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Winter 2011


Winter2011 Newsletter

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Bill Farley, Founder / JB Dickey, Owner/ Fran Fuller, Manager /Janine Wilson / Gretchen Brevoort / Adele Avant

Cops—Private Eyes—Courtroom--Thrillers—Suspense—Espionage—True Crime—Reference

*Any book which does not have a link is one which you need to order directly from the shop! It's as easy as a call or an e-mail.

New From The Northwest 

Pamela Beason, Endangered A young boy goes missing and wildlife biologist and blogger Summer Westin becomes involved when the media circus focuses on the cougars she’s been rehabilitating. An FBI agent is heading into the mountains to search and Westin is asked to join him. 1st in a new series by a Bellingham writer who has worked as a private eye. Adele recommends. Signing.

Carola Dunn, Gone West In 1929’s England, Humphrey Birtwhistle has become rich writing bestselling Westerns. Lots of hangers-on have been taking advantage of his good nature and his personal secretary has become concerned. She asks her old friend Daisy Dalyrmple to come visit and to see if Daisy notices anything amiss. In paper, Anthem for a Doomed Youth  Signing.

Yasmine Galenorn – see From a Parallel World

J.A. Jance, Left for Dead Ali Reynolds is drawn into the investigation of a shooting. The victim is deputy sheriff Jose Reyes, a friend. At first, it is assumed that he was an unlucky victim of violence along the border, but evidence at the scene soon casts suspicion on him and his wife and, from his hospital bed, he asks Ali for help. In paper, Fatal Error  Signing.

Larry Karp, A Perilous Conception  While there is fierce international controversy in 1976 over the use of in vitro fertilization in humans, Dr. Colin Sanford is an ambitious and brilliant Pacific Northwest obstetrician who is trying to lead the field. He recruits Dr. Giselle Hearn, a noted genetic-embryologist at the University, and they work in secret to try to make their mark in history. But Hearn is murdered and the cops are pressured by powerful University benefactors to hush it up. Sanford determines to not allow that to happen. Larry is a retired physician who was a pioneer himself in the field. Signing.

Jayne Ann Krentz, Copper Beach Abby Radwell has an unusual psychic talent: she’s able to find secrets to the paranormal hidden within very rare books. This ability has allowed her a career and some adventure – and, lately, danger. Her latest assignment results in a blackmail threat and then rumors begin to swirl that an alchemy tome, thought to be apocryphal, may be on the market. A Dark Legacy Novel. In paper, In Too Deep (Jan., Jove, 7.99), book One of the Looking Glass Trilogy. Signing.

K.J. Larsen, Sticks & Stones 2nd from the three sisters. Cat DeLuca, owner of the Pants On Fire Detective Agency, is very busy catching cheating husbands. A recent client, enraged by what Cat found out, filled her hubby’s behind with buckshot. He then vanished with their dog, their car, and her sister. Cat is dispatched to look for the creep. She finds him dead. Signing.

Martin Limón, Mr. Kill South Korea is tense. The rape of a young mother aboard a train turns the populace against the US military. Witnesses say her attacker was a US soldier. The brass acts shocked and disbelieving, and Sueño & Bascom are sent to investigate. Before they get far, the accused has vanished, the citizens are becoming ugly and confrontational, and the Army is digging in its heels. For assistance, George and Ernie turn to a famous and revered Korean cop: Mr. Kill. 7th in this great series recommended by Bill and JB. Signing.

Rebecca Morris, TED and ANN: The Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy An award-winning journalist relates the 1961 disappearance of Tacoma girl Ann Marie Burr and presents the theories, myths, rumours and evidence against the various suspects – but the question remains, could this have been Ted Bundy’s first murder? Signing.

Matt Ruff, The Mirage A reverse of history – or is it? On Nov., 9th, 2001, Christian fundamentalists from North America hijack four Arabian jetliners and carry out a daring and audacious attack on Muslim targets. War is declared, America is invaded and DC is captured, becoming a Green Zone for the United Arab States. Years later, while interrogating a captured suicide bomber, an Arab Homeland agent is told something startling: the Arabs’ world is a mirage, America is the true superpower, and a newspaper from that year backs up the story. Stranger still, other agents have been told the same thing and other artifacts have been found. Is what they live in a mirage? Whose reality is wrong? Signing.

Ann Rule, Don’t Look Behind You 15th in her Crime Files series. One of the stories is set in Alaska. Signing. (See Something Different, below)
Sam Siciliano: see Sherlockiana

Dana Stabenow, Restless in the Grave In her 19th Kate Shugak, when a pilot dies from a sabotaged engine, the case is handed over to someone from outside – private eye Shugak. One of the suspects is the wife of State Trooper Liam Campbell, so the State cops have to recues themselves from the case. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Though Not Dead AND Fatal Thaw 1st hardcover release of the 2nd Kate Shugak. Also available, at the same price, A Cold Day for Murder.

George Byron Wright, Newport Blues: A Salesman’s Lament Sidney Lister is hired to replace Jonesy Jones, the sole salesman for Beeman’s International. His first task is to drive the Oregon Coast, alerting accounts to this change. While Sidney’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the good – except for the cigar-ridden company Cadillac that he’s inherited – a figure from his past aims to ruin it.


 Now in Paperback

Chelsea Cain, The Night Season 

Mary Daheim, The Alpine Vengeance

William Dietrich, Blood of the Reich JB recommends.

Boyd Morrison, The Vault  Fran recommends this author.

Urban Waite, The Terror of Living All-Staff Recommendation for this local writer’s debut!


  Reissues of Note

Mike Lawson, The Second Perimeter The 2nd of his superior DeMarco series, out of print for a few years. This one is the ‘most Northwest’ of his books as it concerns security at the Bangor sub base. All-staff recommendation for this entire series.

  Something Different

Leslie Rule, Where Angels Tread: Real Stories of Miracles and Angelic Intervention  Leslie turns her attention from chronicling actual ghosts to actual angels. Twelve chapters, each with a different theme – “Animal Miracles” and “Christmas Miracles” are two – and with a forward by her mom, Ann, relating her own story of an angelic savior. Signed Copies Available.

      Coming This Spring

Stella Cameron, Darkness Bound, Mar. Signing
Phillip Margolin, Capitol Murder
, April
Kevin O'Brien, Terrified, April
Kate Wilhelm, Death of an Artist, April

New from the Rest

Cristina Alger, The Darlings  Debut novel by the daughter of a noted NYC financier. Attorney Paul Ross thinks he’s married into heaven but the economic collapse in NYC and a resulting investigation lands him into the center of a media-lit scandal.

Jeffrey Allen, Stay at Home Dead Debut. Deuce Winters leads a quiet life in the sleepy town of Rose Petal, TX. Being a stay-at-home dad, he spends a great deal of time in his mini-van. So you can believe that he’s astonished to find a dead body in it one day. It’ll put a crimp in his daily schedule chores.

Sarah Andrews, Rock Bottom Newly married and on a Colorado River raft trip, the enjoyment of Em Hansen and her husband is ruined when another rafter is murdered and Em’s groom is accused. 12th in the series.

Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene, Kill Switch Debut novel by the creative team behind “Law & Order: SVU” and “ER”. Forensic psychologist Claire Waters is known for her unnerving ability to get into the minds of brutal criminals. She’ll be challenged by the inmate waiting for her at Riker’s Island. It’ll force her to deal with something from her past, something key to her ability, something she’d rather never face again.

Nevada Barr, The Rope Back in time we go to Anna Pigeon’s first case. Having just arrived at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Anna takes her first day off to hike the area and see it all. She doesn’t come back. Her colleagues think she simply quit, walking away from the job. What happened? Adele recommends this series.

Dave Barry & Alan Zweibel, Lunatics Two men are polar opposites: Philip is a happy, successful family man; Jeffrey is sure he’s the only sane man in a world full of idiots and evil. Their meeting will result in them fleeing, pursued by officials of all stripes, evildoers, a bear, and a man dressed as Chuck E. Cheese. YIKES!

Lorraine Bartlett, The Walled Flower 2nd in the Victoria Square series. The remodeling of the Webster mansion to make it into a B&B reveals bones in a wall.

Brett Battles, No Return Stand-alone thriller that begins with a plane crash in a desert and goes nuts from there. TV cameraman Wes Stewart sees the Navy fighter crash and speeds to the Mojave site to try to help. He’s the last one to be near the pilot before his death and all sorts of ‘authorities’ want to talk to him.

Josh Bazell, Wild Thing Dr. Peter Brown is still doing all he can to stay below the radar – that’s what life is like when you’re trying to avoid your former colleagues who’re mobsters – so he agrees to a millionaire’s job: accompanying a self-destructive and sexy paleontologist to the very worst dig possible on the planet. Not like he’s got a lotta choice, right?
2nd funny novel. If you haven’t read Beat the Reaper you’re missing a treat!

Jessica Beck, Killer Crullers 6th in the Donut Hearts series.

Alex Berenson, The Shadow Patrol The Agency asks John Wells to investigate the health and status of their entire Kabul station. To carry out his assignment, he’ll have to spy not only on the Afghans but also the Americans. In paper, The Secret Soldier

Lawrence Block, The Night and the Music A collection of 11 Matt Scudder short works, from two novellas written in the middle 70s to a brand-new story just a couple of months old. Nine of them have been published before in other collections. The new one is, well, new – never published before. Signed Copies Available. In paper, A Drop of the Hard Stuff ( JB & Janine recommend.)

Melissa Bourbon, A Fitting End 2nd with Texas custom dressmaker Harlow Jane Cassidy. A local golf pro has been found dead with a pair of shears jabbed into him. Harlow’s the obvious suspect.

Allison Brennan, If I Should Die 4th FBI thriller with Lucy Kincaid.

Suzanne Brockman, Born to Darkness A romantic thriller set in the near future where certain people can be trained to use hidden and powerful sections of their brains – telepathy, telekinesis, etc – and the people at the Obermeyer Institute are at the vanguard. Can it be used only for good?

Mollie Cox Bryan, Scrapbook of Secrets Series debut. Annie’s traded her exciting career as a big-city journalist for life as a stay-at-home mom in a small Virginia town. She finds that something’s missing and joins a scrap-booking circle. When one of young mothers is killed, the ladies band together to solve the murder.

Lucy Burdette, An Appetite for Murder ( Debut in a culinary series set in Key West. Hayley Snow takes the job of food critic for a Key West style magazine and, to her horror, finds that her new boss is the woman she caught in bed with her ex-boyfriend. As if it couldn’t get worse – Hayley is the prime suspect when the woman is found dead.

Ellen Byerrum, Death on Heels DC fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian flies to the defense of her cattle rancher boyfriend when he’s accused of murder. 8th in the series.

Stephen J. Cannell, Vigilante Last book by the creative and prolific writer. LAPD detectives Shane Scully and Sumner Hitchens investigate crimes that seem to have ties to the increasingly violent reality TV.

Thomas Caplan, The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen With an introduction by Bill Clinton, the founder of the PEN/Faulkner Award gives us a globe-hopping thriller. Former soldier and covert op Ty Hunter has inexplicably become the #1 worldwide film star. Now his country needs him to go undercover again to stop the transfer of nuclear weapons into the hands of lunatics. How can one of the most famous faces on the planet go undercover? He’ll need all his talents as soldier, spy and actor to pull it off.

Howie Carr, Hard Knocks The last 30 years in the life of Boston’s crime world written by a noted radio personality. PI Jack Reilly is an ex-cop scuffling along. When one of his clients is murdered he’s drawn into that world, a universe he’d hoped to have left. His client was clearly executed by pros and he can’t let that stand.

New Biblio-Mysteries

Ellery Adams, The Last Word 3rd with the writer’s group in the ‘Books By the Bay’ series.

Lucy Arlington, Buried in a Book Debut in a new series. Lila Wilkins has lost her job in journalism so she’s happy to find a job in South Carolina at a small literary agency. Getting paid to read books! But then things take a downturn when a poor writer is found dead in the waiting room. Lila discovers he’d been receiving threatening letters. Who’d want to kill a penniless penman?

Ali Brandon, Double Booked for Death In this debut, Darla Pettistone inherits her great-aunt Dee’s Brooklyn bookshop. She discovers that the hottest, best-selling author of the moment is coming in to sign books but her delight turns to horror when the writer is murdered in the middle of the event. Lucky for her Pettiston’s Fine Books comes equipped with a crime-solving cat named Hamlet.

D.C. Brod, Getting Lucky When a young reporter is killed in an accident, freelance writer Robyn Guthrie agrees to finish one of his stories – something about shady land deals. Sequel to Getting Sassy.

Kate Carlisle, One Book in the Grave 5th with San Francisco rare book restorer and expert Brooklyn Wainwright. She’s got a chance to restore a rare first edition of Beauty and the Beast. But, once she holds it, she realizes it’s the copy she sold an old friend years ago, a friend who died soon afterward in what was believed to be an accidental car crash. Amber recommends this series.

Miranda James, File M for Murder 3rd in the ‘Cat in the Stacks’ series. There’s a new visiting professor at Athena College, a playwright who is also a native. He’s also abrasive and, before he can make friends – if that’s possible – he’s written out of the scene.

J.J. Murphy, You Might As Well Die 2nd with the Legendary Algonquin Round Table. Dorothy Parker asks the help of Houdini when a cut-rate illustrator’s work doubles in value after his ‘suicide’.

Blaize Clement, The Cat Sitter’s Pajamas Dixie is drawn into the strange world of counterfeit high fashion.  In paper, Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons

David J. Chow, Negative Burn (Feb., St. Martin’s hc, 25.99). McCabe is forced into a blackmail scheme focused on a politician when he’s kidnapped by a professional killer. With no choice he complies and comes away with ten grand. Now, can he keep his mouth shut, spend the money and stay alive?

Reed Farrel Coleman, Hurt Machine (Nov., Adams Media hc, 24.95, tp 15.95). The 7th in the award-winning Moe Prager series. At a pre-wedding party for his daughter Sarah, Moe is approached by his ex-wife and former PI partner Carmella Melendez. It seems Carmella’s estranged sister, Alta, has been murdered, but no one in New York City seems to care.

Deborah Coontz, So Damn Lucky 3rd with the slick and sassy Lucky O’Toole, Head of Customer Relations at the Babylon Casino. During his act, a magician really does vanish. Is it some kind of extended stunt or something more nefarious?

Robin Cook, Death Benefit Wall Street leeches are aiming to do to the medical insurance industry what they did to the mortgage industry – securitize and collateralize it and make a killing.

Patricia Cornwell, Red Mist Scarpetta investigates the murder of her former deputy chief.

Robert Crais, Taken  The son of a wealthy industrialist is missing but the cops believe he’s staged his own kidnapping. She hires Joe & Elvis to prove them wrong and to find the young man. Signed Copies Available. In paper, The Sentry

Isis Crawford, A Catered St. Patrick’s Day 8th in this special occasion series of culinary mysteries.

Casey Daniels, Wild Wild Death 8th with Pepper Martin.

Lila Dare, Die Job 3rd in the Southern Beauty Shop series. An attempted murder and a haunted plantation get the ladies at the shop moving.

Hilary Davidson, The Next One to Fall While tourist writer Lilly Moore is visiting Machu Picchu, a tourist falls to her death.

Peter de Jonge, Buried on Avenue B Newly promoted Darlene O’Hara is handed what sounds like a goofy case: a nurse comes in to report that her elderly Alzheimer’s patient claims to have killed his crime partner 17 years ago and buried him under a tree in a park. What can’t be ignored is that the supposed victim really did vanish 17 years ago. When they reluctantly dig under the tree they do find human remains – but those of a young boy.

Tim Dorsey, Pineapple Grenade Serge has decided that his future lies in becoming a spy. To that end, he's decided to prove his effectiveness by conducting surveillance on the Meeting of the Americas Conference. What, really, could possibly go wrong? In paper, Electric Barracuda  Signing.

Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly, Love in a Nutshell Evanovich returns to her origins with a new romantic thriller co-written with the President of the Romance Writers of America. Kate Appleton’s life has simply fallen apart. She returns to her parents’ summerhouse and aims to turn it into a B&B. The problem is she needs money to pull it off. A possible rescue is that Matt Culhane asks her to investigate his brewery employees. He thinks someone is trying to sabotage his business.

Janet Evanovich, Explosive Eighteen Her new Stephanie Plum, on sale November 22nd. These will be signed books, not tipped-in sheets and each will contain a Stephanie Plum 2012 tear-out calendar (we have no idea what that’ll look like). Signed Copies Available. In paper, Smokin’ Seventeen

Monica Ferris, Threadbare 13th in the Needlecraft series. The body of an elderly homeless woman is found on the shore of the lake. An embroidered item she’s wearing will help identify her but it will also open a few mysteries.

John A. Flanagan, Avalanche Pass 2nd Rocky Mountain thriller with Jesse Parker. A ski resort is overtaken by armed thugs. A Senator is among the hostages. Parker may be the solution. In paper, Avalanche Pass

Steven M. Forman, Boca Daze Retired Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter isn’t really finding retirement all that retiring. He keeps running into creeps and finks. This time he’s hearing about illegal pill mills and a guy whose scams may put Madoff to shame. 3rd in this comic series.

Lisa Gardner, Catch Me Not much shocks Boston Det. D.D. Warren but a young woman does. 27-year-old Charlene claims she will be murdered in 4 days and she wants Warren to control the investigation. Over the years, on a specific day, friends from a small NH town have been murdered and Charlene is the last one alive.

Paul Garrison, Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Command Former assassin Paul Janson, who appeared in 2002, is brought back to help other retired operatives find new lives.

Lee Goldberg, Mr. Monk on Patrol In paper, Mr. Monk on the Couch

Eli Gottlieb, The Face Thief Margot is a stunning woman who has taken a bad fall down a long staircase. Accident or not? Two men who are obsessed with her; the question is has she manipulated them to this state for her own nefarious plans or is she the charismatic, yet innocent victim? A third man enters the equation: cop Dan France, who recognizes Margot as trouble but blindly begins to believe he can ‘reform’ her.

Sue Grafton, V is for Vengeance For her 38th birthday, Kinsey gets a punch in the nose. Then things get out of hand. Signed Copies Available.

James Grippando, Need You Now The suicide of $60 billion Ponzi-schemer Abe Cushman leaves many secrets, many questions but also many dangers. A young couple is targeted by people who want the secrets to stay unknown. In paper, Afraid of the Dark

Derek Haas, Dark Men Columbus would like to feel as if he is retired. He and Risina now live on a small Italian island but it is tough to let go of his guardedness. That ends up being well-founded, and events are calling him back to Chicago. Signing. Janine and Fran highly recommend this series.

James W. Hall, Dead Last Thorn is dragged into the odd confluence of reality and reality TV. A woman writes obituaries for the Miami Herald. One son uses them as fodder for his TV series while his twin brother stars. But someone depraved has decided to use the plotlines for actual murders and crosses paths with Thorn. Adele and JB recommend this series.

Parnell Hall, $10,000 in Small Unmarked Puzzles  12th in the Puzzle Lady series. In paper, Caper

Elizabeth Hand, Available Dark Still laying low after recent events that have left her of interest to the cops, photographer Cass Neary accepts a job in Helsinki to work with a famed fashion photographer whose work is dark. Once again, death comes close and she has to run, this time to Iceland. The murders continue.

Joan Hess, Deader Homes and Gardens  Back from her understandably odd honeymoon, Clare Malloy, groom Peter Rosen and teenage daughter Caron look for, and find, a new home. Of course, it won’t be that simple, as the real estate agent has vanished and the house has a history of, well, ‘problems’.

Matt Hilton, Slash and Burn and Cut and Run  The 3rd and 4th with ex-spook and black ops specialist Joe Hunter.  In Slash, Hunter looks for the missing woman of a man who saved his life when he was in the service. At the same time Hunter is being hunted by a pair of psychopaths. In Cut, Hunter is on the run after a killer steals his identity and commits a heinous double-murder. Can he stay free long enough to catch the imposter?

Tami Hoag, Down the Darkest Road  Return to Oak Knoll, where the creepiest and deadliest things await you just down the darkest road.

Stephen Hunter, Soft Target  Hunter steps outside the Swagger family to follow a sniper from his last book (Dead Zero,). Ex-Marine shooter Ray Cruz is on a simple shopping trip with his fiancée at the Mall of America when it is taken over by a gang of terrorists, the self-styled “Mumbai Brigade”. While the tactical units make plans and innocents die, Cruz begins to hunt from the inside.

Julie Hyzy, Affair of Steak 5th with White House Chef Olivia Paras. There are two murders in the First Lady’s staff.

Greg Iles, Unwritten Laws Penn’s father, the mythic Dr. Tom Cage, is accused of murder. The doctor’s long-time nurse and companion, Viola, is dead. The case will result in a flow of revelations about the elder Cage’s life, as well as their region’s history, and Penn will begin to wonder if he ever understood his father or his home. Postponed from 1/11.

Joshilyn Jackson, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty  Every 15 years, the women of the Slocumb family are beset by some bad trouble. The youngest, Mosey, has just turned 15, just in time for the latest round. A grave is dug up in the backyard. Who is in it and why is it there? Signed Copies Available. Fran recommends this author.

Faye Kellerman, Gun Games Decker investigates after a death at an exclusive prep school. The mother disbelieves the ruling of suicide. Decker finds that the gun used was stolen and the more he pokes into it, the more it won't add up.

William Landay, Defending Jacob Andy Barber has been an assistant district attorney for 20 years. He’s respected, has a great reputation and a loving family. All of that is torn apart when his son is charged with murder. He wants to believe in his son’s innocence but the evidence against him is compelling. What’s a father to do?

Joyce and Jim Lavene, A Spirited Gift ( 3rd in their Missing Pieces series.

C.E. Lawrence, Silent Kills NYPD profiler Lee Campbell hunts a serial killer who drains his victims. Clues point to the world of Steampunk. Author has written as Carol Buggé.

Elmore Leonard, Raylan Federal Marshall Givens is searching for people who are stealing organs from live people. They wake up in bathtubs to find out they're missing something  pretty dang important. There is the little matter of a mining company exec who shoots a miner then has a memorable confrontation with the widow. Then there is the professional gambler who missed her court date and who was last seen in Raylan's shower.

Allison Leotta, Discretion Assistant US Attorney Anna Curtis is called in when a young woman plummets to her death from a Capitol building balcony. She learns that the balcony was at the office of the sole DC representative to Congress AND that the young woman was an ‘escort’. A big mess, all the way around.

John Lescroart, The Hunter San Francisco PI Wyatt Hunt never had much interest in finding his biological parents. His adoptive parents were wonderful. But now he’s received an anonymous text: “how did ur mother die?” In paper, Damage

Virginia Lowell, A Cookie Before Dying 2nd in the Cookie Cutter Shop series.

Lisa Lutz, Trail of the Spellmans The Spellmans – not the most ‘normal’ of families at any time – are suffering through a period of greater lunacy than usual, both personally and professionally. Each of them is engaged in an investigation that seems to have no purpose. Odd all the way around. Signing. Fran & Janine recommend this funny series.

Keith McCafferty, The Royal Wulff Murders Debut by an award-winning editor from Field & Stream: When a fly-fishing guide hooks a body on the Madison River, Montana Sheriff Martha Ettinger thinks that the key to the case is the Royal Wulff lure stuck in the poor guy’s lip. This leads her to a recent arrival in the area – fly fisher, painter and failed PI Sean Stanahan. He tied the lure. But Stanahan is preoccupied by his new client, Southern siren Velvet Lafayette who hires him to find her missing brother. Lost yet? Sounds like lots of goofy fun!

Craig McDonald, El Gavilan New Austin, Ohio, is a town far from the violent troubles of the border and immigration issues but the same issues show up nonetheless. When a Mexican-American woman is raped and murdered, tensions turn ugly.

Rick Mofina, The Burning Edge Report Jack Gannon is searching for information about an armored car robbery.  The thieves executed four during the heist, one of whom was an off-duty FBI agent. The feds have clamped down tight on information. They have a witness and they know the gang wants to silence her.

Walter Mosley, All I Did Was Shoot My Man Leonid McGill has never believed that Zella Grisham killed her man when she caught him cheating. But she never denied it. She just said she didn’t remember it. And then there was the matter of the robbery money the cops found in her storage space. But McGill is still trying to make up for past sins so he resolves to find out what happened. Signed Copies Available. In paper, When the Thrill is Gone

Charlie Newton, Start Shooting 2nd copy thriller from this Edgar-nominated writer. Chicago’s Four Corners neighborhood is a gang-encrusted jungle. Three people – two cop brothers and a woman from their youth – are forced to confront a horror from their youth. She is trying to escape her past; they don’t want to deal with it. Signing.

Carol O’Connell, The Chalk Girl A young girl is found in Central Park. She appears to be perfect – pretty and full of smiles – except for that spot on blood on her shoulder. She claims it came out of the sky while she was looking for her uncle who’d been turned into a tree. Strange, sure, surreal even. Until the body of her uncle is found hanging in a tree. Mallory is called in to investigate. Signing. Dynamite series highly recommended by JB, Adele, Janine and Fran.

Mid-Winter Mysteries

Avery Aames, Clobbered by Camembert  3rd with Cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessette. The town is abuzz due to a murder during the Winter Wonderland festival.

Jacklyn Brady, Cake on a Hot Tin Roof  2nd with New Orleans pastry chef Rita Lucero. Her Mardi Gras party is wrecked by a violent argument that results in a death. Rita’s uncle is the prime suspect.

B.B. Haywood, Town in a Wild Moose Chase  During Cape Willington’s annual Winter Moose festival, the town is aflutter with two rumors: a rare white moose has been spotted in the woods, as has a body.

Leslie Meier, Chocolate Covered Murder Maine reporter Lucy Stone is suffering from the mid-Winter blahs. Her town’s plan to have a Valentine’s Day holiday promotion is a great idea but the suspicious drowning of a fisherman has put a damper on the holiday. 18th in this holiday series. In paper, English Tea Murder

Mark Schweizer, The Christmas Cantata (Nov., St. James Music Press tpo, 9.95). St Germaine’s police chief Hayden Konig has a town full of grouches as the Holidays approach. Everyone has something to be cranky about. Luckily, a mystery is solved just in time and a long-lost cantata is found in the courthouse basement.

Daniel Palmer, Helpless Retired Navy Seal Tom Hawkins returns to Shilo, NH to rear his teenage daughter after his ex-wife is murdered. All he wants to do is rebuild his relationship with Jill after the acrimonious divorce but the local cops suspect him of involvement in his ex’s death. In paper, Delirious.

Michael Palmer, Oath of Office A noted physician goes beserk, shooting up his office, killing many, including his partner. Everyone is shocked but none more than Lou Welcome, a therapist who worked with the doctor years before. He’s sure something forced the doctor’s actions and his investigation will expose a conspiracy that leads into the government.

Sara Paretsky, Breakdown A group of girls who are followers of Carmilla, a fictional Queen of the Night, stage an initiation ritual in a Chicago cemetery. These are daughters of the wealthy and powerful. When they find an actual murder victim within the grounds, there is hell to pay. Warshawski is hired to cut through the mess. Signing. Adele highly recommends.

T. Jefferson Parker, The Jaguar . The beautiful songwriter, who is married to a corrupt sheriff’s deputy, has been kidnapped by a Cartel leader. He doesn’t want money – he wants the finest narcocorrido ever written to sing his praises. It will be up to the two men north of the border who love her: her crooked husband and Charlie Hood. In paper, The Border Lords.

Brad Parks, The Girl Next Door In his 3rd appearance, investigative reporter Carter Ross is bothered when he reads about a woman killed in a hit-and-run accident, because she was delivering his newspapers daily. He decides to write about her and that’s when the trouble starts. In paper, Eyes of the Innocent

From the Factory of James Patterson: with David Ellis, Guilty Wives , In paper, Toys , with Maxine Paetro, 10th Anniversary with Marshall Karp, Kill Me if You Can.

Preston & Child, Gideon’s Corpse . Ex-thief and nuclear scientist Gideon Crew is kept from his relaxation by a dangerous situation: Reed Chalker, a colleague, has taken an innocent family hostage and is ranting about government conspiracies. Before he can help, one of the hostages and Chalker are dead. Another conspiracy? In paper, Gideon's Sword and Cold Vengeance , Pendergast.

Daniel Pyne, A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar As he plows face first into an ugly midlife crisis, Lee buys a goldmine on-line. Yes, an honest-to-god goldmine, something he really can dig into and sink his hopes in. ‘Course, there are going to be a few problems along the way…

Hannah Reed, Plan Bee 3rd in the Queen Bee series. The annual Harmony Festival in this small Wisconsin town won’t be very harmonious.

Al Roker and Dick Lochte, The Talk Show Murders 3rd with Billy Blessings, whose secret past as a con man threatens his present success.

J.D. Robb, Celebrity in Death 34th in this durable series with NYC Det. Eve Dallas. Highly recommended by all of the shop’s ladies.

David Rosenfelt, Heart of a Killer Young attorney Jamie Wagner is not exactly a slacker, but he’s fine doing free-lance research for larger firms. His new case is a real pickle: Sheryl Harrison went to prison for killing her abusive husband. Her daughter needs a heart transplant and her mother is one of the few matching donors. Wagner’s job is to do the research on the case, a cold and clinical prospect in a case he becomes emotionally involved in.

Paige Shelton, Crops and Robbers 3rd in the Farmer’s Market mystery series AND If Fried Chicken Could Fly (Jan., Berkely pbo, 7.99), 1st in a new series, this one full of country cooking at Gram’s Country Cooking School. Want biscuits with yer murder?

Howard Shrier, Boston Cream 3rd in this series but 1st to be released in the US. Canadian PI Jonah Geller is hired to find a resident who vanished from the Boston hospital where he worked. Geller learns that a local mob boss had tried to abduct the young physician but no one seems to know why.

Randall Silvis, The Boy Who Shoots Crows A boy who went into the woods yesterday has been reported missing. The only witness is painter Charlotte Dunleavy who was in the midst of a migraine. She’d seen him pass by her house before, heading into the forest with his rifle. But a migraine can do funny things to one’s vision and she can’t really be sure she did see him. So then where is he?

Mark Allen Smith, The Inquisitor Geiger is an ‘information retrieval’ expert. He’s able to get the truth out of those who do not want to divulge it. Some may call him a torturer but he rarely has to go as far as bloodshed. His tools are psychology and fear. But he draws the line at children and when he’s presented with that job he acts without thinking and takes the boy away. The only way to keep himself and the boy safe will be to find out what the kid knows.

Taylor Stevens, The Innocent A group of adults who survived and escaped the cult in which they lived approach Vanessa Munroe for help. They’ve been trying to find one young girl who disappeared into this same cult 8 years ago and they’ve found out she’s in Argentina. They want Munroe to infiltrate and rescue her. 2nd in this lauded new series. In paper, The Informationist. Janine and Adele highly recommends them both.

P.G. Sturges, Tribulations of the Shortcut Man In his 2nd appearance, Dick Henry is once again taking the shortcut to solve a problem: an old girlfriend doesn’t understand why her new, rich septuagenarian sugar daddy has cut her off. Dick agrees to find out why and, man, was that a mistake. In paper, Shortcut Man  the debut.

Paul Theroux, Murder in Mount Holly Hard to beat the description in the catalog: “a funny slightly misanthropic crime caper about some geezers who think it would be cool to rob a bank.”

Alan Topol, The China Gambit After an American reporter is murdered, terrorist tracker Craig Page is enraged. She was his daughter and what she was working on had something to do with a plot between China, Iran, and the world’s oil supply.

Robert Ward, The Best Bad Dream An FBI agent’s vacation is called off by an urgent request from his some-time girlfriend for help. Instead of going to Baja to fish with his teenage son, he’ll go confront bikers and Mexican smugglers to find her sister. Meanwhile, his son is having the time of his life with a hot librarian whose abusive husband is away. Father and son will be making bad choices.

Stuart Woods, D.C. Dead Stone Barrington. In paper, Bel-Air Dead

Now in Paperback

Jeff Abbott, Adenaline

Steve Berry, The Jefferson Key

Daniel Blake, Thou Shalt Kill

Sandra Brown, Lethal

Tom Clancy, Against All Enemies

Deborah Coonts, Lucky Stiff

Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul, Skeleton Coast

Barbara D’Amato, Other Eyes

Jeffery Deaver, 007: Carte Blanche (Jan., Pocket, 9.99). JB & Adele recommend.

David Ellis, Breach of Trust

Hallie Ephron, Come and Find Me

Monica Ferris, Buttons and Bones

Joseph Finder, Buried Secrets

Joanne Fluke, Devil’s Food Cake

Martha Grimes, Fadeaway Girl

Michael Harvey, We All Fall Down

Sara J. Henry, Learning to Swim

Iris Johansen, Bonnie

Daniel Judson, Voyeur

Eric Van Lustbader, Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Dominion

Lou Manfredo, Rizzo’s Fire

Nancy Martin, Sticky Fingers (

Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Cat Coming Home

Cornelia Read, Invisible Boy Recommended by Fran, Janine & JB.

David Rosenfelt, On Borrowed Time

Karin Slaughter, Fallen

Wallace Stroby, Cold Shot to the Heart

Brad Taylor, One Rough Man

Lisa Unger, Twice

Livia J. Washburn, Killer on a Hot Tin Roof

S.J. Watson, Before I Go to Sleep

Randy Wayne White, Night Vision


Coming this Spring

Nancy Atherton & Aunt Dimity, April
C.J. Box & Joe Pickett, Mar.
Harlan Coben, Stay Close, Mar.
Joanne Fluke, Cinnamon Roll Murder, Mar.
Jane Haddam & Gregor Demarkian, Mar.
Carolyn Hart & Death on Demand, April
Helen Knode, Wildcat Play, April
Joe R. Lansdale, Edge of Dark Water, Mar.
G.A. McKevett & Savannah Reid, April
Thomas Perry & Jane Whitefield, Mar.
Lisa Scottoline, Come Home, Mar.
Olen Steinhauer, An American Spy, Mar.
Duane Sweirczynski, Point & Shoot, Mar.
Andrew Vachss, That’s How I Roll, Mar.
Randy Wayne White & Doc Ford, Mar.
Edward Wright, From Blood, April



Masters of Mystery: The Strange Friendship of Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini, Christopher Sandford At times comic, at times macabre, and using previously unpublished material, the author presents a fuller view of the friendship that developed between the two great creators and their joint efforts to investigate the afterlife.

Martin Daley, The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong, Volume 1 Cornelius Armstrong is a Detective Inspector in Edwardian Carlisle.  In the first of these two adventures, Armstrong investigates the brutal murder of a young Italian immigrant in November 1903. In doing so, Cornelius uncovers a far wider web of underworld crime. In the second case, the reciting of ghost stories in front of a blazing fire at an innocent Christmas party inadvertently leads the detective into a trail of betrayal and deceit that dates back some six hundred years to the death of Edward I.

Sam Siciliano, The Web Weaver Strange things begin to happen to a group who were cursed by a gypsy woman. Mr. Donald Wheelwight hires Holmes to find out what is really going on. 2nd Holmes novel by this Portland, OR, author.

In paper

Graham Moore, The Sherlockian

Donald Thomas, Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly -


Horst Bosetzky, Cold Angel Based on actual events, Berlin is a wreck in 1947. Citizens are trying to get their lives back together as the four powers try to get the country back on track. But in a world so destroyed, can one more murder get the attention it deserves?

Milton T. Burton, The Devil’s Odds In December of ’42, Texas Ranger Virgil Tucker is asked by Madeline Kimbell for protection. Both of them are sucked into a mob war between the boss of New Orleans and those who rule Galveston’s gambling.

Cassandra Clark, A Parliament of Spies 4th with 14th C. Abbess Hildegard. King Richard II has become aware of Hildegard’s growing reputation as a ‘problem solver’. He calls her to court to give her special orders: spy on Parliament and find out those who plot against him.

Sam Eastland, Archive 17 As Russia slides toward war with Germany, the financial health of the nation teeters. Word comes out of a distant gulag that someone knows where the Tsar’s gold is hidden. Stalin sends the country’s greatest detective into that camp to get the answer. Pekkala was once in such a camp and doesn’t relish returning to the horrors and brutality, but you don’t turn down Uncle Joe. In paper, Shadow Pass

Margaret Frazer, A Play of Heresy 7th with Joliffe the Player. While in town to perform at Corpus Christi Day in Coventry, Bishop Beaufort is asked to use his theatrical skills to probe some rumors in the city’s elite.

Stephen Gallagher, The Bedlam Detective Retired Pinkerton detective Sebastian Becker now lives in England and has a private business investigating the sanity of the wealthy – when someone has doubts about a relative’s ‘balance’, they turn to Becker. His latest case starts with the murder of two young girls in the town where a wealthy landowner lives. Coincidence?

Tessa Harris, The Anatomist’s Apprentice Debut novel by a British woman with a history degree, a background as a journalist and literary publicist. In 18th C. London the death of Sir Edward Crick has set tongues wagging. He was known to all, from the lower class taverns to the highest-class ballrooms. Lady Lydia Farrell, is astonished that her own husband would be suspected in the death of her own brother. She turns to help to a young American, Dr. Thomas Silkstone, who is in London to study, for help. He’s already gained a reputation as an unconventional outsider and Lady Lydia thinks he’s just the man to probe her brother’s death.

Carolyn Hart, Escape from Paris First published in ’82 by a British press which cut the book nearly in half. This is the full book, as submitted by manuscript–so you can say this is the first appearance of the book. As the world tips into global war, two American sisters in Paris risk all to help downed Allied fliers to escape the Gestapo. It is 1940 and while their country may not be at war, the sisters are. A limited number of Signed Copies of both formats available.

Rachel Hore, A Place of Secrets Jude is a successful auctioneer still grieving from the death of her husband. When the chance to leave London in order to appraise the manuscripts and instruments of an 18th C. astronomer, she gladly takes it. But she’s concerned due to dreams that plagued her as a girl that have strangely, somehow, transferred to her niece. Jude is unsettled. The Norfolk woods will provide no peace.

P.D. James, Death Comes to Pemberley The peaceful six years of married life have been idyllic for Elizabeth and Darcy. It’s the eve of the annual ball that comes to a spectacular end. Sister Lydia Wickham makes a loud and unexpected entrance, screaming that her husband has been murdered. What follows is a thicket of dark secrets, blackmail, betrayal and forbidden love affairs.

Vilmos Kondor, Budapest Noir In the Fall of 1936, as Europe becomes more unsettled and dangerous, crime reporter Zsigmond Gordon is tipped to the crime scene where a beautiful young women has been murdered. The facts are strange: why would a religious young woman be in one of the seediest neighborhoods of Budapset, let alone who would want to kill her.

Tamar Myers, The Cannibal’s Children Back to the 1950s Belgian Congo, and a Monsignor’s past, when he had to participate in native rituals to save his skin, knowledge he does not want widely known. One of the men who knew this information has been found murdered and now the Monsignor is under suspicion.

Fraser Nixon, The Man Who Killed It’s early in Prohibition, Montreal is a small town growing fast as money pours into it through bootlegging. With the dirty money comes dirty actions. Mick is a young guy brought into the game by a buddy. Quickly, he’s up to his kneecaps in violence, blood and action.

S.J. Parris, Sacrilege In his 3rd outing, ex-monk, philosopher and spy Giordano Bruno finds himself in London during the summer of 1584. He agrees to help a former lover who has been accused of murdering her husband, a prominent figure in Canterbury. To prove her innocence, he will have to deal with an historical mystery – what happened to Becket’s remains.

Matthew Pearl, The Technologists One night in the spring of 1868, a foggy and moonless evening on the water, 7 ships collide in a fiery disaster. The investigation shows that every compass involved was spinning crazily before the collision. The police turn to the first class of brains that are about to graduate from the new Massachusetts Institute of Technology for help.

Andrea Penrose, The Cocoa Conspiracy 2nd Regency mystery with Lady Arianna Hadley, chocolate dessert mistress. She’s given her husband a rare volume of botanical engravings and the secret government documents that have been hidden inside cause problems.

Imogen Robertson, Anatomy of Murder In their 2nd case, Harriet Westerman and anatomist Gabriel Crowther are asked to investigate when a body is pulled out of the Thames in 1781’s London. In paper, Instruments of Darkness 

William Ryan, The Darkening Field In 1937, Captain Alexei Korolov is sent to Odessa after the death of a young party member. She’d been involved with a high party official and there are questions about her suicide that raise concerns.

Tom Rob Smith, Agent 6 Leo Demidov isn’t permitted to travel to NYC with his family on a 1956 “Peace Tour”. But something horrible happens there and they never return. Demidov has some investigative experience and begs officials to allow him to go find out what happened. His request is denied. He’ll spend decades trying to work out the truth.

Brian Thompson, The Sailor’s Ransom 2nd with Bella Wallis, Victorian widow and closet mystery writer. She finds herself in a mix of ill-gotten pearls, clashing suitors and intense buzz over her latest novel with it’s thinly disguised characters based on London figures.

Charles Todd, The Confession A dying man confesses to murder committed years before, during the Great War. As there is little to no information, no body, no evidence, Scotland Yard is unable to investigate. But Insp. Rutledge decides to look into the man’s story on his own time. When the man is found himself murdered, the investigation becomes formal. And more odd. The man was not who he claimed to be. In paper, A Lonely Death

Now in paper

Anna Dean, A Gentleman of Fortune

Ruth Downie, Caveat Emptor

Jason Goodwin, An Evil Eye

Jonathan Rabb, The Second Son

Jed Rubenfeld, The Death Instinct

C.J. Sansom, Heartstone

Andrew Taylor, The Anatomy of Ghosts

Jill Paton Walsh, The Attenbury Emeralds Lord Peter and Harriet Wimsey.


Coming this Spring

Rhys Bowen & Molly Murphy, Mar.
David Downing & John Russell, May
Susanna Gregory & Thomas Chaloner, Mar.
C.S. Harris & Sebastian St. Cyr, Mar.
Anne Perry & Thomas Pitt, April
Jacqueline Winspear & Maisie Dobbs, Mar., Signing


From Overseas

Quentin Bates, Cold Comfort After her recent successes, Sgt. Gunnhildur has been promoted from rural patrol to Reykjavik’s Serious Crime Unit. They have an emergency on their hands. A convict has escaped and embarked on a series of revenge murders. In paper, Gunna’s debut, Frozen Assets

Parker Bilal, The Golden Scales 1st mystery in this series by bestselling British/Sudanase novelest Jamal Mahjoub. Makana was a cop in Sudan but fled the horrors to live in Cairo. Now he’s a struggling PI forced to take cases he knows he should avoid. Case in point: a notoriously corrupt mogul hires him to find a missing soccer star. Simple, right? Not in today’s Egypt in a time of upheaval, chaos and corruption.

John Burdett, Vulture Peak (Sonchai Jitpleecheep is suspicious when his boss puts him in charge of an investigation into the national black market in human organs. Police Colonel Vikorn is running for Governor of Bangkok and that may have something to do with the detail. [postponed from July ‘11]

Donato Carrisi, The Whisperer A bestselling literary thriller in Europe. Two unlikely figures are tasked with solving a horrible puzzle. 6 arms have been found buried in an Italian field. They belong to 6 different young girls who recently vanished. Are they dead or alive? Straight-laced criminologist Goran Gavila must work with Officer Mila Vasquez, a rogue cop who has a reputation for finding the missing.

Colin Cotterill, Slash and Burn In his 8th case, Dr. Siri works the site of a downed US fighter, helping to repatriate remains. But among the security, political and scientific personnel, someone doesn’t want the work completed. They’re deep in the jungle, no help from the outside, and the murders have begun.

Wessel Ebersohn, Those Who Love Night A South African attorney goes to the aid of her deceased aunt’s secret son. He’s been arrested in Zimbabwe for political activities.

Michele Ferrara, A Death in Tuscany In his 2nd case, CS Ferrara of Florence’s elite Squadra Mobile steps into a case when the local police prove incapable of identifying a murdered young woman, let alone determining what killed her. The case will lead him into the interior of Tuscan society.

Leighton Gage, A Vine in Blood In his 5th book, Chief Inspector Mario Silva faces his most public case: the mother of the Brazil’s greatest soccer player has been kidnapped. Everyone in the nation is watching over his shoulder. In paper, Every Bitter Thing

Anne Holt, 1222  A locked-room puzzler by one of Norway’s bestselling crime novelists. In a blizzard, a train jumps the tracks. Luckily a venerable hotel is nearby and inhabited by few but the staff. The passengers believe themselves to be safe and warm and there’s plenty of supplies. Then one of them is found dead. Retired and paralyzed Insp. Hanne Wilhelmsen is tasked with investigating the death, though she’s a bitter and withdrawn soul due to the bullet lodged near her spine. But as the deaths continue, she has no choice but to stop them. Adele recommends.

Graeme Kent, One Blood 2nd with Solomon Islands Sgt. Ben Kella. Someone has begun sabotaging the work of a global logging corporation. At the same time, a US tourist is found murdered in a mission church, so Kella and Sister Conchita must team up once again to stop the violence. Ratcheting up the tension is the American presidential election with many islanders recalling JFK’s wartime exploits in their area. In paper, Devil-Devil the 1st in this series. 

Simon Lewis, Border Run Two naïve Westerners are lured to the Burmese border by a guide who promises fun with the native women in the forest. The guide will be using them as cover for a smuggling operation and as everything will turn ugly, this will be no picnic.

Jo Nesbø, The Leopard Oslo Det. Kaja Solness is sent to Hong Kong to find and bring back the force’s expert in serial killers. Two women have been murdered, drowned in their own blood and bearing facial punctures from the inside out. The missing cop vanished after his last case, addicted and haunted. His name is Harry Hole. 8th in this series highly recommended by Adele and Janine.

Kristina Ohisson, Unwanted . Debut crime novel by a woman who used to be a counterterrorism officer and an analyst for the Swedish national police. This novel won the 2010 Stabilo Prize for Best Crime Writer of Southern Sweden. A young girl is abducted from a crowded train and, though there were plenty of people around at the time, no one saw anything. At first, it is assumed to be due to a custody dispute but she’s found dead far to the north with ‘unwanted’ written on her forehead. Insp. Frederika Bergman and her federal team are sent to investigate.

Michael Robotham, Bleed for Me Psychologist Joe O’Loughlin answers the door one night to find blood-covered Sienna Hegarty. The police discover her father dead at their home and the blood she wore was his. To make it worse, he was a cop. She claims to have no memory of that night. Joe resolves to help discover if she was a victim, witness or killer. In paper, Shatter

Helene Tursten, Night Rounds 4th to be released in the US but 2nd as written (comes between Det. Insp. Huss and The Torso), published in her native Sweden in ‘99.] The Violent Crimes Unit investigates when a hospital loses power. During the blackout, one nurse is murdered and another disappears. One of the patients swears that Nurse Tekla was there and that she may’ve see something. The problem is that Tekla has been dead for 60 years. Irene Huss faces a challenge. Amber recommends this series.

Jan Costin Wagner, Silence 2nd with Finnish Det. Kimmo Joentaa. On an ordinary summer day, a young girl riding her bike disappears. The creepy thing is that the bike is just where another bike was found 35 years ago, a bike belonging to a girl who was never found.

Two more Scandanavian novels not known in time for earlier newsletters:

Asa Larsson, Until Thy Wrath Be Past  4th with prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson. A woman’s body is released from the water by the breaking ice in the far north of Sweden. Spookily, Martinsson has been having nightmares about a woman in water. Insp. Anna-Maria Mella is on the case, which leads the women to long-lived rumors of a Nazi supply plane that went down during the war and suspicions of collaboration by some in their small town.

Roslund & Hellström, Cell 8  3rd of their books to be released in the US.  Det. Insp. Ewert Grens works with his colleagues to solve a series of puzzles: after a drunken brawl on a weekend cruise, a man is arrested who’d been living under a false identity. The clues will lead Grens to the US where, years before, a man on death row had died in his cell, leaving the question of justice unsettled. In paper, Three Seconds  Adele and Janine highly recommend. Signed Copies Available.

In paper

Camilla Läckberg, The Preacher Adele and Amber recommend.

Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Next

Colleen McCullough, Naked Cruelty

Leif GW Persson, Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End

Luis M. Rocha, The Pope’s Assassin

James Thompson, Lucifer’s Tears Adele and Janine recommend.


Coming This Spring

Cara Black & Aimee Leduc, Mar.
Åke Edwardson, Sail of Stone, Mar.
Jassy Mackenzie & Jade de Jong, April
Liza Marklund & Annika Bergtzon, April
Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Ashes to Dust, April
James Thompson, Helsinki White, Mar.


From Great Britain

Robert Barnard, A Charitable Body Yorkshire cop Charlie Pearce and his wife, Felicity, are at first thrilled with her new position as manager of Walbrook Manor, a stately home recently given to the nation. Their happiness becomes troubled when they begin to learn of the structure’s past and history – which is lurid and filled with treachery and trouble.

M.C. Beaton, Death of a Kingfisher  Efforts to help the community during the recession are sabotaged when the bird used in the tourist brochures is found hanged from a tree. Constable Hamish Macbeth investigates. In paper, Death of a Chimney Sweep

Frances Brody, Dying in the Wool  Some time ago, Master of the Mill Joshua Braithwaite went missing. It was the oddest thing to happen in peaceful Bridgestead in memory. Now his daughter is getting married and she’d like her father present. Kate Shackleton is tasked with finding him. Or finding out what happened to him.

Deborah Crombie, No Mark Upon Her Kincaid and James are in a tight spot when an Olympic-caliber rower is found dead in the Thames. The woman was not popular with her athletic colleagues or her ex but, to make it testier - she was a copper, too. There are political, ethical and personal issues at stake. Could the killer be from inside the Metropolitan police itself? The rumors start to fly, hints of secrets are whispered and evil lies are spread. And Kincaid is in charge of the case.

R.J. Ellory, A Quiet Vendetta  In New Orleans, the daughter of the governor is kidnapped, her bodyguard found dead. When her abductor calls, he asks only to meet with a low-level bureaucrat. Very odd and no one can figure out why until it is too late. His 3rd book first published in ’05.

Elizabeth George, Believing the Lie Bernard Fairclough, wealthy and influential, does not accept that his nephew drowned accidentally. So he arranges for Insp. Thomas Lynley to go undercover to investigate. He’s surprised to find out that the family is riven with secrets and lies. As the investigation becomes sharper, the family’s façade begins to crumble. Signed Copies Available.

Alan Glynn, Bloodland A series of horrors occur around the planet – a helicopter crash off Ireland, a shooting in the Congo – take place at the same time as a dramatic news story in Paris and maneuvering by politicians. Dublin journalist Jimmy Gilroy’s work on a biography leads him to clues pointing to these events and he begins to smell a stunning scoop.

Robert Harris, The Fear Index Dr. Alex Hoffman is a visionary scientist whose financial software has made billions. One night, an intruder sneaks past the elaborate security measures to attack him. His secretive life is shattered and he’s left scared and paranoid. Someone wants him and his programming gone.

John Harvey, A Darker Shade of Blue Stories set in the jazz clubs and clip joints of darker London, a hard world of violence, revenge and despair. Characters include Frank Elder, Jack Kiley and Charlie Resnick.

Mo Hayder, Hanging Hill The murder of a young beauty in Bath has been unsettling for all. Det. Zoe Benedict is having a hard time getting answers to why anyone would have wanted to kill her. Then she finds a memory card holding photos, photos that take Zoe back to her own youth, a trip that is both nauseating and fresh. In paper, Gone

Peter Hilton, Four Below 2nd with Bath DI McLusky. A gang war heats up as the city is buried in snow and ice with an early November storm.

Jack Higgins, The Devil is Waiting The President is set to visit London and an extremist mullah calls for his assassination. All it takes is one fanatic to follow his order and the Prime Minister turns to an elite force to make sure no one succeeds. In paper, The Judas Gate

Rupert James, Silk A lawyer, her daughter, and a fashion mogul’s mistress are drawn into intrigue, flash and danger in the world of European high couture.

Quintin Jardine, The Loner Ex-footballer Xavier Aislado has become a journalist and believes in doing nothing halfway – either on the pitch or for a story. And his first assignment ends in death. To follow the story, he’ll need to keep moving.

Chris Morgan Jones, The Silent Oligarch Debut by a Brit who did the same work as his lead character: Benjamin Webster works for a business intelligence corporation. He’s given the assignment of ruining a non-descript functionary, Konstantin Malin, who is buried deep within the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources. He may be a low-level bureaucrat but he controls resources and is wealthy and feared.

Erin Kelly, The Dark Rose To keep out of prison, a young man must testify against a former bully who turned protector and bad influence. He meets Louisa, who has her own dark past. She finds Paul looks eerily like a man from her own past, someone she never thought she’d see again. As their relationship grows, they’re going to find Paul’s past a threat to their shared present. In paper, The Poison Tree

Val McDermid, The Retribution Killer Jacko Vance has busted out of the prison where he’s been for 10 years, since Tony Hill and Carol Jordan put him there. They know that he’ll come for them but can’t possibly know how or when. Tension and terror are a bad place to live. Signing.

Stef Penny, The Invisible Ones Small-time PI Ray Lovell had been hired to find a missing woman who was married to the son of a prominent Roma family. She’s been missing for years, it ends up and, being half-gypsy himself, Lovell expects help from the family. All he gets is hostility. And then he wakes up in a hospital.

Ann Purser, Foul Play at Four 11th in the Lois Meade cozy series. A series of burglaries has the residents of Long Farnden on edge. Lois’ husband is the first to be attacked, conked on the head when he interrupted the villain. Now it’s personal.

Peter Robinson, Before the Poison In a stand-alone fingernail biter, Chris Lowndes has made plans to return to his English homeland after years of scoring movies in Hollywood. Busy finishing his last project, he relies on an agent to find him a home. He finally arrives at Kilnsgate House, his rambling new country estate and finds it creepy, as if the big, old place – empty for years – has been awaiting him. He talks to the locals and finds that the previous owner, a respected physician, was poisoned by his younger wife, a crime for which she was hanged. Has evil remained behind? In paper, Bad Boy

Gerald Seymour, Timebomb Before he was fired from a nuclear weapons plant in ’92, a KGB buried a small dirty bomb. Now, 16 years later, he’s found a buyer. In paper, The Collaborator Janine recommends this author.

Zoë Sharp, Fifth Victim In her 9th thriller, security specialist Charlie Fox is guarding the thrill-seeking daughter of a rich woman on Long Island. A few of the girl’s friends have been kidnapping targets and have formed a lurid club over it. Charlie is afraid that her subject won’t be careful and will welcome the risk. In  paper, Fourth Day     

In paper

Alex Dryden, Red to Black

Jasper Fforde, One of Our Thursdays is Missing  Amber RAVES about this author!

Kate Mosse, The Winter Ghosts

Andrew Taylor, The Anatomy of Ghosts 


Coming this Spring

Christopher Fowler & the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Mar.
Alexander McCall Smith & the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, April


Mystery Specialty Presses

Bitter Lemon

Claudia Pineiro, All Yours Ines discovers that her husband has been playing around. She follows him to a park where she witnesses the lovers in an argument. Suddenly, the woman collapses and her husband hides her body. Ernesto becomes one of the suspects until Inez provides an alibi. Soon she regrets this, as he’s in another affair. Enough, finally, is enough for Ines.


 Felony & Mayhem

Simon Brett, Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess 2nd with the brother & sister sleuths in the late ‘20s from 2009.

Lucretia Grindle, The Faces of Angels From ’06, two years after she survived the attack that killed her groom, Mary Warren returns to Florence to find out other women have been murdered.

Gregory Hall, The Dark Backward From ’95. American Mary and her British husband Geoffrey bought a house. After he’s found dead, everything seems wrong.

Christobel Kent, The Drowning River 1st with ex-cop/private eye Sandro Cellini. Published in the UK as A Time of Mourning in ’09. Dark, wet and depressing weather covers two strange deaths.


Hard Case Crime

Donald E. Westlake, The Comedy is Finished The country is beginning to recover from collective trauma of Viet Nam and Watergate in ’77 but one group of underground radicals isn’t ready for peace and joy. So they kidnap comedian Koos Davis, friend to presidents and the powerful to get the attention of the nation. Will their demands be met? 1st publication of this novel that Westlake shelved due to vague similarities to Scorsese’s The King of Comedy.


Midnight Ink

(all trade paperback originals, 14.95)

Maddy Hunter, Dutch Me Deadly 7th with travel escort Emily Andrew-Miceli, who is leading a group of seniors to Amsterdam – windmills, museums and that class bully finally gets what he deserves.

Sue Ann Jaffarian, Gem of a Ghost 3rd in the Granny Apples ghost series.

Alice Loweecey, Back in Habit 2nd with former nun Giulia Falcone is asked to go back into her former convent – undercover, this time – to investigate the death of a novice. Suicide or something even worse?

Alan Orloff, Deadly Campaign ( A campaign event turns fatal in the 2nd book with comedy club owner and performer Channing Hayes.

Lois Winston, Death by Killer Mop Doll 2nd crafting mystery with editor Anastasia Pollack.


Poisoned Pen Press

(simultaneous releases: 14.95 tp, 24.95 hc by special order)

Jane Finnis, Danger in the Wind 4th in her Aurelia Marcella series. It’s the summer of 100 AD in the frontier province of Britannia. In the middle of a celebration, a Roman soldier is murdered in Aurelia’s inn. In paper, Buried Too Deep

Bill Fitzhugh, The Exterminators Exterminator Bob Dillon is back! 6 years after escaping the assassins who targeted him (Pest Control, tp, 14.95 – back in print! and one of Janine’s all-time favorites), he and his partner Klaus have achieved a genetic breakthrough with their all-natural pesticide. The problem is they need financial backing and their choice is unfortunate. Blue Sky Investment Partners make certain demands for their money and, before they know it, Bob and Klaus face more killers, a Company agent with a crazy plan, and a priest with a duffle bag of weaponry. If you’ve never read Fitzhugh, wow, why not? Absolute lunatic fun. Signing.

Jennifer Rowe, Love, Honour, and O’Brien Holly Love finds herself alone and starving in a dead man’s flat. Well, that must end and she swears to track down her cheating ex, the swine who destroyed her life. Along the way, there will be a psychotic parrot, various thugs and an Elvis impersonator who drives a hearse. 1st in a new series by this Australian author.

Betty Webb, Desert Wind 7th with PI Lena Jones who heads to Northern Arizona after her partner, Pima Indian Jimmy Sisiwan, is arrested. A controversial uranium mine near the Grand Canyon leads to the stories of poisoned Hollywood legends in 1953.

 In paper

Charles Benoit, Relative Danger

John M. Daniel, Vanity Fire Bibliomystery.

Margaret Dumas, How to Succeed in Murder

Twist Phelan, False Fortune

Penny Rudolph, Lifeblood

Justin Scott, Mausoleum


Stark House

Harry Whittington, Rapture Alley/Winter Girl/Strictly for the Boys Original publishing info is difficult to find. Rapture was published in ’52 under the Whit Harrison pen name. Winter was originally published as A Taste of Desire – in an edited version by Corinth in ’66 as by Curt Colman (this takes the book back to Whittington’s final manuscript). Strictly was released in ’59 under his own name.


From a Parallel World: Steampunk and Urban Fantasy
(vampires, werewolves, zombies, magic, witches psychics, paranormal)

Juliet Blackwell, Dead Bolt 2nd with home restoration contractor Mel Turner. She’s working on a historic Queen Anne Victorian and the owners refuse to leave during the work. As if that isn’t bad enough, the structure’s ghosts are in the way as well. The author is one of the sisters who writes as K.J. Larsen. Amber recommends.

Heather Blake, It Takes a Witch 1st in a new series by a writer who has published as Heather Webber. Darcy has discovered that she comes from a long line of ‘wishcrafters’, women who can cast spells by wishing it. She’s come to Enchanted Village to hone her craft and lands right in the midst of a murder investigation.

Glen Cook, Garrett Takes the Case Omnibus of the 3rd, 4th and 5th with paranormal private eye Garrett.

E.J. Copperman, Old Haunts 3rd in the Haunted Guesthouse series. Janine recommends.

Yasmine Galenorn, Shaded Vision The D’Artigo sisters are preparing for their Iris’s Valentine’s Day wedding when they receive the news that the Supe Community Center has been attacked by the Koyami – the evil coyote shifters who are now working with a group of rogue sorcerers. Signed Copies Available.

Kim Harrison, A Prefect Blood A series of ugly murders in Cleveland alarms everyone and evidence soon points toward a fiend’s plans to create his own demons.

Victoria Laurie, Ghoul Interrupted 6th with medium and ghost-buster M.J. Holliday, who is on the road to New Mexico.

In Paper

Jim Butcher, Side Jobs

Hannu Rajaniemi, The Quantum Thief

F. Paul Wilson, Aftershocks & Others: 16 Oddities

Carrie Vaughn, After the Golden Age Fran recommends.


Mark Twain’s Medieval Romance and Other Classic Mystery Stories, Otto Penzler, ed. Crime stories by authors not thought to have lowered themselves to ‘lowly genre fiction’, including Bradbury, Dahl, Huxley, O. Henry, Stockton and others.

The Dead Witness: A Connoisseur’s Collection of Victorian Detective Stories, Michael Sims, ed. The finest fiction of the Victorian era, featuring the known and the unknown: Twain, Dickens, Harte, and Doyle, as well as an 1866 Australian story by Mary Fortune that is considered to be the 1st detective story published by a woman.

The Speed Chronicles, Joseph Mattson, ed New stories by such writers as James Franco, Sherman Alexie, Megan Abbott, Scott Phillips and Jeff Parker. A fast read?

The Cocaine Chronicles, Gary Phillips and Jervey Tervalon, eds. New stories with buzz from the likes of Lee Child, Laura Lippman, Bill Moody, Ken Bruen and Robert Ward.


Reissues of Note

Agatha Christie Mallowan, Come, Tell Me How You Live “An Archeological Memoir”, her account of time spent with her husband on a dig in Syria and Iraq, “a meandering chronicle” of her everyday life during those months. First published in 1946.

Robert Littell, Mother Russia Earlier novel from 1978. A blackmarketeer makes a quiet and simple living in the back streets of Moscow. One day he meets a woman known as ‘Mother Russia’ and he can’t possibly know this will lead him into political intrigue. One of Janine’s favorite authors.

James McClure, The Sunday Hangman 5th in his South African series with Kramer & Zondi, from ’77.

Sax Rohmer, The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu and The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu The first two books featuring the powerful and dangerous villain whose aims are to destroy the British government so that China can rule the globe – with him in control, of course. Mystery, from 1913, was also published as The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, and Return, from 1916, was also published as The Devil Doctor.

Daniel Stashower, The Dime Museum Murders and The Floating Lady MurderThe 1st and 2nd of his Harry Houdini mysteries, from ’99 and ’00, both featuring the great magician as a young man, not yet a national celebrity, who uses his knowledge and talents to help solve baffling crimes.

Per Wahloo, A Necessary Action, The Assignment and The Generals Three political thrillers from the early 60s, not part of his Martin Beck series. Action was published in the UK as The Lorry in ’62, Assignment was published in ’63 and Generals from ’65.


Special Interest

In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero, Otto Penzler, ed. The title and subtitle have to tell it all. They don’t give us any names of the authors involved but you know they’ll be huge and numerous.

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