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Winter Newsletter


Winter 2012/2013

117 Cherry St. Seattle, WA 98104

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Bill Farley, Founder / JB Dickey, Owner / Fran Fuller, Manager

Janine Wilson / Adele Avant 206-587-5737

cops—private eyes—courtroom--thrillers—suspense—espionage—true crime—reference

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New from the Northwest

Loren W. Christensen, Dukkha: The Suffering - Portland Det. Sam Reeves had never fired his weapon in his 15 years on the force. In the space of one month he’s forced to not only draw it, but to kill three people. His psychological damage is heightened when a man comes to see him claiming to be his father, when Sam was told his dad died in a Viet Cong prison camp decades ago. Still, the man is convincing and needs Sam’s help: he’s crossed some Vietnamese hardcases, they’ve torched his martial arts school and may be going after Sam’s half-sister who is about to graduate from a Portland college. Debut novel from a martial arts expert and ex-Portland cop. [Signing Sat, Dec 8, noon]

Mary Daheim, The Alpine Xanadu - Alpine is once again in an uproar when someone is bludgeoned to death at the newly opened counseling center for the emotionally disturbed and addicted. In paper, The Alpine Winter [Signing Sat Feb 2, noon]

Carola Dunn, Valley of the Shadow - 3rd in this Cornish series. While on a walk, Eleanor, niece Megan and neighbor Nick rescue a young Indian man who is half-drowned and concussed. He’s barely able to speak about his family, a cave, and his mother dying. As the countryside is scoured, Eleanor finds herself in danger from the smugglers who brought the young man into the country illegally. In paper, Gone West, Daisy. [Signing Tues, Dec 11, noon]

Aaron Elkins, Dying on the Vine - 17th in this respected and enlightening Edgar-winning series. In Tuscany, the remains of a vineyard owner and his wife are unearthed. The Italian police believe it was murder-suicide, though how the murderer buried them both poses a problem with that theory. Gideon Oliver has a better theory. Signed Copies Available.

Christy Fifield, Murder Hooks a Mermaid - 2nd with Florida souvenir shop owner Glory. A diver has been found gored by a gaff and Keyhole Bay is all atwitter. Oregon author.

Tom Hansen, This Is What We Do - Two figures collide in Paris: James's life is crumbling, his comfort and security in tatters; Lily is a Ukranian model whose lifestyle and choices have resulted in her being blackballed from the industry. One moment of startling violence will weld them together and tip them into a cascading series of nightmare of danger and romance. Neither of them believe they’re capable any longer of either. They will have to decide if they're looking for vengeance or justice - or if they're the same thing. 1st crime novel by this Seattle writer. [Signing Jan 16, noon]

Roger Hobbs, Ghostman - Jack is a shadowy criminal whose existence is known by just a couple of dozen people – and some of them are really not sure he’s real, let alone what his actual identity is. He’s a man of many yet rare talents. One of them is to clean up after a crime goes bad. Like the casino robbery in Atlantic City. What a mess. Worse still, Jack will find himself more exposed than usual to both the Feds and to some mysterious and more threatening folks. Debut by a Portland writer. [Signing Feb 22, noon] Adele highly recommends.

J.A. Jance, Deadly Stakes - Ali Reynolds juggles two cases; a gold-digging divorcee has been murdered and her ex-husband and his current girlfriend have been charged with the crime: at the same time, a young boy, out in the desert to retrieve a box buried by his absent father, finds a body instead. Soon afterward, a new body is found at the same site and it ties both investigations together. In paper, Left for Dead, Ali. Signing.

Bryan Johnston, Man with a Gun - Marine sniper Web Weller has been dishonorably discharged and is left with nothing but the desire to be a writer. One day he finds himself in a small town filled with vets and he feels at home. Forming a friendship with Pa Concannon is a particular comfort. The older man is a welcomed confidant. But as he gets to know Pa more, Web begins to learn things that make him believe Concannon was once part of a great and horrible crime, one that took place in Dallas fifty years ago. Debut novel by an Emmy-winning TV and video writer/producer. [Signing Fri Nov 24, noon – with a panel discussion of the assassination] 

Amanda Lee, Thread on Arrival - 5th in this Oregon Coast series. Embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer is intrigued: an antique tapestry has come to light and is said to be connected to pirate treasure secreted somewhere along the coast.

Keith McCafferty, The Gray Ghost Murders - Sheriff Martha Ettinger looks into the discovery of two bodies buried on Sphinx Mountain. Meanwhile, PI Sean Stanahan has been hired by the members of the Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club to recover a rare and valuable fishing lure that they insist has been stolen. 2nd in this Montana series. In paper, The Royal Wulff.

Gregg Olsen, Fear Collector - There are two women who remain obsessed with Ted Bundy: one grew up to be a cop who believes her sister was one of Bundy's victims years before; the other is a deranged groupie who has reared her own son to take up where Bundy left off and to specifically target this woman cop. Postponed from Aug, 12.

Barbara Corrado Pope, The Missing Italian Girl - Paris, June 1897. Two young women become involved with a Russian anarchist and mixed up in intrigue and murder. Magistrate Bernard Martin is on the case. 3rd from this Oregon professor.

Gina Robinson, Live and Let Love - 3rd with sexy spy Willow Pierce. Her husband died two years ago. There's a new guy in town and she's sure he's her dead mate. How could that be?

Dana Stabenow, Bad Blood - Sgt. Jim Chopin sees a modern-day feud taking shape. Two villages, separated by a river, have been fuming at one another for a century. One day, a man from one is found dead and another is suspected in the murders. But he’s disappeared. Then another murder happens and it smells like a revenge killing. Chopin asks Kate Shugak for help. Signed Copies Available.

Jess Walter, We Live in Water - A collection of his short fiction, previously published over the last five years, gathered together for the first time in a book. They cover a variety of settings and situations, infused with his satire and sense of humor, “from hip Portland to once-hip Seattle to never-hip Spokane”. Signed Copies Available.

Burt Weissbourd, Inside Passage - 1st in a trilogy set on Bainbridge Island by a Hollywood producer who used to live there. Corey Logan has just been released from jail. Secrets and forces outside her control draw her to the island west of Seattle and threaten her new freedom.

DD Barant, Amanda Quick – see Otherworldly

Now in Paperback

Jim Lynch, Truth Like the Sun - Adele recommends.  

Phillip Margolin, Capitol Murder 

Matt Ruff, The Mirage - Fran recommends.

Coming This Spring

Waverly Curtis, Chihuahua Confidential

Dana Haynes, Ice Cold Kill

Marcel Jolley, The Following SeaSigning!

K.J. Larsen, Some Like It Hot

Phillip Margolin, Sleight of HandSigning!

Urban Waite, The Carrion BirdsSigning!


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New from the Rest

Avery Aames, To Brie or Not to Brie - 4th in the charming cheese series.

Lori Armstrong, Merciless - Now working for the FBI’s Indian Country Special Crimes Unit, Mercy Gunderson’s first case is that of the murder of a tribal chief’s niece. There are chilling ties to other deaths and everyone fears that a serial killer may be at work. When her pal Rollie is arrested, she begins to see that her opponent may be, like her, ex-military. 3rd in this series HIGHLY recommended by Fran and Janine.

Maggie Barbieri, Extra Credit - In her 7th appearance, Alison Bergeron’s twin stepdaughters receive $10,000 for their birthdays from their estranged Uncle Chick. Their parents go to his apartment to return it but find him dead from an apparent suicide. They also find $250,000 stuffed in his mattress. Where’d all the dough come from? And did he really kill himself?

Dave Barry, Insane City - On his way to his wedding in Florida, Seth can’t believe that his bride-to-be is real. She seems so out of his league. But she said yes so the dream is about to become reality. It’s just that there will be a few complications before the ceremony: rioters, Russian gangsters, angry strippers, a pimp as big as the Death Star, and an eleven-foot Burmese python with the playful name Blossom. In paper, with Alan Zweibel, Lunatics.

Lorraine Bartlett, One Hot Murder - 3rd with Artisans Alley shop owner Katie Bonner. Victoria Square is usually a quiet and quaint place. A fire in one of the shops is bad enough, worse when a body is discovered in the wreckage – worse than that, the man had been shot to death before the building was set afire.

Jessica Beck, Illegally Iced - 7th in the Donut Shop series.

Josie Bell, A Deal to Die For - 2nd in the bargain hunter series.

Alex Berenson, The Night Ranger - Four recent college grads travel to Kenya to help at a refugee camp for Somalis. After three months, they decide to take a break and see the landscape – and are immediately kidnapped by bandits. Though it is far from his region of expertise, John Wells is sent in to try to free the quartet. Signed Copies Available. In paper, The Shadow Patrol.

Elizabeth Black, The Drowning House - Clare Porterfield’s life is coming apart and an offer to curate a photography exhibit in her hometown of Galveston is a godsend. Her family has a tangled history with the powerful Carraday family and, once back after 10 years, she’s pulled into the 100-year-old mystery: during the Great Hurricane of 1900, Stella Carrady was found drowned in the family house and there have always been questions about how it happened and could she have been saved – and was the Porterfield family involved?

Annette Blair, Tulle Death Do Us Part - 6th in the Vintage Magic series with vintage clothing store owner Maddie Cutler.

Lawrence Block, Hit Me - The economy affects people in different ways. If you have a construction business in, say, New Orleans, you might not have much work even after Katrina. So you might have to look for work outside your chosen profession. You might even have to go back to the work you thought you’d left behind. At least, that’s what’s happening to Keller. Even in a grave and deep recession, there are still people who will hire you to kill someone. Hey – he’s got a family to think of! Signed Copies Available. One of Bill and Janine’s favorite of Block’s series.

Mary Burton, The Seventh Victim - Seven years ago, Lara Church was the final woman attacked by The Seattle Strangler but she was the first to survive. After she escaped, the killings stopped. She now lives in Austin and has been able to put the worst of it behind her. Until now. Texas Ranger James Beck is at her door. The Strangler is back and he’s in Austin.

Mollie Cox Bryan, Scrapped - 2nd with the members of the Cumberland Creek Scrapbooking club.

Robin Burcell, The Dark Hour - 3rd with FBI forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick. She’s called in to investigate a high-profile murder, when a second murder occurs, this time of a US Senator.

Ellen Byerrum, Veiled Revenge - DC fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian becomes suspicious when a shawl is said to be cursed. The last person to wear it was murdered but does that really reflect anything on the piece of cloth?

Anne Canadeo, The Silence of the Llamas - 5th with the Black Sheep Knitters group. While attending a thread and fiber festival, the group investigates an attack on some llamas.

Chris Cavender, Killer Crust - 4th in this culinary cozy by an author who publishes mysteries under 5 names. In paper, Rest in Pizza.

Laura Childs, Stake & Eggs - There’s a terrible snowmobile crash behind the Cackleberry Club Café. Someone strung up a wire that decapitated the town’s hated banker. There is no shortage of suspects. 4th in the series.

Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney, Threat Vector - President Jack Ryan is faced with a belligerent and aggressive China. They’ve deployed new anti-ship missiles to keep the sea lanes open and plan an invasion of Taiwan. To disrupt American defenses, they’ve also unleashed a devastating attack on domestic computer systems. Ryan hopes that his new off-the-books intelligence group run by his son will be the secret weapon the US needs to repel Red China.

John Connolly, The Wrath of Angels - Long ago, a small plane crashed in the dense Maine woods. It was never reported missing. Now there are people who seek it. They're both good and evil. Rumored to be in the wreckage is a list of names, a record of those who have a pact with Satan, and whoever possesses such a list would have great power. Charlie Parker, too, is looking for the list. He's afraid his name is on it. What none of the searchers knows is that the list isn't the only thing left in the wreckage. Signed Copies Available with a limited edition postcard pack from the author laid in. Fran, JB and Adele highly recommend this series!

Sheila Connolly, Buried in a Bog - New series by the author of the Orchard and Museum series. Maura travels to a small Irish village where her grandmother was born. She’s expecting a quiet time in the quaint town and not to be drawn into a mystery when a body is found in the bog nearby.

Christopher R. Cox, A Good Death - Debut by an award-winning journalist. Linda Watts died in a seedy Bangkok hotel and the local cops say it was an accidental overdose. Her US insurance company is skeptical so they hire Sebastian Damon, an intelligent but hard-luck Boston PI, to fly over and investigate. He’ll be completely out of his element but he’s shown a knack for such cases in the past. What will hamper his search is his growing infatuation with the dead woman.

Robin Cook, Nano - Medical student Pia Grazdani agrees to take a year off from her studies to intern at Nanobots, a cutting-edge company experimenting with molecular manufacturing. She’s warned to not ask questions about programs outside her own or to ask many questions at all – especially about where all the money for this work comes from.

Elizabeth Craig, Knot What it Seams - 2nd with the quilters of Dappled Hills, NC.

Robert Crais, Suspect - A stand-alone thriller. LAPD’s Max is a mess. He lost his partner, Allie, in an attack and was nearly killed himself. He was left enraged and embarrassed and explosive. His new partner, Maggie, has deep issues of her own: three tours in Iraq, the loss of her own partner, and PTSD that would normally put her out of commission. No one wants to work with either of them so these two cops will work together to try to find out who killed Max’s last canine partner. Signed Copies Available. In paper, Taken.

Clive & Dirk Cussler, Poseidon’s Arrow - The Navy has developed the fastest attack sub on the planet but the key technological element is missing and the man who developed it is dead. At the same time, ships across the planet have been vanishing. There are intimations that an Italian sub that vanished in ’43 may be part of the puzzle. Dirk Pitt and NUMA are on the case. [Not known about in time for our Fall newsletter.]

Stephen Dobyns, The Burn Palace - A series of odd and disturbing evens rock the small Rhode Island town of Brewster: a newborn baby vanishes from its bassinet, replaced by a colorful snake; an insurance investigator is found dead; the local Wiccan sect has been threatened; and a funeral home worker has begun to growl at his neighbors. Det. Woody Potter can find only one thing that ties all of these things together and it makes no sense. What would they all have to do with the town’s yoga center?

Tim Dorsey, The Riptide Ultra-Glide - Newly unemployed Wisconsinites Patrick and Barbara see no reason to not finally take that Florida vacation they’ve always talked about. That’s when the trouble starts: the motel isn’t quite the paradise depicted on the web; a robber takes all their money and their IDs so there’s no way to afford a plane ticket home or a way to get on a plane if they could; the cops aren’t very helpful and, truth be told, are as scary as the guy who ripped them off. Where do a couple of lost Midwesterners turn when things get that bad?

Warren Ellis, Gun Machine - After his partner is killed in a shootout inside a condemned NYC tenement, Det. John Tallow discovers an apartment filled with guns. As they are examined, it’s discovered that each is linked to an unsolved homicide. Why would anyone hang on to hundreds and hundreds of guns that are tied to murders that stretch back for decades?

J.T. Ellison, Edge of Black - In her 2nd case, pathologist Samantha Owens is starting over with a new job at Georgetown University. Soon after she arrives, she's called in to what is assumed to be a biological terrorist attack in DC - but only 3 people die. When she does the autopsies, she begins to understand that this wasn't a broad-based attack, it was carefully controlled murder. Fran recommends this author.

Monica Ferris, And Then You Dye - 16th set at Crewel World needlework shop in Excelsior, MN. Betsy has been buying gorgeous hand-dyed yarns from Hailey Brent. She can’t imagine who would want to shoot and kill her. In paper, Threadbare.

Joy Fielding, Shadow Creek - A group of women campers head into the Adirondacks for a quiet weekend to get away from the madness of life. What they don't know is that a pair of murderous teenagers are terrorizing the area.

Joanne Fluke, Red Velvet Cupcake Murder - On a hot summer evening in Lake Eden, the refurbished Albion Hotel is having its grand re-opening. Hannah Swenson is serving red velvet delights in the new Red Velvet Lounge. You just know this isn’t going to be a peaceful, lovely evening. In paper, Cinnamon Roll Murder. [Signing Thurs, Feb 28, noon – with red velvet cupcakes!]

Earlene Fowler, The Road to Cardinal Valley - Ruby McGavin returns to Cardinal, CA, and is confronted with drama and danger in the form of secrets that her mother has kept for years, secrets that forced her to abandon her children so long ago.

Lisa Gardner, Touch & Go - The Denbes were one of those perfect looking families who seemed to have it all. So Boston investigator Tessa Leone is puzzled to arrive at their brownstone home to find little more than all of their personal electronics in a pile, scuff marks on the tile and the easily recognizable paper fragments of a taser. They’ve obviously all been abducted. But why? In paper, Catch Me.

James Grippando, Blood Money - Jack Swyteck has taken on a case that has erupted into a media storm: a young nightclub waitress is accused of killing her 2-year old. He wins her acquittal but the storm only intensifies and results in mob violence.

Parnell Hall, Stakeout - 18th in this comic private eye series. Working for a woman who wants proof her husband is cheating, Stanley is staking out the hotel when the cops bust in to find the man murdered – and they try to pin the crime on Stanley.

Timothy Hallinan, Little Elvises - 2nd in his new and funny series. LA burglar Junior Bender is up to his earlobes in ugliness: a Hollywood mogul has bullied him into proving the man is innocent of murdering a tabloid ‘journalist’; his usually inebriated landlady wants him to find her missing daughter; and his ex-wife and their teenage daughter both have new boyfriends. Adele recommends this series.

Ian Hamilton, The Disciple of Las Vegas - Debut. Ava Lee is a dangerous woman. Not only is she alarmingly beautiful, she’s a martial arts expert and a forensic accountant. Everything about her is razor sharp. When Tommy Ordinez, one of the Philippine’s richest men, finds $50 mill is missing, she’s put on the case. As she follows the flow of the cash, she herself is being hunted, by someone she once defeated. JB recommends.

George Harrar, Reunion at Red Paint Bay - The editor of a small Maine town paper is actually happy to cover non-stories like bake sales and pranks. One day a postcard arrives making threats toward him and his family – with no signature. More arrive over time and it is clear that whom ever is sending them knows everything about them, even their secrets.

B.B. Haywood, Town in a Pumpkin Bash - A Halloween mystery with blueberry farmer Candy Holliday.

Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay, The Second Rule of Ten - In his second case, ex-monk and ex-cop Tenzing Norbu has to juggle a number of LA dangers - a dead Hollywood producer, a dead-sexy pathologist, and rival cartel bigshots -in his search for the missing sister of an ailing philanthropist. Adele recommends this series.

Tami Hoag, The 9th Girl - MN investigators Kovac and Liska are called in when the body of a 9th woman is found in Minneapolis. Unlike the others in the string of murders, this female is far younger and has absolutely no means of identification. Where do they start?

Stephen Hunter, The Third Bullet - Bob Lee Swagger knows a great deal about guns and the forensics of shooting: what bullets do, where they go and what it all tells you. An old, mysterious and famous shooting is back in the news. It has been 50 years since the events and a new fact may unlock the mystery of what happened. If anyone can untangle the story of Dealey Plaza, it is Bob the Nailer. Signed Copies Available.

Julie Hyzy, Fonduing Fathers - 6th with White House chef and sleuth Olivia Paras. A personal case for Ms. Paras: she learns that her father was suspected of selling corporate secrets, dishonorably discharged from the Army and later murdered.

Greg Iles, The Bone Tree - Penn’s father, the mythic Dr. Tom Cage, is accused of murder. The doctor’s long-time nurse and companion, Viola, is dead. The case will result in a flow of revelations about the elder Cage’s life, as well as their region’s history, and Penn will begin to wonder if he ever understood his father or his home. Postponed from 1/11.

Linda O. Johnston, Oodles of Poodles - 4th in this pet rescue series.

Holly Goddard Jones, The Next Time You See Me - Emily is a 13-year-old loner who spends most of her time playing in the woods near her Roma, KY, home. One day she finds a woman’s body and she decides to keep the discovery to herself. It is a bad decision. Meanwhile, Susanna’s older sister Ronnie has disappeared. While Susanna was the ‘good daughter’, Ronnie was the reckless and wild one. Susanna finds that no one in their small town really cares that Ronnie is missing and the ugly secrets and prejudices of their small town begin to creep out.

Jonathan Kellerman, Guilt - A young couple exploring the greenhouse attached to their recently-purchased fixer-upper make a disturbing discovery buried under the potting bench.

Andrew Klavan, A Killer in the Wind - Dan Champion lost nearly everything when he went undercover years ago to crack a crime syndicate. He was left broken, drug addicted and hallucinating. He's now a small town cop and he's called to the shore where the body of a woman has washed up. He's startled to see that she's a woman he thought existed only in his hallucinations. Champion finds his world undermined and his sense of reality unhinged.

Ed Kovacs, Good Junk - PI Cliff St. James never dreamed that he could kill a man in a mixed-martial arts workout. But it’s happened. Now he’s back in New Orleans, helping the NOPD investigate the murder of a US ‘black projects’ official. What comes to the surface is a shadowy network of arms dealers and foreign intelligence agents.

Joyce and Jim Lavene, A Haunting Dream - 4th in the ‘Missing Pieces’ series. Touching a medallion gives Dae O’Donnell a vision of a missing girl and the death of the medallion’s owner.

Frank Lentricchia, The Accidental Pallbearer - After the murders of his two adult children, PI Eliot Conte feels spent. Childhood friend Antonio Robinson – Utica’s police chief – wants to divert him from his gloom and asks for help with a assassination plot that has been uncovered. As they proceed, the trail will lead Conte into more family horrors.

Liz Lipperman, Murder for the Halibut - 3rd with ‘clueless cook’ and food writer Jordan McAllister. Judging a cooking competition aboard a free Caribbean cruise becomes a catastrophe.

Kylie Logan, Panic Button - 3rd with Button Box shop owner Josie Giancola. She’s approached to appraise a Victorian charm bracelet consisting of buttons that the owner thinks is cursed.

Ada Madison, A Function of Murder - 3rd with mathematician Dr. Sophie Knowles. She puts her logic to work to find the murderer of the town’s popular mayor who was stabbed with a commemorative letter opener. Amber recommends this series.

Thomas Maltman, Little Wolves - Two entwined stories set in small town Minnesota in 1987: a father looks for answers after his son commits a horrible crime; a pastor's wife returns to town under strange circumstances and for mysterious reasons. A heart-rending look at the threats to rural America and those who call it home by an award-winning writer.

Jamie Mason, Three Graves Full - Debut thriller rife with dark humor: Jason Getty is a normal guy who was pushed by circumstances to do something abnormal. He hopes he is clear of the trouble – he buried the body in his backyard. But then a landscaper digs up a cadaver. The curious thing is that it isn’t the one Jason planted…



Lucy Arlington, Every Trick in the Book - Now a full-time literary agent, Lila Wilkins finds the going tough. First an agent she knows is murdered and then an author. Clues will be found secreted within a manuscript. 2nd in this series.

Miranda James, Out of Circulation - 4th with Mississippi librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel. The pair has developed a reputation for their ability to solve murders. They’ll be called upon again when a spat between wealthy women results in one of them dead.

Sophie Kelly, Cat Trick - 4th with small-town librarian Kathleen Paulson, and her two magical cats, Hercules and Owen.

Jenn McKinlay, Book, Line and Sinker - 3rd in the Library Lover’s series. Library director Lindsey Norris digs into the clues when the local tourism director is murdered after ordering a contractor to unearth the town’s time capsule. Amber recommends this series.

J.J. Murphy, A Friendly Game of Murder - 3rd mystery featuring the wits of the Algonquin Round Table. A New Year’s Eve party of ‘murder’ turns real. Guests on the spot to lend a hand are Douglas Fairbanks and a Dr. Doyle visiting from England.

Barbara Vine, The Child’s Child - Grace and Andrew inherit their grandmother’s spacious and book-filled London house. It’s roomy enough that they can have their own lives. All is peachy until Andrew’s new boyfriend gets catty about Grace’s doctorial thesis. James is an opinionated novelist who begins to poison the place. When Andrew and James witness the murder of a mutual friend, things get really ugly. Grace escapes the tension by picking up an unpublished manuscript from 1951 that was too ‘modern’. It’s about a brother and sister who live together in a big house, the brother is homosexual and the sister is unmarried and pregnant. The book ends badly. Does real life?

Staci McLaughlin, All Natural Murder - Copywriter-turned-marketing-guru Dana Lewis gets involved when a Monster Truck driver dies and it was no big wreck.


Jennifer McMahon, The One I Left Behind - 25 years ago, Reggie was 13 and awkward like all young kids. She ran with a strange crowd while the city suffered the torment of a serial killer who would kidnap women, leave their hands on the steps of the police station and then, days later, put the bodies on display. Reggie needed her mother that summer, but Vera was mostly absent – and then she vanished, her hands, like all the others, being left for the cops. Her body was never found and the killer was never captured. Reggie is now an architect and has tried to go on with her life. Now, though, her mother has been found.

Brad Meltzer, The Fifth Assassin - Four presidents have been assassinated out of 14 attempts. Beecher White has thoroughly researched the assassins and believes they were not ‘lone gunman’ but actually part of a group that is still active. How can such a group which is still exist, what is their aim and is the current president in danger?

Charley Memminger, Aloha, Lady Blue - Debut by a national award-winning humor columnist. Retired crime reporter Stryker McBride has been living quietly on his houseboat since being shot by a crooked cop. It is a quiet life of sun, bikinis and sunsets. A classmate from his youth comes to him for help. Her grandfather has died and she thinks something smells fishy. McBride’s investigation will take him into the secrets hidden in, and guarded by, the rich of Oahu.

Jenny Milchman, Cover of Snow - One wintry morning in her husband’s hometown of Wedeskyull, NY, Nora’s life utterly changes. Her solid-as-an-oak policeman husband commits suicide. And now nothing makes sense. What she begins to learn about him doesn’t add up. Her husband’s friends seem suspicious of her. The only way she can maintain her sanity is to use the methodical approach of her profession – a home restorer – to search out answers. Debut thriller. Fran recommends.

P.J. Parrish, Heart of Ice - 10th with Louis Kincaid. It has just been weeks since he learned that he had a 10-year-old daughter. Now he’s on vacation with her and hoping to set the basis for a life-long relationship. Work will get in the way when she discovers a pile of bones in an old hunting lodge. James Patterson WithL: Marshall Karp, NYPD Red - The Red squad is detailed to oversee cases and events that involve the high, mighty, rich and celebrated. A film festival is bringing most of Hollywood to town, and a mad man has scripted a slaughter. With Mark Sullivan, Private Berlin. One of their own investigators has vanished. His colleagues follow the case to find him. In paper, with Maxine Paetro, Private: #1 Suspect and 11th Hour.

Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Two Graves - End of the trilogy that covers the mystery of Pendergast’s wife. Back in NYC in seclusion, he’s drawn out of his rooms by Lt. D’Agosta to help with a string of hotel murders. What Pendergast discovers is that the murders are a message from those who killed his wife. Fran and Adele recommend.

Hannah Reed, Beeline to Trouble - 4th in the Queen Bee series. Story Fischer becomes the prime suspect when a visitor is found dead among her beehives.

Karen Robards, Shiver - A young woman supports herself and her son as a repo specialist, so snagging a BMW one snowy night is nothing special. The man in the trunk who has been beaten to a pulp is new. That’s just the beginning of the nightmare.

J.D. Robb, Calculated in Death - A wealthy woman is dead, seemingly the victim of a mugging gone too far. Eve Dallas doesn’t buy it. 35th in this series recommended by all of the shop’s women!

Delia Rosen, A Killer in the Rye - 3rd Deadly Deli series set in Nashville with former New Yorker Gwen Katz. One morning, she finds a dead guy on the doorstep of the deli.

David Rosenfelt, Airtight - After the murder of a judge headed to a higher court, clues lead to an ex-con. FBI Agent Robbins kills the suspect when the arrest turns sour, inadvertently becoming a national hero for ‘solving’ the case so quickly. But the con’s brother disbelieves his brother’s guilt and kidnaps Robbins’ own brother with the threat that the only way the younger Robbins will be released is for the FBI agent to clear the ex-con’s name.

Thomas Sanchez, American Tropic - A string of murders has Key West unnerved. A shadowy voodoo figure is suspected. There are just two people who know enough about the situation to find the killer: a pirate radio operator and a female private eye. They’ll be investigating amidst the regular scammers, rapacious developers, the secrets and dreams of the regular people and the lunatics in power, all under the same bright sunshine and facing the same environmental threats from rising seawater.

Paige Shelton, A Killer Maze - 4th in the Farmers’ Market Series.

Lachlan Smith, Bear is Broken - Leo always looked up to his older brother Teddy, a successful defense attorney reviled for his successes. At lunch one day, Teddy is shot, the gunman is lost in a crowd and Leo begins to understand that his brother’s enemies extend into the police and that no one but he is capable of finding the assassin. Debut by a San Francisco attorney.

Wallace Stroby, Shoot the Woman First - For thief Crissa Stone, stealing the half-million dollars in drug money was the simple part – getting to use the money, now that’s different. The money split went badly and ended in blood and cordite. Now she’s on the run with a duffle full of cash, some of her former colleagues and the drug kingpin on her trail. And then there is the matter of the promise she made to one of her dying confederates to make sure his cut went to his family.

P.G. Sturges, Angel’s Gate - 3rd with Dick Henry, known as the “Shortcut Man” around Hollywood. He’s asked to find a young starlet who is missing since she fell into the orbit of a big-wig mogul known for his odd tastes. In paper, Tribulations of a Shortcut Man.

Stephan Talty, Black Irish - Absalom Kearney is back in her hometown of South Buffalo and on the police force. She’s returned to tend her ailing father, a legendary cop. After she’s settled, she begins receiving messages from a serial killer the force is hunting. One might think this would land her in the investigation but just the opposite happens: she’s shut out and shunned and she begins to think there is something covert going on within the force, something perhaps as disturbing as a killer on the loose. Debut novel.

Brad Taylor, Enemy of Mine - In his 3rd appearance, anti-terrorism op Pike Logan is sent after an assassin said to be on the hunt for an American diplomat whose job it is to cement a peace agreement sketched out between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Kate Watterson, Frozen - One night Bryce meets a woman in a bar and goes home with her. No one sees her after that until her corpse is found in the frozen snow. Det. Ellie MacIntosch is hunting a serial killer and thinks this new murder is part of that string but, unlike her colleagues, she thinks Bryce is being framed. Or he's an evil genius.

Stuart Woods, Collateral Damage - 25th Stone Barrington.


Now in Paperback

Jeff Abbott, The Last Minute

Ace Atkins, The Lost Ones - Adele recommends.

Jefferson Bass, Inquisitor’s Key

Josh Bazell, Wild Thing

Steve Berry, The Columbus Affair

Andrew Britton, The Operative

Wiley Cash, A Land More Kind Than Home

Lincoln Child, The Third Gate

Blaize Clement, The Cat Sitter's Pajamas  

Harlan Coben, Stay Close

Jeffery Deaver, XO

David Ellis, The Wrong Man

Loren D. Estleman, The Left-Handed Dollar - Walker #20

Elizabeth George, Believing the Lie

Eli Gottlieb, The Face Thief

Sarah Graves, Dead Level

Joan Hess, Deader Homes and Gardens

William Landay, Defending Jacob - Bill recommends.

Joe R. Lansdale, Edge of Dark Water

Elmore Leonard, Raylan - Postponed from Sept.

John Lescroart, The Hunter

James Lilliefors, Viral

Margaret McLean, Under Fire

Leslie Meier, Chocolate Covered Murder

Anna Michaels, The Tender Mercy of Roses

Walter Mosley, All I Did was Shoot My Man

Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Boudoir

Michael Palmer, Oath of Office

Sara Paretsky, Breakdown - Adele recommends.

Brad Parks, The Girl Next Door

Thomas Perry, Poison Flower - Adele recommends.

Daniel Silva, The Fallen Angel

Karin Slaughter, Criminal

Andrew Vachss, That’s How I Roll

Kate Watterson, Frozen

Joseph Wambaugh, Harbor Nocturne

Kate White, So Pretty It Hurts

Randy Wayne White, Chasing Midnight - Adele recommends.


Coming this Spring

Nancy Atherton - Aunt Dimity And The Lost Prince

David Baldacci, The Forgotten

Linda Barnes, The Perfect Ghost

Steve Berry, The King’s Deception

C.J. Box, Breaking PointSigned copies available.

Steph Cha, Follow Her Home

Laura Childs, Sweet Tea Revenge

Harlan Coben, Six Years

Loren D. Estleman, Alive!

Austin Grossman, You

Jane Haddam, Hearts Of Sand

Erin Hart, The Book Of Killowen

Elizabeth Haynes, Dark Tide

Iris Johansen, Taking Eve

William Kent Krueger, Ordinary Grace

Owen Laukkanen, Criminal EnterpriseSigned copies available.  
John Lescroart, The Ophelia Cut

Walter Mosley, Stepping Stone/The Love Machine

Brad Parks, The Good Cop

Thomas Perry, The Boyfriend

Sidney Poitier, Montaro Caine - (yes, THAT Sidney Poitier)

Christopher Reich, The Prince of Risk

Lisa Scottoline, Don’t Go

Randy Wayne White, Night MovesSigned copies available.  


George Mann, ed., Encounters with Sherlock Holmes - New Holmes stories by the most exciting voices working in horror and steampunk these days, including James Lovegrove, Justin Richards, Paul Magres, Guy Adams, Mark Hodder and, of course, the editor himself.

James O’Brien, The Scientific Sherlock Holmes: Cracking the Case with Scientific Forensics - A work by the Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Missouri State University gives us a look at Holmes’ methods, his scientific processes and argues that Holmes was one of the founders of modern forensic detection.

Maria Konnikova, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes - Psychologist and journalist Konnikova uses the latest in brain research and neuroscience, to demonstrate how the Great Detective’s approach to his own brain – his approach to storage and organization of information – was way ahead of its time: mindfulness, astute observation and deductive logic are attributes that can be cultivated.

Reissues of Note

Loren D. Estleman, Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula - First published in 1978. 

John Gardner, The Revenge of Moriarty - Back in print after 40 years.

June Thomson, The Secret Journals of Sherlock Homes - From ’93.

Coming This Spring

Michael Robertson, The Baker Street Translation   Donald Thomas, Death on a Pale Horse 


Mignon F. Ballard, Miss Dimple Suspects - In her 3rd wartime adventure, first grade teacher Miss Dimple joins the crowd searching for one of her students who is missing. Meanwhile, as the town bands together to help, one of the elderly residents is murdered. Mae was of Japanese descent. While everyone was in the mob looking for the girl, it was hard to keep track of any one person.

Ros Barber, The Marlowe Papers - A mix of a thriller and a sonnet as we learn the truth about the planet’s greatest playwright: history records that Christopher Marlowe was killed in a tavern brawl on May 30, 1593. This story posits that Marlowe left the country and began writing plays under a different name, that of a unknown man from Stratford. This is the memoir of a rogue, a spy for the Crown, and a man living in exile to evade criminal charges.

Carol K. Carr, India Black and the Shadows of Anarchy - 3rd with madam India Black. Anarchists have begun assassinating members of the ruling class and the PM asks Miss Black to find out who is behind the killings. She’ll need to infiltrate a sinister organization known as the Dark Legion.

Ruth Downie, Semper Fidelis - Ruso is back at his post as physician to the 20th Legion of Roman soldiers in occupied Britain. As he looks over the ledgers of treatments while he was away, he begins to see a series of odd injuries to conscripted soldiers. Are the true Romans harming the new recruits?

Janet Evanovich and Dorian Kelly, The Husband List - Set in NYC in 1894, this tells the story of young Caroline Maxwell, who longs for the adventure open to her brother Jack but denied to her as a woman, and for the young Jack Culhane, a gorgeous young Irishman who has no money or title and is not allowed near her. Despite the restrictions of her mother and her time, Caroline will still find mystery and adventure. In paper, Wicked Business

Robert Goldsborough, Archie Meets Nero Wolfe - A prequel to the treasured series set in the brownstone on West 35th St. Looking for adventure, a young guy named Goodwin arrives in NYC from Ohio. In his third week as a night watchman, he stops a burglary with a couple of bullets. Fired as ‘trigger happy’, he quickly gets a job with Del Bascom, a private investigator. His education progresses nicely until he is faced with the kidnapping of Tommie Williamson, the son of a hotel magnate. It is through that case that he meets, and proves his mettle to, Nero Wolfe.

Lucretia Grindle, Villa Triste - During the winter of 1943, two sisters become involved with the Italian Resistance, which immerses them in a world of fear and terror and death. Decades later, it all comes back to them when a surviving Resistance fighter is murdered.

J. Robert Janes, Bellringer - After a decade’s gap, we return to WWII, to the winter of 1943, and to the joint investigations of the Sûreté’s St.Cyr and the Gestapo’s Kohler. Many British and American women were unable to flee France when the Nazis shut the borders. Two of the country’s finest resorts were turned into glorified internment camps. An American woman has been found murdered in one and it’ll be up to this pair of investigators to unravel the crime. 13th in this popular series. [Not known about in time to be included in our Fall newsletter.]

Robert Knott, Robert B. Parker’s Ironhorse - Written by the man who adapted Apaloosa for the screen, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch leave their saddles to become Territorial Marshalls escorting Mexican prisoners to the border. What should be an easy task turns complex when the Governor of Texas and his family board the train with half a million dollars. The train suddenly becomes a target.

Janice Law, Fires of London - During the blackout nights of WWII London, the painter Francis Bacon walks the streets as a warden, looking for activities that might help the Axis. Before the war, the young artist became well known on the Continent for his flamboyant lifestyle in addition to his paintings. These evenings, even during wartime, are paradise for the bohemian Bacon, until he stumbles onto a murdered young man, a man known to the denizens of the demimonde that includes Bacon. The Nazis, apparently, are not the only danger in London. [Not known about in time to be included in our Fall newsletter.]

Edward Marston, An Instrument of Slaughter - As the Great War rages, Insp. Marmion and Sgt. Keedy investigate the murder of a young conscientious objector. In paper, A Bespoke Murder, the debut with this pair.

Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini, The Bughouse Affair - Former Pinkerton op Sabine Carpenter and ex-Secret Service agent John Quincannon are private enquiry agents in 1890s San Francisco. Carpenter hunts a female ‘dip’ who uses extreme means to relieve her victims of valuables at various amusement spots around the city. Quincannon is looking for a burglar who is targeting the homes of the city’s elite. After a couple of murders, they realize the cases are connected. Un-requested help comes from a man in an asylum who claims he is Sherlock Holmes.

Andrea Penrose, Recipe for Treason - 3rd in this Regency chocolate recipe series. Lady Hadley and her husband are dispatched to Scotland in search of a traitor tied to a network that moves exotic chocolates.

Oliver Potzsch, The Beggar King - In 1662, German executioner Jakob Kuisl is summoned by his sister to the imperial city of Regensburg. On arrival, he finds her with her throat cut and is arrested for her murder. Someone went to an elaborate length to frame him and it will be up to his daughter and her friend, a young medicus, to prove his innocence.

Anne Rutherford, The Opening Night - 1st in a new series set in Restoration England. Now that Charles II is back on the throne in 1660, life is returning to normal. Suzanne Thornton is looking for a personal rebirth by re-opening the historic Globe Theatre. Opening night is ruined when a dead body is discovered on the stage. Pseudonym for Julianne Lee.

Guy Saville, The Afrika Reich - It is 1952 and since the disaster at Dunkirk and Britain’s treaty with Nazi Germany, the world has been reasonably quiet. The swastika flies over most of Africa, with the Union Jack representing the rest. But a new threat to peace is rising as Walter Hochburg, a messianic Nazi, aggitates for Germany to once again conquer that which it doesn’t already possess. The Brits dispatch Burton Cole, a retired assassin who has a history with Hochburg, to remove this new threat.

Kieran Shields, A Study in Revenge - Mysterious events in Portland, ME in the Summer of 1893. A professional thief is shot, killed, and buried. A few days later the thief’s body is found in an abandoned house. The circumstances appear to be staged so that one could assume he’d risen from the grave. Police Det. Archie Lean is sent to investigate. He brings in Perceval Grey, a former Pinkerton agent, who often assists him.

Samuel Thomas, The Midwife’s Tale - The city of York is under seige by Parliament’s armies in 1644 and the city suffers. In the midst of this, midwife Bridget Hodgson becomes enmeshed in a murder case when her friend Esther is convicted of murder and is to be burned at the stake. In all of the chaos, Bridget works to prove Esther’s innocence and free her.

Charles Todd, Proof of Guilt - Rutledge investigates the death of an unidentified man. He seems to have been run over by a motorcar but it is difficult to know if it was an accident or not, or where the incident occurred. One clue points toward a wine company, run by two families, who make the world’s best Madeira. In paper, Unmarked Grave, their 4th Bess Crawford, and The Confession. Rutledge.

Simon Tolkein, Orders from Berlin - This book follows intelligence op Tave back to his early years, in 1940. Morrison, the former head of MI6 is murdered outside his flat. In his pocket is a slip of paper that may point toward a plot to assassinate Churchill. Was Morrison part of the plot or working to stop it? 3rd thriller with Tave by the grandson of JRR.

Now in paper

William Boyd, Waiting for Sunrise

Gary Corby, The Pericles Commission - 1st in series, Recommended by Fran.

Anna Dean, A Woman of Consequence

Stephen Gallagher, The Bedlam Detective

Jessica Gregson, The Angel Makers

S.J. Parris, Sacrilege

Tom Rob Smith, Agent 6


Coming This Spring
Rhys Bowen, The Family Way

Gyles Brandreth, Oscar Wilde And The Murders At Reading

Gary Corby, Sacred Games

David Downing, Masaryk Station

 C.S. Harris, What Darkness Brings Anne Perry, Midnight At Marble Arch

Nicola Upson, Fear In The Sunlight

Jacqueline Winspear, Leaving Everything Most Lovedsigned copies available.

From Overseas

Parker Bilal, Dogstar Rising - Sudanese private eye Makana can move through strata of Cairo with ease. He belongs to no group so he can slide through them all. It is 2001 and the bodies of young men are being found in unused backstreets and alleys. Makana’s latest case concerns stolen money, a disgruntled travel agent and threatening letters, but he’s beginning to think it is all connected to those bodies. In paper, Golden Scale, first in the series.

Sara Blaedel, Farewell to Freedom - 3rd from this Danish author. Det. Louise Rick juggles two cases: while investigating the slashing murder of a woman in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district, her best friend – a crime journalist - calls to say her son found an abandoned baby.

Donato Carrisi, The Whisperer - Two investigators are obsessed with a lurid and dumbfounding case: 6 arms have been unearthed in a forest clearing. They were arranged in a circle. 5 have been matched genetically to missing girls who range from 8 to 18. There is no match for the 6th. A European bestselling debut when it was published in 2010.

Colin Cotterill, The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die - 9th with Laos’ national coroner Dr. Siri. The good doctor is dispatched to a small village where a woman seems to have returned from the dead. She’d been killed in a burglary and buried but was back in her house two days later. Now, however, she claims she can speak with the dead and is clairvoyant. Is she a crackpot, or a miracle? In paper, Slash and Burn

Garry Disher, Whispering Death - 6th with Insp. Hal Challis, set in the rural, SE coast of Australia. Challis and his crew have a number of things to track: a female cat burglar is working in the area; a serial rapist is about wearing a police uniform; there’s an armed robber scaring the citizens – and then there are the personal problems of the cops themselves, as well as the professional ones. Challis is in dutch with his boss over comments he made about recent cuts to police budgets. All in all, it is fairly tense around the Waterloo Police Station. One of Janine’s favorite series.

Leighton Gage, Perfect Hatred - Brazillian Chief Inspector Silva and his squad are juggling very important cases: a suicide bomber has struck and the fear is that those behind it were Islamist militants; a gubernatorial candidate has been assassinated in broad daylight. At this same time, someone Silva sent to prison years ago is now free and plans his revenge. In paper, Vine in the Blood

Wolf Haas, The Bone Man - 2nd in this quirky Austrian series, set in a small town hard against the Bosnian border. Det. Brenner is an odd man, but he does crack the case. If he knew who he was, Brenner would feel a brotherhood with Lt. Columbo. His latest case becomes a swamp of politics, sports and immigration issues.

Anne Holt, Blessed Are Those Who Thirst - 3rd with Norwegian Insp. Hanne Wilhelmsen released in the US, 2nd as written. An 8-digit number is found in an abandoned shed on the outskirts of Oslo. The substance in which it’s written is blood. No victim. Other numbers are soon discovered. Whose blood and what do the numbers mean? Adele recommends.

Fuminori Nakamura, The Rule of Evil and the Mask - 2nd book by this award-winning author to be translated into English. When he is 8, a boy is informed by his elderly father that he was born to be the latest in a line of males in their family to dedicate their lives to causing as much misery, destruction and unhappiness as he can. He is to use his education and wealth to this end and he is guaranteed to feel no repercussions for his actions. But as he is prepared for his life’s work and grows and learns, he begins to resist the path that has been laid for him. In paper, The Thief which Adele recommends.

Nele Neuhaus, Snow White Must Die - 4th in this bestselling German series, her first book available in the US. Detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein are assigned to a strange case. A woman dropped off a pedestrian overpass was killed when she hit a passing car. Did she jump or was she pushed? The investigation takes them to the victim’s hometown where they learn her son, convicted 11 years before in the disappearance of two teenage girls on the flimsiest of evidence, has recently been released from prison. Did his release have something to do with his mother’s death or maybe the earlier crime? Adele recommends.

Yrsa Sigurdardottir, The Day is Dark - Lawyer Thora Gudmundsdottir is sent to an isolated stretch of the Greenland coast after two Icelanders working there vanish. It isn’t until she’s on site that she learns they’re not the first to disappear. It isn’t until she’s there, as well, that she learns the natives avoid the area and think it is cursed. 4th in this series recommended by Fran.

Mehmet Murat Somer, The Serenity Murders - 5th in this cheeky and hip Istanbul series with Burcak Veral, kickboxing transvestite, nightclub owner and stylish Audrey Hepburn look-alike. While she’s on a local TV show, an anonymous call threatens her and everyone around her. Later that night, the show’s host is shot dead. What’s a girl to do?

Helene Tursten, The Golden Calf - 3 men have been found executed in a fashionable neighborhood of Goteborg. The only thing that seems to connect them is a devotion to on-line poker. As she becomes immersed in another case, Insp. Irene Huss recognizes marital tension at home and begins to suspect her husband, who feels ignored, may have a girlfriend. A younger girlfriend. In paper, Night Rounds. Amber recommends this Swedish series.

 Anne Zouroudi, The Doctor of Thessaly - 3rd in her “Seven Deadly Sins’ series. The mysterious fat man, Hermes Diaktoros, looks into a series of crimes driven by envy.

 In paper

Cara Black, Murder at the Lanterne Rouge

Paul Cleave, The Cleaner

Elizabeth Hand, Available Dark

Mons Kallentoft, Midwinter Blood  

Graeme Kent, One Blood Lars Kepler, The Nightmare - Adele recommends.

Barbara Nadel, Dead of Night Joseph Olshan, Cloudland

Chris Pavone, The Expats - Adele recommends.

James Thompson, Helsinki White - Janine and Adele recommend.

Jan Costin Wagner, Silence

Reissues of Note

Anne Holt, What is Mine and
What Never Happens - 1st and 2nd in the Stubo and Vik series: Mine is from ’06 with the UK title Punishment, Happens is from ’07, also published as The Final Murder.


Coming This Spring

Cara Black, Murder Below MontparnasseSigning!

Andrea Camilleri, The Dance Of The Seagull

Åke Edwardson & Erik Winter  

Peter Lovesey, The Tooth TattooSigning!

Jassy Mackenzie, Pale Horses

Liza Marklund, Lifetime

Malla Nunn, Present Darkness Kristina Ohlsson, Silenced

James Thompson, Helsinki BloodSigned Copies Available.

From Great Britain

Alan Bradley, Speaking from Among the Bones - Flavia de Luce #5! When the tomb of St. Tancres is opened at the village church, not only are greed and violence released but a flower of a type no one remembers and not seen for 500 years is found. Fran highly recommends this charming and humorous series.

Tania Carver, Cage of Bones - A disturbing discovery in the dank cellar of a London building set for demolition: in a dark corner is a cage made of human bones and inside is a feral child. DI Phil Brennan and psychologist Marina Esposito are sent in and what they find is evidence of a killer who’s been at his job for three decades. 3rd in this intense series. In paper, the 1st, The Surrogate.

Deborah Crombie, The Sound of Broken Glass - While her husband, DS Duncan Kincaid, stays home to care for their young foster daughter, DI Gemma James takes on a new investigative partner, the newly promoted Melody Talbot. Their first case is in South London where a prominent barrister has been found trussed up in a seedy hotel and strangled to death. Sex play gone too far or murder? In paper, No Mark Upon Her.

Chris Ewan, Safe - After a terrible motorcycle accident, Rob wakes up in hospital. His first thought is for Lena, who was riding behind him. The doctors are baffled; he was alone at the scene. Even more mysterious is that his description of Lena makes her sound as if she was a twin of his late sister, Laura. When he’s discharged, he hires a London-based PI to come down to the Isle of Man and investigate.

Alex Gray, Five Ways to Kill a Man - DCI Lorimer is facing a disheartening case; a string of murders has been taking place around Glasgow, all by different methods and with victims who have no connection to one another. Is it one case or many? 7th in this series from ’10. [Not known about in time for the Fall newsletter.]

Alex Gray, A Pound of Flesh - 9th in this Scottish series. DCI Lorimer has two strings of murders to investigate in the middle of Glasgow’s frigid winter. A number of hookers have been killed around town, as have a bunch of businessmen. Are the strings connected and all of the killing being done by one butcher, or are there several killers at work? 9th and latest.

John Harvey, Good Bait - Two investigators, one outside London and one in Cornwall, deal with cases tied to London’s gang warfare. But neither of them knows the other or the other’s case. Only you do. In paper, A Darker Shade of Blue, short stories.

Chris Morgan Jones, The Jackal’s Share - Corporate investigator Benjamin Webster is hired by a London financier to prove he is trustworthy and that the rumors that have begun to dog him are mere scuttlebutt. As Webster digs, he discovers that Darious Qazai’s past is an interlocking series of half-truths and that trying to get at the entire truth will not only be difficult but also dangerous.

Erin Kelly, The Burning Air - Lydia was the moral center of the MacBrides’ very comfortable, upper-class life. Dead at too early an age, her husband and grown children gather at her family’s county home and years of secrets and suspicions are released. Amongst them is someone that none of them know and the stranger shocks them all by insisting that Lydia was a murderer.

Stuart MacBride, Birthdays for the Dead - 12 years ago, a madman began snatching girls just before their 13th birthdays. He then sends the families handmade cards showing their daughters being tortured to death. Det. Constable Ash Henderson has been working the case and keeping a secret: five years ago, his daughter was taken and he’s been receiving cards from the fiend each year. He’s not told anyone – everyone thinks she was a run-away – because that would force him off the case. And he doesn’t want to be off the case.

Denise Mina, Gods and Beasts - 3rd with Glasgow Insp. Alex Morrow. A week before Christmas she’s in charge of a strange and heartbreaking case: a gunman walks into a busy post office. An elderly grandfather wordlessly hands the robber his young grandson and helps bag the money. Outside, he hands over the money and is cut down by machinegun fire. Morrow can find no link between the workers and the crime, even though the alarm had been disabled from inside, and the dead man had a sterling reputation. So what happened? In paper, The End of Wasp Season.

Stuart Neville, Ratlines - It is 1963 and Ireland is preparing for a state visit by President Kennedy. Intelligence officer Lt. Albert Ryan is detailed to investigate the murder of a German national. He discovers that two other Germans have been killed recently, all former Nazis granted asylum at the end of the war. Why is this happening now and how is it tied into the politics of the past and the politics of the present? Stand-alone thriller. [Signing Fri Jan 4, noon] Fran recommends this author.

Courttia Newland, The Gospel According to Cane - Years ago, Beverley’s son was taken from her parked car. No trace of him was ever found and her life eroded into one of grief, pain and solitude. Then, one day, she notices a young man hanging around. She’s afraid she has a stalker. But he explains by calling to her through her mail slot that he is her son. Is he?

Ann Purser, Found Guilty at Five - 5th in the Hours of the Day series. As the family is gathered for her daughter’s wedding, Lois’ son brings trouble. First, his girlfriend’s cello is stolen and then the mysterious young woman herself vanishes. In paper, Foul Play at Four.

Ian Rankin, Standing in Another Man’s Grave - Two detectives work the case of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared along a scenic Scotland highway. Other than a photo sent from her phone, there’s been no trace of her. The case becomes more complicated by three factors: the investigators learn that there have been many disappearances along this rural stretch, some going back a decade; for some reason, Internal Affairs is sniffing around the case; the teen’s stepfather is a gangster and has his own people looking for her. One of the cops? John Rebus.

Leigh Redhead, Thrill City - 4th with ex-stripper-turned-PI Simone Kirsh. Finally out on her own as a PI, the problems begin to snowball. First, a bestselling crime novelist wants to follow her to get verisimilitude. The next day, the writer’s ex is murdered and he’s nowhere to be found. And since Simone was around him all day....

Kate Rhodes, Crossbones Yard - Psychologist Alice Quentin likes to relax by running through London. One day, she stumbles upon a dead body whose wounds look very similar to those left by a pair of killers who have been in prison for six years. The police ask her to help by drawing up a profile of the killer. As she works, she begins to sense that she recognizes the killer. Debut.

Peter Robinson, Watching the Dark - Banks’ latest case is fraught with dangers; DI Bill Reid has been murdered and compromising photos are found in the investigation. To complicate the work further, he’s asked to work with Insp. Joanna Passero, from the office of Professional Standards. The murder may involve police corruption. In paper, Before the Poison.

Gerald Seymour, A Deniable Death - An altogether real and sweaty story of an op sent into Iran to kill a bombmaker. It isn’t glamorous or elegant; it is difficult, nerve-wracking work and no one can know who you are or what you are doing. If you’re a success, you save countless lives. If you fail… One of Janine’s favorite authors.

Zoe Sharp, Die Easy - Running security for a celebrity fundraiser in New Orleans should be easy duty for Charlie and Sean. But an audacious heist turns into a hostage situation. In paper, Fifth Victim, the 9th in the series.

Alexander McCall Smith, Unusual Uses for Olive - After nearly a decade, a new entry in the Professor Dr. von Igelfeld series, the 4th. Herr Professor is up to his struedel in adventure. First there is the possible romance with Frau Benz, then there is the unwarranted acclaim that has been flowing onto his academic rival, that 3,000 foot plunge in the Alps that may forever lodge him in mountaineering history and, finally, that one-legged dachshund who gets around with a small cart that has wheels in need of lubrication.

Emily Winslow, The Start of Everything - When a mis-addressed letter is opened so that it can get to the correct recipient, a flood of deception, vengeance and murder is unleashed. Cambridge DI Chloe Frohmnn will be tasked with solving long-buried crimes.

In paper

M.C. Beaton, Death of a Kingfisher

Elizabeth Haynes, Into the Darkest Corner

Graham Hurley, Happy Days

Chris Morgan Jones, The Silent Oligarch

Erin Kelly, The Dark Rose

Stef Penny, The Invisible Ones

Reissues of Note

Michael Bond, Monsieur Pamplemousse Afloat and Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation - Afloat is the 11th, from ’98 and Vacation is #13, from ’02.

Coming this Spring

Jo Bannister, Deadly Virtues M.C. Beaton, Death Of Yesterday

Mystery Specialty Presses

Bitter Lemon

Esmahan Aykol, Baksheesh - 2nd book with Istanbul mystery bookshop owner Kati Hirschel. Facing a steep rent increase, Kati succumbs to the tradition of small bribes in order to get a new apartment. It is large and has a great view – it also comes with the dead body. Kati gets the keys to the new place and also becomes the prime suspect.  

Zygimunt Miloszewski, A Grain of Truth - Prosecutor Teodor Szacki, needing a change, has left Warsaw to live and work in the countryside, in a small town filled with museums and churches called Sandomierz. But there is crime and grief everywhere and he’s soon investigating another murder, one that has the hallmarks of a legendary Jewish ritual. A woman has been savagely killed and drained of blood. Szacki is astonished to find some in this community do not want the death investigated.

Europa Editions

Maurizio de Giovanni, I Will Have Vengeance: The Winter of Commissario Ricciardi - When one of the greatest tenors in the world is found murdered in Naples’ San Carlo Theatre in 1931, the ill-tempered and aloof Commissario Ricciardi is called to the scene. No one enjoys being around him but he does solve the most difficult cases. With the Opera company’s livelihood at stake, he needs to solve this case quickly.

Gene Kerrigan, The Rage - Three people are set on a collision course: Vincent Naylor gets out of prison and returns to his talent – planning high-stakes robberies; Cop Bob Tidey investigates the murder of one of Dublin’s many shady bankers; and retired nun Marua Coady witnesses something strange and reports it. All three are now locked into their fates.


Felony & Mayhem

Simon Brett, Blotto, Twinks and the Rodents of the Riviera - 1st US release of the 3rd book in the series. The siblings are scandalized when someone steals some valuable paintings from the ancestral home, Tawcester Towers.

Michael McDowell - Jack & Susan in 1913 - Jack & Susan in 1933 - Jack & Susan in 1953 - Three Nick & Nora-styled mysteries written in the mid-80s (different sources list different years but they were published in consecutive years, ’85-87. Originally planned to be a multiple-decade series, McDowell quit after just these three. Jack & Susan never age and, in each book, they end up with a new fuzzy, white dog. Screwball comedies and whodunnits by a proud paperback writer who also wrote a series of early gay mysteries in the 80s under the name Nathan Aldyne.


Hard Case Crime

Max Allan Collins, Seduction of the Innocent - Jack Starr is the private eye the comic book industry turns to when it needs help and, man-oh-man do they need it. It is 1954 and Senate hearings are about to start on the lurid and socially destructive comics – that’s the view of their loudest critic – and many fear a crackdown. But just before the hearings start, that critic is luridly murdered. If the killer is found to be someone within the industry, well… Illustrations by noted comics artist Terry Beatty.


Midnight Ink

Lisa Bork, To Love and to Perish - 4th in the ‘Broken Vows’ series. The Vintage Grand Prix Festival veers into tragedy when one of the spectators is run over by a sports car. A witness says he was pushed. The victim was once accused of responsibility in the death of a woman years before. Accident or revenge?

Maddy Hunter, Bonnie of Evidence - While leading a tour of Iowans to Scotland, Emily Andrew-Miceli has yet another tour disrupted when one of the members is ‘kilt’ in their hotel on the banks of Loch Ness. #8.

Alice Loweecey, Veiled - 3rd with ex-nun Giulia Falcone. She works on a personal case: the daughter of her good friends Anya and Laurel has been taken and the only clues point to a same-sex resort and the two other couples who have also had children kidnapped.

Lee Mims, Hiding Gladys - Geologist Cleo Cooper has found a large and valuable granite deposit on her friend Gladys’ NC land. It ought to be a time for them to celebrate but weird and ugly things begin to occur.

Terri Nolan, Burden of Truth - Pulitzer-winning journalist Birdie Keane would relinquish everything to have her dead lover back. LA cop Matt Whelan died accidentally – supposedly. But through her grief come questions and suspicions not only about his death, but his life as well. Debut.

Lois Winston, Revenge of the Crafty Corpse - Editor Anastasia Pollack starts a crafts class at a retirement center to earn a little extra money. Before long, one of the more talented members dies.


Poisoned Pen Press

Kerry Greenwood, Unnatural Habits - 19th with Phryne Fisher. In 1929 Melbourne, people are on edge. Little blonde girls are vanishing. An ambitious young reporter decides she going to be the one to break the story – and promptly vanishes herself.

Kerry Greenwood, Out of the Black Land - 18th Dynasty Egypt may appear peaceful and prosperous but court intrigue is strong and unceasing. A young peasant boy is plucked from obscurity to become the new Royal Scribe and, as such, Ptah-hotep will have a ring-side view of the scheming and maneuvering under the dual rulers Amenhotep III and IV.

Hillary Bell Locke, Jail Coach - Debut thriller. Veteran Jay Davidovich now works as a loss-prevention agent for a large insurance company. His job is to make sure the company doesn’t have to pay out big claims. That isn’t always very easy, or fun.

Frederick Ramsay, Holy Smoke - Jerusalem struggles under the thumb of Rome in the year 29 CE (AD) and death is common. A new one brings everyone to a stop: within the most sacred of Jewish temples, a place entered just once a year by the High Priest, a burned body is found. It is a civilian and a religious crime. The ranking rabbi in all of Judea, Gamaliel, is tasked with investigating. He picks the physician Loukas to aid him and they will be confronted with a wealth of suspects, intrigue and villainy.

Patricia Royal, The Sanctity of Hate - The murder of a newcomer to the area presents huge problems to Prioress Eleanor. The man found floating in the priory millpond was a Jew resettled under the 1275 Statute of the Jewry and the death unsettles many. Even worse for Eleanor, her own maid is suspected. 9th in this noted series.

R.F. Sharp, No Regrets, No Remorse - Winner of the first Poisoned Pen Press Discover Mystery Contest. Sydney Simone runs a shadowy business helping people whom the law won’t help. They get to her through a website whose address is spread by word of mouth. She checks out their story and, if it is legit, she helps them out. She thinks of it as ‘human pest control’. But someone has penetrated her security and the layers that hide and protect her. His demands are steep.

Triss Stein, Brooklyn Bones - It is at the end of the Age of Aquarius and gentrification has yet to reshape the borough. A mother and daughter get hooked into an investigation when a skeleton is found behind a wall in their crumbling Park Slope home. It belongs to a young girl, put there within living memory. Both are touched by the horror of it and are determined to find out who she was and who put her there.

Betty Webb, Llama of Death - 3rd with zookeeper Teddy Bentley. She’s on a field trip, escorting the zoo’s llama to the Monterey area Renaissance Faire. During the weekend, the Rev. Victor Emerson is found dead and it looks as if the llama did it. Closer inspection shows it was an arrow and that is just the start of the strangeness. The reverend was really no man of the cloth. He was an escaped convict who had been a bogus reverend for two decades. Everything he did was a lie – including all of those weddings!


Stark House

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, The Unfinished Crime/The Girl Who Had to Die - Their 5th double-volume of superb suspense novels from an author of whom Raymond Chandler wrote “She’s the top suspense writer of them all.” Holding creates characters who start with a simple lie and soon find themselves involved in murder. As the critic for the New York Sun put it back in the 1930’s, “Elisabeth Sanxay Holding is noted for the ingenuity of her plots, but in The Unfinished Crime she has created a masterpiece of suspense.” According to Anthony Boucher: “For subtlety, realistic conviction, incredible economy, she’s in a class by herself.” Crime is from ’35, Girl from ’40.This volume will feature a new introduction by Rose Ardron, Holding’s granddaughter.



The Heroin Chronicles, Jerry Stahl, ed. - 13 new stories based around “the most ‘literary’ of narcotics”. Authors include Eric Bogosian, Lydia Lunch and Gary Phillips.


Reissues of Note

Eric Amber,
The Dark Frontier and The Levanter - Frontier was Ambler’s debut novel and, published in 1936, was far ahead of its time: British physicist Henry Barstow travels to a small Balkan state. Enroute, he meets Mr. Groom, a shadowy arms merchant. The state they will visit is known to be developing nuclear weapons. Barstow wants to stop the inevitable political destabilization; Groom wants to make money. Intercom was first published in ’69; this sequel to A Coffin for Demitrios - finds mystery writer Charles Latimer probing the death of a newspaperman who edited a small-circulation paper dedicated to the intelligence community. The circumstances of the man’s death were, shall we say, odd.

Gil Brewer, Redheads Die Quickly and Other Stories - David Rachels, ed. Twenty-five hard-boiled gems of sexual hunger, obsession, and predation, sun-bleached by the bright Florida sunshine. [Not known about in time for our Fall newsletter.]

Joseph Finder, The Moscow Club - His debut thriller from 1991, out of print for a decade.

Donald Hamilton, Death of a Citizen and The Wrecking Crew - Forget the insipid Dean Martin movies, which bear as much resemblance to these books as the Roger Moore movies bore to Fleming’s books. The Matt Helm books are brutal, hard-boiled, Cold War thrillers about a former WWII special agent who has spent the last 15 years living quietly in New Mexico. Events force him to return to his violent ways and to become, once again, a government agent – an American double-O. The title of the 1st book, Death of a Citizen, refers to the death of Helm’s quiet, civilian life. 3rd in the series comes out in March, the 4th in June. These are great fun! Bill and JB highly recommend.

Helen MacInness,
Above Suspicion, Assignment in Brittany and Pray for a Brave Heart - From 1939, her debut thriller tells the story of a couple preparing for their annual European vacation. A friend asks them to do a simple favor, but nothing is simple in 1939 Europe. Assignment was her 2nd book, published in 1942, and tells the story of British intelligence op Martin Hearne who lands in occupied France on assignment. In Pray, from 1955, William Denning is ready to leave the Army and head back to civilian life, but there first he’s detailed as security for a huge diamond shipment.

Margaret Maron, Death in Blue Folders - 3rd in the Sigrid Harald series, from ’85.

James McClure, The Artful Egg - 7th in his South African series with mixed-race partners Kramer and Zondi.

Per Wahlöö, The 31st Floor & Steel Spring - Stand alone Swedish thrillers from ’64 and ’68.


Special Interest

Lawrence Block, Afterthoughts - In the 50 plus years he’s been publishing, Block has written nearly as many afterwords to his books. This volume collects them, providing a witty and inspiring view into his mind and works – and into his life as well, as the book features an illustrated biography of the Grand Master that includes personal photos and documents from his life and work. [Not known about in time for our Fall newsletter.]

Caleb Carr, The Legend of Broken - A heady mix of medieval history and science-fantasy. A walled city in Germany faces threats from without and within. Myth meets history, cultures clash and crash, reality is unreliable and one noble soldier strives to save the world he treasures. A complex, multi-charactered and action-packed epic. Signed Copies Available.

Molly Caldwell Crosby, The Great Pearl Heist - In the London summer of 1913, a necklace held to be more valuable than the Hope Diamond went missing. Two men sought to find it: London’s master thief Joseph Grizard and Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Alfred Ward. Includes black and white photos of this colorful, historical true story.

Gordon Corera, The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6 - History of the British espionage agency since 1949. This will be one of those cases when you really can say ‘truth is stranger than fiction’, and perhaps more entertaining, too. Corera is a BBC security correspondent.

Jennifer Dornbush, Forensic Speak: How to Write Realistic Crime Drama - Foresics explained for the writer and fan by an LA TV and film writer and teacher. Includes a glossary of over 300 forensic terms.

Sue Grafton, Kinsey and Me - Stories in two parts: the first contains nine short stories, written between ’86 and ’93, with her immortal PI; the second part are stories she wrote after her mother’s death, and deal with loss and love, pain and forgiveness.

Thom Hatch, The Last Outlaws: The Lives and Legends of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - A joint biography of the two Old West outlaws, where they came from, what they did, where they went.

Georgette Heyer, Jennifer Kloester - The first full-scale biography of the highly productive and highly secretive author. Immensely popular in her lifetime, she never gave interviews or made public appearances. As Heyer’s official biographer, Kloester spent the last decade combing through her journals, notebooks and other private papers to construct this biography.

Stephen Rebello, Hitchcock - The subtitle says most of it: "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho". Using Hitchcock's private files, and interviews with those involved in putting the story on film, he details the making of the movie, from novel to adaptation and through the reception after it hit the theatres. Set to tie in with the movie due out starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as Hitch.

Gil Reavill, Mafia Summit: J. Edgar Hoover, the Kennedy Brothers, and the Meeting that Unmasked the Mob - A biography, if you will, of an event – the Appalachin meeting in November of 1957, the event that showed the country the true scope of organized crime at that time. The author paints a clear picture of what was going on at the time, before and after, and answers the question of why the meeting was called in the first place. JB recommends.


Urban Fantasy and Steampunk

From the Northwest

D.D. Barant, Undead to the World - Jace has returned to her hometown in Kansas and is really not surprised to find that little, if anything, has changed. Well, maybe one thing: people have been dying strangely and she sees that a killer is at work. 6th and final (we’re told) book in this series, highly recommended by Fran and Amber.

Yasmine Galenorn, Haunted Moon - Cemetaries are being ransacked and the souls are being harvested by an otherworldly force, so Camille and her sisters have to take on the Lord of Ghosts. [Signing Sat, Feb 2, noon]

Jayne Ann Krentz, Dream Eyes - Two years ago, a killer rampaged through a research group led by Evelyn Ballinger. Ballinger is now dead herself, and student and friend Gwen Frazier has returned to Wilby, OR, to find out if this new death is connected to the earlier ones. Frazier is a psychic researcher and thinks it is. She’ll be aided by Judson Coopersmith, a psychic investigator who is having trouble with urgent dreams and secrets he must keep secret. [All books ordered through us will include with a unique stamp not available elsewhere.] In paper, as by Jayne Ann Krentz, Copper Beach [Signing with special stamp Tues, Jan, 8, noon]


Now in Paper

Patricia Briggs, Fair Game - Fran and Amber highly recommend.


From “Other Places”

Kevin J. Anderson, Unnatural Acts - 2nd with zombie PI Dan Shamble.

Juliet Blackwell, Murder on the House - Some folks have bought an old house and want contractor Mel Turner to help upgrade it into a B&B. One of the things they want is for her to encourage the ghosts who are supposed to roam the halls to stick around and give the place frisson.

Bailey Cates, Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti - 2nd in the enchanted Savannah bakery with Katie Lightfoot.

E.J. Copperman, Chance of a Ghost - 4th in the Haunted Guesthouse series.

Sean Ferrell, The Man in the Empty Suit - Our hero is a time traveler who has visited every corner of human history. But he always keeps one specific time and place for himself. He spends each birthday in the same NYC hotel each year with just himself. All of them. You see, this year will be his 100th birthday and all 100 will be attending. None of he (or would that be none of him?) can expect what happens to happen: his 40 year-old self is shot dead at his 39th birthday party. He now has to find out what happened before his next birthday or he/they will cease to exist.

Victoria Laurie, What A Ghoul Wants - 7th in this ghost hunter mystery series with sassy medium J.J. Holliday. The setting: a Welsh castle said to be haunted by the dangerous ghost The Grim Widow.

James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanquines - An earthquake at Masada kills hundreds and reveals an ancient tomb. Three specialists are sent to investigate: Sgt. Jordan Stone, a military forensic expert; the Vatican’s Father Rhun Korza; and archaeologist Dr. Erin Granger. They discover that the tomb holds the mummified remains of a crucified girl. They evade an attack and take off on the run. The tomb is said to have held a Gospel written in Christ’s hand. The trio will find themselves dealing with secrets that go back to the founding of Christianity, an ultra-secret Vatican sect that is focused on blood, and a sect of evil beings who seek the Gospel for their own designs. Fran and JB recommend.

Something Old and New

Charlaine Harris, Grave Sight - The first of her Harper Connelly series, re-done as a graphic novel.

Coming this Spring

Patricia Briggs, Frost Burned

Caitlin Kittredge, Dark Days

Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Rocks the House

Dean Koontz, Deeply Odd

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