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We Only Carry Mysteries .... But We Can Order Almost Anything!


Used Book Acceptance


General Guidelines For Accepting Used Books

If you have culled your books shelves and have a few mysteries, we do accept used books! However we do have a few stipulations you should peruse first:

1. We only consider mysteries, no trying to slip in the odd romance.

2. We only take what we need on the shelf. So if you have multiples of a title or we already have a copy, we may only take one or none of a title.


A. For a handful of books (1-20) you can come in Monday - Friday, provided there isn’t a signing, from 10-4. NOTE we only issue credit for the books, we don’t under normal circumstances pay cash.

B. For more than 20-100 books you need to call and arrange a time to come in so we can evaluate what you have. Again in these instances we generally only issue credit for the books.

C. For full library (we’ve taken up to several thousand books before) you need to call and arrange a time to come in or for us to come to you to see the books. Having an inventory of all the titles, authors, editions, binding and if they are signed will help speed the process along and make the book scouts very happy. Payment options are arranged individually.

4. On a day when there is a scheduled signing we will not accept any used books. We accept books Monday thru Saturday.

5. We will accept donations of books, but again - they must be mysteries.

6. If you have any questions just call us!