ll Never Know, Dear - When she was 7, Lissie’s 4-year-old sister vanished from their front yard along with her porcelain doll. No sign of either was ever found. Now, 40 years ago, someone has sent the doll back.

Janet Evanovich - Dangerous Minds (June, Bantam hc, 28.00). 2nd with Knight and Moon. In paper, with Phoef Sutton, Curious Minds, the first.

Linda Fairstein - Deadfall - In her 18th book, Prosecutor Alexandra Cooper investigates the murder of a colleague. The case takes her into the wildlife of the city and the surrounding communities.

Joseph Finder - The Switch - Leaving a TSA line at LAX, Tanner doesn’t realize he’s picked up the wrong laptop until he’s home in Boston. The owner of a laptop, a US senator, is in a panic. She’s got explosive classified documents downloaded illegally. She needs it back at any cost. It gets ugly quite fast.

Amanda Flower - Assaulted Caramel - Debut in a new series. Bailey King is an assistant chocolatier who is called to the aid of her grandprents who run Swissmen Sweets in the Amish country of Ohio. It’s like homecoming as this was where she developed her love of sweets and passion to make them. Her grandfather’s health improves but then a developer is found dead in the shop’s kitchen and Bailey comes to the rescue again.

Meg Gardiner - Unsub - 20 years ago, the Bay Area was terrorized by a skiller dubbed The Prophet. His victims were never connected, other than the symbol for Mercury that he carved into their skin. Never caught, the case destroyed the lead detective’s career. Caitlin Hendrix watched her father be destroyed and became a cop to continue his fight for justice. Now a new victim has been found with that symbol carved into them. Has The Prophet returned or is there a copycat? If it is the Prophet, where’s he been?

Tess Gerritsen - I Know a Secret - 12th and, we’re warned, possibly the last with Rizzoli and Isles. The pair investigates when a woman is found dead on her bed, peaceful as if asleep. No sign of how she died but her eyes were removed and placed in her palm, like the scene out of one of the horror movies she produced.

Chris Goff - Red Sky - Diplomatic Security Service agent Raisa Jordan is sent to Ukraine when a US envoy is killed in the crash of a Chinese airliner.

Sue Grafton - Y is for Yesterday - A tape of the rape of a classmate by four boys has been missing for the decade since the crime comes back to haunt those involved. Kinsey is hired to find the blackmailer.

Linda Greenlaw - Shiver Hitch - 3rd with ex-cop now Maine marine insurance investigator Jane Bunker, the first since 2008.

Sally Goldenbaum - Murder Wears Mittens - 12th with the Seaside Knitters in Seaside, MA.

Matthew Goldman - Gone to Dust - Debut novel by an Emmy-winning TV writer and playwright. Nils Shapiro is trying to get through another Minneapolis winter and forget his ex when a former colleague calls him to consult on a murder case. The victim was found dead in her bedroom covered with vacuum clearner bag dust. All forensic evidence was completely useless. The victim’s cell phone records have calls to a stranger. Clue or killer?

Rachel Howzell Hall - City of Saviors - In her 4th appearance, LAPD homicide detective Elouise Norton is called to the scene of an odd death. An elderly man has been found dead in his house after a long, hot holiday weekend. Natural causes, food poisoning from a barbeque? Norton thinks it is murder and is connected to the man’s membership in a large church. Her partner, Colin Taggert, thinks that’s a reflection of her dislike of organized religion.

Sadie Hartwell - A Knit before Dying - 2nd with Josie Blair, owner of Miss Marple’s Knits.

Victoria Hamilton - Muffin To Fear - While planning her upcoming wedding Merry’s friend Pish invites a ghost hunting crew to her home to investigate. When two of the feuding crew member’s turn up dead it is up to the two friends to find the killers.

David Handler - The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes - 9th comic romp, the first since 1997 – ghostwriter and amateur sleuth Stewart Hoag and his basset hound Lulu return! It’s 1992, there is not yet a Clinton in the White House and no one yet carries a phone in their pocket. Hoagi has been pulled back into the chaos of an old flame’s family when he’s hired to ghost-write its history.

Adam Hamdy - Pendulum - John Wallace is a photojournalist who lives a quiet and solitary life. Targeting by a serial killer, he escapes and goes to the police. Their view is he’d tried to hang himself and he’s jailed on a suicide watch. How to convince them of the truth and, if he can’t, how to stop the killer?

Jordan Harper - She Rides Shotgun - Polly is 11 and is really too old to be carrying around a teddy bear but her life is chaotic. It’s about to get worse. Her old man just got out of jail and snagged her from school in his stolen car. Seems he made white-power enemies in the joint and they’re out for blood. They’ve already killed Polly’s mom and now they want to kill her. Growing up at 11 won’t be easy. She’s gotta do it fast.

John Hart - The Hush - The author returns to world of his Edgar winner, The Last Child (St. Martin’s, 9.99). The last decade has shifted Johnny Merrimon’s world. He’s been the subject of media attention – books written, TV coverage, even talk of a movie. He’s retreated to the land he inherited and avoids contact with anyone but his old friend Jack. Jack understands the evil that is around…

Rob Hart - The Woman from Prague - 4th in the series and 1st hardcover. With his Visa about to expire, it’s time for Ash McKenna to think about where to go next. One day a guy shows up, claims to be from the US government, and rattles off a list of Ash’s past crimes to prove he knows his stuff. This guy, Roman, wants Ash to do a simple thing: meet a woman on a bridge and accept a thumb drive from her. The simple job gets ugly and bloody very fast.

Julia Heaberlin - Paper Ghosts - One day a woman shows up at a care facility claiming to be the long-lost daughter of one of the residents. The elderly man has dementia and does not recognize her. Does that mean she is or she isn’t his daughter? And what about the suspicions those around him have always had that he didn’t really have dementia. Why would he fake it? Well, there was that prosecution for murder years ago and questions of whether he had killed others…Why would a woman who was not his daughter want to take him away?

Betty Hechtman - A Tangled Yarn - A yarn retreat goes awry when not everyone wants to participate in new styles of yarn art. When a travel writier is found dead surrounded by feathers and yarn – the knitting group falls under suspicion.

Mark Henshaw - The Last Man in Tehran - In their 4th book, the CIA’s Red Cell group – those tasked with working outside the box to analyse information – have a monster job ahead of them. Word is the Company has been penetrated by moles and the FBI has launched an investigation. Things are so heated that any resistance is viewed with suspicion. The CIA is coming apart at the seams and the Red Cell is the best chance to stop it.

Tami Hoag - The Boy - The police in this small Lousiana town are baffled by the murder of a young boy. The mother’s story makes no sense. She’s seen as both victim and the accused. Things change when a babysitter goes missing.

Lee Hollis - Death of a Lobster Love - 9th with Maine’s food and cocktail columnist Hayley Powell. Her girls’ weekend turns sour when the hunk one of her pals met is found dead on the beach.

David Housewright - What the Dead Leave Behind - 14th with ex-cop/millionaire/occasional unlicensed private eye Rushmore McKenzie.

Victoria Houston - Dead Spider - Loon Lake Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris has her hands full this summer – the richest man in Wisconsin has been murdered, the coroner’s grandson is caught in a drug sting and a number of residents in a nursing home have been robbed.

Joshilyn Jackson - The Almost Sisters - 38 and pregnant after a one-night-stand with Batman at a comics convention, graphic novelist Leia travels home to Alabama to somehow tell her conservative family that she’s going to have a bi-racial baby. When she gets there she finds there’s all sorts of turmoil, much of it having to do with her beloved grandmother who must be moved out of her house. Helping to clean out the big Victorian home, Leia learns that the attic holds an explosive secret that the family has been guarding since the end of the War Between the States. Fran highly recommends.

Roger Johns - Dark River Rising - Debut by a Louisiana native. Baton Rouge Det. Wallace Hartman feels as if her life is crumbling around her. Adding to her gloom is the murder of a local criminal found tortured in an abandoned warehouse with a snake sewn into his belly. Then the Feds show up, a scientist working on the case vanishes, and there’s still that killer out there.

Laurie R. King - Lockdown - It’s career day at the high school and a group of presenters are there to sell the teens on various paths into life. Someone present doesn’t want to help with the future – they’re out for vengeance.

Dean Koontz - The Silent Corner - The husband of FBI Special Agent Jane Hawk was a decorated Marine and a successful man by any definition. Then he killed himself, leaving a note saying “I very much need to be killed.” As Jane looks for answers she finds that her husband was one of many to have been suicides and that knowledge makes her a fugitive.

Barry Lancet - The Spy Across the Table - In his 4th adventure, Japanese antiques dealer and PI Jim Brodie is horrified when two friends are murdered backstage at the Kennedy Center. His determination to get to the truth puts him in the middle of a intelligence battle between the US, Chinese, and South Korean outfits.

Richard Lange - The Smack - One snowy night a conman and a hooker meet on a street in Reno. Scams haven’t been working for Rowan Petty, and Tinafey is tired of selling her body. One of Petty’s old buddies comes to find him with a story of Afghan vets who smuggled $2 million in cash home from overseas and he thinks Rowan is the right guy to find and steal it. Rowan and Tinafey head to LA, the money, and big trouble.

Laura Levine - Death of a Bachelorette - 15th with freelance writer Jaine Austen. A gig writing for a pseudo-reality show in the Tropics isn’t the easy life Jaine envisioned. Amber recommends this comic series.

Kylie Logan - French Fried - 2nd in the Ethnic Eats series, a pen name for Casey Daniels.

Eric Van Lustbader - The Bourne Initiative - General Boris Karpov, head of the feared Russian FSB, is dead. But Karpov has reached out from the grave with an unstoppable cyber operation he conceived before his murder, aimed at the heart of the United States--a way to steal the president's nuclear launch codes. Who has taken over the operation? Karpov trusted only one man: Jason Bourne.

Mary Marks - Knot What You Think - 5th in this quilting series.

Margaret Maron - Take Out - 9th with NYPD’s Sigrid Harald, first since 1995! In low spirits after the death of her lover, Harald is detailed to the case of two homeless men found dead in a West Village alley. Overdose is the first suspect but further investigation shows poisoned take-out food was the reason. Were these two the targets of the poison and, if not, who was?

Francine Mathews - Death on Nantucket - 5th in the series, first since ’98. It couldn’t be a worse time for this call. It’s the 4th of July and Det. Merry Folger is trying to finalize her wedding arrangements. Still, when a famous war correspondent goes missing, attention must be paid. What she’ll find is a ton of questions and a family who can’t, or won’t, answer them. In fact,

it becomes apparent to Merry that no one really knows what the truth is in the man’s family. Soho has reissued the earlier four books from the ‘90s.

Keith McCafferty - Cold Hearted River - A leather wallet of fishing flies launches Sean Stranahan into a search that may lead him to the fabled missing steamer trunk of Ernest Hemingway, said to contain his fishing equipment and, possible, lost writings. 6th in this Montana series. In paper, Buffalo Jump Blues.

Margaret Mizushima - Hunting Hour - In her 3rd story, Deputy Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo search for a missing teen soon after another was found dead on the hill behind the high school. The girl is someone she knows.

Marcia Muller - The Color of Fear - 33rd with PI Sharon McCone. Her father, a nationally celebrated Shoshone artist, is attacked by a mob while visiting her for the holidays. The police are trying but making little progress finding the men who put Elwood into a coma. McCone gets to work finding the thugs.

Hollie Overton - The Walls - Texas Dept. of Corrections press agent Kristy Tucker has seen it all when it comes to the state’s prison and judicial system. A single mother, she’s burned out. Meeting her son’s martial arts instructor, Kristy thinks she might finally have found Mr. Right. She couldn’t be more wrong. Lance is an abusive monster and Kristy quickly understands she has to do something to make him go away. She decides that, knowing the system’s ins and outs, she can make him go away – permanently. Debut thriller.

T. Jefferson Parker - The Room of White Fire - PI Roland Ford is both and ex-cop and a vet. He has his own ghosts from service in the Middle East. But he has a stellar reputation for tracking and finding anyone. Clay Hickman is an Air Force vet who has fled a mental institution. Ford takes the job, hoping he can do some good finding and helping Hickman. But as soon as he is working he realizes that there’s a veil of secrecy that hangs over Hickman, his service, and his escape, a veil that promises trouble.

James Patterson: With Howard Roughan - Murder Games - A beautiful detective seeks the help of a handsome professor who has turned up clues about the identity of a serial killer the press has nicknamed The Dealer. With Richard DiLall - The Store - Jacob and Megan Brandeis have gotten jobs with the mega-successful, ultra-secretive Store. Seems perfect. Seems safe. But their lives are about to become anything but perfect, anything but safe. Now in paper, with Candice Fox - Never Never.

Louise Penny - Glass Houses - In his 13th book, Chief Superindendent Gamache finds that the case now going to trial is full of moral ambiguities that have him questioning his actions.

Bill Pronzini - Endgame - 42nd in his enduring Nameless Detective series. Two cases, both dealing with couples in which one of the pair has vanished, come to his door.

Andrew Pyper - The Only Child - Forensic psychiatrist Lily Dominick is at the top of her field. She’s interviewed many dangerous psychotics. But the man she interviewed today is different, compelling – he has no name, he claims to be Lily’s father, and he claims to be over 200 years old. He claims he was the inspiration for the greatest horror literature ever written: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She undertakes a very dangerous journey to find out the truth.

Brian Quertermous - Trigger Switch - In his 3rd book, crime writer Dominick Prince is excited to have a childhood friend ask to turn one of his stories into a stage play. What Dominick doesn’t grasp from the start is that his old friend Dutchy needs a ‘face’ to show while he tries to find a missing $1.2 million and Dominick is gonna be that face.

Kathy Reichs - Two Nights - Retired cop Sunnie Night lives an isolated life, friendless and stunted by her childhood in a dangerous cult. A wealthy woman asks her help in finding a grandchild missing after an attack by religious extremists. Sunnie had thought herself to be done with the outside world, but the chance to save a young girl from the life Sunnie had is worth coming back to life.

David Rosenfelt - Collared - Nearly 3 years ago, a man was convicted of kidnapping after his girlfriend’s child and dog went missing. Evidence was circumstantial but included the dog’s hair in his home. Now the dog has turned up – at Andy Carpenter’s dog rescue center. 16th in his funny, inventive and fantastic series. In paper, Outfoxed.

Theresa Schwegel - The Lies We Tell - Chicago cop Gina Simonetti is keeping a secret from everyone, especially those on the force. She has MS. At the hospital for treatment, she sees a wanted felon. They tangle and she can’t capture him, but he now knows her secret. Can she find him and take him down before he lets it out? Latest from this Edgar-winning writer.

Lisa Scottoline - Exposed - 5th with Rosato & DiNunzio. Mary DiNunzio wants to represent her old friend Simon Pensiera, a sales rep who was wrongly fired by his company, but her partner Bennie Rosato represents the parent company. When she confronts Mary, explaining this is a conflict of interest, an epic battle of wills and legal strategy between the two ensues—ripping the law firm apart, forcing everyone to take sides and turning friend against friend. . In paper, Damaged.

Maggie Sefton - Only Skein Deep - 15th with Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun Knitters of Fort Connor, CO. In paper, Knit to be Tied.

Daniel Silva - House of Spies - After deadly terrorist attacks in the US and in London, Allon and a team set out to find, and stop, a shadowy ISIS mastermind known only as Saladin.

Adam Sternbergh - The Blinds - Out in West Texas is a strange town filled is oddball folks. What they don’t remember is that they’re all criminals who’ve had their memories erased before being deposited in The Blinds. It’s Sheriff Cooper’s job to keep a lid on things and that’s been relatively simple for a long time. But the lid’s starting to slip. The publisher is promising that this Edgar-nominated writer’s new book will be a cross between Jim Thompson and the Coen Brothers.

Robert K. Tanenbaum - Without Fear of Favor - 29th with prosecutor Butch Karp.

Brad Thor - Use of Force - 16th with counter-espionage agent Scot Harvath.

P.J. Tracy - Nothing Stays Buried - The Monkeewrench computer brains have tired of their work with the police and hope to focus on their work and, perhaps, helping with the odd missing persons case. But the recognition that a serial killer has begun a rampage brings them back into a grisly partnership with the Minneapolis cops. 8th in this series. Recommended by Fran.

Diane Vallere - Dressed To Confess - Costume shop owners Margo and her dad have to solve the murder of Ronnie Cass before her father’s best friend is arrested for the crime.

Fred Van Lente - Ten Dead Comedians - Debut by a noted writer of comics and graphic novels, it’s a wicked satire on Hollywood and fame, as well as a twisting puzzler paying homage to Golden Age mysteries. A group of different professional comics are all invited to an island. When they arrive, they discover all the buildings are empty. They’ve got no way to call anyone, no way to call for help or rescue, and someone starts picking them off, one by one. Each of them has their own voice and their own sense of humor. Who gets the last laugh?

Don Winslow - The Force - Winslow promised to now do with the New York City Police Department what he did for the Mexican Drug cartels. Signed Copies Available.

Rio Youers - The Forgotten Girl - Harvey is a 26-year-old street performer who is attacked by a gang of thugs. They demand to know where his girlfriend is – the problem is he doesn’t have one. The shadowy figure who sent the gang reaches out to him and explains that the woman has the ability to wipe memories, which she’s done to Harvey, erasing all memories of herself. How then can he find her and warn her?

Now in Paperback

Lisa Brackmann - Go-Between

Allison Brennan - Poisonous

James Lee Burke - The Jealous Kind

Linda Castillo - Among The Wicked

Christopher Charles - The Exiled

John Connolly - A Time of Torment

Patricia Cornwell - Chaos

Ellen Crosby - The Champagne Conspiracy

John Gilstrap - Final Target

Andrew Grant - False Friend

John Grisham - The Whistler

Noah Hawley - Before the Fall - 2017 Edgar Award winner.

Faye Kellerman - Bone Box

Michael Koryta - Rise the Dark

Peter Leonard - Unknown Remains

Meera Lester - The Murder of a Queen Bee

Bill Loewfelm - Let the Devil Out

Stephanie Meyer - The Chemist - Amber Recommends.

Kyle Mills - Order to Kill

J.D. Robb - Echos in Death Amber & Fran Recommend.

Hank Phillippi Ryan - Say No More

Duane Swierczynski - Revolver

Brad Taylor - Ghosts of War

P.J. Tracy - The Sixth Idea

Eric Van Lustbader - Any Minute Now

John Verdon - Wolf Lake

Ben Winters - Underground Airlines - Fran  Recommends.


Coming This Autumn

Donna Andrews - How the Finch Stole Christmas! – Meg Langslow.

David Baldacci - End Game – Will Robie.

James Carlos Blake - The Ways of the Wolfe

Dan Brown - Origin – Langdon.

Lee Child - The Midnight Line – Reacher.

Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke - Snow White, Deadly Night

Harlan Coben - Don’t Let Go

Reed Farrel Coleman - The Hangman’s Sonnet – Jesse Stone.

Michael Connelly - Two Kinds of Truth – Bosch.

Nelson DeMille - The Cuban Affair

J.T. Ellison - Lie to Me

Janet Evanovich - Hardcore Twenty-Four – Plum.

Tod Goldberg - Gangster Nation

John Grisham - Untitled Legal Thriller

Joe Ide - Righteous – IQ.

Stephen and Owen King - Sleeping Beauties

Craig Johnson - The Western Star – Longmire.

Attica Locke - Bluebird, Bluebird

Archer Mayor - Trace – Gunther.

Leslie Meier - Turkey Trot Murder – Lucy Stone.

Kyle Mills/Vince Flynn - Enemy of the State – Mitch Rapp.

Krysten Ritter - Bonfire – actress from “Breaking Bad” and “Jessica Jones”.

J.D. Robb - Secrets in Death – Eve Dallas.

John Sandford - Deep Freeze  – Flowers.

Matthew Weiner - Heather, The Totality – yes, of “Mad Men” fame.

C.M. Wendelboe - Hunting the Five Point Killer – new series.


Stefan Bechtel & Laurence Roy Stains - Through a Glass Darkly: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Quest to Solve the Greatest Mystery of All Time - After the horrors of the Civil War, Spiritualism took hold of the popular imagination. It invaded England after WW I and the Great Influenza Epidemic left so many dead. The quest to contact the dead consumed many, and many who were involved were people of high education and logic – such as Doyle. These authors attempt to answer why a movement ridden with fraud was so powerful, and what are we to make of the instances of otherworldliness that cannot so easily be dismissed?

James Lovegrove - Sherlock Holmes: The Labyrinth of Death - A gentleman who recently lost his wife implores Holmes and Watson to find his daughter who was last known to be flirting with a cult known as The Elysians.

George Mann - Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes - New stories told by different characters – Mrs. Hudson, Irene Adler, Langdale Pike, Lestrade, Holmes and, of course, a certain professor…

Cavan Scott - Sherlock Holmes: City of Innocents - A priest drops dead just after arriving at Baker Street. The cause is said to be cholera. But, when he leans of the death of a second priest, Holmes suspects murder. Both of the priests were dispatched by the Vatican to investigate a miracle.

Mattias Boström - From Holmes to Sherlock - An examination of the history of Holmes as he rose from a quirky private enquiry agent in the pages of a magazine to become the cultural giant he is today. “The Story of the Men and Women Who Created and Icon.” JB Recommends.

Coming This Autumn

Bonnie MacBird - Unquiet Spirits


Boris Akunin - The State Counsellor - 6th in this popular series, originally published in 2008. It’s 1891, there’s a blizzard, and the new governor-general of Siberia has been assassinated as the train nears Moscow. Worst yet, the assassin had said his name was Erast Fandorin. It’s up to the real Fandorin to get himself out of this mess.

Rhys Bowen - On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service - In her 11th adventure, Lady Georgiana heads to Italy on a mission for the Queen and one of her own. Her best friend is there awaiting the birth of her illigitamate child and Georgiana would dearly love to be with her. The Queen wants her to do everything she can to ensure a secret wedding doesn’t take place between the Prince of Wales and the dreadful Mrs. Simpson. To heighten the work, she’s got to juggle all of this while attending a house party hosted by woman she knew at school, a woman with whom she shares a mutual loathing. Amber Highly Recommends This Series.

L.A. Chandlar - The Silver Gun - In 1936 New York, childhood trauma and current political machinations plague Lane Sanders. Where her job with the mayor seems to have put her in harm’s way of corrupt officials bent on disgracing the mayor before the election. Can Lane stop them or will she become a victim of these games.

Gary Corby - Death on Delos - In his 7th adventure, Nico is sent by Pericles to bring the treasury of the combined Greek city-states bak to Athens, where he believes it will be safer. The treasury is currently housed on the sacred island of Delos, guarded by priests and priestesses. Nico’s mission turns into a nightmare.

Lindsey Davis - The Third Nero - After her fiance was hit by lightning, Flavia Alba must work to support the household. Even if it is political work. After the Saturninus revolt of 90 AD, Emperor Domitian became even more paranoid that he has enemies. Flavia’s job is to find them.

Maruzio de Giovanni - Glass Souls - Life is tense in Mussolini’s Italy. Commissario Ricciardi has made his own life that much darker by alienating everyone around him. A countess asks him for help, asking him to investigate a murder that was officially closed months ago. This would be a dangerous thing to do with the Fascists looking over everyone’s shoulders. It could end Ricciardi’s career. But he cannot refuse. 8th in the series.

Jack Grimwood - Moskva - The Cold War is still hot in 1985 Moscow but there’s someone leaving dead bodies around that are frozen stiff. Then the daughter of the British Ambassador is kidnapped and the heat is turned up on everyone.

Maureen Jennings - Dead Ground in Between - In his 4th appearance, DI Tom Tyler has been assigned to a Shropshire village near to a prisoner of war camp. England is heading toward the end of 1942 and things are tense. After a storm blows through, an old man who’d gone missing is found and the circumstances are clearly murder.

Joseph Kanon - Defectors - It’s 1961. The Cold War is very hot. Simon Weeks is contacted by his brother Frank, a CIA wunderkid, who was exposed as a Soviet spy and disappeared behind the Berlin Wall. Frank has written a memoir and wants Simon’s help in editing it – in Moscow. Once reunited with Frank, Simon sees that he’s the same old Frank but there’s something else going on. Should he allow himself to be dragged into whatever scheme Frank is playing out? Where does one’s loyalty lay?

Brad Meltzer - The Escape Artist - Mortician Jim Zwicharowski is drawn into a murder case that eventually leads toward Eric Weisz – The Great Houdini.

Andrea Penrose - Murder on Black Swan Lane - The brilliant Earl of Wrexford has no patience for fools and has been in a very public conflict with pompus Rev. Holworthy. When Holworthy is found brutally murdered, Wrexford is the prime suspect. He finds an ally in Charlotte Sloane, a talented artist who carries on her late husband’s work as a political satirist. Debut in a new Regency series.

Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess - The Painted Queen - Amanda Peabody returns for a 20th adventure! Returning to Cairo in 1912 for the digging season, Amanda is drawn into a mystery when a man with a knife in his back dies in her bathroom. In his pockets was a sheet of paper with her name and room number, and a card that said “Judas”, and he was wearing a gold-rimmed monocle. Before long, a priceless bust of Queen Nefertiti is stolen. She and Emerson are up to their ears in intrigue. Peters died in 2013 leaving an unfinished manuscript – now finished by Hess. Amber Highly Recommends.

Jonathan F. Putnam - Perish from the Earth - 2nd with young lawyers Abe Lincoln & Joshua Speed.

Susan Spann - Betrayal at Iga - It’s the Fall of 1565 and master ninja Hattori and Portuguese Father Mateo have fled Kyoto for the protection of Hattori’s clan in the mountains. A welcoming feast with a rival clan’s emmisary is wrecked when that man is murdered. To avoid a war between the clans, Hattori and Mateo will have to find the killer. 5th in her Shiobi series.

William Sutton, Lawless and the House of Electricity (July, Titan tpo, 14.95). In his 3rd case, Sgt. Lawless works to unravel a variety of crimes: a body that fell from a newly arrived ship, a strange fire, and mysterious disappearance.

Peter Tremayne - Penance of the Damned - 27th medieval Irish mystery with Sister Fidelma.

Andrew Wilson - A Talent for Murder - A novel that explores the real mystery of Agatha Christie’s 10-day disappearance. In this story, she must use all of her intelligence and skill to defeat an opponent who wishes to use those abilities to murder.

David Young - Stasi Child - By 1975 Oberleutnant Karin Muller believes she’s seen nearly everything being behind the Berlin Wall. She’s called to the scene of a young girl’s death – but the girl was evidently trying to get out of West Berlin. Before she can get far, the Stasi order her to stop.

Now In paper

James R. Benn - Blue Madonna

Rhys Bowen – Crowned and Dangerous

Matthew Carr - The Devils of Cardona

Ruth Downie - Vita Brevis

Robert Goddard - The Corners of the Globe

Andrew Gross - The One Man

Sophie Hannah - Closed Casket - Poirot - Amber Highly Recommends.

Elsa Hart - The White Mirror

Thomas Mullen - Darktown

David O. Stewart - The Babe Ruth Deception

Anne Perry - Revenge in a Cold River


Coming This Autumn

Tasha Alexander - Death in St. Petersburg – Lady Emily.

James R. Benn - The Devouring – Billy Boyle.

Elly Griffiths - The Blood Card – the Magic Men.

John Lawton - Friends and Traitors – Insp. Troy.

Thomas Mullen - Lightning Men

Anne Perry - An Echo of Murder – Monk.

Will Thomas - Old Scores – Barker & Llewelyn.

Amy Stewart - Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions

Charles Todd - A Casualty of War – Bess.


From Overseas

Cara Black - Murder in Saint Germain - In her 17th book, Parisian PI Aimée Leduc works to allay the fears of an old friend. Suzanne thinks she’s being shadowed by a ghost, the spirit of a Serbian warlord her counterterrorism group killed some time ago. Aimée is sure her friend is mistaken until accidents begin to befall other members of the team. Signing – Wednesday June 14th at Noon.

Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo de Cataldo - Suburra - A small depressed town up the coast from Rome is about to become the setting for battle. It’s the end of the Berlisconi years and a gambling development has been authorized. Many factions want to get the biggest slice of the money it’ll generate, from the local Mafia, a local gang of thugs, and let’s not forget the politicians. An adaptation of this novel will appear on Netflix this year.

Andrea Camilleri - A Nest of Vipers - In his 21st book, Insp. Montalbano investigates the shooting of a wealthy man at the seashore. Questioning his children elicits a history of corruption and gives him a list of suspects. The revelation of scandalous photos provides the Inspector with many, many more.

Paul Cleave - A Killer Harvest - The death of his father is traumatic enough but it does allow Joshua to receive corneal transplants that will allow him to see again. But the trauma is doubled when he begins to see what his father had seen.

Colin Cotterill - The Rat Catcher’s Olympics - Dr. Siri in his 12th book. Accompanying the Laotian Olympic team to Moscow, Siri begins to think something odd is going on. His fears are confirmed when one of the athletes is accused of murder and an international stink erupts. In paper, I Shot the Buddha.

Candice Fox - Fall - 3rd in this award-winning series with Sydney homicide detectives Eden Archer and Frank Bennett. Someone’s leaving bodies in the city’s parks.

Lotte & Soren Hammer - The Lake - 4th with Danish investigator Konrad Simonsen. After months of work, the police are no closer to identifying the remains of a woman which were found in a lake north of Copenhagen. They hand the case over to Simonsen and his crew. They’ll find it opens up into a case of human trafficking and violence.

Roslund & Hellström - Three Minutes - Master criminal Piet Hoffman is thought to be dead by nearly all authorities – though not Det. Ewert Grens – and lives quietly in South Africa. But a guy has to earn a living so he becomes an enforcer for a cartel using an assumed identity. Everything changes in the blink of an eye when the US Speaker of the House is kidnapped in Columbia and a new front of the War on Terror is pronounced.

Tetsuya Honda - Soul Cage - Tokyo homicide det. Reiko Himekawa must tease out the truth behind a severed hand, a missing corpse, and the body of a person living with a false identity.

Jorn Lier Horst - Ordeal - 5th with Insp. William Wisting. A safe bolted to a basement floor in an otherwise cleaned-out house contains information to a case that’s bedeviled Wisting for year.

Steffen Jacobsen - Trophy - A private investigator is hired to find out the story behind a DVD that seems to show humans being hunted. A police investigator looks into the suicide of a man who just inherited money yet seems to have been driven to killing himself. Why? These two sleuths will find their cases intersect in a way that will shake them to their souls.

Vaseem Khan - The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star - 3rd with retired Inspector Chopra whose partner in the Baby Ganesh Agency is an inherited elephant for a partner.

Pierre Lemaitre - Three Days and a Life - A decade ago12-year-old Antoine accidentally caused the death of a young girl. In a panic, he hid her body and told no one. Since then he’s lived in fear and shame. His promising life as a young doctor in Paris is shattered when a one-night stand results in a pregnancy that he can’t contest – if he calls for a paternity test, his DNA will be available…and the body of the young girl has just been found. What is he prepared to do to ensure his secret and his shame don’t become public? In paper, Blood Wedding.

Thomas Mogford - A Thousand Cuts - A series of murders on Gibraltar appear to be tied to a 1940 bombing that killed two British soldiers. 4th with attorney Spike Sanguinetti.

Mark Pryor - The Sorbonne Affair - 7th with Paris Embassy security man Hugo Marsten. When an American novelist finds a spy camera in her hotel room, she calls the embassy. Marsten is dispatched to find out what is going on. Quickly, a hardcore film of the novelist and one of her students hits the internet…and then the bodies begin to hit the floor.

Kwie Quartey - Death by His Grace - 5th with Ghanaian Chief Inspector Darko Dawson. One of his wife’s cousins was murdered the night before her divorce was final. As Darko looks into the killing, he finds there were three people who had a motive to kill the woman.

Matt Rees - China Strike - ICE operative Dominick Verrazzano explores after cars of the same model, across the US and Europe, speed out of control, causing havoc and death. Has someone weaponized the vehicles?

Carl-Johan Vallgren - The Tunnel - Stockholm PI Danny Katz returns. He’s done a good job leaving behind all the people he knew during his years of heroin addiction. But he’s gotten word that his dealer from back when he was using has vanished along with his girfriend. Two rumors bother Katz: word is the dealer had a big load of dope, when the guy was small-time; his girlfriend was a mystery to everyone and not everyone believes she was on the level. Katz can’t turn away. In paper, The Boy in the Shadows.

Martin Walker - The Templar’s Last Secret - When an archaeologist’s body is found at the foot of a cliff near St. Denis, Chief Bruno suspects a connection to the great ruin that stands on the cliff above: the Chateau de Commarque, a long-ago Knights Templar stronghold which, along with the labyrinth of prehistoric caves beneath it, continues to draw the interest of scholars. Bruno finds himself in a maze of politics, international intrigue, danger and, bien sur, food and romance. 10th in this charming French series. Signing – Thursday June 15th at Noon.

Now In Paperback

M.C. Beaton - Pushing Up Daisies

Karin Fossum - Hell Fire

Erik Axl Sund - The Crow Girl


Coming This Autumn

Jussi Adler-Olsen - The Scarred Woman – Dept. Q.

Rhys Bowen - The Ghost of Christmas Past – Molly Murphy.

Timothy Hallinan - Fool’s River – Poke Rafferty.

Keigo Higashino - Newcomer

Anarldur Indridason - The Shadow District – new series.

David Lagercrantz - The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye – Salander.

Henning Mankell - After the Fire – last novel.

Roslund & Hellström - Pen 33 – DCI Grens.

Alexander McCall Smith - The House of Unexpected Sisters – No. 1 Ladies.


From Great Britain

Fiona Barton - The Child - In a section of London that’s being gentrified, workmen unearth the remains of a baby. Reporter Kate Waters thinks the story needs to be told and in more depth. As she probes for answers, she learns that years before a baby was stolen from the local hospital and never found. Could this be the child? If so, what happened.

Mark Billingham - Love Like Blood - DI Nicola Tanner is convinced she was targeted for murder, not her partner. She turns to Tom Thorne for help. In paper, Die of Shame.

Saul Black - LoveMurder - Det. Valerie Hart is called to the scene of a murder that appears to have the MO of Katherine Glass – in prison for slaughtering six people. Is this a copycat or something worse?

Christopher Brookmyre - The Last Hack - Two very different people – a young woman, a gifted computer user, and a veteran reporter reduced to working for an on-line site – are both targeted by somenone who has reached out to them through their computers. Can they work together to find and stop the threat?

Ann Cleeves - Telling Tales - 2nd in the Vera Stanhope series, from 2005, released in the US for the first time.

R.J. Ellory - A Dark and Broken Heart - NYPD Det. Madigan is a good cop who is up to his eyebrows in debt to an East Harlem drug lord. To clear his debt, he engineers a heist of the dealer’s money, planning to pay off his debt with the guy’s own money. Nice plan – it all goes to hell.

Debbie Howells - Part of the Silence - Evie is found badly beaten and near death in a field of corn. As she recovers, she asks about her daughter. The police can find no trace that she had a daughter.

Doug Johnstone - Hit & Run - The three of them are wasted as they leave the party but Billy Blackstone was driving and he was the one who hit the guy at the side of the road. They all decided to leave and say nothing. The problem is that as a reporter, Billy is the one sent to cover the story, and the guy he hit is (was) the local crime boss. That’s only the start of the nightmare.

Erin Kelly - He Said/She Said - 15 years ago, while in Cornwall to watch a solar eclipse with Kit, Laura thought she saw something bad happen. The couple denied it. Months later the woman shows up on their doorstep and Laura begins to suspect that it was the woman who was the instigator. Now living off the grid and unlisted in any directory, Kit and Laura see that what happened back there is coming back to haunt them. Fran recommends this book.

J.S. Law - Defiance - Lt. Danielle Lewis, while admired for her investigative skills, is not known for one to strictly obey orders when it comes to an investigation. She insists on seeking justice even when ordered to stand down. Her latest case will test that, as she’s been tasked with finding a female sailor who dissappered from a nuclear submarine. Second with “Dan” Lewis.

Louise Phillips - The Doll’s House - In her 2nd book, criminal psychologist Dr. Kate Pearson works with the Dublin police to investigate a body found in a canal. At the same time, Clodagh Hamilton is asking questions about her father’s desk 35 years before. He, too, was found in that canal. Someone doesn’t want either to solve these deaths.

Lucy Ribchester - The Amber Shadows - It’s the early dark days of WWII. While working at Bletchley Park, Honey Deshamps has started to receive odd packages of amber from Russia. She doesn’t know who they’re from or what it is all about – until her code-breaking work allows her to start seeing a pattern. Is it all a trap to ensnare spies? Is it an elaborate prank? Or is it tied to reports they’ve been getting about looted artwork?

Peter Robinson - Sleeping in the Ground - There’s been a massacre outside a church in a picturesque Yorkshire village. It’s Banks’ duty to solve the horrific crime. 24th in the series. In paper, When the Music’s Over.

Gerald Seymour - No Mortal Thing - A rising star in an English bank has worked hard to get his new position in Berlin. He witnesses an Italian mobster commit a brutal assault and is confused that the authorities are uninterested. Unable to let it go, the Brit follows the Italian and unknowingly steps into the middle of a delicate multi-country intelligence operation. And into suspicion.

Zoë Sharp - Fox Hunter - 11th with kick-ass bodyguard Charlotte Fox. Charlie thought and hoped she’d gone past the anger at the men who ruined her military carreer. Now she’s learned that her former commander has disappeared into Iraq and one of the men who crossed her is already dead. Charlie is being sent into hostile territory to stop whatever is happening from going further.

Alexander McCall Smith - A Distant View of Everything - 11th with Isabel Dalhousie.

Felicia Yap - Yesterday - A murder investigation in a world in which people are not devided by class or income but by how much they can remember. The largest group can remember only one previous day. The elite can remember two.

Now In Paper

Sharon Bolton - Daisy in Chains

Peter Lovesey - Another One Goes Tonight

Andrew Martin - The Yellow Diamond

Stuart Neville - So Say the Fallen

Tim Weaver - Fall from Grace


Coming This Autumn

M.C. Beaton - The Witches Tree – Agatha Raisin.

Ken Bruen - The Ghosts of Galway – Jack Taylor.

Ann Cleeves - The Seagull – Vera.

Sophie Hannah - Keep Her Safe

John Le Carré - A Legacy of Spies – George Smiley!

Peter May - Cast Iron – Enzo.

Mystery Specialty Presses

Felony & Mayhem

Barbara Ismail - Shadow Play - 1st in a new series set in Malaysia in the 1970s. It features Makcik Maryam, one of the middle-aged “aunties” who sells things in the market and offers advice to anyone who asks. The new local police chief thinks he can solve a murder on his own. Makcik will set him right.

Hard Case Crime

Donald E. Westlake - Forever and a Death - Back in the mid-80s, Westlake was engaged to write the next James Bond movie. The producers didn’t use it (pity!) and he re-wrote it as a novel – but never published it! Here, then, is the first publication. Tossed out of Hong Kong by the Chinese, a rich tycoon decides to get revenge on them by tunneling under banks to steal the money and then use a wave machine to destablize the very ground under them. The only one who can stop him is the employee who invented the wave machine. JB Recommends.

Midnight Ink

Lisa Alber - Path into Darkness - DS Ahern, distracted by personal horrors and problems, investigates when the home of a murdered man reveals grisly facts. It should be a happy time on Lisfenora, a British Isle known for its annual match-making festival. But the revelations have cast a pall.

Connie di Marco - All Signs Point to Murder - Astrologer Julia Bonatti sees disaster in the signs for Geneva Leary’s wedding. She’s a bridesmaid but keeps her mouth shut. She should’ve said something.

Kellye Garrett - Hollywood Homicde - Semi-famous and dead broke, Dayna Anderson is worried about keeping her parents in their old house. Then she witnesses a crime that could earn her a $15,000 reward if the perp is convicted. She’s not setting out to be a crime fighter but that money sure would be handy…

Elizabeth Perona - Murder at the Male Revue - The catering of benefit that will feature the Buckingham Male Revue sounds like good business and good fun. But then the sponsor of the event is stabbed to death. Father and daughter writers Elizabeth Dombrosky and Tony Perona.

R. Jean Reid - Perdition - Newly widowed, Nell McGraw balances keeping her family’s newspaper going with raising children. When a child’s body is found in the Gulf, the story is one of human interest. When it is determined the child was murdered, the story becomes bigger. Then another child is murdered. After a jurisdictional war breaks out over the case, Nell angrily reports on it. This causes the killer to contact her, telling her that her children are next. The author used to publish as J.M. Redmann.

Julie Thomas - Penhale Wood - A year ago, a young child and her nanny vanished. The child was found dead. No one was ever arrested. The investigation went nowhere. Now the child’s mother is at the door of one of the cops, insisting the case be re-opened. He can’t refuse. Debut by the American wife of Will Thomas.

Poisoned Pen Press

Sulari Gentill - Miles Off Course - 3rd in the series, from 2012. It’s 1933 and his family’s longtime stockman in their Snowy Mountain Sinclair ranch isn’t reporting is as expected. Son Rowland Sinclair and his mates think it’d be great fun to head out there and investigate. The story reads a bit like a Western but few Westerns have a tinge of espionage to them.

Janet Hubbard - Burgundy - 3rd in her Vengeance in the Vineyard series.

British Library Crime Classics

Martin Edwards, ed. - Miraculous Mysteries: Locked Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes - A half-century of puzzlers, going back to the time of Collins, moving forward to include Doyle, Chesterton, Sayers, Allingham and many less well known.

Lois Austen-Leigh - The Incredible Crime - From 1931, a story of drug smuggling at Cambridge. First of four written by the granddaughter of Jane Austen’s nephew. Family legends has it that she wrote at Austen’s own writing desk.

Pushkin Vertigo

Martin Holmén - Down for the Count - 2nd in this Swedish trilogy with ex-boxer Harry Kvist. Now out of prison, Harry finds out that an old friend has been murdered and her disabled son arrested for the crime. As Harry searches for answers, he’ll find a swamp of deceit and corruption that goes as high as it can.


Atlanta Noir - Tayari Jones, ed. - 14 new stories set in the fast-growing South Eastern metropolis.

MatchUp: The Battle of the Sexes Just Got Thrilling - Lee Child, ed. - More short stories pairing 11 male and female authors – and their characters – together: Jance and Lustbader, Slaughter and Koryta, Gabaldon and Berry, and Child and Reichs to name a few.

New Haven Noir - Amy Bloom, ed. - New stories from the high-priced college campases to the damp darkness of the waterfront docks.

Reissues of Note

J. Jefferson Farjeon - Number Nineteen and Ben on the Job - From 1952, 6th and 7th (and last) in his “Ben the Bum” series of whodunnits, 58th and 59th novel of his prolific output, a talent admired by Dorothy L. Sayers.

Peter May - Freeze Frame - His 4th Enzo, from 2010.

Margeret Millar - Collected Millar: First Things, Last Things; Banshee; Spider Webs; It’s All in the Family; Collected Short Fiction - Banshee is from ’83, Spider is from ’86, and Family is from ’48, AND The Birds and Beasts Were There. From 1968, her only non-fiction, a memoir.

Arthur B. Reeve - The Adventureess - First published in 1917, this features “the American Sherlock Holmes”, the scientific private detective Craig Kennedy.

Georges Simenon - Maigret Takes a Room - publisher says this is the 37th in the series, and Maigret and the Tall Woman - the 38th, and Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters - the 39th.

Special Interest

Al Capone’s Beer Wars: A Complete History of Organized Crime in Chicago during Prohibition - John J. Binder - The definitive account of the bloody tommy-gun era in the Windy City constructed from 25 years of research, 1920-1933, dispelling misunderstandings and myths, detailing what took place before Capone and what happened after he was sent to prison.

Anthony M. DeStefano - The Big Heist: The Real Story of the Lufthansa, the Mafia, and Murder - Using recent testimony from participants, the Pulitzer-winning journalist provides the most comprehensive account of the 1978 airport heist that played a central role in the movie Goodfellas. Should be juicy.

Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James - The Man from the Train: The Solving of a Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery - A single true crime story from the Dean of Baseball statisticians and his daughter (James is a life-long absorber of true crime) began looking into a string of murders that took place around the nation from 1898 – 1912. The MO was consistant but no one at the time knew anything about serial killers or what the technology to link the crimes. Once found the thread that connected them, he and his daughter followed the clues and solved the crimes and name the killer. Should be fascinating

Dawn Keetley - Making A Monster: Jesse Pomeroy, The boy murderer of 1870’s Boston - The book explores the possible “why” behind the murders committed by the twelve year old Jesse Pomeroy, who tortured seven boys and murdered two others and was never able to explain why he did what he did.

Loren D. Estleman - Nearly Nero - Estleman’s tongue-in-cheek homage to Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Short stories about Cladius Lyon who is a huge fan of Wolfe; so much so that he remodled his brownstone to look like his hero’s and hired a man (of dubious reputation) to act as his Archie. They manage to solve their problem, but how long can they keep it up before the puzzles get too hard and/or dangerous?

Daniel Wolff - Grown-Up Anger: The Connected Mysteries of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and the Calumet Massacre of 1913 - A duel biography of the two American masters, as well as a cultural exploration at the rage central to both of their works – the deaths of 74 people at a Michigan union Christmas party early in the 20th Century.


Lorna Barrett - A Just Clause - 11th in the Booktown series. Mystery bookshop owner Tricia Miles and her sister Angelica are stunned when their long-absent father appears in town. The police chief alerts them that he’d spent time in jail for cons he’s run. Things get darker when dear-old Dad is the prime suspect in a murder. In paper, Title Wave.

Kate Carlisle - Once Upon a Spine - 11th with San Francisco book restorer Brooklyn Wainwright. A rare edition of Alice in Wonderland is at the center of upheaval in Brooklyn’s life.

Laurie Cass - Wrong Side of the Paw - When the bookmobile cat escapes his confines and hops into a flatbed and discovers a dead body – he and his librarian are sent on the scent of a murderer.

Maya Corrigan - The Tell-Tale Tarte - 4th with Chesapeake Bay café manager Val Denison. As if running the café and helping her grandfather with his cookbook isn’t enough, she’s catering a book club event. To complicate her life further, an actor who specialized impersonating Poe has been murdered. He was dressed like Val’s grandfather. Coincidence? Then there’s that strange author in town who patterened his life and work on Poe. It’s all very odd.

Jill Dawson - The Crime Writer - From the publisher: “From acclaimed novelist Jill Dawson comes this imaginative psychological thriller—a dark and compelling snapshot into the life of Patricia Highsmith that immerses readers into the intoxicating, nightmarish psyche of this brilliant, complex author.” Signing - Tueday July 5th at Noon.

J.C. Eaton - Booked 4 Murder - Sophie Kimball isn’t a cop. She’s just a clerk at the headquarters in her small town. Her mother, however, is sure Sophie is the only one who can solve the murder of a member of her Sun City West, AZ, book club. You see it all has to do with a book that’s cursed!

Kay Finch - The Black Cat Sees His Shadow - 3rd in Lavender, TX, with mystery novelist Sabrina Tate and her cat, Hitchcock.

John Grisham - Camino Island - A gang breaks into the vault under the Princeton Library. What they take is priceless but insured. A rare book dealer in Florida has a side business placing the kinds of rare volumes from such heists. A mysterious woman approaches a young writer suffering with a killer case of writer’s block. She’s offered a small fortune to infiltrate the book dealer’s circle and find out where he’s sending the hot pages. She’s not a trained operative or investigator and is soon up to her fingertips is suspicion and intrigue. [Sorry, Camino Island, Florida, not Washington…]

Anthony Horowitz - Magpie Murders - Editor Susan Ryeland doesn’t particularly enjoy working with bestselling mystery writer Alan Conway but it’s her job and she’s good at it. His most recent, another homage to the Golden Age greats, strikes her as strange – even for Conway. As she works on the manuscript, she begins to suspect that he’s not writing fiction this time.

Otto Penzler, ed. - Bibliomysteries: Stories of Crime in the World of Books and Bookstores - New stories commissioned from such names as Lippman, Box, Bruen, Coleman, Estleman, Deaver, and DeMille. You’ll read about collectors and collections, booksellers and rare books, secrets amongst the stacks.


Now in Paper

Charlaine Harris - All the Little Liars - Teagarden.


Coming This Autumn

Vicki Delany - Body on Baker Street

Charlaine Harris - Sleep Like a Baby – Teagarden.

Jenn McKinlay - Death in the Stacks – Library Lovers.

Nicola Upson - Nine Lessons – Tey.


Urban Fantasy

Ben Aaronovitch - Rivers of London: Black Mould - Graphic Novel based on the book series. #3 volume. Black mould which harbors evil intention towards London.

Kelley Armstrong - Rituals - 5th and last in her Cainsville series. A young woman flees Chicago when she discovers she’s not the natural child of a wealthy family but was adopted from a pair of convicted serial killers. She’ll find truth but no peace in Cainsville. In paper, Betrayals (June, Vintage, 13.50).

Terry Brooks - The Black Elfstone - First book in the four part conclusion of the Shannara series.

Adam Christopher - Killing is My Business - Sequel to one of Amber’s favorites, Made to Kill. Raymond Electromatic, PI turned hit man, once again hits the sun-drenched mean streets of LA but is beginning to wonder if his skills are beginning to fail him.

Richard Kadrey - The Kill Society - Sandman Slim

Sarah Kuhn - Heroine Worship - Book 2 in the series. Aveda is having an identity crisis. The city has been demon-free for months. She’s been relegated to side-kick to her BFF who has a really kick-ass super power and the same BFF is getting married…and asked Aveda to be her matron of honor. Once again, second string. Until mysterious things begin to happen to brides and Aveda must figure out how to stop it, while making sure her friend’s wedding goes off without a hitch! Amber Loves This Series!

Victoria Laurie - A Panicked Premonition - 15th in the Psychic Eye series. In paper, A Grave Prediction.

Michael Logan - Hell’s Detective - PI Kat Murphy is spending eternity in Lost Angeles, tortured by true demons and continually reliving her accidental killing of her lover and her own suicide. The city admintrator offers her a trade – find a stolen box of great power and return it and he’ll stop the torment. Easy, right?

Ari Marmell - Dead To Rites - 3rd in series of the 1930s private detective Mick Oberon.

George R. R. Martin - Dead Man’s Hand - Wild Cards VII. The Queen of the underworld has been found murdered in her own restaurant. Private eye Jay Ackroyd and a vigilante known as Yeoman are out to find the murderer. If they don’t, the frame set around the Yeoman will stick.

Seanan McGuire - Down Among the Sticks and Bones - Second book in the Wayward Children series. Set before twin girls, Jack & Jill, enter the the home.

Benjamin Percy - The Dark Net - An ancient darkness has tapped into the dark net – where humans trade in bootlegs, drugs and flesh. Just the hedonism this demon is looking for. It is up to a ragtag crew to ferret it out and banish it.

Carol J. Perry - Grave Errors - Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, oh my! Psychic Lee and her policeman boyfriend investigate a new crime linked to an unsolved missing persons case. Lee has to work fast or she will join the ranks of those missing persons.

Rose Pressey - If the Haunting Fits, Wear It - In her 5th with psychic Cookie Chanel, the death of a jockey at the Kentucky Derby crimps Cookie’s style. There to do the hats of the swells, instead she’s got this jockey’s ghost bugging her for help.

Lilith Saintcrow - Cormorant Run - It could have been aliens, could have been a rift, who knows. But since the Event, some of the survivors can go into the Drift and come back with amazing technology. Now Ashe the Rat has died, and the authorities want her protégé, Svinga, to figure out what killed or. Or Svin can rot in jail. Svin has other plans, though.

Charles Stross - The Delirium Brief - 8th book in the Laundry files. Now that this secret British agency is in the open, they must now fight the buracracy in order to keep their work going.

Sam Sykes - God’s Last Breath - Conclusion of his “Bring Down Heaven” series, which Fran loves.

Now In Paper

Jordanna Max Brodsky - Winter of the Gods

Darynda Jones - Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

Richelle Mead - Succubus Revealed

Mark Morris - The Society of Blood

Brent Weeks - The Blood Mirror

Connie Willis - Crosstalk


Coming This Fall

Kerri Arthur - Ashes Reborn

Christine Feehan - Leopard's Blood

Seanan McGuire - The Brightest Fell

Chloe Neill - The Hunt

Irene Radford - A Spoonful of Magic

Diana Rowland - White Trash Zombie Unchained



Emily Arsenault - The Leaf Reader - Marnie begins reading tea leaves after discovering an old book about it. The thing is they start telling her things, most disturbingly about Matt – a high school basketball star who is tainted by the disappearence (and presumed dead) best friend. Making him more and more dangerous for Marnie.

Holly Grant - League of Beastly Dreadfuls: The Witch’s Glass - Book #3 in the series. Anastasia must solve a puzzle, confront revelations and get closer to magic than proper children should ever be to save the day!

Deron R. Hicks - The Van Gogh Deception - A boy must piece together clues to discover who he is, and stop one of the greatest art frauds in history! Amber enjoys this author.

Elizabeth Kiem - Orphan, Agent, Prima, Pawn - 1958 Moscow, Svetlana is invited to join the Bolshoi Ballet. Just as her dreams are coming true, the KGB come and enlist her as a spy, a very unusual spy.

Ed Masessa - Wandmaker’s Apprentice - #2 in the series. Henry and Brianna must convince a reclusive wandmaker to take on them on as his apprentices, only thing is not everyone thinks this is a great idea….

Richelle Mead - Midnight Jewel - 2nd book in the “Glittering Court” Series. A new heroine bent on finding her own path to freedom, which may or may not include the court.

Beth McMullen - Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls - In trying to escape from her boarding school, Abigail accidentally discovers it is a school for spies! Even more shocking, her mother is a top spy and is missing. It is up to Abigail to hone her skills – so she can discover what’s happened to her mom.

James Ponti - Vanished - 2nd book in the T.O.A.S.T. series. A series of pranks, which may or may not include the President’s daughter have the FBI calling in Florian to solve. Thing turn sisnister when a classmate vanishes in the middle of a concert. Amber enjoys this author.

Geronimo Stilton:

~ Operation: Secret Recipe - #66 in the series. Geronimo travels to Milan where a secret recipie is stolen and he is accused of the theft!

~ Shoo, Caveflies - #14 in the Cave Mice Series. Thea and Geronimo must team up to save Trap Stiltonoot after he is bitten by a cavefly and falls into an unbreakable sleep.

~ The Haunted Dinosaur - Creepella von Cacklefur must tackle a ghostly dinosaur who is wreaking havoc in Mysterious Valley and invites Geronimo along!

~ The Mysterious Message - #5 in Miceking Series. Dragons attack the miceking while they are on their way to investigate a message in a bottle.

Victoria Schwab - Our Dark Duet - Sequel & conclusion to This Savage Song. Set six months after August and Kate were thrown together. Kate is pulled back home to fight monsters and get to know a boy she thought she knew already.

N.D. Wilson - The Door Before - Prequel to the 100 Cupoards series. Can Hyacinth use her new found magic and two new allies to defeat an evil witch Queen to save a realm her Great-Aunt opened a door to?

Maryrose Wood - The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Long-Lost Home - 6th and final book in the series. Penelope hatches a plan to leave Russia and save the Incorrigibles from the danger surrounding them. Knowing the Ashtons are her family and there, she races home to keep them safe. But will she be in time?


Now In Paper

Black & Clare - The Bronze Key

Chris Grabenstein - The Demon’s Door

Elizabeth Kiem - Hider, Seeker, Secret Keeper

Tonya Kuper - Enigma

Aden Polydoros - Project Pandora

Lois Ruby - The Secret Grave


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