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Sale! Sale! Sale! - Last Week

It's our Birthday! And since our Pre-Birthday Sale was so successful we decided to extend it!  So ALL USED / COLLECTIBLE BOOKS are on Sale in July.

Collectible/Used Books 99¢ to $30 are 10% off & $31 & up are 25% off!

This applies to all our books on Biblio.com as well!

So come on in and grab that book you've seen in our shop but couldn't quite justify buying, now is your chance! Treat your shelves with some new-to-you books!


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New Author Signings

Tuesday October 3rd at Noon - Martin Limón signs The Nine-Tailed Fox

12th novel with Army ID investigators Sueño and Bascom. The pair are caught between powerful threats – one from a woman said to be behind the disappearance of three GIs from different cities, the other from a power struggle within the Army between two ranking women. The Koreans say the kidnapper is a figure from mythology, a fox who is only masquerading as a human. No mythology at play with the Army politics, just paranoia.

Signed From The Publisher! Reserve Your Book Today!

Tuesday Agust 29th Louise Penny Drops By to sign Glass Houses

So be sure to reserve your copy as soon as possible!

In his 13th book, Chief Superintendent Gamache finds that the case now going to trial is full of moral ambiguities that have him questioning his actions.

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What We've Been Reading

Glen Erik Hamilton - Every Day Above Ground

Signing Saturday August 5th at Noon

Fran Recommends:

Glen Erik Hamilton’s third “Van Shaw” book, Every Day Above Ground is a tornado. It is non-stop action, and you’re taken on two different journies, so you need to make sure you’ve got your coffee close at hand because you’re not going to want to stop.

        “The frieght company was a small operation. I could have tossed a baseball – without giving it heat – from one side of its property to the other. A single L-shaped building of brown cinder block squatted in the center of a fenced lot like a toad in its cage. Razor wire topped the fence in long, sagging loops.”

Van Shaw is drawn into what should be an easy heist. The gold bars have been hidden for decades.  And Van can certainly use the cash since his house is a money-pit. Besides, old Mickey O’Hasson is dying, and he wants his share to go to his daughter, Cyndra, who is twelve and in foster care while Mickey’s been in jail.

But it’s a trap. You knew it was going to be. Nothing’s ever that easy.

And then there’s the second story – Van at age 11, so we get to see more of what Dono was like, which is completely engrossing.

        “Granddad turned the key and nudged our front door open with his boot, and I swear the air rushing out made a sound like when they open mummy tombs in movies. The door hinges even creaked a little.

        “’Home,’ he said.”

Glen Erik Hamilton has written a book that incorporates boxing, a ComicCon, a motorcycle mama, a lot of sass and a couple of seriously twisted plots, and has crafted an amazing story. We learn a lot about Van and Dono, which is completely fascinating, but we also get to know Addy better, and we learn that some people can really carry a grudge!

Although Every Day Above Ground stands on its own, you’ll get so much more if you read Past Crimes (Morrow, $9.99) and then Hard Cold Winter (Morrow, $9.99). They’ll make Van’s decision at the end of this latest book even more satisfying.

Ian Hamilton - The Princeling of Nanking

Fran Recommends:

At first glance, Ian Hamilton's new "Ava Lee" novel seems to be massive in comparison to the others. And it is longer, but with good reason. When you dive into The Princeling of Nanking, both you and Ava are dropped into two whirlwind situations.

First of all, the Three Sisters group is putting together their first fashion show to introduce the line of clothing that came up in The King of Shanghai. I don't want to say too much about it in case you haven't read that one yet, but things are looking good for everyone, if they can pull this off, and if some big backers show up. Ava happens to have a connection that she wasn't even aware of, and that's a surprise for all of them.

Then she meets up with Xu, one of the triad heads and her good friend, to catch up. It turns out that Xu is being pressured into returning to the drug trade, which he had removed from his organization. But the pressure is coming from a powerful and wealthy family, and Xu can't find a way to say no without losing his own businesses. And if he goes into the drug trade again, the other heads of the triad will not be pleased.

So Ava Lee decides to look for leverage, to get the Tsai family to back off. But it's not that simple, and once again, Ava's back in the game.

The Princeling of Nanking is long because there are a lot of financial trails to follow, and it becomes so complex that Ian Hamilton has included flow charts!

But here's the deal - The Princeling of Nanking is a fast and easy read. You won't get bogged down in the quagmire of who's getting money from whom, it's all about Ava and Xu and their friends. Then too, don't forget the fashion show and all the drama it entails. This is another excellent example of Ian Hamilton's ability to acquaint Westerners with Chinese culture while making the story entertaining and compelling. My only complaint? Not enough time with Sonny. Sometimes secondary characters win our hearts, and I adore Sonny!

If you haven't read the "Ava Lee" series, start with The Water Rat of Wanchai ($16.00, Picador), but be forewarned - there are two titles in this series that are not available in the US (yet, I hope) so you might have to go to Canada or the UK to find The Scottish Banker of Surabaya and The Two Sisters of Borneo. It's totally worth it to track them down, though, because this is a great series!

Postscript: I just blew through the next two Ava Lee books – The Couturier of Milan (out Oct. 3rd) and The Imam of Tawi-Tawi (out Feb. 6, 2018 – Thank you, Ian, for the personalized copy and the note! *swoon* - and I’ll talk about them both closer to the onsale dates, but put these titles in your Must Have list, because wow, are they good! We get some quality time with Sonny in the Milan problem, and Ava is put into a situation that is way out of her knowledge and comfort zone whlile in Tawi-Tawi,which is both exciting and terrifying. You’re going to love them!

But as I was winding down the problem Ava was facing in the Philippines, it occurred to me that I’m goinig to have to go a whole year without a new Ava Lee! However, I console myself that I can re-read them when I need to visit with her again, and I’ll try to be patient while I wait for what happens next!

John Connolly - A Game of Ghosts

Signed Copies - Sold Out!!

JB Recommends:

It is often very difficult to write about the books we’ve read. If it is a new book in a favorite series, we’re far along in that string of books and know the history (well, we mostly remember it) and the difficulty is giving enough of  the story to entice new readers to the author while not giving too much away or boring the hell out of the author’s other fans. Case in point: John Connolly’s A Game of Ghosts.

This is the 15th in his weird and wild Charlie Parker series. This is a series that builds book upon book and you really can’t dip in anywhere; you have to read them in order. If you’ve not read them, they’re hardboiled private eye books that veer into supernatural evil. I wouldn’t call them Urban Fantasy, more haunted noir. They’re beautifully written and enlivened with a mordant wit. And they’re always moving toward some kind of massive clash but we don’t know when, or with whom, that will happen.

As with the last book, there are huge changes afoot: Parker how admits to being afraid of his daughter Sam, whose powers are no always within her control; Angel is sick and Louis is beginning to see things from Parker’s view; and we are beginning to get a glimpse of FBI agent Ross’s larger efforts.

It all makes for a great read, fast for its thickness and jammed with fun – wickedness and heartbreak and killers working for good and evil, nosey neighbors and people with second sight, some who want it and others who don’t. And then there’s the love of two daughters, both of whom do their best to watch over Parker, as do his friends. Where’s it all going? Can’t wait to follow along.


New Paperback Mysteries


Collectible Corner - On Sale!

Jasper Fforde - The Eyre Affair

Save $300 Dollars!

Book Condition - Fine / DJ Condition - Fine

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2001. First UK edition. Hardcover.

1st UK HC- One of only 2,200 copies printed. One tiny dent to bottom of three pages, and one tiny dent to the top of one page. Signed “JASPER.” in all caps and underlined on the title page. Dust jacket in protective mylar cover.

Also included:

- B&W postcard “ChronoGuard Billboard” #78 of 100. Code: TEA 021 photo by Jasper Fforde.

- B&W postcard “Home Cloning Kit” #53 of 200. Code: TEA 017 photo by Jasper Fforde.

- Color postcard “Thursday with car” hand-numbered #122 of 500. Code: TEA 027 photo by Jasper Fforde.

- Label “Goliath Grand Piano” hand-numbered #71 of 100. Code: TNU 004, printed on self adhesive paper by a color inkjet printer.

- Label “Goliath Orange Jam” hand-numbered #76 of 100. Code: TNU 001, printed on self adhesive paper by a color inkjet printer.

- One promotional book mark laid in for the US release of The Eyre Affair on one side and Lost in a Good Book on the other.

The Eyre Affair

UK trade paperback reissue, 1st print.

Book Condition - Fine

The front cover is faintly scuffed but the silver gilt on the dodo is still very shiny, the silver gilt around the dodo on the spine is fine, one small chip to the lower left corner of the spine, the left tail edge of the cover is slightly jammed, one tiny dent to top of three pages slight shelf wear to edged of the cover. Embossed letters on front cover, advert sticker present. Signed, underlined and dated “JASPER 7.9.’85” on the title page.

-- Sold Only As Set


New In YA Mysteries

Susan Maupin Schmid - Ghost Of A Chance

Inside an enchanted castle, there's a closet--a closet with one hundred magical dresses that only Darling Dimple can wear. Each one disguises her as somebody else.

It turns out that Darling needs disguises. A thief is on the loose Someone is causing an uproar among the servants--moving things around, stealing clothes from the laundry, and even pocketing Princess Mariposa's jewels. Then Darling and her friend Roger think they spot a ghost roaming the halls. Could the culprit be a spirit? Can Darling and Roger get to the bottom of it all? With the help of the one hundred dresses, there just might be a ghost of a chance.

Carolyn Keene - Nancy Drew Diaries: The Secret Within

Nancy Drew is with her father, lawyer Carson Drew, on a business trip in Istanbul, Turkey when an ancient statue comes to life, revealing a hidden past to a forgotten city. But new revelations pose threats for Nancy, her father, and the world! Can Nancy solve the case before history repeats itself?


More New YA Mysteries


New In Nice Mysteries

Laurie Cass - Wrong Side Of The Paw

As the bookmobile rolls along the hills of Chilson, Michigan, Minnie and Eddie spread good cheer and good reads. But when her faithful feline finds his way into the middle of a murder, Minnie is there, like any good librarian, to check it out.

Eddie turns a routine bookmobile stop into anything but when he makes a quick escape and hops into a pickup truck...with a dead body in the flatbed. The friendly local lawyer who was driving the pickup falls under suspicion. But Minnie and Eddie think there's more to this case than meets the eye, and the dynamic duo sets out to leave no page unturned.

Allyson K. Abbott - A Toast To Murder

As Milwaukee counts down to New Year's Eve, bar owner Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton has but one resolution--unmask the dangerous mastermind who has been taunting her and killed bouncer Gary Gunderson. Mack and her fellow barflies have fleshed out a suspect and arranged an invite-only party to put a cork in the murderer's game for good. But when the clock strikes midnight and their suspect is found cold and stiff on the basement stairs, it seems the celebration may have come too soon. Now Mack must rely on her special talents to find the real criminal among the crowd of revelers--or someone won't survive until last call . .


More New In Nice


We Can Order Non-Mysteries As Well!

Betty Crocker - Fast Meals From Scratch

150 delicious recipes for creating nourishing, fresh food in a flash.

Home cooks no longer have to choose between speedy meal prep and wholesomeness. This collection of 150 delicious recipes integrates fresh, nourishing ingredients into dinners that are on the table in 30 minutes or less. With tasty main dishes like Provencal Fish Soup or Coconut Curry Chicken, and kid-pleasing desserts like Strawberry Blossoms and Fresh Berry Cobbler, eating healthfully has never been so delicious--or quick. Special features provide mini-recipes for a specific type of produce, and icons call out Meatless entrees and start-to-finish time. A special pantry guide helps home cooks stock their larders with foods that make meal planning and prep a cinch. In addition, a guide to farmers' markets will ease readers into eating locally and enjoying more produce.