Meet the Author

These authors will be in our shop to sign their books. You're welcome to come in to meet them, or reserve a copy to be shipped or picked up later.

A Game of LiesWed, July 13, noon, Rebecca Cantrell signs A Game of Lies (Forge hc, $24.99). Undercover reporter Hannah Vogel continues to send reports and secrets out of Nazi Germany and Things are getting increasingly ugly as the country prepares for the 1936 Olympics. One night she meets her mentor at the recently completed stadium and she's horrified to have him die just after handing her a packet of documents. It's her job to get them out of the country.

The VaultThurs, July 14, noon, Boyd Morrison signs The Vault (Touchstone hc, $24.99). In his second adventure, industrial engineer Tyler Locke gets an anonymous call telling him that the Washington State ferry on which he is riding is carrying a bomb. He's told to go to a certain spot in the vessel. When he gets there he finds classics professor Stacey Benedict, who got the same call. They have to work together to solve the puzzle in order to disarm the bomb. It is an engineering puzzle, written in ancient Greek. And that's just the start of the book!

Spark of DeathSat, July 16, noon, Bernadette Pajer signs A Spark of Death (Poisoned Pen hc $24.95, tp $14.95). Debut historical mystery by a local author. Seattle is shocked as the visit of President McKinley nears. A professor at the University is found dead inside the Faraday Cage of the Electric Machine and police say the Tesla Coil was used for murder. Benjamin Bradshaw is the prime suspect as the colleagues were known to despise one another. To clear his name, Bradshaw begins to look into the events leadingt up to the death. The known facts don't add up. Beginning of a new series.

Farwell-Miss-ZukasthWed, July 20 , noon, Jo Dereske signs Farewell, Ms. Zukas (June Creek Press tpo, $11.95), her 12th and last with the stern librarian and sleuth.



A Bad Night's SleepSat, July 23 , noon, Michael Wiley signs A Bad Night's Sleep (Minotaur hc, $24.99). In order to root out some crooked cops, Chicago PI Joe Kozmarski goes undercover and joins a burglary crew.



The ReservoirWed, July 28, noon, John Milliken Thompson signs The Reservoir (Other tpo, $15.95). Fiction based on fact: in 1885, on a spring morning in Richmond, a young pregnant woman is discovered dead, floating in the city reservoir. While it might appear that she committed suicide, there are a few aspects that point toward foul play. Brothers will be pitted against one another and a cop about to retire will follow the clues to their pitiless end it will all be played out to great public interest.

Tues, Aug 2, noon, Kat Richardson signs Downpour (Roc hc, $24.95).  Recovering from yet another gunshot wound, Seattle PI Harper Blaine is trying to take it easy while on the Olympic Peninsula for a pre-trial investigation. But death won't leave her alone and the victim of a car accident points her toward the town of Sunset Lake for answers. What she'll learn is that the frigid waters of the lake holds terrible power and hides ugly and dangerous secrets.

Wed, Aug 10, noon, Thomas W. Young signs Silent Enemy (Putnam hc, $25.95). Wounded soldiers are evacked out of Afghanistan and are enroute to German. In the air, they're told the jihadists have placed bombs on board and they can't land and must search for the explosives.

Thurs, Aug 11, noon, Mary Daheim signs All the Pretty Hearses (Morrow hc, $23.99). Bad hamburger meat, persnickety auction winners, a dead suspect in an insurance fraud case – could anything else go wrong at the Hillside Manor bed and breakfast? Sure!

Fri, Aug 12, noon, Chris Ewan signs The Good Thief's Guide to Venice (Minotaur hc, $24.99). Gentleman thief Charlie is serious about giving up thievery to write crime novels but when his prized 1st edition of The Maltese Falcon is stolen by a femme-fatale burglar, well, it takes a thief to catch a thief, doesn't it?

Sat, Aug 20, noon, Cricket McRae signs Wined and Dined (Midnight Ink tpo, $14.95). 5th in the home-crafting series with Sophie Mae. Sophie's working with home-made wine and mead when she's drawn into puzzling events: a therapist's tape surfaces in which the woman expressed fear that one of her patient's threats were growing violent. But which patient?

Sat, Sept 3, noon, Neil Low signs Unholy Alliance (Tigress tpo, $15.95). Based on the actual murder of a beat cop during Prohibition. Officer 'Hacksaw' Sawyer is found in a locked garage, shot twice in the face. The homicide commander rules it a suicide but Chief of Police Ketchum is certain that's wrong. Not knowing who to trust in his own department – Sawyer had made lots of enemies on the force – Ketchum turns to private detectives Alan Stewart and Vera Deward for help.

Fri, Sept 23, noon, William Kent Krueger signs Northwest Angle (Simon & Schuster hc, $25.00). When a storm strands them on a remote island in Lake of the Woods, Cork and his daughter make a series of disturbing discoveries in the secluded woods. One of them is a malnourished baby who becomes the object of religious lunatics. Save the baby or save his daughter – can O'Connor do both?

Tues, Oct 11, noon, Daniel Woodrell signs The Outlaw Album (LittleBrown hc, $24.99). 12 new stories about people on the fringe of what we think of as the 'normal' world. Desperation, revenge, and murder mixed with tenderness, loyalty and the trials of common people. Latest volume from the author of Winter's Bone. Can't wait!

Fri, Oct 14, noon, Elizabeth C. Main signs No Rest for the Wicked (5 Star hc, $25.95). In her 2nd appearance, Central Oregon bookseller Jane Serrano is once again in the midst of a whodunnit. The bookshop has a readers' group and Alix is a charter member. When Alix's ex-husband is murdered, she's the prime suspect. Jane and the other members of the group, who agree on nothing, not even the types of books that they should read, agree she's innocent and swing into action to prove it.

Signed Copies to Reserve

These authors will not be in our shop to sign, but we'll be getting a limited quantity of signed copies, so reserve one early for later pick-up or to be mailed. The date following the title is the month of release.

Steve Berry, The Jefferson Key (May, Ballantine hc, $26.00). Cotton Malone, to be signed in early August.

C.J. Box, Back of Beyond (Aug., Minotaur hc, $25.99). Stand-alone thriller.

John Hart, Iron House (July, St. Martin's hc, $25.99).

Archer Mayor, Tag Man (Oct., Minotaur hc, $25.99). Joe Gunther.

Louise Penny, A Trick of the Light (Sept., Minotaur hc, $25.99). Insp. Gamache.

James Rollins, The Devil Colony (June, Morrow hc, 27.99).  Sigma Force, to be signed in early August.

Daniel Silva, Portrait of a Spy (June, Harper hc, $ 26.99). Gabriel Alon

Peter Spiegelman, Thick as Thieves (July, Knopf hc, 24.95). Previously titled Circus Time and dated for May.

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