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New Author Signings

Saturday October 10th at Noon - Warren C. Easley signs Never Look Down

In his 3rd case, Oregon attorney Cal Claxton is devasted when his fiancee is murdered early one morning in a downtown Portland parking lot. There’s only one witness, a troubled young woman who was high above the scene, doing graffiti on the side of a building. While the cops think his fiancee’s ex is the likely suspect, Cal thinks the tagger holds the key to the case.

Tuesday October 6th at Noon - Martin Limón signs The Ville Rat 

10th in this Army series set in 1970s South Korea. South Korea, 1970s: A young Korean woman dressed in a traditional "chima-jeogori" is found strangled to death on the frozen banks of the Sonyu River with only a carefully calligraphed poem in her sleeve. George Sueno and Ernie Bascom, sergeants in the US 8th Army CID, are called in by the formidable KNP detective Gil Kwon-up to investigate. George and Ernie's job is to liaise with Korean law enforcement on matters that may involve or implicate 8th Army American servicemen. 

But as they learn about the case, George and Ernie realize this isn't their jurisdiction the nearby village of Sonyu-ri is occupied by the US Army's 2nd Infantry Division, a disciplined and often brutal force that won't stand for outside officers questioning its men. All that George and Ernie are able to glean before being kicked out of town is that they are close to the truth and that a mysterious smuggler, known locally as "the Ville Rat," holds the key to the woman's murder. Luckily, the pair is officially assigned another investigation in the area, which allows them to continue nosing around for answers. They are to elucidate the circumstances of a shooting incident between a young African American private and his white supervising chief. Racial tensions run high, and George and Ernie must tread carefully to solve both cases. But they aren't exactly known for going out of their way to avoid stepping on US Army toes, and this is no exception.

Signed Copies Coming Soon!

Lawrence Block - The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes

Brand new Block – not a reissue: Florida PI Doak Miller was asked by the cops to be part of a sting. They needed him to play the role of a hitman to trap a woman who wanted her husband dead. Sure, sounds like a kick. Then he met her – and it was all over. Before he knows it, he’s plotting murder with this dame while the cops are watching every move they take. To get away with it and to get the millions the husband has, it will have to be a perfect crime.

Robert Crais – The Promise

Loyalty, commitment, the fight against injustice--these are the things that have always driven Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. If they make a promise, they "keep" it. Even if it could get them killed. When Elvis Cole is hired to locate a woman who may have disappeared with a stranger she met online, it seems like an ordinary case--until Elvis learns the missing woman worked for a defense contractor and was being blackmailed to supply explosives components for a person or persons unknown.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, LAPD officer Scott James and his patrol dog, Maggie, enter an abandoned building to locate an armed and dangerous thief, only to discover far more than they expected: The fugitive is dead, the building is filled with explosives, and Scott and Maggie are assaulted by a hidden man who escapes in the chaos, all as a bloodied Joe Pike watches from the shadows. Soon, Scott and Maggie find themselves targeted by that man, and, as their case intertwines with Elvis and Joe's, joining forces to follow the trail of the missing woman as well. From inner-city drug traffickers to a shadowy group of Afghan war veterans with ties to a terrorist cell, the people they encounter on that trail add up to ever-increasing odds, and soon the four of them are fighting to find the woman not only before she is killed . . . but before the same fate happens to one of them.

New Release Urban Fantasy Mysteries!


What We've Been Reading

Mary Stewart

Fran Recommends:

I’m reading non-mystery things right now (I know, I know! But I do, sometimes. It happens. Don’t judge me!), but I ran across this great article about the vastly underappreciated Mary Stewart, and it explains more eloquently than I can why she’s such an icon to me. Her humor, her observations, and her women! Just love her, and I hope you do too. If you haven’t ever tried her, or if you’ve only read her “Merlin” series and not her mysteries, now’s a perfect time to start!

J.C. Nelson - Free Agent

Fran Recommends:

I was introduced to J. C. Nelson by Yasmine Galenorn, and I’m certainly grateful to her for that! Mr. Nelson’s “Grimm Agency” series is a delightfully novel urban fantasy series, and I’ve had quite a good time reading the first two, Free Agent and Apocalypse Rules, and I’m looking forward to reading the third one, Wish Bound that he’ll be coming in to sign on Saturday, August 29th at Noon.

Marissa Locke has been given as a slave to the Fairy Godfather in repayment of a wish that saved her little sister’s life. But Marissa has been working hard for six years and isn’t even halfway through making the Glitter she needs to repay the debt. She does everything Fairy Godfather tells her – the occasional explosion or dead gnome really aren’t her fault! – so she’s a little frustrated. Then she goes on a routine hook-up to set up a princess with her prince, and things go wrong. She hooks the wrong prince, gets involved with a curse, and discovers that suddenly everything she believed about her life may not be exactly as she remembers. Marissa’s nothing if not determined, though, and darn it, she’s gonna fix everything, even if it kills her!

J. C. Nelson has created a truly wonderful world, set somewhere on the East Coast. There are brushes with werewolves (really, Marissa shouldn’t have worn the red outfit with the hood to their enclave, but she was pissed), and vampires are mentioned, but the bigger problems are with fae royalty, magic gone awry, issues in Kingdom politics, and the kobolds that really, seriously want to form a soccer team.

This series is fun. There are some things that are a bit disconnected and glitchy, but that’s true of a lot of books. The basic story lines are solid, the characters are compelling and intriguing, everyone has flaws and weaknesses, as well as strengths and hopes, secrets abound and the action is non-stop. If you’re looking for a rolicking urban fantasy series, this is it!

Robert Jackson Bennett - American Elsewhere

Guest Reviewer: Bryon (Amber’s husband)

In American Elsewhere, an ex-cop with more problems than money is given a brief chance at picking up the shards of a normal life when she inherits a house in New Mexico. Shortly after Mona Bright is informed of her inheritance, this divorced ex-cop packs her few possesions into a cherry-red 1969 Dodge Charger and heads out of town.

She is guided by crumbs of information about a mother she barely knew to an unexpected town pulsing with the quintesential perfection of nostalgic Americana, with a buttery crust of unconventional assassins, a vigorous drug trade and a secret behind each perfect lawn. Nearby a top secret laboratory - shrouded and dormant - lights up for the first time in decades. Their esoteric research pushed the limits of science and the boundries of what we knew was possible.

Sooner than later, Mona will discover her mother's involvement in both the Town where the sky touches the earth and the Lab that Earth forgot.

I suggest drinking this story down shaken, not stirred. Sip it, savor it and don't look too deeply at the reflection in your mirror...

While Robert Jackson Bennett explores the world from a twisted point of view, his characters are busy dealing with science run amok, deep childhood abondonment and the deep dark secrets small towns never talk about.

Here are the readers for this book; people who enjoy books which fall between the genres of mystery and sci-fi - it does a good job in touching the important points of both styles. As well as having a kick-ass female protaginist who is determined to find the truth. It also helps to explain the small town mentality which I have encountered over the years, they are all aliens!


New Releases


Collectible Corner

Raymond Chandler - The Long Goodbye

Book Condition - Very Good / DJ Condition - Very Good

New York: Houghton Mifflin, new. First American edition. Hardcover.

Light stamp from former library and small spot of glue on FFE, light traces of tape from past dj protectors on paste downs but, otherwise, it does not look like an ex-library copy. Shelf wear to edges, ends of spine rolled, previous owner’s name written on FFE, small ochre stains to half-title and title page/jacket shows creasing in places, ends of spine rolled and small chipping to bottom edge, spine has faded) cover illustration by Lorraine. Final Marlowe novel, an American classic and winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel, in mylar dj protector.

Marlowe befriends a down on his luck war veteran with the scars to prove it. Then he finds out that Terry Lennox has a very wealthy nymphomaniac wife, who he's divorced and re-married and who ends up dead. and now Lennox is on the lam and the cops and a crazy gangster are after Marlowe.

James Ellroy - L.A. Confidential

Book Condition - Very Good / DJ Condition - Very Good

1990: Mysterious Press, 1990. First printing. Hardcover.

Signed by author with comment "Feel the heat" on half-title page, slight shelf wear, else near fine, in protective mylar dj cover.

L.A. Confidential is epic "noir", a crime novel of astonishing detail and scope written by the bestselling author of The Black Dahlia. A horrific mass murder invades the lives of victims and victimizers on both sides of the law. And three lawmen are caught in a deadly spiral, a nightmare that tests loyalty and courage, and offers no mercy, grants no survivors.


YA Mysteries

Louis Sachar - Fuzzy Mud

"Be careful. Your next step may be your last."

Fifth grader Tamaya Dhilwaddi and seventh grader Marshall Walsh have been walking to and from Woodridge Academy together since elementary school. But their routine is disrupted when bully Chad Hilligaschallenges Marshall to a fight. To avoid the conflict, Marshall takes a shortcut home through the off-limits woods. Tamaya, unaware of the reason for the detour, reluctantly follows. They soon get lost. And then they find trouble. Bigger trouble than anyone could ever have imagined. In the days and weeks that follow, the authorities and the U.S. Senate become involved, and what they uncover might affect the future of the world.

W.H. Beck - Malcolm Under The Stars

Now that Snip the cat is gone (but hardly forgotten), the classroom animals of the Midnight Academy are ready for things to get back to normal at the McKenna School. After all, protecting nutters (students) and lankies (teachers) is an around-the-clock job
When a rare coin and a strange code are uncovered in the school, Malcolm and the Academy have another mystery on their paws.To find answers, Malcolm ventures into the dangerous outside world full of shady characters, new friends, and old enemies. Can Malcolm solve the mystery and save the school before it's too late? Join Malcolm and company as they take on their most challenging assignment yet.


More YA Mysteries!


Looking Forward to Fall!

Amanda Lee - The Stitching Hour

Marcy's shop, the Seven-Year Stitch, is one year old this October so it's time to party in little Tallulah Falls, Oregon. Aside from the Halloween decorations and festive stitching kits and patterns, Marcy's got all sorts of celebratory swag, including Seven-Year Stitch key rings and goodie bags. Unfortunately, her new neighbors might spoil the revelry. An eccentric couple has opened a haunted house next door, and all that screaming will certainly scare off customers. But there's even more to be frightened of after a local waitress is found dead on the sidewalk with mysterious markings on her neck and one of Marcy's key rings beneath her. With no time to hem and haw, Marcy must act fast if she hopes to restore the peace to Tallulah Falls.

Shelley Freydont - Trick Or Deceit

This October in Celebration Bay, you can t swing a black cat without hitting a haunted house. There are three finalists in the contest for the town's official Haunted House, and ten thousand dollars will go to the winner, with the rest of the contributions and proceeds funding a new community center. Event coordinator Liv Montgomery has invited her friend Jonathan Preston, the debonair CEO of a philanthropic organization, hoping he will award a grant to the center.

But after the Museum of Yankee Horrors wins first place, the transformed Victorian boarding house is vandalized ... and among scattered mannequins of Hester Prynne, Lizzie Borden, and the Headless Horseman, a real dead body is found one of the contest judges. Now in addition to playing host to Jon, Liv has to play detective and coordinate the clues to unmask a self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner.


More Fall Favorites...


We Can Order Non-Mysteries As Well....

The Show Me Team - Eat! The Quick-Look Cookbook

Amber Recommends: This is a great book with a huge variety of recipies, tips and has an easy to read format! I really adore this cookbook!

Culinary expertise explained, one step at a time.

From the hands of the bestselling, innovative and award-winning authors of Show Me How, comes the highly entertaining and informative sequel – Show Me How to Cook. Comprised of more than 350 virtually wordless tutorials on essential cooking skills from basic knife use to advanced recipes, this is the book every home cook needs.

Packed with highly practical tips and tricks, secret shortcuts and timesavers from expert cooks, delicious recipes and quick-reference cook’s charts, this book has everything you need to get started, and continue to learn. Show Me How to Cook is full of simple, step-by-step foolproof instructions on all the skills every cook needs to guarantee success in the kitchen. This is the perfect gift for novices, curious cooks and passionate foodies alike.